Steven Moffat Offers Comments on Not Choosing a Female ‘Doctor Who’

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new doctor next month steven moffat Steven Moffat Offers Comments on Not Choosing a Female Doctor Who

For two months, Doctor Who fans waited, occupying their time in the lush fields of speculation and debate, while wondering who the next Doctor would be – and whether that choice should and would be the first Doctor of a different race or a different gender.

In the end, Peter Capaldi was the choice. An eminently talented 55 year old Scottish actor who, physically, has a lot in common with his 11 predecessors. Despite his appearance, and despite the fact that it is quite hard to emphatically judge such things, it seems as though the choice of Capaldi has been received with a solid amount of goodwill, but that doesn’t mean that the debate about the feasibility of a female Doctor has gone quiet. Now Steven Moffat is weighing in on why he decided not to pick a woman as the last of the Time Lords this time around.

Here’s the Doctor Who showrunner from an interview earlier today.

“It didn’t feel right to me, right now. I didn’t feel enough people wanted it […] Oddly enough most people who said they were dead against it – and I know I’ll get into trouble for saying this – were women […] [They were] saying, ‘No, no, don’t make him a woman!'”

moffat explains male doctor Steven Moffat Offers Comments on Not Choosing a Female Doctor Who

Living in the internet bubble universe makes it easy to recount, one by one, erudite arguments in favor of a female Doctor – and the throngs of people, including Dame Helen Mirren, who wanted it to happen. While it’s unclear where exactly Moffat was getting his info, he must not have heard a deafening buzz coming from those who were hoping for a female Doctor. Maybe Moffat, and the BBC, needed to see overwhelming support to feel as if such a profound shift would be well-received.

Is that fair? Some will say yes, that Moffat has a responsibility to keep the show alive and to mitigate risk, but to others, breaking ground is never easy and rarely popular. How ever you come down on Moffat’s remarks and his reasons for not choosing a female time lord, though, it’s worth noting that this debate has never made as much headway as it did this time around – maybe next round we’ll actually see the TARDIS fly right through that glass ceiling.


Doctor Who returns for its 50th Anniversary Special on November 23rd.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. Good for him for not caving in to political correctness.

    • I really don’t think it’s about political correctness. For me at least it simply comes down to the fact that it’s been canonically stated that Time Lords could change gender during regeneration, and from a character perspective it could prove to be extremely interesting for that to happen to the Doctor.

      • Exactly. It’s not pandering if the rules of the universe in the show state such a thing is possible. It’d be one thing if they said otherwise, but race, gender and age are all fluid for the Doctor. They’ll probably do it as a publicity stunt when the show starts losing luster again

    • I believe the only way a female doctor would happen is two possiblities. The first is to create a spinoff show with the doctor’s daughter, or the doctor regenerates into a woman too soon.

  2. A female doctor would suck. Just saying.

    • Thank you.

  3. Moff has said in the past, and here I agree with him, that the Doctor is a bloke and does blokey things. He isn’t female. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll get a female Doctor one day, but I rather we get a black actor first.

    • Idris?

      • ^ This.

        • Richard Aoyade.

          • Yes! Idris is a great actor, but I never understood why everybody wants him to play the doctor. He’s far too serious, not that lighthearted. Ayoade would be perfect for the role.

          • I may actually watch doctor who if it was richard

    • Same. I don’t necessarily oppose a female Doctor, but it’s not really something I want anytime soon and I’d rather we get a black actor if we’re going for diversity. Actually Moffat did offer the role to a black actor but he turned it down.

      Honestly people have really stupid ideas when it comes to casting the Doctor such as bringing David back or Rose as the Doctor….Whether they cast a woman or a non-white actor or both, I just hope the show is placed in hands of sensible showrunners who wouldn’t even consider such stupid ideas.

      • “Actually Moffat did offer the role to a black actor but he turned it down.”


    • Thank you. Sure he can be any ethnicity but he should not be a woman.

  4. I don’t think that “Throngs of people”, “wanted it to happen”.
    In fact, of all the people I asked, not a single one wanted a female Dr.
    I think it was just a media ploy to build hype for the announcement

    • You mean your anecdata is data?

