First Look at Conan From The Set of the Remake

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The first spy pictures from behind-the-scenes of next year’s fantasy action film Conan have hit the net and thanks to the heads up by our friends at Collider, we’ve got them for you to look at as well. It would seem that the website Operation Kino has a spy amongst the crew on the set of the new film and he/she sent them along.

As with most behind-the-scenes photos, it’s mostly just pictures of buildings and props, with the occasional crew person or extra haplessly walking through the shot. Today however, is different because this spy managed to snag a couple of pictures of Jason Momoa dressed (or half-dressed if you will) in full Conan garb.

What you must remember is that these are not professional, high quality stills and were most likely taken with an iPhone or a low-end digital camera, but it was good enough to do the job. Quiet Earth has a couple of NSFW photos which include some lovely wench’s boobies that I can’t post on our family friendly site but I’ll link to at the bottom of the gallery.

The Conan remake/reboot/whatever has long been the works with the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix, Speed Racer) attached at one point trying to get their script green lit. Eventually, Marcus Nispel (Pathfinder) was chosen to direct Conan and Hawaiian muscle man Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis) was cast as The Barbarian. Starring alongside him is Stephen Lang (Avatar), Ron Perlman (Hellboy), Rose McGowan (Machete), and Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra).

Enjoy the gallery below:


The medieval houses are about what we’ve come to expect for a fantasy flick set in a non-existent world and time and so are the wagons and warriors; but why is Conan wearing a dress or what could actually be a set of gaucho pants? Hopefully a better picture of Conan will be released soon and we can get a better comparison between him and the original Conan from the 80s.

The movie is “the tale of Conan the Cimmerian and his adventures across the continent of Hyboria on a quest to avenge the murder of his father and the slaughter of his village.”

What do you think about the first set pics of Conan and what are your first impressions of Jason Momoa dressed as Conan?

Conan swings his mighty sword into theaters 2011.

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Source: Quiet Earth, Operation Kino

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  1. i thought he was going to muscle up for the role wtf ?
    he doesnt have the physic of a ‘barbarian’ :( and like you said his costume looks weird. aside from that every thing else looks ok.

    im only going to watch this if i get cheap tickets 😛

  2. Syfy original?

      • Momoa doesn’t have dreads. The pictures are here to prove it. He looks fine. I’m guessing the movie isn’t going to be shot on an i-phone either. Not bad for crap pics from a crew member’s vantage point.

    • I think it’s something SyFy turned down. :-)

      I would have preferred a more ripped Conan, but he may be OK. I just need to see a trailer.

  3. Well he’s not steroid-popping, or so it seems. I always thought Arnie was too slow for the role. The swordfighting in the old films was clumsy and awkward, and I certainly wouldn’t buy something like the original run’s action today. I mean, holy exploding squibs Batman! Oh look, it’s a dude with a cloth covered belly, he’s going to get whacked across the middle!

    Looking at it, I’ll give it a go. Let me see more professional shots though before hand.

    Now… with that many breasts on display, I sincerely hope they aren’t looking for a PG-13 outing.

    • have you watch any movie made in the 80’s ? pretty much all of them where awful, bad acting etc.
      he’s a barbarian, he’s supposed to be big, maybe not huge but he has to be big, to show he can fend of enemies rather then being taken from behind.

      im definitely not watching this PoS

  4. This is looking more and more like the Conan we’ve come to know in Howards books and comics. I just cant wait to see the trailer for this one. I’ve seen Jason Momoa in action with a sword and he is fast and furious. The action for this film is going to be intense.

    Great job guys!

  5. Momoa’s like 6’5″ if got any bulkier he’d look ridiculous, he looks great even if the production (from these photos) looks a bit cheap.

  6. Jason Mamoa does not look anything like Conan, not even close, they should have used Triple H or someone who could actually PASS for a barbarian, Heck I would settle for Tyler Mane at this point.
    So unless the trailer looks REALLY REALLY good, I am NOT seeing this movie.

  7. Crap!! Next. C’mon guys anyone who gets excited or accepts this need a cat-scan.

    • I agree, I’m skeptical. I wanted to see the comic book Conan coming to life. and I aint seeing it I gotta say. But we’ll wait till the trailer. I really was preferring to see a Conan that looks like the Comic books and he don’t look like him much at all… So, the illusion is gone. I was looking forward to seeing a Conan that looked more like Conan than Arnold but this one looks LESS like Conan. ugh…. Sad……

      • Sadly friend I disagree on the wait until the trailer mentality. Did you need to see the watchmen trailer before you knew it was crap?? As soon as you get the wrong people involved in the movie its failing before it even goes into preproduction. You dont need to wait and see anything. Its Done!

  8. He looks pretty hot, but Conan doesn’t need to be remade. Neither does Total Recall. They are still relevant and awesome freaking movies.

    • Yes he is perspiring pretty hard, some one should give him some water, and some weight gain 5000.

    • Conan DOES need to be remade based on the fact that the first two films weren’t acurate to begin with. They were good I’ll admit, but they strayed way off the books.

  9. I was hoping for a Frank Frazetta style Conan…. (Who passed away recently actually.) I guess we’re not going to see that and the movie studios don’t have the vision to see these things through nor see the opportunities within the material..

