Final ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Trailer: Wolverine’s Team vs. The Sentinels

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After an eight-year long wait, (most of) director Bryan Singer’s original X-Men film roster – last seen in 2006′s X-Men: The Last Stand returns for another super-powered mutant adventure in just a matter of weeks. X-Men: Days of Future Past brings back the heroes and villains played by Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Shawn Ashmore, Ian McKellen and Halle Berry (& more!) and sees them share screen time with the core cast of 2011′s prequel X-Men: First Class.

Days of Future Past, the most expensive comic book film ever made, is the first Marvel movie to introduce time-travel, a common plot device featured in the comics, and thanks to its introduction, fans get to see the X-Men franchise veterans listed above joined by First Class stars Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence and Lucas Till.

Like previous films in the series, X-Men: Days of Future Past deals with anti-mutant hysteria but takes it to the extreme. Mutant-hunting machines called Sentinels were created in the ’70s (Nixon era) thanks to a man named Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), and over the years future iterations of the machines evolved, ultimately lost control and nearly destroyed the planet. Now, the remaining mutants left alive must band together for one last mission to send Wolverine (Jackman) to the past and prevent this post-apocalyptic future from ever becoming a reality.

X Men Days of Future Past banner 1024x465 Final X Men: Days of Future Past Trailer: Wolverines Team vs. The Sentinels

The first Days of Future Past teaser introduced the returning characters and the core story element of using time travel to save the world, and the second X-Men: DOFP trailer focused on the action, showcasing the new and returning mutants using their super powers and battling the Sentinels. After some questionable marketing involving some less-than-stellar promo art and some burger-related commercials, the final trailer is now here for Fox’s 2014 superhero tentpole. Check it out and see how it compares to what we’ve seen from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which releases just a few weeks earlier.

Wolverine, the star of the franchise and of this movie in particular (we even get two versions of him!), gets all the screen time as the final trailer focuses strictly on his mission to the past and efforts to recruit and unit the most important mutants capable of helping out in the ’70s. We even get to see new characters like Quicksilver and Bishop in action, with their powers on display.

Fans will notice a few inconsistencies that the movie will attempt to explain, from Beast no longer being blue and furry, young Charles Xavier walking, old Wolverine having adamantium claws, etc. We don’t know why these things have all been altered, but the movie will offer explanations for all of them (we hope) according to Singer.

Still, the trailer is the best one yet for the film, offering plenty of action, spectacle, mutant powers, giant robots, and of course, a little bit of character humor. If anything, seeing Hugh Jackman still owning the role of the iconic Wolverine is a strong selling point for longtime fans, even if he’s supported by one of the most impressive film casts ever assembled in summer blockbuster. Excited?

Stick around for our in-depth analysis of the new trailer and be sure to check out the 100+ high-res photos and breakdown of the previous trailer!


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Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, Evan Jonigkeit along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.

X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014, followed by Fantastic Four on June 19th, 2015, X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27th, 2016, The Wolverine 3 (not the official title) on March 3rd, 2017, Fantastic Four 2 on July 14th, 2017, and an unspecified Marvel film on July 13th, 2018.

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  1. Looks pretty good but I’m still more excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • How can you possibly be excited for Spiderman 2? It looks absolutely terrible. Not to mention the first one was a predictable corny mess

      • Geez, excuse me for having a different opinion.

        • Yeah, where the hell do you think you are? America!?

      • Well, I thought the first was the best Spider-Man movie we’ve ever had and I’m really excited about seeing the second one in a few hours time. So excited, I haven’t been able to sleep yet.

        • Get your sleep man there is a new agents of shield episode coming out today and it will not be the same without you bashing it.

          • Lol @ Rocky & Deadpool

      • Thank You! How could anyone be excited about Amazing Spider-Man2?

    • Yeah I’m right there with ya.

    • Like you, I’m more excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. I feel like I’ve seen TAM2 already from all the clips & the comic con footage, so I feel a bit ‘meh’ about it.

      This clip & the one for MTV make it look alot better than I thought it was going to be.

      • Guardians of the Galaxy will be nothing more than a PG rated comedy written for a mass audience.

