6 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: February 2014

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February 2014 Movie PreviewAfter a surprisingly strong January movie-going season (with at least one box office record broken), February has a tough act to follow. Luckily, there is a seemingly endless wave of films for audiences to look forward to, and February is historically a stronger movie-going month overall.Of course, the main focal point of the month is Valentine's Day weekend, which could be huge given that the actual Holiday falls on a Friday. V-Day is ground zero for the month, where romance goes head-to-head with action, but there are still a handful of movies releasing throughout the month that might be worth checking out.Here are the 6 Movies We're Looking Forward to in February 2014.

February 7th: The Lego Movie

February 2014 Preview - The Lego MovieWhen it was first announced that Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street) were taking on LEGOs for their next animated feature, many were already on board. Then, when the first trailer arrived and we got to see just how true to the (literal) source material the film would be, this one skyrocketed to the top of our most anticipated for 2014 list.The most successful animated films are those that can strike a nice balance between kid-friendly subject matter and smart writing, and even though Lord and Miller have already shown they can succeed in that endeavor, The Lego Movie could be further proof that this is a rare comedic duo bursting with talent. With tons of characters, a great voice cast, and an amazing art style, The Lego Movie looks to be the clear frontrunner for February's biggest film.Watch the trailer for The Lego Movie.

February 7th: The Monuments Men

February 2014 Preview - Monuments MenWhether it's a star-studded drama or a big-budget action flick, a delay into the early months of a following year can never be a good sign. With that in mind, we are decidedly reserved about the potential of The Monuments Men, but hopeful that director George Clooney can once again deliver an entertaining film based on a true story.Clooney certainly has an amazing cast built around him and an intriguing story to tell, but it's hard to avoid questions as to why the film slipped to February. Similarly, the change in tone between last year's trailers and this year's trailers has us wondering what type of movie The Monuments Men actually is. Consider us cautiously optimistic on this one.Watch the trailer for The Monuments Men.

February 14th: Robocop

February 2014 Preview - RobocopThe Robocop reboot has had an uphill battle almost from the word go. After early images leaked from the film's set, many questioned whether or not director Jose Padilha was headed in the right direction, especially with regard to Robocop's suit. Then, when the first trailer debuted, those questions became even more magnified.Yet, Robocop is still a beloved property that, if done well, can be as exciting as it is thought-provoking. In fact, this reboot appears to broach topics that resonate with today's culture. Ultimately, Robocop's success comes down to its execution, both in terms of its story and its direction. As of right now, however, the quality of both those elements are in serious doubt for many fans. Still, we're too curious to pass this one up.Watch the trailer for Robocop.

February 21st: 3 Days to Kill

February 2014 Preview - 3 Days to KillAt the very least, 3 Days to Kill has the makings of what could be an entertaining action film. The story follows an aging Secret Service agent (played by Kevin Costner) who is knocking on death's door before a final assignment offers him a cure upon completion.With Kevin Costner as its star, McG as its director, and Luc Besson as writer, the film boasts impressive talent both in front of and behind the camera. At the same time, it's been a while since we've seen Costner as a hero, aside from the brief hors d'oeuvre that was Jack Ryan. The concept is a little derivative and all three of the aforementioned names have had their fair share of duds, but we're willing to give the film the benefit of the doubt. The only question is whether Costner still has a fanbase.Watch the trailer for 3 Days to Kill.

February 21st: Pompeii

February 2014 Preview - PompeiiA movie about the eruption of Vesuvius and subsequent destruction of Pompeii certainly has potential, but only in the right hands. Whether the right hands are those of Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson is yet to be seen, and his resume leaves a lot to be desired. That said, Anderson has shown some flashes of brilliance when it comes to 3D visuals and he's never one to shy away from spectacle, which could make Pompeii worth checking out.Not to mention, the film features the first starring role for Kit Harington (a.k.a. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) as a slave turned soldier hell-bent on rescuing his love before Pompeii turns to ash. At the very least, perhaps Pompeii can succeed where The Legend of Hercules failed: by delivering a "so bad it's good" epic.Watch the trailer for Pompeii.