  10. One thing you need to realize is that the pics were taken on a low grade camera and we should not come to think that this move will suck based on them. If you go to “The Cimmerian” web site you will see much better pics of Momoa who IMHO looks really good as Conan. The pics on The Cimmerian site were done by pro’s for the movie. There is one close up of Momoa looking over his shoulder that I think makes him look bad ass, as well as a little Frezetta. You all should look them up, it’s worth it.

    • I just looked at the photos you recommended. They look just as crappy as these. BTW the “over the shoulder” pic is NOT Momoa. That’s the first official pic of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Read the captions next time moron!

  11. No offense guys, but Triple H or Tyler Mane as a barbarian? Aren’t Cimmerian’s tall, dark with light eyes or something? He looks the part…Any bulkier, I don’t believe it would look right. I will see the movie before discrediting it: I won’t base myself on pictures from an I-phone, him not looking enough like Arnold or whatever other reason, for not seeing this.

    • Honestly, no one today has an accurate consensus of what Cimmerians looked like. We only know that theirs was a brief, Eastern-Mediterranian culture that was wiped out long before the first empires of that region. That said, I think the story is more important. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look dark and gritty enough to be a true Conan film. However, I think they picked the perfect director. Nispel’s films have always carried the perfect atmosphere for Conan. I guess only time will tell.

  12. I think that Tyler Mane could have played a Cimmerian based on what he looked like in “Troy”, but not as Conan. Triple H IMHO would not fit in do to the fact that he is a well known WWE star. I am with Reeses on this, I will keep my coments on weather this movie sucks untill after I see it.

  13. OK now I’m pissed! Obviously nobody in Hollywood is taking this seriously. This looks like another Syfy original movie (and we all know how much those suck). R.E. Howard is rolling in his grave over this one. This looks waaay too polished and campy for a true Conan story. Conan is anything BUT polished. We fans love him because he is as dark and gritty as the brutal world he comes from. I try not to pre-judge films I haven’t seen, but this looks painfully disappointing. The originals may not have been based on the books but at least they didn’t look this cheesy.

  14. @ Shyluck, I think I know what both Jason Momoma and Hemsworth look like. If you go to “The Cimmerian” web site find the part that reads “Pics of Jason Momoma as Conan” then clic on it and scroll down, it will show you more pics of Momoma as conan. I have been a fan of Thor and a fan of Conan for a long time and I think I can tell who is who. If it”s to hard for you to find the web site iam talking about then Google “Jason Mamoma as Conan” and they should pop up MORON! Dont be so fast to call somebody a moron if it is you that’s wrong.

  15. what do you all wanna bet its gonna be PG13?

  16. @ Anthony, I dont think it will be pg13 do to the fact that there are set pics of topless women. Nispil is a director that likes blood and guts as we found out after seeing his version of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Friday The 13th”. In a interview Nispil said it would in deed have an “R” rateing, even though he would like to do an “X” version of Conan. IMHO I think there will be plenty of bood and guts in this movie, the real question is will the story be good, but judging by what I have read of the first draft of the script we will get the same old CTB story like the last time. I just watched my favorite move “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” by Francis Ford Coppola again for the 500th time and it made me think how cool it would have been for Francis Ford Coppola to direct Conan. I think he could have nailed the darkness and grittyness of REH’s Hyborian age. What a Conan movie needs is a good story teller and I think Coppola could have did it well. I had the day off so when Dracula was over I watched the original “Predator” movie. when it was over I thought that a young Sony Landham (The guy that played “Billy”) would be a bad ass Conan! To bad he’s old and fat now.

  17. Momoa Doesn’t look like Conan at all. His facial features are too soft and lack the very relevant EUROPEAN (I’m afraid to use the word “Caucasoid”) outlines. He should have bulked up more (a bit). Nevertheless, he has a perfect first-rank-secondary role looks… like a leader of a warrior band (clashing with Conan), or a garrison commander / skillful officer of one of the Hyborian kings.

  18. His facial features are to soft? What pic are you looking at? I think he has a strong, hard looking face. You are right when you said Momoa could have bulked up a bit more, but IMO he has a good build do to the fact that he is playing a Conan that is in his 20’s. I would rather see a more lean looking conan with not so much bulk. And as far as him lacking a european look, I don’t think Conan and his people would have looked like european’s. I know REH said that the cimmerian people are ancestors of celt’s, but we need to remember that after the Hyborian age was over, evolution took place all over again.

  19. this guy do not fits a cimerian. even less a barbarian.
    conan = arnold schwarzenegger
    some other strong guy( from cro-magnon period -> hauehuaheu ), or at least, maybe kull in my opinion = jason momoa.

    • The irony is that I’ll bet Momoa is closer in build to what a REAL Conan would be like. You don’t have to be huge and bulky to be strong.


  20. the problem is that arnold as conan, amalgameted two worlds in one: volume and power – (read size). and it really looks brutal, fast, powerful and barbaric. Unfortunately, Jason looks like a man of cro-magnon period and this made me laugh out loud when I saw the first pictures! hauehauheua let’s wait and see what happens. good bet for you!