Finally, Some Venom Movie News

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venom Finally, Some Venom Movie NewsThe Hollywood Reporter has floated news that there is finally some movement on the long awaited (by fanboys) Venom movie.

The last time there was any news of note was back in February of this year that Sony had met with some “A-list writers” to pen a Venom screenplay. It seems that the main guy on that list was Jacob Estes, who has wrtten Nearing Grace and Mean Creek.

Yeah, I haven’t heard of either of those either, but that’s ok, because he’s out and someone else will be coming in to write the script.

Apparently Topher Grace (who portrayed Venom in Spider-Man 3) does NOT have a “lock” on the role, as the studio doesn’t necessarily think he can carry a picture as the star.

I know the character has a cadre of hard-core fans, but I don’t see how you build a movie (or franchise) around this character. On the other hand, I suppose it’s been done before with the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies, so I suppose a villain can be the star of his own film.

Spider-Man 4 is tentatively set for a 2011release, but that’s pretty far off, and I guess Sony is looking for something to cash in on something sooner with the currently super-hot superhero movie trend that was ignited by Iron Man and went critical with The Dark Knight.

According to the article neither Marvel nor Sony would comment on this, so I find it interesting that it was published in one of the mainstream Hollywood publications without a source. Usually that sort of story turns up that way in one of the “new media” sites (like this one) and then shows up on the old school sites only when it’s been verified by a studio.

There’s no target release date set but I imagine it would be well before 2011.

So are you looking forward to a Venom movie? Me, not so much.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I think a Venom film would be cool, if it’s done right and didn’t have alot of Spidey innuendoes and flashbacks in it. A seperate story, without lots of origin (we know the origin from S3!) Besides, if I remember correctly, Venom isn’t totally evil, he just HATES Spidey and goes ballistic around him.

  2. Terrible idea.

  3. I *really* like the idea of it being a horror movie…

  4. Hm…Topher Grace aside for a moment…I don’t think that Venom, as a character, can carry a movie.

    Granted, within the vast world of Spider-Man, he has quite a fan following…I just don’t think it’ll be enough.

  5. I agree with Andy on this one. Venom is not strictly a villain, which is probably one of the reasons he has such a strong fanbase. He’s much more of an anti-hero than a true villain. The fact that he hates Spidey so much comes more from the fact that Spidey rejected the symbiote and Brock blaming Parker for ruining his life. Beyond that, though, he’s been known to defend those he views as victims, just in an over the top way.

    Personally, I’d say that the character could carry his own movie, and the best story to start with might be an adaptation of the Venom: Lethal Protector storyline.

  6. I am a big fan of Venom. However, I am a big fan of Venom as a monster, not an antihero which I believe is the way they will go with it so … I am against it. Bring him back for S4 as said previosuly, he can;t carry a movie on his own. As far as Topher, i believe he could carry a movie on his own, just not Venom. It is not Topher’s fault, Venom is just a weak character without Spiderman. I mean, c’mon Spiderman is the sole reason for him being Venom.

  7. hmmm, would this be entirely separate from the spidey franchise?

    i mean Spidey 3 screwed EVERYTHING up badly, especially the Venom story which they brought shame to. If Spidey 3 didn’t include the waster Venom arc, and saved that for the sole storyline of Spidey 4, then ya the Venom movie idea on its own would be awesome in it tying into the Spidy 4 film…but now its all a big sloppy out-of-continuity mess, kinda like the X films and Wolverine

  8. waster=wasted venm arc

  9. Just thing of a horror movie with a monster that has abilities similar to Spiderman. IMHO, a vemon film could be very successful if treated like a horror mystery thriller.
    The direction/mood should be simliar to either the orginial “Darkman”, HBO’s “Spawn” series and Showtime’s “Dexter” series.

    My take would use the timeline from Spidey3 with a slightly amnesia Eddie Brook. Eddie Brook is now a freelance crime photographer that does not know that at night the alien symboite uses his body to become the sinster, horrifingly gritty, killer/vigilante monster known as Vemon that secretly cares out Eddie’s inner thoughts. Eventually Eddie remembers and the alien convience Eddie that Vemon is needed to cure this evil world!

  10. VENOM Movie would be cool as hell just keep Grace out of it he is one of the 2 things that screwed up S3 Eddie Brock is about 6ft 4 and 250lbs so what did sam do he brought in a skinny little guy what was Kenny Baker busy Venom looked like Brock Lesner if your going to make it do it right

  11. well if they do end up making it
    they should atleast introduce Carnage.
    cuz if read the comics carnage is the off spring of venom .

  12. I could see (and would like to see) this movie take shape, but not in Raimi Spidey sorta way. I could see it being a more obscure film the likes of Spawn or the first Punisher.

    If they attached a gimmick to it, this could differentiate it enough from S3, like the Beowolf style animation in 3D. Seeing Venom (or Spidey in S4) swinging between buildings in 3D would be fantastic.

    Plus, S3 didn’t really delve into the symbiote. There is a lot of story to be had here. The only problem is Venom looked so weak in S3, he’d need to be bulked up

  13. I know Topher Grace is bad casting for that character, but he was still one of the best things about Spidey 3. I’m not really interested in a Venom movie without him.

  14. Not too thrilled about a Venom movie, but I thought the special effects for Venom were pretty neat in Spider-Man 3. It’ll probably incorporate elements of the Spider-Man mythos like Daredevil spin-off Elektra, which apparently only my girlfriend and myself liked.

  15. In the venom movie i recon that they’ll bring in carnage as the main villain

  16. Personally, I’d hope they’d save Carnage for a Spider-Man movie and use one of the other symbiote offspring. Scream, Riot, Phage, Lasher and Agony might be better choices as I don’t see them take away one of Spidey’s better known enemies.

