‘Faster’ Red Band Trailer – Dwayne Johnson Gets Brutal

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faster header image Faster Red Band Trailer   Dwayne Johnson Gets Brutal

Dwayne Johnson started his movie career with a bang by playing off his wrestling persona, “The Rock”. His first role came in 2001 when he played a bit part in The Mummy Returns and he kept his action hero status alive by playing that role again in The Scorpion King.

What followed was a messy assortment of films as Johnson tried to find his acting groove by trying a wide variety of character roles ranging from a sheriff in Walking Tall to a gay bodyguard in Be Cool. Even when he was in a movie that wasn’t warmly received by audiences – like Doom or The Rundown – he still played a bad ass that no one wanted to mess with.

His filmography took a sour turn with a rash of un-Rock like roles in The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain and the ridiculous movie The Tooth Fairy (a tutu Dwayne? Really?)

Fortunately for action fans, Johnson is hanging up his tutu for a more legitimate action role in the revenge film Faster. The teaser for Faster came out a few weeks ago and showed a side of Johnson fans have been waiting to see again for a long time – his badass side.

In Faster, Driver (Dwayne Johnson) is an ex-con on a mission of vengeance, determined to kill every person he deems responsible in the death of brother. However, he will have to stay one step ahead of a veteran cop (Billy Bob Thorton) and an egocentric hit man.Watch the red band trailer below:

*Contains no nudity or language but lots of blood splattering headshots*

Like many trailers coming out of Hollywood lately, this trailer for Faster seems to give away a lot of plot and what appears to be some of the best scenes from the film. Hopefully there are still plenty of great scenes left for audiences to enjoy.

Faster is directed by George Tillman (Men of Honor) and written by brothers Tony Gayton (Murder by Numbers) and Joe Gayton (Bulletproof). The movie has a slew of recognizable names in including Dwayne Johnson (Fast Five), Billy Bob Thorton (Sling Blade), Maggie Grace (Breaking Dawn), Carla Gugino (Sucker Punch), Tom Berenger (Sniper), Moon Bloodgood (Terminator: Salvation), Michael Irby (The Unit) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Lost).

Faster appears to have all the makings of a great fall action film – shootouts, revenge, fast cars and strippers. Hopefully the film will not end up disappointing Johnson’s fans.

Faster looks for revenge in theaters November 24th, 2010.

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  1. omfg..sorry Vic in advance…but GD this is THE ROCK ive benn waiting to see onscreen for a LONG time HELL EFFIN yeah buddy. im pumped…soo pumped i feel like ricky!!!!!!

    • Yes Anthony im sooo pumped too!!!

      • stick to your HP kiddie stuff lol

        • Kiddie stuff? Youre mistaken…

        • Oh no, you gotta prove how grown up you are, oooohhh, lol.

          • haha ken!

            • Guys dont get me started im good with the headaches.. ;)

              • um have yet to give my any lol.

                • Damn you. Well heres one:

                  Jack black is my favorite actor in the whole wide world ;) HAHAHAHA!!!!

              • I was actually being sarcastic with that other Anthony… :-)

                • LOL..well, he isnt grown up, he still watches HP films and rants how they are the greatest…soooooo yah

  2. disappointing? i doubt it. even if it sucks, it’s the rock doing what everyone has wanted him to do again for years, so they’ll love it..er…we’ll love it. However, maybe i’m late but since when do they show actual headshots in trailers??

    • thats why its a Red Band trailer. i could swear thats a .50 cal. revolver he’s using too

      • ah i see, thanks for the clarification man

      • I wonder if anyone else notices that in the scene where he’s reloading, he’s dumping live rounds, not empty shells… :-P

        Anyway, yah, you are probably right, those look like either .454 Casull rounds or maybe even the .500 S&W magnums… I’m leaning more toward the .500 magnums given the few glimpses of just how large the bore is on that weapon…

        • I saw it.
          It’s one of those things you really expect at least _somebody_ in the crew would pick up on during filming. It’s not like it’s a minor detail you need extensive experience with firearms to notice.

          Could be the ammo was added postprod by some clueless intern in the CGI department though.

  3. Finally the Rock playing a role that everyone has been waitin to see him in I can’t wait to watch this when it comes out ^_^

  4. the 24th of nov. needs to get here FASTER

    • I kind of feel like I just watched the entire movie in this trailer. :| Of course, that won’t keep me from watching again in theaters.

