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Fight Club minus Tyler Durden


Stop and Smell the MICHAEL ROSENBAUM (& Isaiah Mustafa!)

Writer, director, producer, actor, Lex Luthor MICHAEL ROSENBAUM visits Nerdist News! Jessica Chobot chats with him about his new movie, BACK IN THE DAY, farts, what it’s like working with his friends, and speaking of friends ISAIAH MUSTAFA drops by to chat as well!


Before there was Green Screen, there was Front Screen Projection.

8-Minute Supercut Celebrates The Evolution Of The Dolly Zoom

Vashi Nedomasky, courtesy of his blog Vashi Visuals, has put together the best of the best when it comes to the dolly zoom, starting with Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, and moving forward in time from there. Comprising of 23 shots — with context of the scenes before and after to help emphasize the effect — the eight minute video is great look at how one technique can carry different weight depending on the filmmaker, genre and characters involved.

Hipster American Psycho

Zelda And Scott Pilgrim Mashup

80auFqB SR Geek Picks: Fight Club Without Tyler Durden, Workaholics Ode To Best Friends & More

Double Turtleneck Ping Pong with Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba and Jimmy put on a double turtleneck sweater and play a ping pong match against Higgins and James Poyser, also bound by the double turtleneck.

The 8 most Underappreciated Films of 2013

What was the best movie you saw in 2013 that no one else did? Find out what tops CineFix‘s list for movies they loved, but no one saw.

STUNTED Episode 1: Phil Green the Stunt Machine

Phil dreams of being a Hollywood stuntman, but he’s got one big problem…

10 Most Laughable Monster Movies

10 Most Laughable Monster Movies 570x302 SR Geek Picks: Fight Club Without Tyler Durden, Workaholics Ode To Best Friends & More

The favourite subject of every horror/sci-fi lover – discussing the creatures that appear in all the universes thrown at us. They have the ability to be awesome and fear-inducing, but if mistreated, they come out as lame plot machines instead. And if the thing that carries your story through the movie is plain boring, what does that tell of the rest of the feature?

Take the Xenomorph, for example. That creature is the synonym for the slither of the night; it’s absolutely terrifying on a physical and psychological level, making the viewer extremely uncomfortable in their seat. That is the boogeyman done right. If a monster movie doesn’t have a ‘proper’ monster, there is nothing left to carry such a flick into greatness. It either becomes comical to the point it’s sad or descends into madness, where nothing makes sense and everything feels wrong.

It takes great imagination and even better implementation to make something nonexistent perceived as scary and/or dangerous. In this article, we will take a look at the absolute worst of the many available monster movies. There will be some old and some modern ones, all connected with their genuine lack of scares and the fact that they are laughable rather than frightening.

12 Surprising Facts About Netflix

You’d be surprised just what you can Watch Instantly.

J. Law Has Homeland Spoiled For Her

The Workaholics Rockin’ Ode To Best Friends

CONAN Highlight: Even if they get into a serious spat, the Workaholics guys are bros to the very end.

Meryl Streep Makes Everything Sound More Interesting

Many have said they’d listen to her read the phone book, but Ellen put Meryl to the test with some boring text, and sure enough, she managed to make it captivating.

Darth Vader and Son & Vader’s Little Princess Figurines

Vader and princess 570x698 SR Geek Picks: Fight Club Without Tyler Durden, Workaholics Ode To Best Friends & More

Vader and son 570x698 SR Geek Picks: Fight Club Without Tyler Durden, Workaholics Ode To Best Friends & More

Each bundle will be available in Q2 2014 for $150, or you can get both for $280.

Darth Vader and Son bundle – $150

Vader’s Little Princess bundle – $150

Both – $280


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