First Look At Venom in Spiderman 3!

Published 8 years ago by , Updated February 9th, 2012 at 9:13 pm,

UPDATE: [UPDATE: Is the Venom Movie Moving Finally Moving Forward?]

Warning, if you don’t want to be spoiled, do not click on the links below.

If there was any doubt that Venom would be appearing in Spiderman 3 in his full, nasty form, doubt no more.

I did a screen grab from the recent clips aired on FOX TV (thanks to Superherohype) and managed to find a sweet, clear image of Venom, head on.

Here’s a small version of Venom here.

And a larger and slightly different version here.

Again, do NOT click on those links if you don’t want to be spoiled. That’s why I didn’t include a thumbnail image in this post.

Looks pretty faithful to the comic book version IMHO and I’ll bet he’ll be stinkin’ scary on the big screen.

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  1. holy crap that’s scary

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking in the movie it’ll probably give me the willies. :-)


  3. Okay, that is NOT Venom in the movie, you can tell that that picture is totally photoshopped. That’s not Venom.

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  6. Thats venom, believe it or not.

  7. Yep, that’s venom alright, plucked from the trailer as they say. I had a hell of a time tryin’ to pause it at exactly the right place, thank the lord for this screen capture. And so clear, too. Ah, he looks glorious. Course, Kirsten’ll shine him the hell off the screen, but i’m hoping by the time the DVD comes out i’ll be settled enough to notice him.

  8. Haha “sam”, kill yourself dude, you’re brain dead.

  9. k in this trailer his face is fully formed…but his body is still skinny. BUT, his actual body in like comics or shows or video games is HUGE so like i think his symbiote suite was still blending into his body…cuz in the movie eddie brock is a scrony lil sh*t

  10. Love the Idea that Venom is in the Movie, not all to happy on who they have playing Eddie Brock. (Dude is a stick) Im still upset that they couldn’t make a Custume that looked like the Original Symbiote Spidey suit from the Comics. The one in the movie is just the Original one with a new paint job. But I could let that slide. The thing im wanting to know is if Venom would be Delt with in the movie, or in a Sequal.

  11. Have you SEEN the trailers for the movie? Thomas Haden Church looks like he’s been pumping iron big-time. Dude is huge!


  12. They basically making Venom like Carnage. They messing up the original character. Just like Ultimate universe messed up Venom story.
    Raimi hated Venom so basically screwing all Venom fans by making him a Carnage. Carnage is the one that is thin and kills innocents. Venom may be bad by wanting to kill spiderman but he doesn’t kill women or children. Raimi is a dummy.

  13. Oh, Joseph… I think Raimi has done an admirable job with the first two films. My only real worry with this one is the fact that it’s going to have not two, but THREE villains in it. Good luck to him on balancing and giving enough attention to everyone when you have a movie with Spidey, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacey, Sandman, Venom and the Green Goblin!


  14. I agree, the Venom in the movie does look a bit like Carnage, I reckon they should make him at least eight feet tall and buff, you know like a black Hulk…With teeth.

  15. I think so he looks like Carnage.

    This Venom seems to be a good product, but i think he’s too slim. I hope he will been stronger in the movie.

  16. We’ll have to see. I think they’ll probably leave him scaled down to more human proportions. Remember that in comic books superheroes make even bodybuilders look small. :-)


  17. Venom will probably only be in the very last part of this movie. But Eddie Brock will be in the whole thing. I think that venom will be the main villain in Spider man 4.

  18. Thanks crabman. I’d have to say that’s a concept sketch and not actual CGI though. :-)


  19. To be honest I think alot of people are down sizing this film, before its even out yet.

    Agreed the Venom looks alittle odd, but after all, he has only JUST bounded with the alien. Maybe in time well see him buffed and what else.

  20. Where are you hearing that people are down on “Spiderman 3″? My impression is that people are REALLY looking forward to it. I know I am. :-)


  21. i think that the new venom looks fantastic. you can really see all the features such as the teeth, venom symbol, and the disorganised web pattern. i’m not expecting venom to look exactly like he does in the comics. i think sam raimi has made the venom character more believable, you can just imagine him like that. i’m not sure how spidey will defeat all three villains. i came up with 3 ways he could defeat sandman though:

    1- hoover- (spidey used one to defeat sandman in one of the comics.)

    2- fire- (would turn sandman into glass, but then again, this was mentioned in the comics, and sandman could control his body if it was shattered. however this option would be perfect for taking down sandman and venom at the same time, as venom is vunerable to heat.)

    3- water- (would probably make his body to heavy to control, but would probably turn him into a quicksand like creature, which is much worse.)

  22. Well after the confermation of there being a 4th installment to the Spiderman franchise Raimi said that Venom will be in at least the last 30 to 45 minuets preparing us for the next movie. but from the looks of everything this movie is going to be the biggest movie of the year, and Venom along with the new suit and new villians all look terrific. i can’t wait.

  23. Was there confirmation on a 4th? I thought I read that Macguire wouldn’t be reprising the role.

    I’m with you though: I’m *really* looking forward to this one.


  24. Raimi at a press confrence did say that there would be a 4th instalment, also the subject of Tobey M. returning is still in question, he said that if there are more intesting stories to tell he may consider, but his along with the rest of the cast contracts are up after this film.

  25. The Fourth film is confirmed, script is already being written but it isn’t for sure that Maguire will be in it. Apparently I heard that The Lizard and Mysterio are going to be in it.

  26. Hey have you seen the Final Spiderman 3 Trailer. it has tons of clips with Venom in it. The movie should be AWESOME!!!