  5. When will we see a Black Doctor?

    • When Patrick Steward plays Martin Luther King in a Bio-Op.

      Changing a character’s race or sex just for the sake of changing the race or sex is stupid, period.

      We don’t need Asian Superman, Hispanic Bruce Lee, lesbian Gandhi or black Doctor Who.

      Create something new if you want a character to represent your race/sex/lifestyle and stop trying to shoe horn established characters into your personal representatives.

      • Dude, I get your point, but don’t compare MLK, Ghandi, and Bruce Lee with Superman and the Doctor like it’s the same. You come off pretty bigoted if a black Doctor offends you as much as Patrick Stewart as MLK would offend… Most everyone.

        • He was trying to prove a point, I’ll give you another example: It’s like remaking Machete with the same plot of a mexican cop and replacing Danny Trejo with a white woman.

          • Not really. The whole point of Time Lord regeneration is the fact that it completely changes who they are; indeed, the Tenth Doctor theorised he might even come back “with two heads”. A change in race and gender is far easier to explain in Doctor Who than any other serials.

            I’m personally of the opinion that a female Doctor wouldn’t quite work, but there’s no reason why one couldn’t be brought on.

          • I get the point as well… but this example is also incorrect. Unless the remake of “Machete” is renamed “Pocket Knife” or “Long Sword” or “Sharp Weapon That Can Kill”

          • The point was a stupid one. You can’t compare historical figures to fictional ones. Dean Cain is half Asian and played Superman. And Dr.Who can come back as anyone due to being a TimeLord. He’s like the easiest character in the world to recast as anything. Hell, he doesn’t even have to be British if you’re paying attention to the Whoverse and not people’s feelings and tweets

            • Yeah, that would go over well. The Brits would lose their MINDS.

              Casting an American Doctor would be like casting, I dunno, a Londoner as Abraham Lincoln…or like, casting a Welshman as Batman or a Jerseyman as Superman.

              Oh wait…

        • I would be ok with Stewart playing MLK, but I would be pretty mad with a Asian Superman.

      • I give you all my internets, you’ve said the smartest comment in the history of the universe. I don’t want a female Doctor Who, any other race would be cool (Idris Elba couldn’t do the role because he’s not funny, he’s a badass warrior, not a quirky scientist) but a female one would fail. The only people who want a female doctor are the tumblr feminists.

        • This!

      • It’s not the same, elf man. You’ve compared non-white historical characters to white comic book ones – if you don’t see an enormous difference between them, then you’ve lost grip on reality. The fact is that there haven’t been enough non-white superheroes created in the past 60+ years, and so it’s reasonable to expect that something should be done about this.

        As a Scot, I can tell you that Doctor Who started out as ridiculous, pseudo-garbage kids entertainment several millenia ago, and so to be precious about whether a black or white guy plays the Nth doctor seems quite ridiculous.

        Then again, maybe you’re just an *******. I think it’s that.

      • Martin Luther King Jr., Bruce Lee or Gandhi can’t change gender or ethnicity. The Doctor can, it’s in his character. I understand your point but your examples aren’t really appropriate.

      • Well we are going to have a black Captain America and a female Thor so it is not so far fetched. However it is a comic book and has maybe hundred thousand prints made while doctor Who reaches a broader audience in the millions. So a little harder to change.

    • Neil Gaiman said in his blog that they offered the part to a famous British black actor but he turned them down. So they went with Peter Capaldi. They wanted an actor who felt right to them, not a black man no matter what.

  6. Look at how people have flipped out at the idea of the Doctor being over 40. An even bigger change wouldn’t have been well received.

    • Yeah and that makes no sense. Do these people realise how old the first Doctor was? He’s always been an old guy… and in fact, he IS an old guy. Over 900 years old!

  7. I’m excited for Capaldi as the new Doctor.

    While I applaud the idea of females in male roles, I’m not too keen on the Doctor being a female myself.

  8. forget a black doctor, how about an Asian doctor? After this dude is done with Doctor Who, British-Chinese actor Oliver Biles will be older and more experienced.

    • Nice try, Oliver Biles.

