‘Finding Dory’ Ending Changes After Seaworld Controversy

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Popular marine park chain SeaWorld has come under a significant amount of fire in recent weeks after two videos released in quick succession provoked questions about the treatment of animals in the parks. The first video showed a short-finned pilot whale stuck on a ledge in shallow water during one of the shows, struggling to get back into its pool. Another video showed a dolphin that had been knocked out of its enclosure whilst performing a stunt lying bloodied on the concrete walkway outside.

The videos have certainly been making a splash amongst animal lovers, and some of the controversy is spilling over into the film world. Blackfish, a documentary that focuses on the treatment of orca whales in captivity at SeaWorld, has been generating a lot of buzz and some strong reactions at early screenings, prompting Pixar to rethink their portrayal of marine wildlife parks in Finding Dory, the upcoming sequel to Finding Nemo.

A Pixar employee told the New York Times that the original ending of Finding Dory had a scene in a marine wildlife park similar to SeaWorld, but in the light of Blackfish and the publicity nightmare that has followed, the ending of Finding Dory has been restructured so that the mammals and fish at the park are given the option of leaving if they want to.

The film will feature the return of Ellen Degeneres as the voice of the lovable but forgetful blue tang fish, and Variety reports that Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy and Ty Burrell have now joined the voice cast as well.

Darla Finding Nemo Finding Dory Ending Changes After Seaworld Controversy

As well as the small insight that this offers into the plot of Finding Dory, it’s also interesting considering the ways in which Finding Nemo explored the lives of fish in captivity and even touched a little on animal cruelty, specifically in the form of the well-meaning but destructive Darla, who once accidentally murdered a pet fish by shaking it too much in the confines of its plastic bag.

Blackfish explores the death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau, who was killed after being attacked by an orca whale named Tilikum. The documentary features interviews with marine biologists, who argue that keeping orcas – who in the wild will travel up to 100 miles a day – in captivity will significantly increase their aggression (Brancheau was not the first trainer to be killed by Tilikum) and reduce their lifespans. Ex-SeaWorld employees also give some insight into how the whales are captured and treated once in captivity, and a former whale hunter who was hired to capture wild baby orcas breaks down in the documentary and describes it as “the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

finding nemo 2 finding dory Finding Dory Ending Changes After Seaworld Controversy

In response to the documentary, SeaWorld released a statement saying that the film is “inaccurate and misleading,” that it exploits the death of Brancheau and presents a biased and distorted view of events, and cites SeaWorld’s reputation as a “respected zoological institution.” Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite has said that she reached out to the company many times in an effort to interview a spokesperson for her documentary, but SeaWorld never responded.

Blackfish is said to be both powerful and harrowing, and is currently rated 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. But would you rather take a look at the potentially grim reality of life for the orcas at SeaWorld, or just relax with old friends in Finding Dory?


Finding Dory is out in theaters on November 25th, 2015.

Blackfish is currently out on limited release.

Source: NY Times

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  1. Anyone with a sensitivity to animals and a respect for the sea knows that SeaWorld is a chamber of horrors and not zoological institution let alone respected.

  2. Political correctness strikes again

    • Yes. It’s a tragedy when real world suffering affects our couch potato entertainment.

      Endure, Voodoo. Endure.

  3. It’s a FICTIONAL movie. People are ridiculous.

    • It is not a work of fiction. You DO realize what a documentary is, right? Do you think The Cove, Grizzly Man and Super Size Me are ficticious, too? Tilikum is a real orca whale, who really has killed trainers. Even if it WAS a work of fiction, events like this HAVE occured before, and WILL happen again if we don’t put a stop to it.

      • He’s talking about the movie that is the main part of the article. You know, the animated children’s one?

      • I think he was referring to Finding Dory.

      • Controversial and conspiracy-related documentaries like this one are mainly created and produced for profit, nothing more. The people who made the film probably don’t know squat about animals, whereas the majority of Seaworld’s staff (at least those who work with animals) got degrees in marine biology. By that logic, those new mermaid and megalodon documentaries on Discovery Channel would be true fact…

        • Believe it or not, Sea World does not require a degree in Marine biology/science to work with the animals at In their parks. Often times, they don’t want applicants that do actually have degrees because those applicants know too much; for example, degreed scientists would know how horrible the experience was for some of the wild caught orcas brought in and might actually open their mouths to the media about the practices and the behavior of the orcas once hey get to their destination, particularly the really young ones taken from their mothers.

