New Trailer For ‘Fast & Furious’ Disappointing

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fast and furious New Trailer For Fast & Furious DisappointingThe brand new full trailer for Fast & Furious is out and it’s not that great.

Fast & Furious is the fourth installment in the franchise and it brings back all of the major players from the original film including Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster.

There was a teaser trailer that came out back in September for this movie which had no dialogue –it was just one long action scene that was pretty amazing. In fact, it was perfection to me and I loved it for this type of movie – especially since we know the characters and what they’re trying to do.

With this new full trailer however, I don’t feel the same at all. About half way through the trailer after the Casino Royale-styled chase scene intro, we start hearing some dialogue and tidbits about the story and it made me lose my excitement.

I’ll also say I didn’t like the choppy film style at the beginning.

Watch and see what you think:


Soulja Boy… really?

It’s a little odd to see this trailer come out today as we confirmed earlier in the week that Fast & Furious would be having a trailer during the Super Bowl. If this is the same trailer to be broadcast with the big game, why aren’t they saving it till then? Or do they even have more footage to show come February 1st?

For comparison, here is the original teaser from a few months back:


Much better I think.

What do you think of the new trailer and how does it compare to the first?

Fast & Furious opens in theaters April 3, 2009.

Source: Yahoo Movies

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  1. This just looks terrible.

  2. First trailer had an AWESOME beginning scene with Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez doing something not seen on screen before (jacking tankers). This second one shows something we’ve seen a million times: a cop in a suit chasing a latino through the streets of LA. BORING. And the music is HORRIFIC I agree. And where is Michelle? They should have showed more of her. She and Vin are why I’ll be seeing this. I could care less about Paul. Jordana is hot but not as hot as she used to be by a mile, and pretty boring. I hope this isn’t the trailer they show at the Superbowl man. I’ve waited 8 years for this man come on!!!

  3. Guys help! I have never seen a Fast and Furious film. Are they any good?

  4. @Dave

    I’m not a fan of the films. At all.


  5. i agree with vic

  6. first one was waaaaay better
    this one reminded me of Prison Break the second season, I don’t know why

    still looking forward to it, Vin Diesel!

  7. @ Dave,

    The first one was a fun ride (get it, ride?) for what it is.

    The second was very weak not having Vin Diesel in it and the third was just crap stealing the brand name and having none of the characters in it – However, it had Vinny making an appearance to tie it into the franchise continuity (if that even matters in this series).

    I’d recommend watching the first one and go from there.

  8. Oh well, I had some hopes for this from the teaser. I’ve only seen parts and pieces of the others, they were retarded…

  9. I don’t know what trailer, you guys were looking at. But the trailer was still kick ass. Especially the on-foot chase scene. What!!!!!!!!

  10. The first two Fast & Furious movies are good. The third one sucked big time. Even I dig the drifting thing. You also have to be either into fast cars, drag racing and or speed to appreciate the movies. If not you can always watch Driving Miss Daisy.

  11. The first two Fast & Furious movies are good. The third one sucked big time. Even though I dig the drifting thing. You also have to be either into fast cars, drag racing and or speed to appreciate the movies. If not you can always watch Driving Miss Daisy.

  12. To answer Dave F. The first two movies were good. The third one sucked. I was digging the drifting thing. It also helps that you are into fast cars, drag racing, and speed. If not, you can always watch Driving Miss Daisy.

  13. Sorry, about those Back to Back post. My computer is acting up. One minute the post is there, the next it isn’t.

  14. Jason, I’ll have to disagree. If you truly appreciate drag racing and fast cars, you would have hated all of the Fast and the Furious. Those movies were targeted for idiot kids that don’t know the difference between torque and cheesecake. You know them, they are the idiots driving around in 105hp Honda Civics with big fart cans making tons of noise but not going anywhere.

    I love it when they rev their engines at the stoplight next to me. I remember my friend killed one in his OLDSMOBILE ALERO. Yes, an oldsmobile SEDAN, FULL OF PEOPLE, beat one of these kids in a “tuner car” aka ricer.