  9. I haven’t seen Peter Capaldi in anything so I can’t judge him on his acting skills or ability to do this role. While I hate forced political/correctness and/or forced tolerance an actor from a different gender or race would’ve been interesting because it would’ve been something we’ve never seen before. I’m sure Mr. Capaldi will do a great job but it does make his relationship with Clara into a creepy dad figure.

    • None more so than other older Doctors who had young female assistants.

      Try and find uncensored clips of The Thick Of It. The show’s been around for 10 years (had its 4th and final season this year) and is absolute genius.

      Capaldi gets to say the most outrageous, hilarious and clever insults ever. A channel in Britain called Dave advertised that they were getting another season of re-runs of the show and had comically overdubbed words over the cursing.

      One great insult shown in the news pieces about his taking of the role was “She’s got more on her plate than a spinster at a wedding”.

      Honestly, I’m excited to see what he can bring to the show.

  10. I was under the impression that Time Lords changed appearance but sex and race stayed the same. It judt eould feel inconsistant if these chsnged. Despite the many faces of The Doctor I always felt thst his core self was cobsistant. Anyway does anyone know of an I stance in the shows history where a Time Lord changed either? Just curious if there is precedence for this. I

    • No it’s been established that Time Lords can change sex, and although it’s never been depicted, it’s been stated multiple times that they could theoretically change their outward appearance to another species.

      • Well, IIRC, the Doctor said he had known ONE Time Lord who kept changing his/her gender. ONE. So yeah, it is a possibility but it had never been a common occurrence. Even Time Lords are obviously cis- and the Doctor never hinted at being genderqueer or questioning.

        • I looked back at that and it seems more like a throw away joke then something to take as cannon, but I suppose it could go eithe way.

          • I mean that the Doctor is always making off hand comments to the companions…I take them as him jokingly messing with them. Like I may grow two heads…even though they have not shown a two headed time lord.

        • “Even Time Lords are obviously cis-”

          Really? We’re talking about an alien who changes bodies, why do you think some attributes changing are a bigger deal than others? Romana changed her race in the process of determining which body she wanted ffs, and no one thought this was, y’know, a bigger deal than changing OMG SEX. That’s our not-universal cultural hangups, not a universe-wide constant.

          • ..and by “no one” I mean “anoraks at large”

          • ….er, by race I mean species *facepalm*

  11. Given that is a prime time family show. Having any past cast members say female love interest, with a female doctor would surely create more ruckus because of the subtle lesbionic undertones.
    Which isn’t a bad thing but could alienate the fan base.
    Because while the actor maybe a woman the heritage of the character has been a heterosexual male- so it’s just as awkward if you introduce a male love interest for a female Doctor, if the character appears again for narrative reasons with a male doctor it”d be branded cheap controversial PR.

    But the revived Who is a bit crap. Rather see more Thick Of It.

    • The revived Who is a bit crap? What decade are you starting from? Because, correct me if I’m wrong (hint: I’m not), but the pre-reboot Dr Who was laughable garbage.

      • Are you 12? Please state your opinion as exactly that. And you are wrong. Fact. Pre reboot Who or the most of it anyway, after all 26 seasons is a long time to get it right or wrong, is far better than new Who is every way but production quality.

        Just because they has cardboard sets and sometimes ridiculous makeup, only cements the fact that storytelling and the actors commitment made it so good despite the poor effects and costume (sometimes).

        I;ve watched Who since 1980 and some of the best ever stories came 2o years before Matt Smith was born.

        I like new Who but I would watch a classic serial any day over a new season episode.

    • The Doctor has always been heterosexual????? I didn’t realise. Please provide citations for every regeneration. Or are you just assuming heterosexuality by default? (It’s called heterosexism! Also, asexuality is a thing!)

      Also, puh-lease, no one says “lesbionic” except embarrassing hets who don’t know what they’re talking about when they talk about queer issues.

      Anyway, Moffat’s spoof made the female Doctor suddenly interested in men, if you’re curious how that would go with him.

  12. Since they’ve already intoduced female timelords, i think it would be kinda odd to have the Doctor turn female all of a sudden.