          Not to mention, Sea World has enough orcas already in captivity to keep their population going, but the problem lying with limited gene diversity requires them to capture orcas from the wild. Specifically, Sea World is in need of males instead of using the same two or three sperm donors to impregnate their females. These specialized tasks, keeping a gene diverse orca population going throughout all of their parks, is where they use the degreed scientists.

          Anyone with SCUBA certification and hours under water, wet suit experience with STRONG swimming skills, and a public speaking background can apply for a job working with the marine mammals at Sea World.

          What people withOUT a background in marine science, veterinary science, or knowledge of basic aquatic animal husbandry or water quality issues in closed systems do not understand about these parks is that marine mammals are just that…they are mammals just like you. They have higher brain function very similar to humans and a cognitive ability that we humans do not even understand yet.

          How would you like living in your house and not have the ability to leave it when you want? (I would wither away and die inside if I couldn’t get in my car and just GO whenever I felt like it.) How would you like eating the same exact food every day? (Captive orcas will hold their fish in their mouths in order to “bait” birds to them, then they attack/eat the birds. Entertainment or craving something missing from their diet? The humans don’t know WHY the orcas are eating the local wildlife that flies close enough to get eaten.)

          On an emotional level, how would we like seeing our spouse every day, but not allowed to be WITH our spouse when WE want to…AND THEN not even be allowed to sleep in the same bed with our spouse because he humans fear the creation of an “unsanctioned” baby? Then, when you finally do have a baby, it is taken away while you are still breast feeding or bottle feeding, because that happens in these parks all the time. Space limitations and the inconvenience keeping a nursing mother and her new baby separate and safe from the rest of the pod dictate this practice.

          And before I am flamed for my comments, I am a marine scientist. I live in Florida and have dealt with Sea World Orlando behind the scenes. They do good, excellent work in a myriad aspects regarding the animals in their charge, especially in rehabbing marine mammals and reptiles from around the state that were sick and injured. But, rehabilitating sick/injured wildlife costs A LOT of money and the dolphin and whale shows are what pays the bills. I don’t particularly agree with all aspects in what they do in order to pay the bills, but I don’t specifically think that Sea World should be totally vilified or completely boycotted because of the captive orcas.

          Fact: All of their orcas are now not releasable to the wild. Opinion: Let the captive orcas continue the lives they have been living all these years because it is all that they know now. It’s not like they can just “swim away,” and if they didn’t continue the shows they have been doing for decades, the orcas would get bored. Fact: an unstimulated, bored orca is a dangerous orca. Opinion: Sea World should discontinue bringing in wild caught orcas and reconsider their business plan for the economics in order to maintain the good work they are doing that most of the general public does not see. As silly as it may sound, I miss the elaborate water skiing shows they used to do decades ago.

          I hope this sheds some light on Sea World and that documentary, which was mostly factual, despite how ugly and tear jerking it was.

          But, like I said, the orcas already in captivity should NOT be released, as many have called for. THAT action would definitely be cruel to the animals. They would be rejected and attacked by the truly wild orcas. The Sea World orcas are not a true pod in the sense that they mostly are not a family unit. Orcas are kind of like elephants of the sea in that they maintain a family social ladder. Sea World’s orcas have been taken from different pods from all over the world and thrown together. That would make them vulnerable in the wild and if released, they would be killed and it would be the humans’ fault. (In human terms, what Sea World did was like putting 2 old white men from the South, 3 middle aged women from the US north, then randomly men and women: 4 African-Americans, 4 Latinos, 3 Muslims from the Middle East, 5 Jews from Israel, 4 Palestinians, and a few North Koreans and South Koreans for good measure, ALL in the same house and making them live together for decades, but rotating rooms so that the enemy ethnicities don’t have alone time. Make these humans completely dependent on you for all life sustaining materials for several generations all while making them have each other’s babies via artificial insemination. Then, after all of these years, decades, decide to cut them loose back out into the world. What do you think would happen to them, mentally, emotionally, physically, when they try to rejoin their ethnic groups? Teachers: that could be an excellent prompt for an essay. :-) )

          Best regards,

    • I only just realized that you were probably talking about Finding Dory and not Blackfish. I am terribly sorry for acting rude.

    • It’s a family movie, it comes with the territory that it should mostly teach good things to kids, I don’t think it’s ridiculous. Also, they know they’re avoiding a lot of criticism by doing one small change which might even be an improvement in terms of the story.

  4. dafuQ?

