‘Fast & Furious 7′ Delayed But Still Happening After Death of Paul Walker

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Fast and Furious 7 Paul Walker Fast & Furious 7 Delayed But Still Happening After Death of Paul Walker

Along with tides of joy of givings of thanks, this holiday weekend brought with it the tragic death of Fast & Furious franchise star, Paul Walker. The forty-year-old actor was in a fatal car crash during a charity event in Santa Clarity, California – and along with an outpouring of shock, horror, and grief from fans all across the world, the big question looming on everyone’s mind was, “How is this going to affect Fast & Furious 7 ?

The seventh installment of the franchise has been in production since earlier this fall, with director James Wan (The Conjuring) taking over the helm from franchise staple, Justin Lin. Part 7 has been touted as a “’70s-style revenge thriller” story featuring Jason Statham as the vengeance-seeking brother of Fast & Furious 6 villain, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) – meaning that some hard hits are coming to the Dom Terreto (Vin Diesel) and his F&F familia.

Of course, that was before those hard hits became all too real with the death of Walker; in an update from THR, we now learn that Universal has held a meeting determining the fate of Fast & Furious 7. The official company line is that as of now, the film will see a delay in production in order to allow for a proper, respectful, grieving period. That delay could subsequently cause the film’s July 2014 release date to be bumped, but F&F7 will NOT be abandoned.

However, even though the film is still on, there is a question of logistics; namely, HOW to wrap the film in a way that makes sense in the narrative of the film, while remaining respectful to Walker and his legacy.

Fast and Furious 7 Production Release Date Delay Paul Walker Death Fast & Furious 7 Delayed But Still Happening After Death of Paul Walker

…And that is quite a tough nut to crack. On the surface, it would seem an easy fix: rewrite the revenge story so that Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor, meets a noble end somewhere in Ian Shaw’s (Statham) campaign of vengeance. However, the suddenness of Walker’s death (and his position as a franchise lead) means his character’s death was likely NOT in the cards; trying to make it happen onscreen, the easiest fix would be to use some kind of stunt racing sequence that doesn’t require actual shots of the actor’s face – except that any such fix would also be uncomfortably close to depicting the way in which Walker actually died. Audiences are likely not going to be supportive of that – let alone Walker’s family, and his friends amongst the F&F cast and crew.

That leaves us with the possible work-around of an off-screen demise for Brian O’Connor, which – while more tasteful and practical – will seem like an unceremonious end for such an important character in a mega-popular franchise. But then, none of this is easy (tragedy tends to be – well, tragic), and if the film is committed to reaching the finish line, a scenario like the one posited above is probably the best option.

Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster in Fast Furious 6 570x380 Fast & Furious 7 Delayed But Still Happening After Death of Paul Walker

But who knows: Maybe things don’t have to be so dark. Maybe Brian and Mia (Jordana Brewster) and their child are all sent off into the sunset to live free and happy while Dom and the rest of the crew continue to deal with threats at their car doors. Maybe the land of movie fantasy offers fans something better than the harsh reality of life did. Maybe we all could use something a little more uplifting as we say goodbye to an actor whose character was an icon for a generation of moviegoers. One can only hope…

Looking beyond the now, the second biggest question on my mind is whether Vin Diesel and Co. are still committed to making Fast Furious installments beyond part 7 (parts 8 & 9 are already planned). Will it still be fun for the cast and crew (and the fans) to take this ride, now short one passenger? I think we could all understand if the answer to that question was “no.”


Fast & Furious 7 is currently set for July 11, 2014 release. We’ll be keeping an eye on whether or not that date changes.

Source: THR

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  1. I strongly disagree with the people who opined that FF 7 should be scrapped. There are way too many cast and crew members depending on the continuation of the FF franchise. Furthermore, FF was always more of an ensemble franchise than one mostly focused on Paul’s character. Obviously, what happened to Paul is sad, but FF can and will continue.

  2. I guess it all depends on what scenes Paul filmed and how they can be edited. Not an easy job, for sure. I don’t envy James Wan and the studio right now. :(

  3. They have to write him out of the movie but not the franchise. F&F7 takes place before 3, 4, 5, and 6 so therefore Brian has to stay alive in the F&F storyline for the previous films to make sense from a continuity standpoint.

    • No it doesn’t. Watch the after credits scene of 6. Clearly 7 will pick up after 3 and probably after 6 since the cast members are all back.

    • Are you dumb?

