First Image Of The U.S.S. Enterprise From Star Trek 11!

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enterprise first thumb First Image Of The U.S.S. Enterprise From Star Trek 11!

Finally! A first peek at the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek 11.

Here are my thoughts based on the photo above, which is from the Star Trek trailer:

- I know we can’t see the entire thing, but it looks like they’ve applied the same mosaic skin texture to the ship that was in the early Star Trek movie versions of the refitted Enterprise.

- While we’re seeing them with perspective in the shot above, it looks like the nacelles are cylindrical in shape, just as they were in the original design.

- The nacelles have the same warp coil intercooler intakes angled inwards at 45 degrees that the original ship had. (Yes, I am a full-on Trek geek.)

- It looks like they’re staying with the same outline and dimensions, at least on the saucer section of the hull.

Overall it looks to me like they took the details from the redesign that was done for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and applied them to the original NCC-1701.

Based on what I see above, my Trek fan freakout factor meter is registering very low. It looks like they are indeed trying to be faithful to the original and appease the existing fanbase.

What do you think?

Source: A big thank you to for alerting me via email (and head on over there to see a complete photo list of all castmembers in the film.)

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  1. Uhhhh..

    Am I the only one who loved Transformers?

    Why did I love Transformers?

    Uh come one!! IT’S GIANT ROBOTS!! AND I WAS A KID AGAIN!!!

    Yeah I was a big fan of Transformers as a kid…

    It simply made me happy to see it again and they did a good enough job to give me a sense of nostalgia…

    That’s all it was for me…

    And I want more…

  2. Stephen IMO,
    transformers had some great battle scenes but that was about it.
    But I know some people who loved the film and they were all fans growing up so maybe that was the difference.
    Hope your a fan of Robotron. That’s the next big robot flick…Peter Parkers in that one. :)

  3. Ooooooh, Robotron?

    Please elaborate…

    When ooooh WHEN can I have my android pick up my mail, wash my cloths, get the pizza, do the dishes, pretend I’m home and it’s actually just my android in my cloths watching TV so no burglars will break in, do my taxes, make prank calls with me, and listen to my girlfriend bitchin’ in the kitchen…


  4. Haha Saad, truthfully it was a slow day at work and I had nothing to do. +++
    The first 20 minutes blew me away and then it became a comedy… Of horrific sci-fi porportions.

    The last battle in midway city* was awesome as well especally the flying jet decepticon (very cool). The middle parts of the film were craptacular.

    * boy that midway city sure looked like Downtown LA ! Yeah think?

    But that’s my excuse for not leaving after cloverfield. :)
    I would prob do it again…

  5. Robotron the film I think they have a website? Vic need your help on that one.. Its based on the japanese show Transfomers or vice versa, (I have no way I knowing)
    ^do I look japanese to you »D ?
    And serioulsy Stephen never reviel that you make crank calls online. Are you crazy??? Lol

  6. “A true fan will give this movie a chance.”

    Oh, this “true fan” crap always angers me. Anyone who is a fan of something is a “true fan.” Whether they like some versions of it or not.

    “Am I the only one who loved Transformers?

    Why did I love Transformers?

    Uh come one!! IT’S GIANT ROBOTS!! AND I WAS A KID AGAIN!!!

    Yeah I was a big fan of Transformers as a kid… ”

    I was a fan of Transformers as a kid myself. I remain a fan of Transformers to this day, and still watch the new shows when I have the chance.
    None of that changed the fact that I hated, absolutely hated, just about everything about Bay’s movie. I can only give the movie good marks on the quality of the CGI effects, and that’s all.

    Personally, I’m hoping Voltron’s movie will be better, but I’m not actually expecting it to be. I’m wondering, now, if that’s the “Robotron” that’s been mentioned here, or if that’s something else.

  7. Ooookay…

    I’m going to bed…

    Ya’ll have fin now!

    And remember to play nice…

    we all love what we love… and don’t think less of each other cause we have a different taste in movies…

    No, we don’t have to hold hands and sing in a corner…

    That’s just for us Transformers fans!

    But if you want to join, you’ll have to sing along…

  8. Guys, watch the rhetoric and name calling or I’ll lock this thread down.

    Saad, it’s obvious you are a young guy because at the time it was on TV initially Star Trek was not “a joke”. Yes, it had some humor but back in the 60′s it actually tackled a lot of social issues that other show didn’t want to touch.

    I don’t want to hear anyone calling anyone else “stupid” or anything else. This isn’t Ain’t It Cool News.


  9. Serioulsy that photo Vic is a relief of some sorts. I was expecting the worst. So far it seems there sticking to the basic design well enough for me.
    Reminds me of the Enterprise from Wrath of Kahn…

  10. Looks good to me, Looks exactly as it should, like in the episode of DS9 and Enterprise where they show the original Constitution class.

    What was everyone up in arms about over the “re-design”?

  11. “This ain’t AICN”! LOL!!

    Good shot,Vic! :-D

  12. Steve,you remind me of me with my multiple posts on the JLA and Batman film! haha :-D

    Seriously tho,nice posts.

  13. Wow,Vic! A 46 year old Trek fan,eh? COOL! I never would’ve guessed. :-)

    If this film is good enough for you (so far anyway) then it’s good enough for me (and should be for everyone else).

    I can’t wait to see the trailer!!!

  14. Again,maybe I’m so excited about this one cuz I’m not as familiar with Trek as the rest of you are.

    I’ve followed TOS and TNG to a degree,but that’s about it for me.

    Perhaps that’s why this one has got me so pschyed?

  15. pschyed=psyched


  16. My life coach says the same thing KEL?^
    But that I do show signs of improvment and healing.
    Whatever you do don’t read my Sarah Connor comments, its just blah blah blah Skynet blah blah blah. :)

  17. LOL,Steve! :-D

    Seriously tho,you’re fine. :-p

  18. The new Enterprise looks cool-cant wait to see a full picture of NCC-1701

  19. You know some people saw those pictures of the uss enterprise where it looked like above earth and you could see the inside of the nacelles. Well i have a few pics where it shows the front of the enterprise and i compared the front of the 2 nacelles together and i swear they look exactly the same, both pics shows both nacelles to be bulbous at the front. Also in the trailer where the camera is coming up from under the saucer,is you look at where the captains yacht should be you would see that there are 2 square holes above the yacht. Its like that in the refit version of the uss enterprise in the star trek movie. So I dont know maybe in the new movie there gonna do like a mix of the original, pre refit design, and the end refit all on one ship.