  5. Of course it is after I reload the page where I see people correcting my idiocy. I cannot be any more sorry.

    Cory, you are right, it is very ridiculous.

    • Kudos to you for your apology, well done, very rare these days

    • Yeah man kudos. I prbly wouldn’t have had the cojones to own up like that.

  6. I personally think that if any animation studio could perfectly blend the seriousness of the topic and the fun of Dory, it’s Pixar.

    • You mean “glory days” pixar or “post Cars 2 era” pixar?

  7. ugh, a sequel? how about something original – and hand drawn. And dark like “The Black Cauldron”

    • How about no?

      • How about yes??

        • No

    • No way, we need another cars movie. But with planes this time.

      • +1

      • Since Planes did pretty well at the BO expect a follow-up called Trains in about 2 years, all leading to the highly anticipated team movie Planes, Trains and Cars! Lightening McQueen and Mater are stranded in the desert without fuel and need the help of Dusty the dustcropper and Diesel the locomotive (Vin Diesel voicing??) to transport them cross-country to the season ending big race in The Motor City (which in this alternate reality is not bankrupt). Hijinks and hilarity ensue.

        • I meant cropduster…not dustcropper…duh!

        • actually, Planes did not do very well at all

  8. What? Disney still CARES?!

    Oh wait, it’s Pixar. Neeeeeever mind…

  9. Pixar is not loosing originality. They did ONE film that didn’t live up to the Pixar standard. Cars 2. And that wasn’t even Pixar’s fault. They were originally working on an original film titled “Newt”, but it ended up having the exact same plot as the movie “Rio” so they cancelled it. Since Disney want’s them to put out a film every year, they put out Cars 2, which was already being made as a straight to DVD sequel. Every film Pixar has put out since then has been excellent, but because society loves to bring good things down, from now on people are going to analyze the s*** out of every movie Pixar releases until they release some dark, abstract, hand-drawn symbolic hipster flick that kids & families won’t even enjoy but will shut all the critics & hipsters up. Brave was great, MU was great. Also, have some respect for the filmmakers. Virtually every Pixar film has created characters that become media icons in some kind of way. Do have any idea what kind of pressure that put on the creators? Creating a solid story is hard enough on it’s own. Try doing that every year. Do you really expect them to create a monumental film EVERY YEAR? There are going to be times where they want to try something different (Brave) and it might not be received as well as some previous films. Also, just because a studio releases a sequel doesn’t mean they’re running out of ideas or are trying to make money. Maybe they just had fun creating the world of the first film and want to continue it. Are you really going to sit there and tell me that you wouldn’t want to see an Incredibles 2? And at the end of the day, Pixar makes its films for families and children, not depressed hipsters. Do you think any 8 year old was complaining about Brave “not feeling like Pixar” or MU being “one too many sequels”? Just shut up and enjoy it.

    • I sat down with my entire family to watch Brave on TV around the New Year. Ages range from 6 to 73. Everyone who was still paying attention by the end credits (not many) were disappointed.

      • Yea as much as i love medieval times and movies about them I thought I would like Brave. But it was original. It just didn’t really fit the Pixar brand. Its the only pixar movie i haven’t watched more than once or twice

      • Dazz is correct, i believe pixar is in a rut with brave, cars 2 and monstera university.

      • My family had the opposite reaction. Especially the women in the group. It was a great move with a lot of depth to it.


      But seriously, I agree with everything you said. Anyway, continuing on what you were saying, Pixar isn’t the company that does traditional animation. That’s what Disney had always done. I LOVE traditional animation- I’m majoring in it- but it is pretty rediculous to demand from a company that has always been doing 3-D animation to start doing 2-D.

    • Monsters University was a great film. They tied it in very well with the first movie. After watching MU I went back and watched Monsters Inc. and I caught so many more things that I hadn’t before because of MU. I think that should make up for Cars 2. Which wasn’t even that bad of a movie either.

    • I find Brave was a bit weak (not bad by any means), and Cars 2 I just avoided lol. But I agree with most of what you said, whoever’s saying Pixar is no longer original just have to visit their wiki page for about one minute to see how many original films they have in development. Personally, I cannot wait for The Good Dinosaur!

      • They havnt been original since up and wall-e. Brave was your classic disney princess tale. Monsters university was a rehash of revenge of the nerds and cars 2 was just awful. The good dinasaur while a clever what if plot. It clearly sounds like rattatouille. Dinasaurs become farmers, one dinasaur doesnt want to be a farmer and runs away and ends up befriending a human. Their only real original idea imo will be inside out which could be emmensly clever

    • Brave is garbage. The whole is about a girls mother turning into a bear.