      7 will clearly take place after 3 4 5 and 6. All they have done is move 3 up in the time line so it’s essentially the 6th installment if you were to watch them in proper order

      And the only reason that the timeline has been messed is because Justin Lin was good friends with the actor that played Han so when he was making 4 he thought it would be fun to throw han in there

  4. Statham’s character called Dom. Kan was originally a good friend of Dom’s. Brian doesnt have to be in any more of them. It may be better to write Brian OConner and Mia out of the story.

  5. Paul was the last bit of racing left in FF franchise.Quit the movies already they suck from a racing standpoint anyway,have O’connor drive away in the sunset in a skyline.End of Franchise

  6. Look just bring back Eva Mendes, to take over the role for Brian? put her in his shoes.

    • This is the best idea to come up with. Keep the film as is. Do not scrap it.
      You are preserving what Walker filmed. Then from there, you can use his brother
      as a good makeup or a look alike. You can write him off as not being interested
      because he has bad accident which got from crash or almost killed or killed And
      now brother wants revenge with Vin Diesel.

  7. Maybe splice together a phone call where he says goodbye to Dom and retires or something

    • I would like to see them CGI his character in sort of like they did for Arnold in Terminator Salvation. The only way I would like to see his character go out is by doing something so dangerous as to say Dom or Mia or all of them, giving his life in the process. CGI his face on the stunt driver like they did Tony Stark. That’s just me though. Whatever the decision makers decide I will support though. I didn’t know him at all. They obviously have more insight into what should be done.

  8. It’s Santa Clarita, not Clarity :)

  9. The Hell with the bashers: Mr. Walker, thank you for the years of entertainment pal. You had your own spark to the acting game and you stood out regardless of the “pretty boy persona”. You always seemed like a solid dude. And thank you for your self-less, charitable service. Rest In Serenity brother.

    • That was gracefully well said.

    • Very gracefully said, my man.

  10. Universal isn’t going to scrap FF VII. Iys going to be a massive money makes for it. Plus, a lot of cast and crew members rely on the FF franchise continuing.

    • But they should stop after 7. Didn’t even know they were going to make p 8 and 9. After Walkers death i would just stop after 7. Make it in his honour and then leave it at that.

      • The story wasn’t centered on Paul, In Fast 6 Leo and Santos disappeared without a trace. But I don’t think he would disappear just like that, The story must have a reason why he wasn’t there, like quitting in the crew or getting killed, (In a respective way). RIP Paul, a lot of people will miss you…..

  11. I think Paul walkers character should go into hiding with Mia and their newborn at the urging of Dom. It would make sense seeing as they have a new child or have him killed off before he can make it into hiding and make it dom’s mission for revenge of his death and han’s. I would like to see Lucas black step in the group leader alongside vin diesel. I have enjoyed his films and I’m happy to see him finally return to the franchise. I see the same glow in his stage presence as I saw in Paul walker. I think this could be a huge opportunity for him. The film franchise should continue in Paul walkers jonir. RIP

  12. Hi all.Sorry for bad english,because im strange.Just i see here and there and other website What about F&F7.
    Paul and all guys,so in one word Fast & Furious was always my top movies.
    Lot post i see Like no more F&F,because that…
    For me is hard,because i still lookin news,and why him,why no other.
    Please leave him in pease but Fast and Furious have to continue.I now,or nobody now what will be next whithout him,but folks believe me,Paul have always that special smile,and when movie will be shut,him will be angry.
    P.S. Paul Walker wasnt top actor,like i don’t now,i no want put any name of best actor,but when F&F was born,him was first there,and always still here.

  13. I haven’t read every comment so I apologize if this has been brought up already…
    Something to consider moving forward is what have they already shot?
    Normally movies don’t film in chronological order and often the bigger set pieces will be filmed first. So assuming that has happened here it might make for a tougher way around Paul’s passing.
    What do they do if they have shot footage for the ending but not some of the middle and beginning?
    It’s a tough spot and may require a lot more than simply writing him out.

    • Is Lucius black the new Brian o’connor in f&f 7,8,9

  14. Ok

  15. Brian would want the show to go on there is enough outtakes and with computer technology today there shouldn’t be any problem with him being in Fast and Furious 7’8 and even 9… make him go away with his family on fast and furious part 7 but at the end of Fast and Furious part 9 bring him back at the end and they can all ride away in the sunset. oMG people would love this

  16. In my humble opinion, Why not searching for a double for the character of Brian O’Conner. Actually I know it’s difficult to find someone that looks alike of him but it’s not impossible. How about, as an example, actor Jared Leto with the same yellow hair style of Paul Walker. As I remembers in the movie “Game of the Death” happened the same thing. The main actor, Bruce Leee, died in real life but the producers of this movie, “Game of Death” completed the movie at the end using another actor of name, Bruce Li, for the character. The producers of Fast and the Furious 7 could do the same. They could combine computer generated effects with another actor doing the role of the character,Brian O’Conner in order to finish his appearence and do a great and honrable goodbye performance from the track thrilling races of the film.