    I still want a ginger Doctor. What if, for one of the specials, it starts with him reincarnating as a Ginger, and he can play out that episode like that. And just as it climax, he transforms again, to a more traditional look. would be funny to see him finally get what he wants, but only for 1 episode

  13. A black woman next go ’round.

  14. So let’s all agree to make the next doctor Black then Female then Asian.

    • LOL

      • Naw how about the lady who says aint nobody got time for that 😛

        • She hasn’t got the Asian Part.

    • But he only has one regeneration after this.

      • This has been debunked. Moffat has said a few times that he doesn’t get why people hold onto this ‘fact’ after he ignored so many other throwaway lines from the history of the show during his tenure as showrunner. Like many things on TV, it’ll continue for as long as it’s profitable.

    • Or you know all at once, since this is actually possible. Or d’you mean Female white and Black male.

  15. I’m probably going to get bashed for this comment, but am I the only one who’s simply wishing for the next Doctor, and the next one, and the one after that to simply be played by, you know… good actors?

    • Even that’s probably unnecessary, moffat could cast a poodle in the role and still somehow make a good show.

    • Choquant!

  16. 1) Without actually having a female Doctor in a series you won’t know how good or bad it will be. 2) I’d love to see a none caucasian Doctor as well. Idris Elber is just great in everything and he would be great as a Doctor too. 3) It will happen at some point that the series will need new blood to keep it going and its the 1st most obvious choice to make to make it more fresh… 4) I like Moffat’s work but he won’t be producer forever and who can say what direction the series will go after he leaves… In summary never say never and why the hell not.

  17. after capaldi i think they should choose a ginger woman as the doctor, thereby satisfying two criteria at once.

  18. I like the male-ness of the Doctor simply because he’s a male role model who solves things with words and smarts instead of violence, and our world is sadly lacking in those kinds of male heroes. To make him a woman would suddenly take that away, making the (oft’ idiotic) male society able to say “Of course she’s using words… she’s a WOMAN”, which would just throw things into all kinds of awful stereotyping. If only because it bucks the trend of men as violent heroes, I think we need the Doctor to be a man.

    • Oh please do tell me more about your feminist vision.

  19. “It didn’t feel right to me, right now. I didn’t feel enough people wanted it ”

    That’s kind of a sad statement to me. As a storyteller, I’d hope Moffat would just be devoted to telling the story he has for the Doctor. Whether that made the Doctor a woman, a man, or an Ood, if its the story he has for the Doctor, it’s the story he should stick to.

    I don’t watch Doctor Who because I want it to be a “Choose your own adventure” where the story is tailored to my desire.

    However, I think its at this point I just have to realize that Moffat works in the story BUSINESS, and thus, art must conform to some degree to ‘giving them what they want’ otherwise nobody’s buying.

    As I said, a sad statement, to me.

  20. We have already had a female Doctor Who, and her name is River Song, no other female could live up to her

    • You mean you subscribe to exceptionalism?

  21. I am not an expert by any means, but in my memory there is no “canon” stating that time lords can change gender. Yes there have been hints, there have been one liners I took as crazy meanderings from a very old quirky time lord who has been through a lot. The only reference i remember (specifically on screen, I have never read or heard any of the other media) is when Romana regenerated and chose her own body, in a very silly scene that was a poor attempt to explain why she had to regenerate in the first place…they just wanted to replace the original with Lalla Ward in that role…without a death scene.

    Will it happen? I think it might, but in no way is it now part of TV canon…it has only been joked or hinted, never seen or established.

    And even if it were, if you want to talk Canon, remember that cute TV movie starring Mr Paul MCGann? They established if your evil enough you can become a snake ghost, and **SPOILERS** that the Doctor is half Human! GASP*…how did that work out for everybody? It was brushed under the rug and forgotten like a big bad booger you threw on the floor. That story is considered part of Who canon without a doubt. Paul McGann IS the 8th doctor but we all know the Doctor is not half human, or is he? hmm…

    The master is not a ghost snake. and he obviously didnt remain trapped in the eye of harmony, which should have obliterated him from existence…because he was resurrected to fight the Time war.

    Retconning folks.