        I’m still gonna see it though :-)

    • Another site had the tagline “If you weren’t already sold on the movie, you will be after this!” in the article description for this trailer (had to watch it on that site too, the video SR are using is unavailable in my country) and honestly, I sat through it and still think “Meh, still doesn’t look interesting, I’ll pass”.

      • Well, I believe this will be the best X-Men film since X2 and might surpass it quite honestly. I can’t wait to see it on May 23!

      • Hung around long enough to make a comment after viewing a trailer of a movie you have said multiple times you won’t even consider watching. Something tells me you’ll be commenting soon after it’s release about crap you thought it was. You just seem too invested.

  2. My excitement level is unnaturally high for this. Every trailer has outdone itself. Every clip has surpassed the last. This will be the longest 5 weeks of my life. Congratulations Fox, you very well may have a gigantic hit on your hands.

  3. I just saw the trailer on Conan. I haven’t gone to the theater much this year, but I’m going to see this one. Looks fantastic!

    Let the usual haters hate, but I’m excited for this movie. :)

  4. Why is it that the X films…never quite feel like X-men?

    • I’ll be excited when they make:
      “Uncanny X-men”

    • @ ScottySummerS

      Maybe it’s because of the costumes they wear. How different they are from the comics. I mean like in the trilogy, they’re all wearing Black, not uniquely different style of costumes,etc.

      • Oh my goodness that Blink/Colossus combo! I have a feeling that portion of the movie is going to be very short though…

  5. This looks to be the best X-Men film yet since X2.

    • Agreed!

  6. First time I’ve been excited for this movie was after watching that trailer. Effects look strong and the story seems like it will flow. My hope is that other characters besides Wolverine receive ample screen time.

  7. I enjoyed the second trailer more but this trailer was still pretty damn intense. I’m really liking the chemistry between Wolverine and young Beast, seems like it’s going to be pretty funny. The mutants using their powers in conjunction with one another is absolutely fantastic. Really looking forward to the part where Colossus lands on that sentinel. Magneto dropping that football arena, god damn. Really hoping Singer delivers. First Class is pretty much my second favorite superhero film, if Days of Future Past only gets near that bar, I’ll still be more than impressed.

  8. Wait… I thought Xavier lost the ability to walk in First Class? SINGER!

    • Yeah Xavier got paralyzed in First Class. But he was also shown walking as an older version of himself in X-Men Origins Wolverine and X-men 3 The Last Stand. Both of those movies took place after First Class. So really, this was already a problem. Apparently this movie might offer some explanation, though.

      • I think X-men first class took place in a completely different timeline/dimension from other X movies. It will probably explained the same way marvel explains different timeline/universes in comics. So my bet what happened in X movies before First Class will not be used to directly explain what is happening in current continuity (First Class).
        As for walking professor though, Singer got some serious explanation in hand.

        • Maybe read the comics? Prof regains his ability to walk and gets re-paralyzed multiple times. I think Magneto even heals him one time. Pick one, than move on. A film with people getting extraordinary powers through mutation, I think a paraplegic regaining the use of his legs should be pretty believable.

          • Why do you say “maybe read the comics” like that? Are saying people can’t base their opinions off of previous X movies? They now have to read the comics before rendering an opinion about continuity?

            That’s just false. The movies are separate from the comic books so please don’t try to make someone feel dumb for not reading them.

            • I was thinking the same thing… “read the comics”.. I mean really… No, i shouldn’t have to read the comics for the MOVIES to make sense.

    • You see him in a wheelchair during the trailer.
      Wolverine must say something like “I know you can walk. Stop sulking cause your best friend shot you” or words to that effect.

    • Relax. It’s already been confirmed that Beast created a Serum that allows him to walk again in the past. I don’t understand why this is still being mentioned.

    • In a world where human beings have the ability to read minds and combat robots (aka the Sentinels) are being manufactured, I believe that Xavier can make a technological gadget in which allows him to walk (or was given the gadget by the government as an ‘apology’ after the Cuban Missile incident).

