‘Fast & Furious 7′ Production Might Restart From Scratch [Updated]

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Paul Walker Close up Fast Furious 6 Close up Fast & Furious 7 Production Might Restart From Scratch [Updated]

The tragic death of Paul Walker this weekend shocked the world and Universal Pictures pushed the pause button on the production of Fast & Furious 7 to give family, friends and everyone time to mourn the loss. The film hadn’t come close to finishing its scenes with Walker and now the director James Wan and co. have the challenging task (on several levels) of working around the unfortunate circumstances.

There’s no right answer to the question of how to tell the originally planned story of Fast & Furious 7 without Walker, let alone writing him out of the franchise in a way that’s appropriate for all parties.

We know the studio, Wan and the producers are meeting to figure out how to proceed with the fast-tracked sequel. According to insiders informing The Wrap, since the big budget production is insured, one of the options in consideration is scrapping most or all of what has been shot  - even though they’re already over half-way done – and starting from scratch with a new story.

Their sources also offer conflicting information on the options of whether or not they’d write out Walker’s Brian O’Conner character entirely or find some way to use elements of the footage they have and write around it. There’s also conflicting word on when Universal will come to a decision but all seem to agree that they’re not rushing into anything.

At this point it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that FF7 will be able to meet its scheduled release date in July 2014 and if it comes down to re-shooting most or the entirety of the film, it’s one of those rare cases where we can expect everyone involved to do whatever it takes to make it work. That means if actors need to rearrange schedules for other projects and the film gets delayed, that may be necessary and there could be a industry ripple effect from the ensemble cast outwards.

In the meantime, Universal Pictures is donating proceeds from home video sales of Fast & Furious 6 to Walker’s Reach Out WorldWide charity group. As for the bigger picture of the series, its once clear and bright future, with additional sequels already confirmed, is now a little cloudy.

[Update as of December 4, 2013 from Universal]

“Right now, all of us at Universal are dedicated to providing support to Paul’s immediate family and our extended Fast & Furious family of cast, crew and filmmakers.   At this time we feel it is our responsibility to shut down production on Fast & Furious 7 for a period of time so we can assess all options available to move forward with the franchise.  We are committed to keeping Fast & Furious fans informed, and we will provide further information to them when we have it.  Until then, we know they join us in mourning the passing of our dear friend Paul Walker.”

Fast & Furious 7 is currently set for July 11, 2014 release.

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Source: The Wrap

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  1. I feel that Paul Walker would want them to complete the rest of the film with him in it, it was what he loved doing. Completely to get rid of the character would just seem to odd. hopefully we will get to see walker again for the last time on screen.

  2. jason bourne will need to be the replacement for the new fast and furiuos 7 he can be scotts younger brother and he will need to grow his hair longer and will need to highlight it blond and loose some pounds people will accept him as a replacement and since the sudio owns the right to jason bourne movies it will make it easier for the studio ,i know you being the editor have the connections to make this happen well good luck see you when the movie premires and thanks for youre help ready for next proble,m people call me the problemsolver .and this fix will be easy because he will fill the role like a glove this will save billons in lost rev and time thanks again james jones yea I KNOW

  3. If they recast for Brian, I will never watch the film. Many others won’t either, I assume.

  4. For the moment, a wish list of actors that comes to my mind and I would like to see on this franchise in the future, if there is a future or for “The Last Race toward the Goal” is the following: Collin Farrel,Idris Elba, Nocolas Cage,Taylor Kitsch, Ryan Gosling, Zach Efron,Shia Labeouf or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

  5. I would really hate to see them scrap everything and start fresh with franchise that grossed over the top. My opinion the cgeffects

  6. I would really hate to see them scrap everything and start fresh with franchise that grossed over the top. My opinion the cg effects would work great. For instance take a look at the crow. Brandon Lee died and the stunt man stepped in and finished it with cg graphics. Cg effects have gone a long way since early 90s and who’s to say it won’t work! It clearly did for the crow and look its considered as a successful cult classic. Write around this dreadful tragedy and respectfully write him off after fast 7. Paul Walker would not want this. So please Universal think outside the box I know it can be done. At the end credits pay the respects. Don’t waste the money on a new script and throw all what you’ve earned in the trash people will not want to pay after a rescript and seeing a crappy trailer. You’d only be screwing yourself

  7. I’d rather have no film at all, if they re-start from scratch. Paul Walker is the heart of the franchise, along with Vin Diesel.

    Personally, I wouldn’t even bother continuing with the 8 & 9, but obviously Universal will do what they want to do and people have contracts. The main spark with Fast Five was that characters were brought together, it just wouldn’t sit right doing an 8 or 9, without the main man. That is just me though

  8. Trying time to decide and things fall in place minus Paul.Nevertheless as a tribute we need to get to watch him on screen for all the effort he has put in since F1 and this one gonna be special.True, as 8 and 9 are confirmed , a bit of rewrite has to be done around or add a new character or have someone similar talented to fil the gap.Yes honour and tribute can shud and must be made in every forth coming sequel as and if it progresses ,which should and for all that paul was involved in 8&9 , lets see that spark ignite with a new talent….With all love and due respect to the fab character Paul was , he will be the link that connects all for sure ….May the think tanks @ Universal,Vin AND ALL think wise and think right…All the best and look to hear more positives …

  9. I am totally in agree that all Paul Walker’s scenes must be kept where it belongs truly, as part of this last movie (Fast & Furious 7). Not throw all this to the trash can. I consider that all Paul Walker performances are valuable action pieces for the whole Fast & Furious Franchise and probably the rest of the viewers and his relatives share the same thing with me. After all, we have to give the proper space to his family to assimilate this tragic departure. I bet something, that if the producers ask his relatives for keeping his scenes they would probably love that. The will of the viewers and his relatives must be considered here. I believe if Paul would be alive perhaps he would love to see himself even on this last film. This would be a true tribute to him. And after that all the film stuff has been finished, then the economic earnings of his scenes would be guided to his charity cause and his relatives. Paul Walker’s scenes with some computer generated effects included. Consider these alternatives please. This could be the voice of many fans around the world.

