First Look At Venom in Spiderman 3!

Published 8 years ago by , Updated February 9th, 2012 at 9:13 pm,

UPDATE: [UPDATE: Is the Venom Movie Moving Finally Moving Forward?]

Warning, if you don’t want to be spoiled, do not click on the links below.

If there was any doubt that Venom would be appearing in Spiderman 3 in his full, nasty form, doubt no more.

I did a screen grab from the recent clips aired on FOX TV (thanks to Superherohype) and managed to find a sweet, clear image of Venom, head on.

Here’s a small version of Venom here.

And a larger and slightly different version here.

Again, do NOT click on those links if you don’t want to be spoiled. That’s why I didn’t include a thumbnail image in this post.

Looks pretty faithful to the comic book version IMHO and I’ll bet he’ll be stinkin’ scary on the big screen.

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  1. A fourth film confirmed? I missed have missed that. I know there’s talk of a fourth, but I don’t think there’s anything solid yet.


  2. Go to and you’ll see that it’s confirmed and is supposed to be released in 2009.

  3. Wow. Well we’ll have to see how “3″ does… that’ll probably determine how much money they’ll have to pay Tobey to come back. :-)


  4. I just found out that Maguire and Dunst will stay for the next movie if Raimi is directing it.

  5. In the final Spider-Man 3 trailer you will see that Venom is really buffed up!

  6. wow,venom looks shiny lol,i cant wait for the movie im a big fan.:D

  7. Henry,

    Here’s the whole Venom story from the comics:


  8. 4th villian is mysterio,he will be the big opening scene in spidey 3

    we catch up with him and spidey already doing battle,and spidey captures him,as he then is arrested and sent off to sing sing.

    it will be a quickie fight and victory for spidey
    but a great intro!

  9. You’re kidding! That’s the first I’ve heard of that.

    Where did you get your info?


  10. i think venom looks cool in spiderman 3, but he could have been better with bigger muscles

  11. i think venom looks cool in spiderman 3, but he could have been better with bigger muscles

  12. ****Warning Spoiler*****

    In the book though Venom dies. Eddie Brock’s body gets completely melted away as the Alien tries to assimilate him and get a form of his own.

    And also he is a complete jerk in the book, and acts more like Carnage, but the Venom parts were really brief, and with Venom, if there is not a body, he’s not dead. Hopes.

    I really do not like the new suit. I heard the part about putting the webbings on there to hide the seams but come on. You would not need to hide them if you made Venom, black, slimy, and glossy like he should be. He doesn’t have a texture to him. In the end of it all he is not just a guy in a suit, but the alien goo itself. Whenever he bonds to it, it does it on that level.

    I don’t like the skinny Venom. It does not stay true to his character at all. And yet I have only seen glimpses of the movie. Maybe Raimi is came to his senses and saving the good and right stuff only to surprise us.

    I hope my favorite character isn’t butchered.

  13. Where did you hear that Mysterio was going to open the movie

  14. Venom gets about 3 minutes of film all in all then gets taken down by the old “bring on the pain, bring on the noise” tactic used by Bullseye in Daredevil. The ever honorable Spider-Man then kills Brock and the symbiote outright with a pumpkin bomb and no guilt. Completely pissed all over the legend that is Venom, I for one am not pleased.

  15. Venom looks kool. The movie comes out the day after my bday. I hope the movie will be the best movie ever! I think he’s stronger in the movie (I think) :)

  16. the onli time when venom get buff up
    is when peter is surrounding him with metal poles to make a great sonic wave…you’ll see its very obvious… coze i notice it by looking at this shoulders

  17. ****I pretty much spoil the whole movie.****

    Worst death ever!
    WTF! Venom is the best character in spiderman.
    well there goes the Carnage story I was hoping for.
    Sick visually! Piss poor emotional scenes by maguire, the whole theatre broke out laughing when
    pete cries for a dying harry ozborne, too much?
    Ill tell you what there was too much of: exposition. People who know nothing of spiderman need their hand held through the plot sometimes, but I felt like the diologue filled too many holes, to a point where it was comical.
    Sandman effects are siick, but I hate that F’ing shirt. Like outta the old live action Batman series.
    The best part of the flick is spidy acting a dick to everyone.
    The venom scenes were far too quick, and topher grace is too em0. I felt like there shoulda been more.
    the club scene was terrible.and both singing parts by MJ were a waste.
    the suit was ug. looked cooler but lacked the whole fluidy in the comic, plus it never bonded with him, or morphed to clothes, or did anything I was hoping for. Might as well call it symbiote light, because it was lame.
    I was having some kind of ADD attack thoughout the whole flick. I wanted it to be over and yet I wanted to wait it out. Looks like Ill have to wait till DVD to watch it again so I dont have to listen to guys explaining the plot to their females, and I can smoke while watching. The movie brought on a mega nicotine fit.

    As a movie of my fav hero, boo! but props on the CGI.

    As a summer movie, Awsome.

    And F Sam Raimi for killing my fav anti-hero.


  19. Spoiler warning! (For those who have yet to see the movie)

    In IGN’s article about the confirmation of Spiderman 4 (, they mention that a character who appears to die will return. Sandman didn’t die, he just drifted away, and they show Harry’s funeral, so there is no “appearance” of death there, he’s just dead. That leaves Venom. He’ll be back in 4.

  20. Hopefully Spidey 4 will have the real Venom though, not the version that was in 3 whose personality and build were much more like Carnage than Venom.

  21. I was actually pleased with this venom. The comic and cartoon ones were too surreal. This was most believable. And topher wasn’t exactly skinny for this movie either. Twenty pounds of muscle built onto his frame plus the extra padding from the suit made him thicker and weightier than Spiderman. Compare Maguire and Grace physiques now, and you’ll agree Topher is bigger. Plus, the Symbiote may yet live on and come back as Carnage (that, and perhaps the Lizard may come along for a possible fourth installment). Usually, the third movies are the worst in trilogies, but this actually exceeded my expectations. Itwas better than number two, in my opinion. But hey, opinions are opinions.

  22. you guys are all poopsmiths get a life

  23. wasnt the reason of the webbing on venom because it went on peter first bonded with him and changed the suit..
    memorized the look of the costume and formed a costume of its own when it bonded with brock ?

    sorry really bad english :/

  24. Luthor, that’s what I thought in regards to the suit. It “learned” the Spidey costume.


  25. what i dont get is, if the i would guess the hob goblin (harry) took a pumpkin in the face and lived why would venom an alien suit die from a pumpkin bomb…that the most retarded thing i didnt understand that in the movie, next to harry helping spiderman, the movie was cool with the cgi but why was parker(spide)crying so much?

    the story line wasnt done rite, venom is needed to create carnage? spidermans blood and venoms suit, because how can spiderman fight carnage with venoms allience? that the biggest part that i didnt like about the movie.

    the movie was good with all the cgi, and venom spiderman, i just wish they do venom more justice and not make him out to be a natural born killer, because that was carnage not venom.

  26. I’ve reviewed the movie here:

    That’s a better place to talk about the movie itself.


  27. hey u guys u know that venom is spider mans mortal enieme and that in the books and games he’s buffer than that in the movie. why did u have to kill venom u should of just stoped the movie when that photographer turned into venom and then u would of had spider man 4 and the whole movie would of been about where spider man and venom would fight and everybody and i mean everybody would go see it and u would of made a whole lot more of money

  28. i dont understand why with all the money tobey has why he doesnt hire a personal trainer, if i were him and got the chance to be spidy i would git real thick

  29. Eric,

    In the comics, Spiderman is traditionally a skinny, wirey dude, not a big buff guy.