  9. This is definitely the best trailer for the movie… i liked the earlier ones too but they didn’t get me all hyped up for the movie like this one just did. I guess its because it gives a better and clearer idea of what the movie will be like. GotG and X-Men: DoFP!!!! can’t wait!

  10. Can’t go wrong using Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir for your theme music.

    • +1

  11. It’s a shame they chose the music they did…. The trailer could’ve been fantastic with an epic score type thing behind it. That music was goofy as hell. Still excited for this, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase be good….

    • Kashmir is goofy as hell? I have lost all faith in humanity.

    • I agree. They could have created some original score or given a taste of the xmen theme music.

    • The music score is the last part of movie making. Whatever original score is coming for DOFP probably hasn’t been finalized yet.

  12. Why do the X Men movies always looks so cheap? Compare this trailer to Avengers or Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And it looks like yet another Wolverine story. Fox continues to fail with this series.

    • You got that right.

    • It’s not another Wolverine story though. It’s an X-MEN story, Wolverine’s just the one who goes into the past to bring young Charles/Erik together again. And actually Fox isn’t failing w/ the series, if that were the case X-Men wouldn’t be having it’s 7th film this year, the series is only a “fail” to comic book nerds who want everything to be just like the comic book.

    • My f*ckin goodness! Will any of you Disney-Marvel Whedon cocks*ckers shut the f*ck up already! In comparison to the Winter Soldier and GotG trailers, DOFP annihilates both films. The trailer of GOTG seemed like a pathetic parody of Star Wars, and the Winter Soldier trailer was nothing but a mediocre teaser of the film. Get your sh*t togeter and stop bashing every damn X-Men/Fantastic Four/Spider-Man film just because they are not involved within the Marvel/Disney Cinematic Universe and instead critique the film/trailer by its quality instead of its brand name.

      • @ Prince Awesom3 you said it best. People compare everything Marvel does to that of Fox and Sony, and try to say Disney is best. DOFP looks anything BUT cheap. Let’s not forget Iron-Man 3 was terrible, the first Thor was just okay, both Hulk films were flops and if you watch Avengers over again, you will find yourself cringing at the cheesy dialogue. Marvel has set the bar really high but they’re not untouchable. Keep in mind Marvel released Agents of SHIELD which has been a travesty and has only gotten good at its 16th episode. Not trying to hate, but stop trolling trying to make it seem like every X-Men film Fox puts out will be garbage because The Wolverine and First Class was dope!

        • I agree that DOFP looks really good. I just get annoyed with the over usage of Wolverine, Beast, Mystique, Prof X, and Magneto. I wished by now (the 7th X-Men related movie) they would have done more with other characters like Gambit, Angel, Cyclops, Psylocke, Rogue, Juggernaut, Sauron, Nightcrawler, Havok, Mr. Sinister, Deadpool, etc.

          In regards to IM3. I loved that movie.

          Thor- I loved that movie too.

          Thor 2 was decent.

          Wolverine and First class were really good but I wish they had not caused so many plotholes with that movie though.

          AoS isn’t a travesty. It is the #1 show on tv for men aged 18-34. That is pretty impressive.

      • Well said bro, marvel disney films are way overrated.They are not even the biggest hits(apart from avengers).Original spiderman trilogy was a bigger hit than ironman trilogy.X men 2 in 2003 made the same amount of money at US box office which thor tdw made in 2013. These Marvel/disney fans are such hypocrites that they will cry out so loud when any minor twist is done in any other franchises but kerp mum when entire origin of mandarin,ultron are changed

        • A) Iron Man’s Trilogy made more than all of the 6 X-Men movies combined that have been released.

          B) Mandarin’s origin wasn’t changed cause he is still out there and alive and we haven’t seen him. There WAS a giant outcry about changes to the Mandarin twist.

          C) Age of Ultron hasn’t come out yet so we don’t know if the entire origin has changed. Either way there WAS a giant outcry about the changes made to his “speculated” change in origin.

          D) X-Men movies has the worst track record of changing continuity and source material. I wouldn’t call X-Men’s changes minor twists at all.

          I think DOFP looks great but dont accuse every Marvel/Disney fan as one thing when it is not true.