      • Yeah well Finding Nemo was about a lost fish.

        I’m not defending or criticizing Brave (which I enjoyed), just saying that the basic premise of a film should not define its overall quality.

        • Thing is, for me, Brave was dull despite an interesting premise and some genuinely funny moments.

          Haven’t seen Cars 2 but I didn’t like the first one much either so doubtful I’ll bother with the sequel.

          Monsters University I avoided because I’d rather watch it on TV for free but in the trailers and clips I’ve seen so far, it doesn’t look that good. Maybe when I see the entire movie, I’ll change my mind.

          Up was 10 minutes of emotional brilliance followed by 70 minutes of movie that didn’t engage me. I only stuck around to see how it ended and was disappointed.

          The other movies, I’m going to avoid watching for a few years because whenever I’ve tried any time they’re on TV, I find myself switching off mentally and getting bored. Some movies I can only watch once and then I need a long gap until the next viewing to avoid running the risk of hating it.

          I’ve never seen WALL-E but everyone I know who has seen it has told me consistently that it was dull and nothing much happened. If I see it listed, I’ll record it though because I want to see whether I fall into the “liked it” or “hated it” camp.

          As far as The Incredibles, seen it 4 times now but the last three times were close together so I switched off mentally and really don’t care if they make a sequel or not.

          The thing with me is that unless a movie is THAT good, I can’t do multiple viewings in quick succession without becoming bored due to knowing what’s going to happen, I need time to forget how much I liked a movie so that it feels almost brand new again.

          The only movies I can say I’ve had several viewings not long after each other and still loved were TDKR, Cloverfield (seen 3 times after release and 20 times on TV and DVD since), Robocop, Commando, Batman Begins and Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

          Pixar are innovative and I hope they don’t move into traditional animation, I like them more than Dreamworks SKG. I mean, with Dreamworks SKG, I liked Shrek but can’t watch it repeatedly without a long gap between viewings or I’ll find it dull and the sequels were all terrible.

          • “WALL-E” is one of those movies that only takes one viewing to determine whether you like it or not.

            It’s more or less Pixar’s showcase of their animation potential, much like James Cameron’s “Avatar”. The only difference is, unlike “Avatar”, “WALL-E” has a story that is somewhat well thought out, but it doesn’t really involve WALL-E himself. In fact, it feels like he was supposed to be the side character and someone else should’ve been the main character. The 1st half is like a genius Pixar short film and the 2nd half is a movie.

          • Wow, that is one depressing post.

    • actually Cars 2 was not meant for DVD release, that was meant for a cinemas release from the very beginning, at first it was meant to be released in 2012, while newt had the 2011 release, but later newt got delayed then cancelled, thus giving Cars the Summer 2011 slot

    • I agree with what you say.

      I wish they wouldn’t create a movie “every year,” though. What’s wrong with taking time to crafting a film and allowing some time to make it great. Wouldn’t they be overloading their staff? Wouldn’t that water down quality to pump them out so fast.

      As for Cars 2. It’s not a great Pixar film, but it’s better than Turbo, Rio, and every other knock-off.

    • I don’t want an Incredibles 2. The first one was too violent. My son is 3. No way he is going to watch that movie. It’s tough finding animated movies that are appropriate for him and that he likes. Animated films are too often focused on pleasing everybody so much that the creators forget about pleasing kids.

    • Cars 2 > Brave.

  10. It don’t think Pixar should soften the ending of their film because of this. Would it be cool if they commented on it because they have fish in their movie? Yes. It would increase the appeal to adults. The article mentioned Darla killing fish. What about the scene where Nemo is in the storm drain and he is swimming among hundreds of dead fish. That’s harsh from a fish perspective too. Also, it is a little strange that Pixar is announcing that they are changing the ending to a movie that we know little else about. They don’t have a trailer or anything and they are spoiling the ending?

    • I thought the same thing. Why even tell the public when we didn’t know anything about either ending anyway? And yeah, kinda spoilery…

  11. They are going to ruin Finding Dory if they bow to a group of PC hippies. If you add a bunch of “Save the fish” crap into this film, then it’s already dead in the water.

    • I am NOT a peta puke or a tree hugger by any stretch of the imagination. But you take wild animals and treat them like toys, then that’s a recipe for disaster.

      Wild animals need to be left in the wild.

