‘Fast & Furious 7′ Delayed But Still Happening After Death of Paul Walker

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Fast and Furious 7 Paul Walker Fast & Furious 7 Delayed But Still Happening After Death of Paul Walker

Along with tides of joy of givings of thanks, this holiday weekend brought with it the tragic death of Fast & Furious franchise star, Paul Walker. The forty-year-old actor was in a fatal car crash during a charity event in Santa Clarity, California – and along with an outpouring of shock, horror, and grief from fans all across the world, the big question looming on everyone’s mind was, “How is this going to affect Fast & Furious 7 ?

The seventh installment of the franchise has been in production since earlier this fall, with director James Wan (The Conjuring) taking over the helm from franchise staple, Justin Lin. Part 7 has been touted as a “’70s-style revenge thriller” story featuring Jason Statham as the vengeance-seeking brother of Fast & Furious 6 villain, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) – meaning that some hard hits are coming to the Dom Terreto (Vin Diesel) and his F&F familia.

Of course, that was before those hard hits became all too real with the death of Walker; in an update from THR, we now learn that Universal has held a meeting determining the fate of Fast & Furious 7. The official company line is that as of now, the film will see a delay in production in order to allow for a proper, respectful, grieving period. That delay could subsequently cause the film’s July 2014 release date to be bumped, but F&F7 will NOT be abandoned.

However, even though the film is still on, there is a question of logistics; namely, HOW to wrap the film in a way that makes sense in the narrative of the film, while remaining respectful to Walker and his legacy.

Fast and Furious 7 Production Release Date Delay Paul Walker Death Fast & Furious 7 Delayed But Still Happening After Death of Paul Walker

…And that is quite a tough nut to crack. On the surface, it would seem an easy fix: rewrite the revenge story so that Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor, meets a noble end somewhere in Ian Shaw’s (Statham) campaign of vengeance. However, the suddenness of Walker’s death (and his position as a franchise lead) means his character’s death was likely NOT in the cards; trying to make it happen onscreen, the easiest fix would be to use some kind of stunt racing sequence that doesn’t require actual shots of the actor’s face – except that any such fix would also be uncomfortably close to depicting the way in which Walker actually died. Audiences are likely not going to be supportive of that – let alone Walker’s family, and his friends amongst the F&F cast and crew.

That leaves us with the possible work-around of an off-screen demise for Brian O’Connor, which – while more tasteful and practical – will seem like an unceremonious end for such an important character in a mega-popular franchise. But then, none of this is easy (tragedy tends to be – well, tragic), and if the film is committed to reaching the finish line, a scenario like the one posited above is probably the best option.

Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster in Fast Furious 6 570x380 Fast & Furious 7 Delayed But Still Happening After Death of Paul Walker

But who knows: Maybe things don’t have to be so dark. Maybe Brian and Mia (Jordana Brewster) and their child are all sent off into the sunset to live free and happy while Dom and the rest of the crew continue to deal with threats at their car doors. Maybe the land of movie fantasy offers fans something better than the harsh reality of life did. Maybe we all could use something a little more uplifting as we say goodbye to an actor whose character was an icon for a generation of moviegoers. One can only hope…

Looking beyond the now, the second biggest question on my mind is whether Vin Diesel and Co. are still committed to making Fast Furious installments beyond part 7 (parts 8 & 9 are already planned). Will it still be fun for the cast and crew (and the fans) to take this ride, now short one passenger? I think we could all understand if the answer to that question was “no.”


Fast & Furious 7 is currently set for July 11, 2014 release. We’ll be keeping an eye on whether or not that date changes.

Source: THR

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  1. I think they should end the series with Fast 7 just like Bruce Lee movies years ago after he passed away

  2. Tell the truth. Have the character Brian O’Connor get killed off in the movie for driving like a freaking idiot in an over-powered car on a wide boulevard in an upscale industrial zone near a 25 mph curve. Have Dom make some comment about what an idiot he was for over driving a road that he was unfamiliar with. I know it wasn’t Walker driving, it was his idiot friend. But the point needs to be made. Too many people don’t take driving seriously enough. Safety is not their number 1 concern at all times, and it should be. I love this franchise, but movies like this can be a bad influence on the moronic.

  3. From the characters point a fitting way would be to die during a race sequance but that would hit very close to home for his friends and family so the people over at Universal have a task to make it a both believable and respectfull.
    R.I.P Paul

  4. I think they should continue in a memory of Paul

  5. i think they should make him die in the movie doing something heroic. i thought they would kill him in the last movie because he is not really the central character anymore. the rock took his place in screen time in the last couple movies.

    and its one of those things where i dont think it would be disrespectful to his family either because by the sounds of it vin and he were very close. i wonder how they will explain him not be in the movie.

  6. they should cancel this film and any future films.

    Oh why couldn’t it have been michael bay instead.

    • Because that’s not disrespectful.

      • seriously, if it had been Bay i would have thrown a party and you are all invited.

        FF series should be canceled, not because of Walker, but because the movies are terrible.

        • that’s messed up

          • tell me about it – i’ve been praying for Bay’s death for years. what does a guy have to do here.

            • come on, bro. i know you’re better than that. at least I hope.

    • Seriously?

  7. The answer is right in front of their faces. Cut out all of Walker’s parts, say he stayed home to raise his child and take care of his girl like he keeps SAYING HE IS GOING TO. Then replace him with that other blonde dipstick that was ridin’ around with Han in Tokyo. Problem solved.

    • Mike…

      Wow, you’re an a$$.

      Congrats on displaying a truly d-bag attitude about someone who has just died.