    Now personally event though I can accept change of appearance (as was set in the shows mythos 3 years into its history), I can accept Rory coming back to life as a Auton and somehow magically becoming human again? Dont have to like it but I accept it and move on…but for some reason i cant accept gender change as part of regeneration. Dont seem natural. imagine your a time lady and you love that famous male organ (if they have one I think they do..its canon) and you fall in love with this strapping fella. 450 years into wedded bliss, his prostate explodes in his sleep and his regeneration turns him female! Uh Oh! But you are not a lesbian…or are you? Or you love him…er…her…it so much you choose to regenerate as a male so the bits and pieces fit together again!…then she…it…gets hit by a truck and they regen into a male again! Damn!

    You see what I mean? logistically it dont make sense.

    But I’m sure all the PC people out there think it should happen. I agree. In a one off or two part alternate universe timeline for laughs and to see how it works…but return to regular continuity after that experiment fails…

    Or get your female permanent doctor and kill the show, which, in my opinion is what will happen.

    He had 11 (12?) lives all male. if they established it maybe 10 years in i could see it being part of accepted Who lore…but its too late.

    Lets just bring back Romana, and/or the Rani!! problem solved.

    Just my opinion mind you.

    Love this show, and maybe a female would be brilliant…I just dont see it, but maybe some day I’ll be proven wrong. But it is not part of canon because somebody said somebody changed once ina obvious humourous scene not meant to be serious.

    Just like the Doc is not human even though he specifically stated so in a very serious scene during a silly but watchable movie.


    • Well, razdood2112, I think you should revise your knowledge of canon.

  22. Honestly to change everything about the doctor from sex to race to whatever would throw away all the back story of the past 50 years. From the show to the books, the audio books, whatever is considered official cannon. Only way they would or could get by that is being that this is his final regeneration. and the new set of 12 they give him or however they do it is something totaly diffrent but honestly it wouldnt have the same feel that is doctor who. It could and probably would ruin it.

    • Why would it throw away the back story? What is so different about genitalia or skin colour that would make the Doctor a ~radically different character, despite the fact that he has changed his body more times than you have fingers? We’ve already established that tv canon says time lords can change SPECIES as well as sex, can’t remember if skin colour, but given the other two and y’know, COMPLETELY NEW BODIES, can’t imagine melanin would be a big deal!

      Big nose, small nose, blond hair, black hair, wrinkles, smooth, tall, short… these are not real changes and skin shade is? Or what’s between the legs?

      The problem is with people thinking that those with different skin colour or genitalia are fundamentally ~different types of people, and that is fundamentally racist and sexist, no dancing around that. And the fact that so many people can’t wrap their heads around ALIENS being different from their own limited experience, well, gosh, the great tradition of science fiction to explore possibilities is sadly wasted on you, isn’t it?

      • cmon really? I’m not sexist or racist.

        My points are valid. and please enlighten me on the “canon” where it specifically states the Doctor or any Time Lord has or can change sex (besides a quick throwaway line about the Corsair). And again if Canon is that important as you imply, then the Doctor is in fact half human.

        50 years. 50. not 5. we have had 11 or 12 incarnations of a being that has been of male gender. All of his gallifreyan foes and friends have not changed sex in the episodes and serials we have seen. I do love Sci Fi and thinking outside the box, really I do. just because you want radical change to an established iconic show of 50 years doesnt mean we all want it. or that it should happen.

        Maybe it will happen one day and like i said in my post, I could be proven wrong. It might be brilliant. It just doesnt make sense. Unless Time Lords are asexual and reproduce by non-human means. Which I doubt is the case, but I could be wrong.

        Again, please specifically tell me in canon (TV canon please) where Time Lords can change sex. Race I dont care, I welcome that, but gender cmon. And if you provide a valid example I will stand corrected and apologize for my “limited” knowledge. Then we can have a healthy debate about how the Doctor is half human.

        And the Master is really a snake ghost.


        • Sorry, I meant to ask Balanda what is his/her feminist tumblr address so I can have a gander.

      • Curious, what is the address of your feminist tumblr?

      • Listen, I’m really getting tired of the Doctor getting inserted into identity politics. The Doctor is the star of a sci-fi show which is made for the sake of entertainment, not some form of virtual politician who is holding some form of virtual office and, thus, subject to political forces.