  17. I say let it end at 7. If Ocean’s didn’t go on because of Bernie Mac neither should this.

  18. the idea of oconnor just being off into the sunset happy with his wife and baby is
    a better idea then killing him off. honestly i hope this movie will be the last one in the franchise. oconnor and torreto are the foundations of this franchise and it just wont
    be the same, fast and furious seven will be final film of this franchise i see at theater
    if they handle paul walker’s character correctly.

  19. I think they should continue on with Walkers roll and place his face on another actors body, as horrible as that may sound. Its too abrupt to have his character just up an leave at this point.

    • They tried that on the film Gladiator when Oliver Reed died during filming but it was cut out and his character was killed off because it didn’t look right.

      As sad as Paul’s passing is and it is sad the movie crew needs to make this film the last and make it a happy send off. If they do decide to just kill his character off and continue with the story they need to do it in away that will leave his family both his FF family and immediate family satisfied mentally and physically. To have Brian die in a horrible car accident would be impossible to watch for many people and could quite possibly kill any love for the franchise in many peoples eyes. They need to take time with this and be smart.

  20. Well what a lot of people don’t realize is, that with Brian’s “run” ending in this film, Lucas Black’ is going to be in that spot now.

    It’ll be Dom and Sean, considering that’s what FF:TD insinuated with their race at the end.

  21. I agree that F&F 7 should be the last in the series and Universal should use my title, The Last Of The Furious


  22. I really hope that this is the last FF with no Brian O Conner there’s no reason to continue on. I think Brian and Mia should go into hiding don’t kill him off its not respectful the man died once he doesn’t need to die again.

  23. You mentioned “Will it still be fun for the cast and crew (and the fans) to take this ride, now short one passenger?” Two characters, Han and Gisele, were lost in the last film so the cast is actually down by three.

    • Yea, I know Han and Giselles are gone too. No I haven’t forgotten about them. I asked that question referring to PAUL WALKER, sense he died in REAL LIFE. I don’t know fully how the story’s suppose to portray; such as Brian may died in some point, or someone’s suppose to die in the F7, I don’t know. It’s completely different from saying a character dies, than saying an actor died, and at that being Paul along with his close friend Roger, (R.I.P.), being professional drivers. I mean they actually lost a member of the family to the movie and to the actors, and lost an actor as a friend. I was just questioning, how hard would it for them to film after the loss of Paul Walker.

  24. Man paul needs to be in all the movies b/c he is the best actor for f&f series everyone just shut up and yes the r going to keep his photos in the movie thay will not change that will mess up the movie if they didnt nobody cam act like him in f&f serios

  25. Bring back Leon to take on Brian Oconner spot

  26. Paul Walker is a Important Character in this movie!! you guys CANT start it from scratch! Youu needa continue it & trust it will be such a GREAT movie! Everyone will be ALL EXCITED & it will make everyone proud & have EVERYONE remember Paul Walker!

  27. Universal say that it’s a tough nut to crack
    with fast seven paul walkers death cause of
    a logical way to do it use the little footage
    you have put his death in it and for logical
    you cap deeper in his story by doing
    something like bring his father in looking to
    make things right who can always be a cop
    and and hearing of his sons death helps dom
    seems fairly logical and for possible actors
    I’d say a car movie vet like Burt he is even
    the right age to be dad to brain

  28. So i love how u all are aguring about this but ur wrong tokyo drift is actually the 7 movie if u look it up it suppost to come after the six movie though i clear that out right now. Cant wait for more to come big fann of faf. We love u paul walker may u rest in peace and remain a legend

    • Melissa you just can’t count yes in F&F Tokyo Drift is that current movie, but it would be labeled as the 6th movie not the 7th. You have to subtract before you add.

  29. Enough with this sunset crap! I think yeah its good that the producers what to continue with the 7th without being disrespectful to Paul Walker, but all of you people saying that he and his family should ride into the sunset is stupid. I mean this isn’t a fairy tale. It’s not Cinderella. I mean what are they going to ride on?? Horses. No out of the question!! Yes, I think that Paul should be remembered but no the producers don’t need to make it cheesy. I think that they should just come out and say he died. Every one already knows. Just have him die and then give him a funeral and a really nice memorial at the end of the movie. Dedicate the movie to him, that way every one knows that even though he died he won’t be forgotten and his legacy and daughter will live on. Paul Walker you were a great man and may you rest in peace. We will always remember you and the important impact you had on the entertainment of this century.