Warner Bros. Adapting Vertigo Comics’ ‘Federal Bureau of Physics’

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FBP Federal Bureau of Physics Movie Writer Warner Bros. Adapting Vertigo Comics Federal Bureau of Physics

Comic book adaptations can’t get any hotter, and Warner Bros. is pinning their hopes largely on the shoulders of writer/director/producer David S. Goyer, with writing credits on both the Dark Knight and Man of Steel projects. But while capes and cowls are good for some, there is just as much potential packed in DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint – a fact made clear by the new revelation that FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics is in active development.

Casual comic fans may define a ‘DC movie’ as one centering on the Justice League and their iconic villains, but with The Sandman one of the first projects apparently pushed by Goyer, it seems that the Vertigo Comics stable is being explored with an eye for adaptation just as much. And with the mind-bending FBP (originally released under the name “Collider”) now boasting a writer with some experience in adapting comic book properties, the trend towards fantastic fiction continues.

According to Deadline, Goyer is in place to produce the adaptation from Warner Bros. alongside Nellie Reed, with a script being provided by Justin Marks (The Jungle Book, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) based off a treatment supplied by Simon Oliver, the comic’s co-creator.

Federal Bureau Physics Vertigo Movie Adaptation Warner Bros. Adapting Vertigo Comics Federal Bureau of Physics

Telling the tale of a near-future in which the very fabric of space-time has begun to split at the seams, FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics chronicles the efforts of the world’s most brilliant minds in the field of quantum mechanics as they scramble to keep up. Sudden losses of gravity, weakening of the laws of physics, or even sudden mirror universes formed in bubbles above the Earth’s surface are all featured, with industrial espionage turning the catastrophe to the benefit of major corporations.

That might sound like a particularly high-concept premise (and therefore par for the course for Vertigo Comics), but the story centers on a single FBP agent, Adam Hardy. Instead of a brilliant scientist, readers are walked through the world as Hardy effectively cleans up quantum messes across America, before stumbling onto a larger conspiracy. As one of Vertigo’s most highly touted new series, we’ve been expecting to see the property adapted since its first issue.

The length and content of Justin Marks’ resume may be cause for concern to some, but his services have been actively sought out by several studios over the past few years. With his work on Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book one of the most recent examples, Marks also supplied the script to WB’s Suicide Squad comic adaptation that has since been put on hold. And don’t overlook his past work on video game adaptations of both Dead Space and Shadow of the Colossus.

Federal Bureau of Physics Movie Warner Bros. Adapting Vertigo Comics Federal Bureau of Physics

Considering what’s taken place at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment so far, those skeptical of David S. Goyer may be forced to shift their thinking before long. While Batman vs. Superman has been delayed to 2016 (now going head-to-head with Captain America 3), Goyer’s role as ‘architect’ of the studio’s comic book properties has taken a surprising turn. As of this writing, the two projects now confirmed to be on his shortlist include the most groundbreaking comic Vertigo ever produced, and one of the most recent and promising.

Not only that, but Goyer managed to attach serious talent, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt seemingly on board to either star in or direct The Sandman. There’s no word on such a high caliber of talent being interested in FBP, but it may not need it to turn heads. Occupying the spaces outside of physics and reality, a film based on the comic series could contain no small amount of Inception-esque action sequences, or stick to a smaller budget if that is indeed WB’s plans.

We’ll keep you posted as more information regarding the film is released, but what are your immediate reactions? Are you happy to see the Vertigo imprint gain so much attention, or is it the most iconic DC Comics heroes you would rather see adapted to film? Sound off in the comments.


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Source: Deadline

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  1. Wow, Goyer really road Nolan’s coat-tails all the way to the bank.

  2. I was interested but then you mentioned Justin Marks and i lost so much hope on this being good hopefully he suprises me.

  3. Oh man as follower of this series, I am excited to see how to play with some of the physic abnormalitie. It is weird I don’t remember screenrant picking this series as a potential comic to movie or tv series in that last article of theirs.

  4. Such a promising resume for a screenwriter! But then again, nobody seemed to be trying to do anything right with that Street Fighter movie, so yeah, let’s wish for the best.

  5. With Goyer in for almost every project of WB/DC it seems Snyder really is the one making the shots on BvS and if so, then its just another 300 Rise of an Empire kind of movie its gonna be. A total disappointment.

    • Terrio is foing most of the work for the BvS screenplay and Zack Snyder had only a miniscule part in the production of 300 ROAE

  6. Why does WB/DC waste their time on this garbage when they should be focused on a Flash movie or a Martian Manhunter movie , or even a Green Lantern reboot, etc.? It seems that at WB/DC, their thinking is very scattered, like they’re not sure what to do so they’re going in 50 directions at the same time. I’m certainly not interested in seeing this & I don’t know of anybody that is.

    • They don’t need the Flash at least for now for the reason that they’ll about to release another tv series about the Flash so a solo movie is overkill. WB/DC is taking this road for the reason of competition, that they have something to go head-to-head against the X-Men (Mutants) and Inhumans.

    • Causs WB isnt like marvel, they arent one company hell bent on producing superhero films. Disney have given marvel financial freedom to continue what they want. WB isnt just a DC comoany which is why we will probably never see 2-3 films a year from DC/WB they have other priorities as well

    • Wait, so you’re telling me, that you and your friends, who I think we can all assume are masters of the movie industry aren’t interested in this, after less then a week of the article. Well I think they should just pull the plug. This has no shot of making any money, and will be awful. Just go home folks

    • Maybe you should read the book first before calling it as garbage. Vertigo titles are leagues above any DC mainstream title.