  10. There are actors that have rejected to participate in a good movies just because they didn’t like the scripts. Paul Walker didn’t do that in any of the Fast & the Furious films already done because he loved the films’s scripts from the start (excluding Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift). Paul Walker and Vin Diesel gave the necessary adrenaline to put each each one of the films, where they shared main roles, in the highest ratings and among the best action packed movies. The point is that Paul Walker deserves to stay in the cast and in the story of Fast & Furious 7′s script. I know producers have to make some arrangements but that doesn’t mean to put a new story from scratch. From now on I will say that many people will be frustrated or disappointed if the story excludes him. The producers should remember what they did on the prequel titled Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift in which at the end of the film the main actor Lucas Black had a final race with a new challenger surprisingly was Vin Diesel. How about ending this movie with a triple match between Lucas Black, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. At the end Paul wins the race and at the Horizon he extends his hand to say goodbye with a charismatic smile to all his friends. With this last scene the producers will show the best of the tributes and respect toward Paul Walker and his Family.

  11. Use the pieces u have with paul walker in it n try to find someone else that looks like him n have same heart as he did to play the rest is my opinion

  12. I totally agreee wit fastfuriousforever

  13. Nobody could ever replace him. Remember him as is. With a smile after winning. Have apause of silance. An continue the movie. As is .. or maybe even skript a seen of his a cash. In the movie. Wit paul walker. An let moments an rest in.peace.. go from there

  14. Crash*

  15. I think they should finish the movie with him they can have somebody of same height and build and then put him in digitally. pretty sure he would want to stay in the movie and I hope they do it that way so that there honoring his memory and passion he put into the franchise all together and it can be done

  16. Write off Paul Walker and get Lucas Black to fill in where Walker would have been. finishing the film is great way to honor his memory

  17. It’s in Tokyo anyway and black was in the tie in film it makes perfect sense

  18. It’s so sad. I really loved this franchise. I hope they don’t scrap the project. Hope they find some way to work around it, somehow give Brian an honorable death, and just end with 7. There is no need to milk this franchise anymore. It just wouldn’t be the same with a new Brian if they go that route. R.I.P. Paul

  19. I have been thinking a lot on this Fast 7 movie and there have been a lot of comments related. Probably there have been mentioned a lot of alternatives for the producers to make the necessary adjustments after Paul Walker death. In my opinion in the movie Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift the main character, Lukas Black did a good performance but not as excellent as Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. They, Diesel and Walker have put the other movies to other level over the top. Paul Walker’s Death left a deep hole in this movie so that if the procuders bring a double of him to replace him it does not resolve nothing. The producers must include another actor. Someone with the following characteristics: hot attraction, tough, young and a rising star. Let’s say Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds or Zac Efron could be some examples. This movie could serve as the goodbye of one of the Fast family members and the beginning of a new member.

    Related to Paul Walker, there should be another alternative scene. Let’s say Jason Statham want’s to kill Vin Diesel as revenge for his brother’s death and in a death race Statham tries to kill Diesel but Walker intercepts him face to face, dying both on a car collision (Walker and Statham) but at the same time he saves his partner’s life (Diesel).

  20. I am really sad about what happened to Paul Walker, was a great actor. I have been thinking a lot about FF7 and I was thinking it was going to be really hard to find a someone as good as Paul. As I was searching the internet about FF7, I saw that they already had new cast’s. I had wanted to give my opinion on who they should cast in the movie. I was thinkink Mark Wilbrun from Four Brothers and/or Ice Cube. The new cast is not what I would want to see but I am happy to hear that Paul’s brother is willing to step in. If someone could possible rethink the new cast.

  21. I admired paul walker’s fast and furious history, so I Purchased the fast and furious collection and have watched it so many times since 2004 to present. However, In my opinion, brian should not die, they should retire him so as to give the character the possibility to resurface in future films played by other actors. The point of fast and furious is Dom and Brian surviving anything a la James Bond (Which by the way has lived through the ages being played by different actors). If producers kill off brian they will screw the future of the franchise. they can retire him in this coming film, but they must bring him back like they brought Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty. I know they are good writers and they showed it by making justice to the Han character whose cheap death in Tokyo Drift did not make sense after you watched Fast and Furious, Fast 5, and Fast 6. But at the end of fast six, you see how he really was killed. They could tweak the scripts and keep Brian Alive. the thing is there are so many people who are writing crap demanding that the character be killed off to supposedly honor walker’s part in the franchise, but they are just thinking out of mourn. I did not meet walker personally, but inferring from the descriptions from people who met him, I bet he would have liked Brian to live on.

  22. Brian WILL live on…

    as a hamburger patty lol