    That guy was so embarrassed. At the next stoplight, when it turned green, he started driving off nice and easy like he had no interest in racing. Yet in the stoplight before, he tried so hard he even got a little squeak in his tired when he “took off.” And you can hear it in his revs that he was trying real hard the first time… when we walked away from him…

    Personally, I play with them a little before I walk away from them. I find it entertaining. :-)

  15. tires, not tired, lol.

  16. @Dave

    The first was a good remake of “Point Break”, just replace the surf boards with cars and you get the same movie.

    The second was crap, just another sequel with no thought put in it.

    The third was awesome they took something that is popular but unknown and developed a plausible and creative story around the versatility of the car world, and Vin being at the end ties in with this movie.


    This trailer would be very well done if there was more relevant and unknown music.

    The trailer “visually” was great, it explained the plot of the film (Which most trailers don’t) and it showed glimpses of action, but not to much, The Trailer with better music would be much better to watch.

  17. I just have to wonder how that tanker bounced so many times while it tumbled. You would think that energy is dissipated, not gained… 😉

  18. I like the first one, didn’t see the second, tolerated the third and will watch this one simply for the STI. I swear though, as soon as they destroy that car I’m writing the movie off forever.

  19. Now if only Subaru can build cars that are fast AND not ugly as hell at the same time… Have you seen their Tribeca or whatever it’s called? I mean, seriously, what were they thinking?? Someone on their design team needs to be fired…

  20. I think the first trailer plays more to fans of the original. The second is clearly more focusing on what the new movie is about. As a fan of the original, and only the original, I have to say both trailers have me pretty excited.

  21. I’ve never been a big fan of the series. Saw some of the first film, but never the entire thing. The first film seemed more grounded in its action, though. The bouncing tanker… that just seems goofy… and (pardon the pun) over the top.

  22. Mr. Ken J,

    You are right but in the end it’s just a movie.

  23. I don’t know, the new trailer looked fine to me; of course, I’m at work and the sound is off, so I’ll reserve final judgement till I hear it. :-)

    I liked the first 2 (the first one more than the 2nd) and only the drifting in the third. Vin needs to work on another Riddick movie.

  24. I would have to say the first one was better. The 2nd one even though it was a cat and mouse beginning was a bit slow. Hopefully they’ll run the first one if it is going to shown during the SuperBowl instead of the 2nd one.

  25. Riddick is definitely Vin Diesel’s role…

    The concept of running an entire drawn out race drifting is pretty ridiculous. They burn through an entire tire within a quarter mile course in real life. Or actually 8th of a mile I think… This isn’t Initial D, it’s real life, with real physics, rubber wears down fast.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I am not a fan of drifting so I don’t actively watch it, but that’s my understanding of it, I see them burning through the entire tire running the course once.

  26. I quite enjoyed the new trailer, it gave you something you were not expecting, when you go to watch it you are expecting cars and cars and Vin Diesel. But instead you get a really cool foot pursuit, I don’t know about anyone else, but that worked for me. The Tanker thing may push the boundry a little for me.

    I really enjoyed the first one, espcially the Charger at the end!
    The second one seemed like a rip off of some other movie i have seen before, though I Can’t remember.
    I like the third, it actaully surprised me, in that it was not compete and utter garbage like I had intilially written it off to be. Definetly worth a watch.

  27. I didnt mind either trailers. I thought they looked pretty good and it is getting me excited for the new Fast and Furious. The first one was good, I didnt see the 2nd and I thought Tokyo Drift was still pretty good. All in all I have never really been disappointed with the Fast and Furious movies, they have always been entertaing to me and im looking forward to this one.

  28. @Ken
    Yeah, drifting definitely wears the tires down fast, but these are movies, not real life; when I go to the movies, I go to be entertained, but that’s just me.

    I just watched the new trailer again with the sound on (I had to pause House). I still think the trailer was OK; not as good as the first one but OK.