February 28th: Non-Stop

February 2014 Preview - Non-StopIt seems like every February Liam Neeson makes an appearance in a movie that's just a few "steps" away from Taken. In this case, that film is Non-Stop, which features the gruff Irishman as an air marshal who is trying to stop a killer on a plane. But of course, the killer is only part of a larger conspiracy, one that Neeson's character is at the center of.There's no denying Liam Neeson is one of the hardest working actors in show business; in fact, he will have already starred in, or lent his voice to, three films by the end of February. That being said, Neeson's appeal as an action star in non-Taken films has been hit or miss. Considering this film features a somewhat intriguing concept and Taken producer Luc Besson is pulling the strings, we're liable to say this one could be enjoyable.Watch the trailer for Non-Stop.

6 Movies We're Looking Forward To: February 2014

Pompeii PosterAlthough these are the 6 February releases we are most looking forward to, there are a few other movies that might be worth keeping an eye on. There's the teen-focused Vampire flick Vampire Academy, the angels vs. demons romance Winter's Tale, and the found footage time travel movie Welcome to Yesterday. But if you're looking for something to watch on Valentine's Day, there's About Last Night for the more mature crowd and Endless Love for the younger crowd.Ultimately, though, we'd be surprised if any of these films will touch The LEGO Movie, which looks poised to make a killing at the box office, at least until Valentine's Day. On the flip side, we're curious to see how Robocop performs, specifically whether or not casual moviegoers will be receptive to the reboot.What do you think? Which February releases are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.Once again, here are the 6 movies we're looking forward to this month:
  • February 7th: The Lego Movie, The Monuments Men
  • February 14th: Robocop
  • February 21st: 3 Days to Kill, Pompeii
  • February 28th: Non-Stop
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  1. Robocop…maybe.

  2. I wish in Robocop they revert back to the original 80s colour.
    I hate the all-black armour. If you put a pair of bat-ears + a cape, you’ll get batman costume.

    • Don’t worry.. it will be in its original color…the black is just temporary for this movie only…you will see him back in Silver when they make a sequel and i can say his silver original is a much improved look from Peter Weller’s

      • My understanding was that the armor closest to the original design will be v1.0 and the other versions, including that black one (which incidentally reminds me more of Deus Ex Human Revolution than Batman), will be upgrades, and not the other way around.

  3. Robocop and Lego movie for me

  4. Anyone seen the most recent tv spots for Monuments Men? The narrator says “These men are artists, scholars,” etc. etc. “they are NOT soldiers…” Nothing wrong with that line, but it’s just how much the narrator STRESSES the word “not” like they are targeting an audience that would not be interested in watching a war movie with soldiers, lol. I don’t know if I should laugh or what…

    • Thank god the narrator cleared that up. John Goodman and Bill Murray completely fooled me as capable 60 year old soldiers.

  5. Robocop, Non-Stop, and maybe The Lego Movie.

  6. It’s the 5th robocop is released in france :)

  7. Slow month eh….

  8. only wanna see robocop… looks like summer movies starts earlier this years

  9. I feel sorry for RoboCop. Who’s going to want to convince their beezy to watch that on V-Day weekend? A niche film in the wrong month. Padilha got the short end.

    • too true haha…

      It was the same deal when Die Hard 5 was released on V-day last year. Still, it opened in the top spot that weekend beating out chick flicks like Safe Haven, Warm Bodies, and Beautiful Creatures, so thats something. Frankly I’d have rather seen one of those 3… Die Hard 5 was awful.

  10. I’m pretty sure Pompeii will be a flop.
    Non-Stop could be a surprise winner.

    Lego Movie looks amazing!

    • Pompeii does have flop written all over it.

  11. I’ve been looking forward to Monuments Men since 2012 when it was announced, such a looooong time to a point where my anticipation has grown thin. However, I am still looking forward to it more than the other February releases. Furthermore, 3 Days to Kill looks kick a**, very intrigued to see Costner do his best Liam Neeson impersonation.