      • So this movie, that you haven’t seen, is better than TWS? Wow, and you’re calling people bias.

        Why don’t you wait until you see the movie before telling everyone how dumb they are, okay skippy?

  13. O.k, aside from a few rough cut shots of the sentinels in the future which didn’t look 3D quality…..this movie looks very, very good and OFF the CHARTS. As an X-Men film this is rare for me to say this, but this is the best looking X-Men film yet.

    The quality of the film I mean, the look and feel of the characters and the backdrop they are fighting in looks really incredible. The actual scenes where they are fighting those Sentinels and war ships in the two different time periods look extremely good. They had a really amazing lighting job and fantastic effects to bring these scenes to life and I can tell.

    As for how all that translates into the storyline, too early to tell. But as for the film’s quality, the 3D magic and graphics of this film are so epic its extraordinary. If they really can keep that trademark humor and drama of Wolverine and Beast while adding in other characters, then this is something to behold for sure. The film they used to shoot this though is surreal, I’m very impressed by the visual effects and they must be that confident because they decided to wait until now to reveal this.

    • How can you judge 3D quality w/o 3D glasses?

  14. GOTG is still my most anticipated movie of this year but DAMN this just made it up the list into second! They have done a brilliant job with THIS trailer in getting me hyped.. I absolutely HATE the lame marketing for this movie up until now, and I still don’t think this will top Guardians for me but it now has a chance! Im not the biggest fan of the X-men either but all I can say is WOWWWW!!

    They left a LOT to be excited for without giving away everything like say COUGH**SPIDERMAN***COUGH..

  15. I am officially excited for this

  16. Have to agree that this ‘final’ trailer is indeed the best one (when compared to the previous), giving a clearer view of what we should expect from the movie and how the plot works.

    However, this also further cemented my feeling that it’s the ‘future’ part I’m going to like better, and not the ‘past’ part. And this is coming from someone who enjoyed First Class (though only for the first viewing, afterward I couldn’t stand it). So yeah, nothing changed, I still feel indifferent about this and will catch it later when it hits the home-video instead.

    Hope those fans who are anticipating this will not be disappointed though :D

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion and still being considerate to those who are excited to see the film. :)

  17. Maybe it’s the lack of intensity or fear. Xfilms are missing a certain grandiose that the comics have. The villains are never menacing enough to really warrant a team fighting together. Magneto in the first Xmen was a great villain. William Stryker in X2 and Origins dropped the ball (though Brian Cox is amazing) and Sebastian Shaw is like the Marvel Vandal Savage. Silver Samurai was a mech and Yashida was old…Now we get Tyrion Lannister?

    • Sebastian Shaw is supposed to be like the Marvel Vandal Savage but in 1stClass he was poorly utilized.

      • Quicksilver looks “different” because the Quicksilever we see in this movie, is the 1970′s version of Quicksilver so he’s decked out in his 70′s clothes. A lot of older audiences like the vintage look of the 70′s and that’s the reason for that.

        I bet anything in Apocalypse he won’t have that outfit anymore and it will be the future version of Pietro Maximoff.

    • We’ll have to agree to disagree on William Stryker in X2. While he wasn’t a mutant w/ mass power, anytime he could create a second Cerebro that has the potential to kill all mutants, I think that’s a pretty big deal.

      • Yea, that was crazy. A bit too deus ex machina though. In terms of his villainous characterization, the little drops he used on the backs of the mutants necks was more menacing.

      • One thing really good about Stryker is it probably isn’t the last we’ll see of him. Stryker’s ally in the WW2 days was Cameron Hodge, and Hodge became a nano-enhanced Cyborg in his quest to destroy mutantkind.

        So Stryker could be back with cybernetic nano machines in his body, something explored in the comics quite a lot in the year 2002. If that happened Stryker would be one of the worst villains they’ll ever face.

        • Stryker was killed in X2 during the whole “Alkali Lake flood”, he’s been obliterated for years and he’s not a mutant, so I doubt he will magically come back in the present day/future as a character. He served his main purpose in that film.