      Plus, they have a Flash show pilot coming up. Maybe they’re using that as a beta test to see if they can click with the audience. You do know that not all of the moviegoers are comic book readers.

      V For Vendetta, Constantine and Watchmen might not be the best of adaptations but the movies are good enough to spark interest of casual moviegoers into reading the comics which are miles in quality.

      • Plus the V For Vendetta movie helped pave the way for millions around the world to start wearing Guy Fawkes masks during demonstrations and protests. Nobody thought to do that during the 2 decades between comic book release and movie release.

      • Oh, I’ve read the books. I wouldn’t call something garbage without having first read it, & YES it is garbage. WB/DC just trying be different isn’t going to cut it.

        As for the Flash TV show, WBDC has already stated, one MORE than one occasion that the TV universe & the movie universe are mutually exclusive. So YES, they need a Flash movie if he’s going to be in any Justice League movie, if we even ever get one.

        My point is, WB/DC needs to stop wasting their resource on his garbage and focus on what the majority of people before they lose relevance in the eyes of not just CBM fans but he general public. They already have lost so much relevance already with their “one movie every 2-3 years” philosophy that they are quickly becoming an after thought.

        • So WB/DC trying to be different aren’t going to cut it but Disney/Marvel Studios trying to be different is accepted by all? That’s what you’re trying to say, right?

          Also, X-Men have one every few years usually and they still make huge bank. Same with Transformers, Harry Potter and other big franchises. General audience isn’t like us geeks and nerds who have short attention spans and hate everything because it doesn’t follow a previously formed idea of what something should be like.

          I do agree with The Flash though, I want to see David Lyons playing Barry Allen on the big screen.

        • Yeah, someone who a creator own title from Vertigo is garbage…I’m going to stop taking you seriously know. Also, a general CBM fans would just be happy to see any title being adapt.

          And they’re using The Flash tv show to see if character sync in with/gain mass audience, not that they’re using that character for the movie universe.

          @Dazz, lol. well the movie gain more audience than the book ever did. It was a different story after the movie came out though.

          • *Someone who read a creator own title from vertigo…

    • The ignorance in this post is
      overwhelming. Firstly this comic
      has been well received, it’s not
      garbage at all. Secondly and most
      importantly, Warner Bros is film
      production company whose aim is to
      make money, making crapfest
      adaptations of comic heroes no one
      wants to see isn’t going to gain
      them any profits therefore
      they’re focusing on more original
      works. Lastly, their thinking isn’t
      scattered at all. They have
      launched and will be launching a
      number of lucrative franchises
      which will profit them, they have a
      clear goal in mind and that is to
      please the average moviegoer and
      not comic fans.

  7. I’m making a list of Vertigo Comics properties that were already made into movies.

    Constantine (from Hellblazer)
    V for Vendetta
    Stardust (my personal favorite)
    A History of violence
    The Losers
    Human Target (TV series)

    Correct me if I miss something guys.

    Sandman is in development, which the series is long overdue. I think they can make a Trilogy outta it. The Sandman series have enough materials to cover.

    I would go full nerdgasm if they make an Astro City movie.

    • Wasn’t Stardust originally a novel?

      • Originally yes. But then Vertigo decided to make a graphic novel version of it. Neil Gaiman approved.

  8. The ignorance in this post is overwhelming. Firstly this comic has been well received, it’s not garbage at all. Secondly and most importantly, Warner Bros is film production company whose aim is to make money, making crapfest adaptations of comic heroes no one wants to see isn’t going to gain them any profits therefore they’re focusing on more original works. Lastly, their thinking isn’t scattered at all. They have launched and will be launching a number of lucrative franchises which will profit them, they have a clear goal in mind and that is to please the average moviegoer and not comic fans.

  9. I’m not really interested in this series. I’m not sure why either Variety or the Guardian are gushing over it either, these DC properties were never that good to me and you would think by now they would actually do a Aquaman reboot.

  10. look i think anybody who has read any of the comics or graphic novels produced by vertigo would know that they would not only be viable movie adaptations but also great tv shows..there is a wealth of excellent titles to choose from and they veer away from the superhero norm like don’t get me wrong i love superhero movies but i also love less mainstream titles getting more coverage and exposure because they bring characters to life that we’ve might never of heard of otherwise..like miss jenn said not all movie goers are comic book fans..i think hollywood is bereft of originality at the min so why don’t they take a dip into a lake of excellent and sometimes mind boggling stories,well structured histories,amazing character development and some of the best physical and mental struggles ever forged into creation…but miss jenn i have to say that if you think anybody could make a better adaptation of the watchmen i’d like to see them try because the way zack snyder put that movie together was sheer artistry and i believe that he will be a safe pair of hands for the dc universe going forward as long a david s. goyer sticks to writing because he’s a terrible director..i’ll never forgive him for blade trinity..such a poor movie like it’s such a mess..anyway in my opinion i welcome all comic book or graphic novel adaptations because it’s very rare that one medium can provide us with so much and i think the big wigs in hollywood should take advantage of it but in a good way no more v for vendettas,constantines of fantastic fours i hate those movies such weak repesentations of such memorable characters.