First Look at Dwayne Johnson’s Return To Action in ‘Faster’

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the rock First Look at Dwayne Johnson’s Return To Action in Faster

Schizophrenia, thy name is Dwayne Johnson’s career. Just two months after the man formerly known as The Rock donned a pink tutu and fairy wings for the shockingly successful Disney film The Tooth Fairy (seriously, did anyone actually think that thing would make $57 million?) comes a first look at his next film, the revenge flick Faster.

Generic title aside, the new film is sure to warm the cockles of all the red meat action fans who have been upset with Johnson’s Disney-fied career of late. Not only does Faster feature some good old fashioned ultra-violence—according to USA Today, Johnson gets shot in the head, though since he’s the star, we’ll assume it’s a Bride-in-Kill-Bill-type headshot—but it also stars a trio of drool-worthy actresses: Sin City’s Carla Gugino, Lost’s Maggie Grace and Terminator Salvation’s Moon Bloodgood. It’s almost as if CBS Films specifically went out of their way to find Johnson some female co-stars that action geeks can get—ahem—worked up over.

Forgiving the obvious problem of CBS Films distributing Faster—the studio behind the J-Lo baby mama comedy The Back Up Plan doesn’t inspire much confidence—Faster could be just the type of film to get Johnson back on his warpath to becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. After all, we can’t be the only ones who remember the passing of the torch moment in The Rundown.

Not to go all career counselor here, but Johnson’s charm is one of his best weapons as an actor—anyone who has seen his hosting appearances on Saturday Night Live can confirm what a good sense of humor he possesses—and too often he seems loathe to mix that charm into his more action-y roles; must we remind you of his dour performances in Doom and Walking Tall. If Faster is going to rise above the late-night cable feel of its title and premise, it’s going to need a large helping of Johnson’s personality… something he frankly hasn’t flashed in an action film since The Rundown.

Though a precious lucky few at ShoWest will see the film there tomorrow, the rest of us have to wait until November to see which Johnson shows up for Faster. Here’s hoping he’s more like Arnold-in-Commando and not Vin Diesel-in-everything.

Faster is scheduled to hit theaters November 19, 2010.

Source: USA Today

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  1. THE RUNDOWN is one of those classics, the kind that whenever you are cahnnel surfing and you come across it you have a hard time not stopping and watching the rest of it no matter what; even though you probablyw ouldn't actively pop it in the VD Player to watch. Lot of movies fall into that category.

    Seriously though I am soo glad to see this comning because as much as I liked beiong able to watha Rock movie with my little girls, Daddy can see Tooth Fairys and other Disney 'Lets see how we can visually assault Dwyane Johson' films but just soo many times before its time for an action cleansing.

  2. The Rock is a prime example that wrestlers (though not all) can act. Rock only did the Tooth Fairy to show his versaility in the acting business. He is a good actor, and one, who I do believe will end up being one of the greats. If I am correct, the only movie he hasn't made is a dramatic-love story.

    Among the other wrestlers who can actually act and have proven it outside of the ring:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin- Nash Bridges (several times)
    Triple H
    John Cena (he was good in The Marine), and i believe that the people who disagree only disagree simply because Cena is a wrestler, as they choose to adhere to the foolish and senseless stereotype—if they he/she is a wrestler or if the person has muscles they probably can't act.

    Frankly, seeing as how there appears to be a deadline to cast Captain America, I say give it to Cena. He has the looks, the body, the height, the hair, and the moves to pull it off. He can act, but if some think he needs to do better, I say…that is what rehearsals are for.

  3. oh yeah, as for Austin, we can't forget him in the condemned. Good action, good plot, and Austin delievered a good round of emotions on the bridge (face-wise) when he realized that one of the guys he helped (spanish guy who wife they killed) out was not going to make it and that they killed that same guy's wife.

  4. cena cant act, he gets s***** rolse for s***** movies, its a fact.
    the marine and his other movie (someting seconds) has so crap i stopped watching it half way.
    yeah he might fit the physical description for captain america but thats all.

    only one reason why the rock polayed in those kid movies – he had nothing else to do, and was up for grabs so studios took him (since kids are into wrestling).
    its a fact when 'stars' arent making money they'll accept anything they get offered, even if it means dressing up in pink ballet clothes.

  5. That's totally incorrect. I if remember correctly, Rock claimed he did not want to be type casted. him accepting such roles as Tooth Fairy was simply to show that he can do other things, besides being the hard-nosed action star. However, he does want to be this generation's action star.

    As for cena. i said he was good. I didn't say he was excellent or oscar-worthy. Cena did good on his first try, and no one can deny that, except people who want to stereotype him simply because he is a wrestler. By the way, the prime demographic that watches wrestling are 18-34 year old males.

  6. Finally, he's back, I think I'll go to see this in theaters just because it's Dwayne back in action.

  7. Austin was also good in the 1 episode of Chuck.. EVen if it was a hour

  8. I'm sorry HG1, Cena can't act, and I'm not only saying that because he's a wrestler, I'm saying that because it's a fact. Stone Cold isn't too bad I think, although I've only seen him in one movie so far, The Condemned, and only saw it once, so might have to see it again to really tell you for sure, but I don't remember going “holy crap, this dude can't act” during the movie like I do for Cena in every role I've seen him in…

  9. Wait a minute, I thought it was “Walking Tall” that Arnold passed the torch in. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong but I do remember Arnold passing him as he walked into a nightclub or something. Maybe it was “The Rundown” but I keep thinking it was “Walking Tall”. RD was a far better movie though.

  10. Did you watch Blade trinity??

    TripleH CANNOT act.

  11. this one will suck also like that abomination walking tall

  12. Either way. some agree with cena not being bad. You have to give him credit for his first acting stint. And yes i saw all 3 blade movies and Triple H was not bad either. No one is saying these guys are Oscar worthy, but since they did NOT do a banged up job, they did a good job. The views in here are mixed.

  13. I also have thought for a long time that the Dwayne Johnson was the heir to the action movie throne…and by the looks of that photo its well deserved. How sad is it that I watched the “Escape to witch mountain” remake just so i could watch DJ kick some alien ass. He's funny…genetically blessed and overall a better than decent actor….i will be looking out for this one. Lets remember though that DJ has one up on Arnold. Arnold dident become a big star until Predator…that was like his 5th or 6th movie. Rocky has been successful with almost every movie hes been in.

  14. Ok Don't lie everyone loved da part where Tripple H got shot in da eye with the arrow by Jessica Biel, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson should do a movie together, Cena Should have a chance with a better role, oh and whoever hasn't seen the trailer for Stone Cold Steve Austin's new movie “Break” I think its called, should watch it cuz it looks like He will be beatin da living shiz outta people.

  15. Ok Don't lie everyone loved da part where Tripple H got shot in da eye with the arrow by Jessica Biel, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson should do a movie together, Cena Should have a chance with a better role, oh and whoever hasn't seen the trailer for Stone Cold Steve Austin's new movie “Break” I think its called, should watch it cuz it looks like He will be beatin da living shiz outta people.


  17. The writer pretty much said most of what I posted in another article just an hour ago. I totally agree with all the points he made here.. if only I could click “like” button for this article. I'm hoping Rock can revive his action star career as well! I dont think it will take much to boost his career to stratospheric proportions. He just needs the right franchise.

  18. None of Dwayne Johnson’s movies kick ass, they all suck hard actually. Doom and Return to Witch Mountain were nothing but bombs.

  19. I quite like dwayne johnson, i enjoyed every movie i’ve seen him in except escape to witch mountain, and that was in no part because of him, faster was in my eyes an amazing film, it was just pure action and dwayne played his part perfectly.