First (Almost) Official Justice League Actors

Published 7 years ago by , Updated February 9th, 2012 at 9:48 pm,
justice league ross First (Almost) Official Justice League Actors

It’s all but certain that the following actors have been hired to play the following characters in the upcoming Justice League movie:

28 year old Scott Porter as Superman

28 year old Adam Brody as The Flash

35 year old rapper Common as Green Lantern

21 year old Teresa Palmer as Talia Ghul (Daughter of Batman nemesis Ra’s al Ghul)

Brody, Common and Palmer were among those who showed up for the casting call one month ago. I’m extremely relieved that they’re going with actors closer to 30 than 20 in this thing. That’s one point on the plus side for director George Millar.

I’m still ambivalent about this one, especially with it going into production during the writers’ strike.

If you want more background on the actors and to see some cool actor/character images head on over to / where they’ve done a nice job photoshopping each actor next to the character they’re playing (well, except for Green Lantern where they used an image of Hal Jordan instead of John Stewart).

Like I said, there’s been no official announcement but the word is that the above info is pretty solid.

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  1. I could see Armie Hammer as Batman (see,Scott Porter as Superman,and Adam Brody as Wally West/Kid Flash/Flash,providing they dye his hair red and Porter’s and Hammer’s hair black,but I CANNOT see Common as GL. He’s too old looking,IMO.

  2. When do we get to see Wonder Woman (Megan Gale,I hope) and Martian Manhunter and Aquaman and Maxwell Lord?

  3. Probably this upcoming week? I’ll be out of town so I’ll have to depend on the other fellows here at SR to keep you up to date. :-)


  4. Aww,man! I’ll miss ya bro. Happy trails. :-)

    I forgot to add the Barry Allen Flash to that list^.

  5. This casting sounds awefull.
    Do we have any idea what the plot is and a release date.
    Vic take care away from home!!

  6. I like the Scott Porter Superman choice. He’s a nice guy and knows comix. He could be a good Superman with the proper “adjustments”. Read the interview at

  7. Sorry,I got cut off. Don’t ask me how.;-)

    The Brody Flash isn’t so bad,IMO,either.

    Common’s OK.

    Armie Hammer is too,but he’s only 21. A little young for Batman,IMO.

  8. The acting list looks good except for Common playing the Green Lantern. John Stewart is a good character and all, but I’d rather see Hal Jordon be the first Green Lantern on the big screen, or even Alan Scott, considering he was the Golden Age GL.

  9. Same here,whiteguy,Hal’s THE “real” GL. Everyone else is just a supporting character,IMO.

    Porter would be good as Superman if he were taller.

  10. Are they still going for the Beowulf-style mo-cap with this one or will it actually be live action?

  11. The latest is that it’s live action.


  12. They have to have at least ONE black character, or else isolate a whole demographics of fans. And there are alot of fans who like John Stewart as GL just cuz he’s black. I’m one of them. ;p

  13. Sorry,after seeing that video,Porter would make a terible Superman! Bad casting!!

    Blaquestar,they don’t need to have a black character just to have one. They should ALWAYS choose a character that actually is worth a damn and contributes something to the story. They don’t EVER need to choose a character because of the color of their skin. If you want to see John because he’s the only black Green Lantern,then you may be racist. It’s the same thing as someone wanting a white GL just cuz the character is white. Most GL and comic book fans prefer Hal Jordan over Kyle Rayner,John Stewart,Guy Gardner,and Alan Scott becuase he IS the definite Green Lantern. This may be a matter of opinion,but most people would agree that Hal’s got the best origin,secret identity,story,villains,supporting characters,and personality. In the comix,he’s also described as the greatest and most powerful GL of all time,so you can see why fans would want to have Hal in the film,I believe that his skin color has little if nothing to do with it. But if he won’t be contributing anything to the story,then by all means use another GL! Don’t just go with one for racial diversity reasons! Go with whoever works best with the story you’re telling. I’ve always liked Barry Allen best as Flash,cuz I believe he was the best Flash out of all the Flashes,and all the Flashes so far have all been white,so again,the color of their skin has nothing to do with it,it’s the character that sould be judged before making a decision on which one is best liked.

  14. Kel your passion for this project is the only reason I give a crap at this point. Every new bit of info on this just gets worse and worser. Is Lorne Michales producing this???
    Blaquestarr, I don’t agree with you… were talking about superheroes that we have all grown up with not race.
    Kel, any truth to the rumor that Tracy Morgan is cast to play “Steel” you know that superhero Shaq made famous way back when…..

  15. LOL,Steve!

    I don’t ever remember hearing anything about Tracy Morgan as Steel,but I have seen the Shaq flick from the 90s and man did it suck! ;-)
    As far as I know Steel isn’t in the movie at all,but I did read something at “Ain’t it cool news” and various other sites sometime ago about some of the lesser well known DC characters (Black Canary,Atom,Green Arrow,Hawkman and Hawkgirl,etc.) having cameo appearances in the film somehow,so maybe the Steel rumor came from that. Still,I can’t imagine names for cameo characters like that being thrown around this early,especially when WB hasn’t even announced the main cast yet with shooting begining as soon as February 11th 2008.

