‘Fast and Furious 7′ Cast Working Though ‘Unprecedented Challenges’

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fast furious 7 paul walker scenes Fast and Furious 7 Cast Working Though Unprecedented Challenges

When Paul Walker died in a car accident late last year, some worried that the seventh installment of The Fast and Furious franchise – which had already begun filming – wouldn’t be happening without its lead actor. However, Universal remained committed to the film and after the script was revised, filming restarted.

There was still question over what would happen to Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, and it was even rumored Fast & Furious 7 would kill off O’Conner. Thankfully, O’Conner will still appear in Fast & Furious 7 through a combination of footage from previous Fast and Furious films, CGI, body doubles, and motion-capture with the assistance of Paul’s brothers, Cody and Caleb Walker. The entire ordeal is a massive undertaking, and one that’s already caused Fast & Furious 7‘s budget to grow far beyond its original expected cost.

The extra measures being taken to include Walker in the film are clearly taxing for the production, but if an article in the most recent issue of THR is to be believed, it’s not the only thing slowing down the film. According to their sources, Vin Diesel has become exceedingly uncooperative, even reportedly spending entire days locked in his trailer.

THR‘s insiders, who are of course unnamed sources, which mean these off-the-record comments, also claim Diesel called a meeting in his trailer with Universal executives to complain about the film’s troubled production. They go on to say Diesel’s attitude has only slowed the already delayed production even more, and has caused the crew’s morale to plummet.

Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 6 Fast and Furious 7 Cast Working Though Unprecedented Challenges

If this all sounds very out of character for the actor, you’d be right. Until now, Diesel has appeared nothing but committed and supportive of Fast & Furious 7, and especially so after Walker’s passing. The two were more than co-stars, having become good friends after starring together in four Fast and Furious films.

On Diesel’s Facebook page (one of the best Facebook pages, by the way), the actor has shared his sentiments about Walker several times. He shared an unaired acceptance speech from the MTV Movie Awards where he and Walker won for Best Onscreen Duo, and most recently Diesel shared some heartwarming photos from the set of the cast reuniting after their loss.

Universal are also giving a different version of reported events, saying in a statement from Chairman Donna Langley:

“This production is working through some challenges that are historically unprecedented. The crew and cast, led by Vin, have been nothing but terrific under these circumstances.”

All of this evidence makes it appear unlikely that Diesel has been throwing tantrums on set, only further delaying the film. It’s entirely possible Diesel has spent more time than usual in his trailer as the production on this film must surely be an emotionally draining experience. But locking himself away and being uncooperative with the cast and crew? That certainly doesn’t sound like him.

What do you make of this on set gossip? Has Diesel turned diva, refusing to cooperate on set for Fast & Furious 7? Or is this simply a bunch of rubbish? Let us know what you think in comments below!


Fast & Furious 7 will hits theaters on April 10, 2015.

Source: THR [via Cinema Blend]

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    • LOL. Good one

  2. Honestly I think that the death of Paul Walker is getting to him. my guess is that he didnt have enough time to mourn for Paul when they decided to get back into production as fast as they did, plus seeing Paul’s brothers on set to appear for Paul maybe making it hard for him to work cause they remind him of Paul.

    Im still a fan of Vin and hope he can pull through this. I know it will definitely be hard for a lot of people knowing that this is Paul’s last movie. I will definitely see this movie when it comes out

  3. Some people hate him, so they hate on him.

  4. Sounds like it’s just a slow news day, so somebody fabricated some BS about Diesel and the FF7 movie to fill it.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. It’ll be an emotional set, regardless how much time passed between Walker’s death and filming picking back up and I imagine another reason he might be locked away in his trailer is because of other projects (both his own and those for Marvel).

    At least he’s not shooting scenes on his own or writing Post-It notes for the rest of the cast yet.

  6. I like vin diesel but this is a short guy who can sometimes get a little demanding.
    if you seen his interviews he does sometimes come off like a jerk with the
    interviewers. i said from beginning this should be last fast and furious movie and then
    let it end because they got back to work on fast seven fast. truly hope this is last film
    in franchise. he is well paid so time to chin and act professional and finish the movie.

    • Wait, are you calling him short because of his temper or is his height somehow an issue for you??

      • Man i never said i hate the dude’s height being me and him have a similar stature.
        Just saying some guys my height who have some success get shortman’s complex
        sometimes and throw tantrums.

    • He came across like a total dumbass on Letterman once years ago but that and his constant mumbling are the only things I held against him and they’re not even so bad that I dislike him. At least they’re better reasons to potentially dislike him than his height, that’s just ridiculous.

    • How are calling a six-foot-tall guy short? Even the average height of the American male is shorter than that. Tow Cruise – now that’s someone who could get short man’s syndrome.

      • Tow Cruise – now that’s someone who could get short man’s syndrome.

        What do you mean “could”? :D

        With all the things he does (demanding to do his own stunts, fencing, flying a P-51 Mustang etc.) I’ve never seen someone trying to compensate more than him. ;)

        • Oh, I agree. I was being gracious – albeit not exactly accurate – with my wording ;)

        • Or maybe he is just an adrenaline junkie? You’re saying that everyone who is 6’5″ with a giant p3nis will never want to do those things? Please stop with this silly over-simplified psychology…

        • Some old buddies of mine said they met and chatted with Vin Diesl he was only like 5’8. My buddies were like 5’6 and 5’7. Diesel wears really big boots. He may be only like 5’8 or 5’9 with 3 or 4 inch lifts.