  12. I’ve got high hopes for The Lego Movie, if its as funny as its trailers that movie will be incredible.

    I wanted Monuments Men to be good but early reviews looked bad. I might wait on that one.

    I’ll see Robocop, even if its just because there will be NOTHING else in theaters then.

  13. Why is everyone so sure Pompeii is going to flop? I think it looks interesting. That and Non-Stop are the two movies I’m interested in this month. If nothing else they should be entertaining. I’ll probably watch the Lego Movie On Demand or something later.

    • The dialogue is campy, the cast is meh, and most of all its Paul WS Anderson in the directors chair. Look at that dude’s track record, its like flop city. Except for the Resident Evil films…. well kinda.

      • I enjoyed Event Horizon and Pandorum – both were pretty good sci-fi films. Occasionally he can pull a rabbit out of his hat, but its pretty rare. And no, Resident Evil aren’t some of them.

  14. I agree with all your picks except Pompeii which looks like a flop. Otherwise, I’m watching all except Costner’s unless the reviews are good.

  15. Am I the only one who thinks that the Lego Movie looks like a big piece of crap? I mean, the animation is nice but the story sounds dull and every single joke in every single trailer is an awful joke. I already hate the main character.

    As for Robocop, the film looks cool, based on the first reviews it might be better than what many expected.

    • You’re not the only one. The Lego movie looks amazingly DUMB.

      I’m going to pass on RebootCop, too. Monuments Men looks interesting, as does the Costner and Neeson films.

  16. When I saw one of the Robocop trailers, at first I thought it was a trailer for Captain America. It had Samuel L. Jackson giving a speech about many of the same concepts that will be brought up in Winter Soldier – about Freedom vs. Security. I think the direction they’re taking Robocop is to jump on the superhero bandwagon.

    • And i can tell it wont be :). I had that going on and i was wrong. For the record i just watched it because it just premiered in my country. You will like Jackson’s presence in the middle and in the end bit of the movie.

  17. LEGO Movie and Dallas Buyers Club for me.

    Sorry but the new Robocop still looks crap and boring.

  18. Since when has McG ever been considered a talent? Lego movie for me!

  19. I just watched Robocop… I’d give a 4/5 stars. My take is this is a new version and a less violent one compared to Peter Weller’s Robocop. The features in this Robocop is purely justified with the Technology of the time. No goofy comedy relief but Samuel L Jackson will crack you up in the middle and the last scene.

    My conclusion, Peter Weller’s RoboCop (part 1) is just bad ass with a lot of acclaimed signature one liners ..this one is a tad bit softer… no doubt i did enjoy the film…for hardcore fans..try not to compare too much …this is just a whole new ball game.. i have my gripes but i won’t mention it (quite spoiler-ish). Go see it guys! enjoy

    • Here’s the thing though.

      I’m a hardcore Robocop fan but I’m not even comparing the new one to the original. I’m looking at the new one as if it were a brand new and never before made property and if the original never existed but I saw the new version’s trailer, I’d still think it looked terrible and I’d still avoid it.

      The whole comparison argument is BS when applied to myself because I’m not even comparing, I’m basing my thoughts and opinions on the trailers and videos I’ve seen of the movie, as posted by Screen Rant.

      • Cool with that man..i mean i will respect that. I take it that you are not liking what you see based on Trailers and Videos. Well i’m just giving my thoughts for what i just saw.

        Firstly i watched the first RoboCop on VHS and uncensored when i was 8 when it first came out in 87 and that was when i learned the word “F**K” ….hell yeah that changed my ways then. I love how original movies make an impact and that it stays in my list of favorites. Coming to this remake…and all that black armor suit stuff..yep i totally get the gripe…yep i did too.. well i brace myself in the cinema hoping not to get pissed off too much. Just my opinion..the movie ended ..my drink was still 3/4 full.

        anyways…all i can say about his body armor…Black is just temporary …its just a tactical look. you’ll figure it out in the end. If they make a sequel..i’d look forward for it because his suit has potential upgrading and yes He will still sport the original silver armor and head mask and it is totally cooler look (i’m talking about Joel Kinnaman).