    • Mike, sorry can’t replace Paul Walker w/Lucas Black from Tokyo Drift, as Lucas Black is ALREADY appearing in FF7. If your going to be a dbag, I recommend knowing before speaking, lol. I’m sure whatever the studios plan, they will give a respectful & proper sendoff to Walker’s character. I agree that the FF franchise won’t be the same w/out Walker, but I don’t believe he would have wanted them to quit the franchise all together w/out him after this film.

      • Oh FFS, you people didn’t personally know him, so why are you acting all upset over this? Does it suck? Yeah, sure I think it sucks. But that doesn’t mean you’re gonna see me getting all “white knighty” over someone actually thinking about the movie instead of circlejerking each other with “RIP paul walker u were 2 yung”

        • You’re correct, we didn’t know him personally. Our issue is with the disrespectful tone of his message; you don’t have to be personally associated with someone to be polite and respectful at their passing.

    • Hmmm. I don’t see Mike saying anything disrespectful towards Paul Walker. I was thinking the same thing actually. His character is supposed to be in hiding to raise his family as a promise to Dom.

      He can be mentioned and have pictures of him shown still.

  8. Having known someone that died in a fiery crash, there is no easy way to deal from a human perspective. I say NO to on screen death by car accident.

  9. Not really sure hw to approach walker/connor continuity.

    But turning statham’s character cum good guy wld make sense and possibility of statham taking up oconnors good guy/tough guy persona wld help carry the franchise further.

    Its definitely not going to b the same without walker but i think statham is able to continue the legacy admirably imho.

  10. Logistically speaking, I think the bigger issue is not in finding a fitting way to send the character off, but in doing it in a convincing (and respectful) way without him physically appearing.

  11. So they will rewrite the story and combine brian and han’s deaths together to make it more vengeful for dom and his team. But how to show it? And what kind of character should Jason’s be? Hard stuff to write if you want to make the characters seem realistic…

    • That would be difficult as a minor teaser for Fast 7 appears on Fast 6 Blu-Ray where O’Connar, Vin are all at Hans & Giselle’s funeral. You also see O’Connar turn to Roman sayin there is one more funeral after Roman hopes for no more funerals.

  12. I’d say that the best scenario is that him and Jordana Brewster’s character leave and they sit the 7th and FINAL film out. He’s a father now in the film so it would kind of make sense.

    BUT, I’m sure they will find a way to have him die in the film and make his death take up the entire film

  13. This is a no win situation. 150 million+ is on the line here, but the wrong decision will be disrespectful. I think delaying the film so they can come up with a respectful solution is best and then end the series.

  14. Seemed like a nice guy, family man etc but these films are generally awful…. Here’s hoping this is the last in the series…

    • awful? Have you seen the last installments? The most recent one has a 70% on rotten tomatoes. Critics loved it. How many blockbuster films get the audience and critics’ approval?

  15. I said that thinking about bobby z

  16. Mike, sorry can’t replace Paul Walker w/Lucas Black from Tokyo Drift, as Lucas Black is ALREADY appearing in FF7. If your going to be a dbag, I recommend knowing before speaking, lol. I’m sure whatever the studios plan, they will give a respectful & proper sendoff to Walker’s character. I agree that the FF franchise won’t be the same w/out Walker, but I don’t believe he would have wanted them to quit the franchise all together w/out him after this film.

  17. No disrespect, RIP Paul Walker but why not just replace him with a different actor like they did with Iron Man 2? This way the series goes on and the story stays the same. They can even say that way brutally attacked and needed plastic surgery. Big loss but I’m sure there are other quality actors that can play his role. At the end of the day “show must go on”.

    • Because Terrance Howard (the individual who was replaced in the Iron Man series by Don Cheadle) didn’t die; he was replaced due to a difference of opinion with the production staff.

      Simply replacing somebody who has passed on is another kettle of fish entirely.

    • I’m with you on this one. The best way to pay tribute is to keep the train rolling, recast and deliver the best movie possible. Just pay a respectful and loving tribute from the rest of the cast at the start of the movie.

  18. As we noticed in the last two films Walker’s character was being phased out anyway while people like the Rock were getting much bigger roles.

    I’m not a writer nor have I even seen the script so its hard to say what should happen. But having him die in a wreck in the film is pushing it in my opinion. Have him and his family be written out of the film somewhere near the end. That seems to be the most realistic and safe way to go.

  19. Brian oconner was one of the best characters, the relationship between dom and Brian was always entertaining, skyline vs charger – I couldn’t see Brian sitting out whilst his teammates were being killed? And although it wouldn’t be the same, could they not have another actor take up the role? Like Spartacus after Andy Whitfield passed away? Or would that be considered disrespectful?

  20. First off you are talking about reshooting a large portion of the film. Something the studio would never do. Is it possible they recast the part in a sequel? The odds are better to recast the part in part 8 than right now.

    But this talk means nothing. He will never be replaced. I doubt any of the actors on set would allow for that.

  21. If they’re going to continue with the movies they should make the guy from Fast 3 the main guy.

  22. I don’t think it’s disrespectful because Paul is brian

  23. I think Walker would want for the franchise to go on(and we all know it will), I mean Ledger’s death didn’t stop Nolan from doing a sequel either. I think they should give him a hero’s death. It would resonate better with the audiences, than just write him off. The harsh reality is that his character became redundant in the last two movies since Hobbs took his place as Dom’s partner. Now they got Statham as well. I wonder will Statham’s character would end up killing him in the movie, because what we gathered, FF7 will be “Batman vs Superman” of the franchise where Statham fights Dom and then they unite against a common threat. (and Statham said he will be back for FF8, probably as an anti-hero.)

  24. But shooting has been delayed so they have time right?

  25. It started with Brian and should end with brian

  26. i think they should have the bad guy like kill him in a way and then Dom terreto like gets mad and goes after the guy.

    But it sucks that he died he was amazing and we will always remember him