      • i think they just wanted us to see what a !@$#ing badass he can be. and im GLAD

    • I agree,the 19th will come before the 24th so yeah..

  5. This looks AWESOME!

    The knife fight looks great. The car chases look great. Shooting scenes look great. And Rock is a bada** again. I’m watching this.

    I’ve been a fan of the Rock ever since Rundown (great flick) but he kind off went the kiddie route lately.

  6. this is the kind of anticipation i was feeling i felt after watching the walking tall trailer but that film disipointed just have to wait and see with this one now

    • i actually liked walking tall. it was inspired by true events so i didn’t expect a free-for-all. loved the rundown!

      • the original Walking Tall was better though

        • Yes indeed.

  7. LOL anthony youre as pumped to see this as iam to sed HP ;)

  8. This looks like it’s going to be a fun movie!! Dwayne should stick to these types of films. Sly should put him in the next Expendables movie!!

    • YES!! <—-COSIGNED!!

  9. This looks like it could be an addition to the annuals movie list, a list of films most folks can watch at least once a year and keep enjoying it year after year after year…

  10. It looks like the Rundown 2 but in this one he uses the guns…I like his films..I’ve only seen the action films but I enjoy them..

    • its far from a Rundown 2 GK333 lol. he doesnt have that chef look about him, he has more that “dont get in my way or else” look lol

    • Besides, the Rundown was a comedy of sorts. It relied heavily on the dynamic between Sean william scott (i think his name is that lol) and the Rock. This is Charles Bronson stuff lolol

  11. If anyone could play Jack Reacher (book character and total badarse) it is The Rock, sure he might not be the right race, but he has the build and brutality the character does. Read some of those books. The Reacher series is totally ripe with movie quality books, and they are written by Lee Child.

    • Finally someone who agree with me…The Rock could play Jack Reacher!

  12. this almost looks like penance for the tutu… :P

  13. im gonna get skewered for this, but i dont see anything appealing, new, dynamic, original, or even slightly interesting about this one – and i like the Rock.
    ive seen the revenge movie a hundred times like most of us, im not pumped to see people get shot by a guy who’s making poses and mean eyes.

    • Can’t take anything seriously with Maggie Grace (thank G they killed her off of LOST)Grace. puke.

  14. i really hope Mike Epps has a bigger role in this too lol. that guy cracks me up

  15. Hell, if Dwayne is this bad-ass here, guess how bad-ass he will be in Fast Five!!!!!!!!……………

    • True,i hope he keeps making these types of movies…

  16. Now that we’ve seen the entire film…

  17. Love the comments so far… ‘I’m pumped’ …did someone really write that? or is it the beer still in my system from last night, messing around with my visual cortex?

    I actually, have seen all his films and truth be told his films aint all that bad…. with one exception…. wait for it… … ‘The Tooth Fairy’ ….What the f##k was he thinking?!

    • Yes the tooth fairy….veey bad decsion from his part lol that movie was crap.

  18. Honestly I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I’ve enjoyed to some extent nearly all his films. Hated The Mummy Returns and Scorpion King, but after that been enjoying his career.

    I loved The Rundown it was action packed and hilarious Sean William Scott and Christopher Walkins were fantastic. Walking Tall was also very enjoyable. I also to some extent enjoyed Be Cool, Game Plan was cute and Race to witch mountain was some what fun. Gridiron Gang had decent moment where rocked should some acting chops if nothing else.

    Only film from the Rock I do not want to see is Fast Five that’s simply because that entire franchise is nothing but crap and Paul Walker is probably the worst well known actor there is.

  19. Yeah! This movie’s definitely up my alley. Something we all really want that will never EVER happen. Totally in agreement with the TAG sentiment. That said, that sure is a geeky haircut Billy Bob is wearing.. but BillyBob will be BillyBob.. nobody messes with BB. If he wants to look stupid.. that’s totally his decision and he will stare down a rifle barrel doing it!

    Speaking of BB, I’m sure that the Joaquin Phoenix rapper-parody is based on him.

  20. Check out this trailer!:

    • Now Y, Tina, would U wanna link that with this? Unless its in the spirit of general pimphoing? In which case, as self-justifying as it would seem to be for you.. Y, Tina, would U wanna link that with this? How is it related?