          • OK… and the point is… Why are we so fixated on someone’s height again? I’m confused…

      • Vin Diesel is no where near 6 feet…not even close. If you believe that you probably believe tom cruse is 5’10″ ;) and yea there is such a thing s napoleon complex.

        But this wholes toy just sounds like slow news day BS.

        • Ah, no, I don’t believe Tom Cruise is 5’10. Simple Google search and his height comes up @ 5’7, which is his height. Vin Diesel’s is @ 5’11 or 6’0. Google’s usually accurate about these things, so why shouldn’t we believe it for Vin Diesel? When he stood next to the Rock in the Fast Five he looked about four inches shorter than him, and the Rock’s about 6’4. And I never said there wasn’t such thing as Napoleon complex; I just said that someone Vin Diesel’s height – whether it be 5’11 or 6’0 – most likely wouldn’t suffer from it.

          • You do know that there are hollywood tricks right? Like standing on a box or elevated platforming or life kits for shoes…

          • Maybe you should say that there isn’t a such thing as a Napoleon complex. Napoleon was average height for his day, so this whole “complex” thing doesn’t make any sense at all unless he was comparing himself to people in the future… It’s just typical of people to try to simplify and belittle people who are different from them. The average height is taller now, so those people want to judge Napoleon and attribute his personality to some kind of “disorder” that would conveniently not include themselves. So they used his height as the object to focus on. Go look it up, Napoleon was not 5’2″ he was 5’6″ (1.68m) which was average height back in his day…

        • I wonder if it ever hit anyone that Napolean wasn’t actually short… He was 5’6″ or 1.68m, which might be “short” now, but was actually average height back then… So yah, all of this “Napoleon complex” crap is just… well… crap… It’s basically just what something egocentric. Since the average height now is taller, the people who represent that average (aka, the majority) or better, like to come up with generalizations to describe those who are different than themselves. So obviously Napoleon wasn’t just a great military commander with great confidence, he must have had some crazy complex since he’s such a “short little man.” And before someone chimes in about him being 5’2″, that was actually incorrect, go look it up…

          • It comes from napoleons horse he had a giant horse, so when he rode it he appeared short

            • @j

              Still, this whole concept that Napoleon was affected by him being self-conscious about his height thing is ridiculous if he was average height for his time… It’s always so convenient when people come up with this pseudo-psychology for anyone who might not be “average” in something. Conveniently there isn’t an “Average height or taller complex” huh??

  7. if this is true then it’s probably b/c they aren’t doing good by his books to ‘send of’ walker and his character properly. he seemed pretty enthusiastic with the movie send off b/c of ‘how close’ the 2 actors where, so again, if this is all true, it’s probably b/c he doesn’t feel they’re giving the actor/character justice.

  8. I call rubbish.

  9. You guys churn out multiple stories consistently on a daily basis and I commend you all for the hard work.

    Is there not enough to report without having to pass on unsubstantiated claims.

  10. let me start by telling you that Paul Walker may be the sweetest, kind and giving man you could ever hope to meet! a bit of a meat head, but the best kind o human-being!
    i worked on the film “into the blue” with walker(i played ‘scuba bob’), our scene together was only one day, yet i spent many days after ” on set” and realised how cool this guy was! years later i heard of his outstanding relief efforts in haiti. not from news sources or campeigns touting how “awsome” he is, but by haitian friends telling me “that guy in that movie helped rebuild my moms house!”
    on to Vin’s reaction! it would be really hard to deal with that kind of loss, only to see producers fill that gap (be they brothers or body doubles). i understand that the movie must get finished, but that’s a hard gap to fill! i can’t blame vin for freaking a bit! i hope they can do this good man justice!

    rest in peace, Paul Walker, you’ve earned it!

  11. This is really just gossip, and should not be lent credence here.

  12. I can’t stand those FF movies,I dunno they seem to be Latino Star Wars to me,but I like Diesel,and he is obviously upset about the death of his friend,as any descent human being would be. Money, money,money. Perhaps he is seeing the whole thing as a cash grab …I dunno. He always came across a likeable guy to me,I think something is up.

  13. Having lost my brother at a young age, I promise you that he is just going through some VERY rough times. Loss is dealt with by each person differently, and being a follower of his on Facebook I can tell you that he dearly misses Paul Walker. Calling him a Diva for going through some very tough emotional turmoil is just inhuman. The media should lay off the poor guy.

  14. When you lose one of your good friends you experience survivor guilt. I have a feeling Vin is feeling this and probably is doing this because he thinks it is disrespectful to Walker by making this movie. No doubt the story is legit because it has been coming out from several sources.

  15. You know it’s a slow news day when you have to almost make up a story to get anywhere.

  16. Maybe vin diesel should drop out of fast and the furious 7 because he’s probably still going through the loss of Paul walker. Or possibly the movie reminds vin too much of walkers death. If I was directing this movie and somebody died in a car accident, I’d definitely scrap the movie altogether.

  17. Vin Diesel has always been a DIva. LOL

  18. Its all simply a bunch of rubbish to me

  19. Cruzy is 5’7″.