‘Fast & Furious 7′ Will Retire (Not Kill) Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor

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Fast and Furious 7 Paul Walker Fast & Furious 7 Will Retire (Not Kill) Paul Walkers Brian OConnor

In what is probably the most obvious piece of a news to come out this year (so far), Universal has decided that yes, as most of us surmised, in order to continue with Fast & Furious 7 they need a viable workaround for the late Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor, without hitting too close to Walker’s actual death as a result of a high-speed sports car crash. Hard to do in a Fast & Furious movie.

Surprise, surprise, that solution has now been officially settled upon: Brian O’Connor will get a happier ending than Paul Walker did.

THR reports that F&F7 director James Wan and writer Chris Morgan are tweaking the script in a way that they can use what footage of Walker they already shot (about half the film), while also creating a send off for Walker’s character Brian that would still allow the franchise to continue. The film has currently been pushed back to April 10, 2015 to allow the cast time to grieve and the necessary changes to be made.

I said the following in the immediate aftermath of Walker’s passing, when we were all wondering what was going to happen with the franchise:

Maybe things don’t have to be so dark. Maybe Brian and Mia (Jordana Brewster) and their child are all sent off into the sunset to live free and happy while Dom and the rest of the crew continue to deal with threats at their car doors. Maybe the land of movie fantasy offers fans something better than the harsh reality of life did. Maybe we all could use something a little more uplifting as we say goodbye to an actor whose character was an icon for a generation of moviegoers. One can only hope…

…And it would seem like that hope is definitely becoming a reality. As it should.

Fast and Furious 7 Paul Walker Brian OConnor Ending Final Scene Fast & Furious 7 Will Retire (Not Kill) Paul Walkers Brian OConnor

A better end for Brian and Mia

Recent rumors have pointed to Paul’s little brother Cody Walker possibly filling in for some of the stunt-heavy moments in the film (a lot of the big set pieces haven’t been shot yet), and this “Brian goes into the sunset” scenario could still utilize that option. In short: since the film revolves around Jason Statham’s villain looking for payback for the events of Fast & Furious 6, Brian could be involved in the early part of the film until danger hits too close, before he, Dom and Co. finally opt to do the responsible thing and send Brian and Mia off to live safe with their son.

That’s really the best of all worlds. Fans get one last outing with Walker in his most iconic role; the franchise can continue without detriment to the part 7 storyline; and nobody has to be reminded of the grisly reality of things, nor feel like Walker’s memory has been disrespected.


Fast & Furious 7 will be in theaters on April 10, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. Awwh I’m glad they finally got a good script for his character without killing him . I’m also glad the movie might be coming out for my birthday. Gonna go see if it does in honor of Paul Walker. Great franchise <3

    • +1 agreed

  2. Good decision!

  3. Hey, at the end you guys put “Fast and Furious 7 will be in theaters April 10th, 2013″. Anyways, this is good, but I hope they don’t make it cheesy. I hope they use various clips of his recorded voice to have him saying goodbye to Dominic or something along those lines. Even though that would be a bit cheesy for some of the audio may sound weird (one second he’s excited, the next he’s monotone, the next he’s angry), but I truly feel that this would be there best option.

  4. I’m so happy that they are doing this. With the way 6 ended, it makes perfect sense for Brian and Mia to be off elsewhere keeping their child safe.

  5. kofffiiii…is his last name really Outlaw?

    • no its bandit.

  6. The correct call. Recasting would’ve been monumentally insensitive.

  7. I hope they send him off in a good note… but if that’s the case, then it’s farewell to Mia as well. Well, she didn’t do much in the previous movies anyway

  8. that’s what I like to hear, as I said before, send them off and away from all the “madness” he Brian and Mia have their own family now. Good news.

  9. Twice today Kofi! Twice! LOL. Were not even in 2013 anymore.

    Its all good. We all make mistakes.