      So we can eat them. :P

      • Hilarious. Isn’t that the truth

        I think if the opportunity to make a good comment on wild animals (or fish) in captivity, then do it.

    • i think Pixar is trying to avoid the movie being like “Song of the South” in 50 years. And they don’t wanna remind people that the orcas and dolphins in captivity is torturous in any theme park.

  12. Finding nemo had a pack of fish escape from fishermen. Why not just do something like that with sea world?

    • You mean like Free Willy?

  13. If you are going to put something called a KILLER whale in an inclosed environment and not expect it to kill, then please don’t reproduce. Now can we just talk about how awesome it is to revisit the greatest ocean gang since Spongebob came on?

    • There’s a Man From Atlantis remake coming out then? Cool.

      Oh, you meant the Finding Nemo cast, sorry.

  14. Oh my god, how pathetic and ridiculously over the top was that trailer for Blackfish. The intense music in the background was a bit too much, what, did they get Hans Zimmer to do the score.

    Seaworld is basically a zoo\circus for sea life where wild mammals are kept in captivity and forced to perform tricks over and over again to entertain people. Everyone’s aware of that right? If we need a documentary to tell us that’s cruel then people really are idiots.

    Reminds of that documentary Super Size Me. Oh hey, you know what, if you eat nothing but McDonalds 3 or 4 times a day for a whole month it will be bad for you,,,,,,,,,No S**t Sherlock!!!

    • It would’ve been greater if you’d said “No s***, Spurlock” instead.

  15. Oh, so good to know Pixar is now not only a money-grabbing, unnecessary sequel-making lazy people, but politically correct idiots, too.

    Yeah, Pixar never will be the same again. This pretty much proves it.

  16. So basically you’re asking whether we’d prefer to take a look at reality or retreat into escapist fiction?

  17. These so called “animal lovers” are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Not all of them, but the margority of them. Most people who cliam to be animal lovers, will eat meat, kill bugs, and buy leather/fur. Plus they are very selective as to what animals they choose to love. They are usually cute and/or fluffy. These are not animal lovers people. And if you claim to be an animal lover and you’re not a vegan. You are a liar, and a disgrace.

    • +100
      Thank you very much for that. I am vegetarian and an environmentalist myself and am constantly aggravated by people being “animal lovers” yet they do exactly what you just said that they do. Glad to know someone else notices it

      • While I am not a vegetarian or an environmentalist, I do care a lot about animals.

        BUT, I am a huge hypocrite as I am one who eats a lot of beef, chicken, pork, etc. I really only feel bad when someone tells me what I’m eating or I have to kill the animal with my own hands/watch it die.

        It’s sad, but it’s true. I think Pixar is trying to avoid the “Pinocchio” formula where the frightening truth about things were shoved right in your face and nothing can be done about them.

        • I find those animal lovers who complain about others not being vegan etc to be the more annoying folk.

          I mean, sure, I love animals and I do what I can to help animal charities but I love eating meat and I’m not ashamed to say that. We were meant to eat meat after all, it’s in our nature and our teeth are more suited to an omnivorous diet, plus meat provides us the nutrients and energy to keep ourselves healthy and not become sickly, frail and such like a lot of vegans are.

          And those who only protest about cute animals being harmed shouldn’t be mocked. Not everyone can be concerned about creatures they don’t like the look of.

          • I don’t have a problem eating meat as long as I kill it. I don’t like eating stuff that was slaughtered in a cage. When I kill a deer or wild hog it is just natural. They’re free in the wild and I kill them. It’s just like any other predator/prey relationship. The prey has a chance to live and I have a chance to fail. When a cow or pig is slaughtered on the farm they don’t even have a chance. Born solely to die.

          • +1

            I see no problem in eating meat, no matter what animal. Well, okay I won’t eat every animal aha, just a select few. But like you said, we were meant to eat meat, it’s a way in growing. I’m pretty sure a good chuck of vegans out there have to take supplements to accommodate for all the nutrients they miss by not eating real meat.

            There’s one sort of meat that I really want to try, but refuse to eat, and that is Coby Beef. From what I gather, it tastes great but the things they do to get that tasty meat is ridiculous and something I will not support.

            • I’m pretty sure you can get all the protein you need from non-meat sources…the veggie burgers have just as much protein as the beef ones.

            • Right, it is our nature to eat meat

          • You are really overcompensating here. I was talking specifically about hypocrisy of people who call themselves “animal lovers,” and eat meat. It’s the same thing as people who are against hunting, but buy steaks at a supermarket.