        Why should the Doctor be an older white guy? Because its tradition. Why is it tradition? Because, as evidenced by how he behaves, he is supposed to represent the archetypal wise old (British) man who watches over, guides, comforts, and helps others, both in physical appearance and in action. And to split his physical appearance as the archetypal wise old man from his actions as the archetypal wise old man does nothing but create a confusion of identity within the Doctor. This is why Matt Smith’s version of the Eleventh Doctor didn’t seem quite right to many fans—his physical appearance and attitude were not completely synchronized with the archetype which he was acting out.

        Does Doctor Who lore establish that the Doctor can change gender, race, and/or species during regeneration? I don’t know—I’m not a rigorous expert on the old Doctor Who series. But I do know that this tidbit of canon conflicts with the archetype which the Doctor represents, if it is nothing more than some background issue among Time Lords.

        My wife and I agree: Keep the Doctor as he is.

  23. Well, to be totally and completely inaccurately accurate, we have already had a female Doctor in the “Curse of the Fatal Death”. So there you go.

    • Well that’s a parody isn’t it?

      • That’s why it is inaccurately accurate 😉

        • Right. Got ya. My keen powers of observing sarcasm has failed me. Well considering I am hoped up on cold medicine perhaps I can be forgiven. So wouldn’t a parody of just such an occurrence suggest that a possibility of a female Doctor is not to be taken seriously? Hmm. Interesting either way.

          • Not by Moffat anyway, who is unable to grasp that a male Queen is simply a King.

  24. A white male has been the Doctor for 50 years. To change that at this point would be the jump the shark moment. How would you like to be the one that killed a show that has run for 50 years? If its not broke you don’t f with it.

    • As opposed to all the other eleventy billion changes? How personally arbitrary of you.

  25. I like the criticism of the critique of the critics.

  26. Here’s a thought. If people want a sci-fi show with a strong female protagonist, then write an original sci-fi show with a female protagonist. In the case of Doctor Who you could bring back Romana or Jenny and have a spin-off series about them. Why change a character that has been established as being a male character because ‘it’s about time’ and ‘because it’s possible’?
    It’s possible to gender swap all fictional characters. For example, Captain Kirk could be caught in a transporter malfunction and re-energise as a woman. Buffy Summers could accidentally fall foul of one of Willow’s spells and be turned into a man. Superman could find out that Kryptonians are genetically disposed to spontaneously swap gender when they reach a certain age.
    The Doctor isn’t unique in that he can potentially change his gender. We could write it into all fictional characters if we wanted, especially sci-fi/fantasy characters. But in Doctor Who some people have latched on to a couple of throwaway lines about the Corsair as proof that TimeLords change gender. However, the Doctor could have been lying (rule 1 – the Doctor lies) or the Corsair could be unique in having that ability. Indeed, every TimeLord regeneration that has actually been shown has had TimeLords regenerating as men and TimeLadies regenerating as women – showing canonically that changing gender is not a common occurrence in TimeLord society.
    Why do people feel the need to take an established male character and arbitrarily turn him female? What is wrong with having that male character continue? Surely, the better option is for writers to introduce equally strong female characters into the story with the possibility of their own spin-off series.

    • Much better put than I. Well said.

  27. Not that pleased with choice of Peter Capaldi, would have preferred Rory Kinnear. If it had to be a female then Alex Kingston. I hope he will play it like David Tennant and drop the accent. The Doctor should not have any regional accent. He’s not from Earth, so no Earthly accent please.

    • If I’m not mistaken, every actor has used his regional normal accent in the role, its part of his character change with each regeneration. To my knowledge, only Tennant changed from his Scottish accent to a more pleasing (to the audience perhaps?) British one. I could definitely be wrong here though. As the 9th doctor said, when told he sounded like he was from the North, “lots of people come from the North”

      And the Doctor has visited Earth more than any other planet, as far as unoffcially accepting it as his adopted home since the demise of Gallifrey, so if it makes people happy, lets just say he picked up an accent now and then by being there a lot. Especially while working for UNIT during the 3rd Doctors era.