    If you feel up to it,you should check out “Obsessed with” and visit their comic book movie section. In that section they have posted some “footage” of some of the cast from TV shows and interviews they’ve appeared in. I know they had a two minutes or so clip with Armie Hammer >chucklechucklechuckle< and Adam Brody made me think they weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be,and that maybe I should just sit back and shut up for a bit and see how everything turns out. For all I know,we may be getting a bunch of Chris Reeves or Hayden Christensens (no offense if you liked the guy,I just didn’t particularly care for him,that’s all),or a little of both with the cast. So I guess I’ll just try to be more patient and long suffering. :-) Oh,I almost forgot,Megan Gale. Yeah,not so sure whether she can act or not cuz the video with her WAS an interview,but there’s no doubt that she looked the part of Wonder Woman. She was taller than the dude that was interviewing her,like I would expect an amazon like WW to be,man,maybe he was just short,but she’s got to be at least 5′ 10′. If she can act,then they’ll have made an excellent choice for WW,IMHO.:-D

    So anyway,check it out if ya want to. I’m constantly looking everywhere for more JLA news (I’m a HUGE JLA freak!),so I come across a lot of stuff,I thought that was a tad bit helpful with making me rest easier with the supposed cast,maybe the videos will do you some good too. Let me know what you think,Steve! :-D

  16. Kel,I can’t believe you saw Steel ? :)
    I was totally kidding about the Tracy Morgan bs.
    I was just trying to lighten the mood Blaquestar was bringing to the site.
    But I have to say if Tracy Morgan would make a comedic remake of Steel, I’m totally there!!!
    Great info as allways Kel, the production on the JLA sure could use you on staff.
    I’ll try to check out that site today and know prob dissing Hayden C.
    Lol!!! :)

  17. LOL! Got me,Steve! I thougt you were half serious! :-D

    I’m more than happy to be of service,Steve old chum (lol!),thanx for the kind words,dude! I wish I were on the JLA’s staff! LOL! :-D

    If you have any trouble getting to the page(s) on the site that contain the videos,let me know,I’ll give you a URL (a long one,be forewarned >;-)LOL! Got me,Steve! I thougt you were half serious! :-D

    I’m more than happy to be of service,Steve old chum (lol!),thanx for the kind words,dude! I wish I were on the JLA’s staff! LOL! :-D

    If you have any trouble getting to the page(s) on the site that contain the videos,let me know,I’ll give you a URL (a long one,be forewarned >;-)< ) that takes you directly to the place. See ya around,bud. :-D

  18. :) haahaa! No prob KEL. It really shows how bad this casting has gotton.
    You should consider in your spare time to write your own screenplay/version of the JLA story.

    After this one tanks there gonna need to reboot as they say..your script might make its way into the right hands. Keep posting and writing. !!!
    (things happen for
    a reason).
    Tracy Morgans staff just called me and their PISSED. =)

  19. LOL!! OMG,Steve! That Tracy Morgan joke,REALLY cracked me up! I was drinking a soda and it made it come out my nose!! LOL! ;-) :-D

    I’m not much of a writer,but practice makes perfect,maybe I will take up writing so I can pen a JLA film someday! That’d be cool,LOL!

    I am some what of an artist tho,someday I’d like to be a penciller for either DC or Marvel,maybe have my own comic with my own characters,that would be my dream job. :-D

  20. Didn’t mean for that too happen.
    Put the soda down.
    I expect disney to call next about Steel. Haha.
    That’s cool about the wrting. I was gonna say the moneys in the writing but with the strike and all… I bet you have some cool artwork..
    I do some drawing myself.
    I don’t know if Vic will allow it but I do have a cool Terminator cover I drew posted on «» look in past photos under “the terminator”. its back a ways.
    If anyones interested…
    I still can’t believe you saw Steel….

  21. LOL,again,man!

    Yeah,a Steel movie done by Disney…that’ll be the day,LOL!

    I have some of my artwork posted over at Vic’s OTHER site in the Artwork section of the message boards incase you wanted to check it out. :-) You could probably post your pic there.

    I did see Steel (well,most of it,enough to know it was crap),and it was ridiculous. I think you could find a copy at if you wanted to watch a piece of crap superhero flick that makes Catwoman look like Shakespeare. :-D

    I watched some videos on You Tube with D. J. Cotrona,and let me tell you he’s a HORRIBLE choice for Superman!! Waaaaaaaaaaaay too short and mexican looking for the man of steel. I’ll be so pissed if he’s cast as Superman in JLA. If he is,then that’s quite possibley the WORST casting decision for Superman of all time.

  22. Man… The casting is getting worse by the minute.
    Cool I’ll check out the art ..on advanced iron.

    I don’t have my stuff digitised it will be a while before I could do that. I sent the gang at Coast Am copies of my stuff and they featured that one.
    But anyway…..

  23. With the cast you have now, I think that Common would be to old. You need a man that has the look and body to feel the role. I think Tyson Beckford would feel the role perfect! And he’s in the age group too. What do you think? But if you want to target the “semi-rap” groupies, then he’s your MAN. Tell me what you think?? MB..out