            For the record, I never said that eating meat was wrong. But don’t act like you care about animals, bc you donate to animal charities. Are you losing sleep at night over these animals? Billionares donate to charity every day. But do you honestly think they care about the less fortunate? I’d like you to find me a billionare losing sleep over that.

            And no, I’m not a vegan. I do eat meat on a daily basis. But I don’t go around calling myself an animal lover. Sure, we all have animals we like. We have pets that we welcome into our homes. But that doesn’t mean you are an animal lover.

  18. It’s funny Animaniacs had a character named Elmyra that did pretty much the same thing & you never heard much about it.

  19. So they do not ant to show what really happens? They showed fish being trapped in tanks in the first Nemo film what is the differents? Anyone who thinks any animal likes being pinned up in a cage has their head in the ground. I say show what is going on and make people think a little bit.

    • In the first movie they showed captivity as being wrong as in all occasions the fish either want to be ‘free’ or have accepted that they are stuck in captivity.

      In this second movie I wouldn’t be surprised if the original ending found Dory revealed to be in a SeaWorld-like location in captivity – thus leading into a potential sequel or for Dory to have a ‘happy’ life in captivity.

  20. Every Pixar movie before Cars 2 was not up to the standards set by the previous ones. Cars 2 was terrible, Brave was boring, and while MU was a significant improvement from these 2, it felt as if something was missing. You know, the whole adventure spirit on a massive scale that brings gratification to the viewer on completion.
    Cars 2 was so bad, I’m not even gonna start. Many of you agree and you know why.
    Brave had a lot of potential. The whole medieval setting, the element of magic, a female warrior, etc might have been a tad repetitive of the old Disney movies but at least it showed promise. But then we see Merida spending an entire movie bonding with her bear-mother. Great. Not to mention the total lack danger or adventure or traveling except for some tiny bit towards the end.
    Personally, I was expecting the movie to be something where Merida runs away, causes trouble involving ancient old curses and a witch, and has to journey across the country to stop some terrible evil from befalling the kingdom. Which goes to show that even generic stuff can be good.
    But seriously, I was so damn pissed when she started spending time with her mother. That just ain’t Pixar.
    Hopefully the future stuff is like the first films.

    • Yeah, pixar had it’s glory days. But they have suffered from success. Not to say it isnt deserved. But I think they’re problem is that they don’t hire new talent. Most of the people at Pixar have been there 10 years or longer.

      So when Despicable Me comes out, and its better than Cars 2, and Brave combined x10, it does feel like some new punk is coming in and beating you at the game that you created.

  21. I don’t think that Orca’s were called “Killer Whales” for the perchant for being gentle marine mammals.? So being a mammal the title Blackfish is a little less than accurate. Still the Finding Nemo sequel may be improved by a bit of re-shooting.

    • @Xandra

      “Killer whales are highly social; some populations are composed of matrilineal family groups which are the most stable of any animal species. Their sophisticated hunting techniques and vocal behaviors, which are often specific to a particular group and passed across generations, have been described as manifestations of culture”

      Take that advice and then get an Orca Whale and stuff it in a small tank on its own – then you have exactly what happens at SeaWorld.

      As for the name – its due to them being Apex Predators in the wild – they eat other aquatic life and have no natural instinct to attack humans or other forms of life other than their natural food chain.

      As for the movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if the original ending found Dory revealed to be in a SeaWorld-like location in captivity – thus leading into a potential sequel or for Dory to have a ‘happy’ life in captivity.

  22. Good web site you have got here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours these days.

    I truly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  23. Anyone who knows anything about Pixar and John Lasseter know that story is the number one thing Pixar cares about. Every decision about a movie is made I’m service of the story. Lasseter, who approves any decision like this, is much like Walt used to be in his commitment to story. I can say with 100% certainty that if a decision was made to change the end of the film, it was done because it made sense to the story, not for any political agenda.

    At Epcot there is an attraction called the Seas with Nemo & Friends, which features a Nemo ride, Turtle Talk with Crush, and a host of other Finding Nemo characters, as well as an aquarium home to more than 2,000 individual marine animals “in captivity”, including dolphins. If Pixar really were anti-captivity, there is no way they’d let their character be so prominently featured in an aquarium.

  24. I did like Cars and I am 16 2 :’( But I respect opinions… but I am really excited 4 finding Dory! x)asdfghjklñ!!!