      You ever move somewhere and after a small time you start to lose your regions accent a bit? Then when you go back home you get it back? We are influenced by our surroundings. I only know this from persoanl experience so maybe its only me! Haha.

  28. The character of The Doctor is male – always has been. End of story! Why suddenly have him have a sex change?!? It’s not about being un-PC or anything silly like that, the character was originally written as – and has to date always been – male! Prsumably, he was born male… (are timelords born?! Not quite enough of a fanboy to know this!).

    People complaining about the Doctor remaining male… Ridiculous era we live in!


    • I for one, welcome our new ridiculous era. Moffat, however, is still stuck in the old one, like you, so rest easy for a while.

  29. What exactly is your problem? You have been responding to several people’s posts on this forum with very snide remarks and little sarcastic digs. It is getting annoying.

    Look, we get it. You want the next incarnation of the Doctor to be a two headed, different species, asexual (yet female), black-asian-american actor.
    Guess what, most likely not going to happen, so please get over it.

    As for “species” change, in every episode I have ever seen of classic and new Who, never was a Time Lord or Lady anything other than humanoid. And those that were male (Borusa, Rassilon, The Master, The Doctor, etc) and those that were female (Flavia, Romana, The Rani, etc) remained so throughout 50 years of history.

    What people are trying to say (some people anyway) is why change now? It would not make any sense. There is no real canon (other than obvious joking from The Doctor) stating otherwise. And one scene from one episode of Romana coming out in different bodies is as easily thrown away as, let’s say, oh, the Doctor telling Grace he is half human in the made-for-TV movie starring Eric Roberts as the recipient of the Masters essence in the form of a ghost snake. Then he was sucked into the Eye of Harmony. Ouch.

    Sorry if I sound sarcastic or whatever, but it’s just a fact. Perhaps someday a brilliant writer will figure out a way to change that. Perhaps someday, there will be a female two headed doctor, though I doubt it.

    I think the only way I would accept gender change is that the Doctor himself was actually asexual, or if he reached his final life (if that rule of 13 lives still stands, which I believe it does not due to no more Time Lords to police it) and only after a return of the Time Lords and Gallifrey to its former glory which I believe WILL happen, and soon, and due to his service to their race, he is awarded a whole new set of lives (which is canon)-Time Lords seem to control their own race and determine life or death at whim; examples: forcing Dr#2 to regenerate at the end of War Games, Offering the Master a whole new life cycle in the Five Doctors, Resurrecting the Master for the Time War (Utopia, Sound of Drums), Rassilon being resurrected after centuries or millennia for the Time War (End of Time pts 1 and 2).

    I think race change is a possibility, after all, Michael Jackson did it, and he was human! And the Doctor does change appearance, yes. Appearance. And due to the process of every cell in his body going crazy, his personality too. But again, to change biology to that extreme, in a show so many have embraced over 50 years, would be surprising. I’ve said it before, that exploring a female Doctor would be loads of fun. In a one or two part episode where realities get swapped or a different parallel universe somehow took over the one we know; but then return to regular continuity…the best time for that was that ridiculous Big Bang universe reboot he did with the Pandorica prison/ship/time space fixer upper thing. He could’ve went into the pandorica as male. Universe reboot. Poof. Come out of the Tardis at the Pond’s wedding female! In one of those red UK telephone booths! But in regular continuity, no I don’t think so.

    Yes humans have evolved and became so clever we can do it surgically. But Biologically I just don’t see it. Not in this show. Maybe another more open minded sci-fi show or movie can explore this, it is interesting, but not Doctor Who.

    So please get over it.

    I did not like most of Series 5 and on, but I still tune in because I love Doctor Who. I voiced my opinion once or twice on a forum and then I realized some people like this, and some people like that, and at the end of the day, it is all personal opinion. You have your right to voice yours, just don’t blast everybody and label strangers sexist because they like their Doctor Male and their Romana female.


    • Sorry that was meant for balanda. hey everyone, sorry if I come off pissy, I am a Who nut and am excited for the fiftieth and what that may bring..and the prospect of a new older Doctor! I just get worked up when people troll and get on other peoples nerves…Peace mates.