          • Spoiler

            Selene revives Stryker and turns him into a Cyborg. He is made a purifier.

  18. Is Quicksilver *not* Magneto’s son in this new movie?

    • I don’t think so. Something else Comic book fans will complain about, I assume..

    • I certainly hope so! They DO have the rights to magneto (obviously), so I feel like it would be a missed opportunity if they didn’t. Age of Ultron can’t use that origin story for the characters so it makes sense the route they are taking with them. They might be (hopefully are) going to go with Magneto’s bastard children story line. Wolverine says “I know a guy. He’d be a young man”, How does wolverine know about him? Maybe future Magneto knew about his kids and told Wolverine about them and their abilities. This trailer looks amazing and after watching it, I am really only concerned about that aspect of the story.

  19. Best trailer so far!!!

  20. One thing I don’t understand…how are they gonna ever save the future without….(ya knew I was gonna say it, dinja?!)…….


    …so where is he?….

    • I second that!

    • 1. Dead
      2. He was actually already dead in the comic book version of this story, so him not being in the film in a way is sort of fitting
      3. A younger version of him will appear in the past.
      4. James Marsden (the actor who plays him) confirmed that him & Bryan Singer discussed bringing him back somehow in future X-Men films as a result of them changing history.

  21. Hey rob
    Would you guys he willing to do a write up of all the continuity errors? I know it would be a lot of work but I’m curious to if I’m missing some as I haven’t seen the original trilogy in awhile.

    Also wanted to say thanks to your response on agents of shield in a different thread no actually buckled down over the weekend and caught up and it’s gotten better to the point where I’m enjoying it. The last 4 episodes kept me intrigued enough to wanna watch the next. The cap tie in was especially good!

    • +1 on the request for a continuity errors article. It’d great knowing all of them going into the movie so we can what will be fixed and what not.

  22. Excellent, I can hardly wait. I hope I can get to see the film more than twice.

  23. If you weren’t a believer before, you HAVE to be a believer now. Despite any issues the previous films have had and even though I want a REBOOT so badly, this movie will be very epic and it will deliver exactly what it promises. The way the future team is collaborating with their powers in battle makes this feel like it’s going to be a TRUE X-Men film. I can already tell I’m going to enjoy the future aspect more than the past aspect but that’s okay. I’m excited. May 23rd hurry the hell up….!!!!

    P.S. Colossus and Bishop looks like they’re going to kick some major Sentinel a** in this movie. I also think Blink is going to surprisingly be a fan favorite after this is released.

  24. is that Mystique giving birth Kurt?

  25. I really like that Ice Man is doing the ice slide, but it appeared that he may fall victim to the sentinels. Has anybody seen if he dies early in the film? I was hoping he would play a bigger role this time around.

    • Iceman, Colossus, Sunsopt, Warpath & Blink die in the first scene battling the Sentinels, but appear later in the film as Kitty was able to send Bishop’s consciousness back in time before it was too late. So you will see them (more specifically Iceman, since you noted him) more than once :)

      • i’ve seen this footage you are talking about and its not cool that you spoiled it for everyone else who has no clue. shame on you.

      • Hey man, don’t give the movie away. Preface your message with a a spoiler alert. Everyone doesn’t want to know what happens before they see the movie.

  26. Looks good. i just prefer it if they’d use the music from the movie instead of this old school mix crap. People want to know what they are getting not bs party mix.

    • Where did you hear party music?

  27. Unless there is MUCH MUCH more to come, this trailer gives away way too much. I want to be wowed by my movie going experience.

    I love what I see, but perhaps I should stop watching trailers all together :-(

  28. Im a huge fan of the X Men and am very excited to see this even though im not a fan of what fox has done with them.

  29. [prediction mode]
    So this year for CBMs its like this:

    1/2) ASM2 or XDotFP
    3/4) MTV movie awards sneak peaks of ASM2 or XDotFP
    5/6) Trailers of ASM2 or XDotFP
    7/8) GotG or Captain America Winter Soldier
    9/10) Trailers of CAWS or GotG

    Well and Thor 2. Sorry, we have only 10 positions =(
    [/prediction mode]