    On the other hand, given how Venom was short changed in S3, it might be better not to have Carnage in a future movie.

  17. they should change venom to carnage and make a carnage movie then that could really be a horror if done right it would be the best in the genre but…fox isn’t very creative

  18. I guess it’s gonna be called “Spider-Man Origins: Venom”.

    This has “Cash Cow” written all over it.

  19. The origins of venom? It would be better if it was a story about a spider-man villain that could carry a movie like…um…uh…maybe…ah-ha…lizard.

  20. i think venom was severely underdeveloped in sm3 but they can fix it with carnage (posible by the venom suit sample) then i will stick with it.

    if they make a venom franchise based on the sm3 venom its not going very far, but if its based on something of “ultimate spiderman” venom (only played the game) then it could work.

  21. Venom starts out as a supervillian and later becomes an anti-hero (-think Spawn).

    ‘Venom’ could be a good film but not based off of any previous incarnation — any fanboy knows Venom’s character was slaughtered in Spider-Man 3. It have to be redone to justify the films integrity and the more importantly its source material.

    The problem I see is that Venom’s origin is Spider-Man, so how do you make the movie about Venom without too much Spider-Man and then an even further stretch would be, is Spider-Man going to be Tobey Maguire and is he going to be that Antagonist of the film if Venom is who we’re routing for?

    Making this movie right is very complex and it is a delicate situation indeed (at least to fans), Sony should tread very softly — DO NOT EMULATE THE MISTAKES OF SPIDER-MAN 3.

    In actuality, Venom is menacing, insane and full of rage is you try to make that a kiddie movie, it’s impossible to do right. It can’t be ‘cute’ like Spider-Man but I fear they will try to meet somewhere in between that ‘cuteness’ and Venom’s horror — and that will be a major disgrace.

  22. This might sound like a bad idea, but why don’t they use venom as a spider-man reboot. I have always said that James Mcavoy should play peter parker. For exposition just end off from the secret wars, 70′s, and have spiderman come back with the symbiote suit. Like the incredible hulk just have no backround for spider-man, everyone knows it. And for the plot have it be venoms struggles as a villain with small parts from the sinister six and introduce carnage for the next movie “Amazing Spider-Man”

    Eddie Brock/Venom:?
    Kletus Cassidy/Carnage:D.J. Qualls
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man:James Mcavoy
    Otto Octavius/Doc Ock:Fred Molina
    Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter:Oded Fehr
    Dr. Curtis Connors/Lizard:Dylan Baker
    William Baker/Sandman:Thomas Haden Church
    Max Dillon/Electro:?
    Morris Bench/Hydro-Man:Matt Dillon

    There is no need in showing any of spider-mans personal life just spider-man, and only about 30 minutes of screentime all together. I chose the sinister six not as original members but they all were members. And i think venom should kill about 5 people and join and get kicked out of the sinister six. Then he fights spider-man who barely wins, eddie brock goes to jail and is in a cell with Kletus Cassidy who ends up with the symbiote inside of him. Then after the credits he is shown consumed by carnage.

  23. IMHO I think there is a mass of untapped potential in a Venom film. Topher Grace in a no go from my point of view, nothing against the actor he’s just not and never was suited to play Venom. Which I believe was one of the major downfalls of SM3. Like most have said the need to rethink the character and separate him as much as possible from the spiderman franchise, for this to work he needs to be his own entity in the film industry. The only way I can see a villain like him carrying a roll is to keep his humanity to a minimun. An overwhelming amount of power being given to someone as unbalanced as Brock was at the time should have him portrayed as a complete villain to start and have him gradually wrestle with his own humanity. I think the idea of struggling to hold on to the small part of who you were while being inticed and forced into this life of pure darkness could carry more of a story than people give it credit for. Of course you need an antagonist, but definitely one more evil than Venom. The thought of becoming what that antagonist is could be enough for him to continue the fight within himself. Should it be Carnage? I definitely think that’s one of the better ideas as long as they get the casting right.

  24. if they want my attention for a venom movie they better have a good actor playing him and a dam good villian.

  25. ok, ive thought about how nice it would have been to have venom in a movie. then i see he is in SM3 and i freak. go to see the movie, and they make him this skinny, short, little side character next to sandman. SANDMAN?!? really?
    K, here is my idea of what the venom movie should look like.
    Eddie should be a much tougher actor. Topher is an amazing comedian, but only that. he cant play in a serious role to save his life. The movie should start out with the symbiote that pater parker’s teacher had getting loose and infecting eddie (or someone else if the writters are that creative). The one thing that is different this time other that what happened in SM3 is that the person who is infected has some, but little control over themselves in the symbiote state. Now, the storyline from here can play on the person gaining control of the symbiote, with a side story of spiderman (leave this to creativity again) finding more of the symbiote and testing it (scientific reasons). This new symbiote will infect Kletus Cassidy, making venom, and will defeat spiderman, leaving it up to venom to take on this new menace by himself. The fight will carry on with a great deal of intensity and ultimatly kill both eddie and kletus, that way there will be no more venom movies. dont get me wrong, venom is a great character, but truth is, you may only get one good movie out of him if he is the main character.

  26. i will see topher grace as venom on spiderman 4 on venom movie the cast on venom movie is topher grace as eddie brock// venom that’s it thhis venom movie is awsome i will see topher grace on venom movie and spiderman 4 it’s first i will see topher grace on spiderman 4 in theatres may 6th 2011 see ya.


  28. finally someone brings up the fact that venom does turn into a hero. thank you Andysays. they should base the movie off that. all the real fans of venom know that he had his own comic book with his own villains. i.e. mace.

  29. everyone hates on a movie that turns out good and #1 in america (SP3), so im sure this movie is gonna be taking over the box office when it comes to Marvel movies.