  10. Im glad they wanna do the right thing but his character and his wife wouldnt just get up nd leave that whole family. just in the last movie reason he was with them was because him and dom our like brothers nd his wife knows they need to watch out for each other. use what u got of him and end the serious with this film. also killing him by a vengeful jason isnt disrespectful. r.i.p paul walker

  11. I think that’s awesome. Kudos to the filmmakers for doing it right and keeping him in the movie with nice send-off. I’m sure it’ll be emotional for the audience as well as the cast. Paul was a good dude in Hollywood.

  12. Cool news. That’s the way they should write his character off.

  13. I’m in the minority but I believe paul walker just being “retired” will only lead to further possiblities of him being reccasted which would be disrespectful to him. I thought death was the better option for him.

  14. It just makes me think of the dying a few weeks before retirement trope.

  15. They should have just ended the franchise at 5

  16. Good move.

  17. So does that mean FAST 8 with Kurt Russell is still a go or not?

  18. I bet Hobbs puts Brian and Mia or Mya, under witness protection. I wonder if they’ll use audio from deleted scenes from the other films starring Walker.

  19. Awesome news!

  20. Great news, hopefully the editing doesn’t make it seem awkward. Jordana Brewster’s gotta be a little annoyed though. I assume this means her character is done as well, and let’s be honest, Jordana Brewster isn’t exactly the most wanted actress in Hollywood right now, nor is she the most talented.

    Can’t wait for the next film though.

    • She is doing quite well in the popular relaunch of the series “Dallas” which is about to begin it’s new season soon.

  21. I’ve seen some of the previous films. Aren’t there some who buy the farm through high speed chases in all these films? Why then when life immitates the film should there be a sudden worry about not killing him off in the series? To me a sundden trap sprung by Statham that ends up causing a fatal crash would be a far better send off then this pc version of him suddenly running away from danger. In the movies if you live by the blade, then it’s only fitting to die by the blade. Personally I think this send off is a dis-service to the character, and thus the performer. I know it’s a balancing act, but shouldn’t he really have a better send off then suddenly disappearing off into the sunset like he’s running away from danger? Even with a kid and ol’ lady…It’s just not consistent with the character and a bit cheesy over all.

    • Becausekids love this franchise, Paul wasnt driving, so for the kds to see him die twice would not give closure but reopen a wou
      nd, they feel like family to my son who idolized Brian, and Dom;s character, not the cars or the stealing, but the family something he lacks in the male department.

  22. Personally, I’m of the opinion that the story would have been better suited with the character’s death, but I completely understand the decision to do it this way…

  23. That’s very good news to hear

  24. They have to/should kill him off. Its only right, he doesn’t hide or run and mia even sent him off because dom is better with him. Im pretty sure he had a quote that went something like, “if I die in a high speed car crash, don’t be sad because I will have died doing with a smile doing something I loved.” Think it went something like that. He has to be killed off, Its just the right thing, only thing to do. Its bout respect and im sure thats the only way he’d want it, especially since his character was no coward.

  25. my son said the same, i was shocked, he said mom what are they going to do, Brian would never leave Dom, but I dont want to see him die in a crash, it would be hard on his daughter.. out of the mouths of preteens… maybe it is just some off camera death and the fbi rolls up to tell mia.. but whatever they decide my son will have to be ok with. he was really hoping cody would grow into the part, or be his brother and take over his spot on the crew and family..

    • Cody walker is now going to be in the furious 8 movie I believe in the end of 7th when they send Paul into the sunset I beleave that in the 8th movie that it will show them agian doing and official goodbye and then I believe that Paul’s brother will be in to take over Pauls spot that’s what Paul would have wanted and he is probably smiling down on the whole family of all the fans and everyone who paid him respects.

  26. I like the author’s idea. It’s pretty much in sync with what I was hoping would happen. I figured if they keep Han’s funeral (see leaked footage on youtube) in the movie, then it would be way too depressing to have a second funeral for Brian in the same movie if they kill him off. Also, I think it would be really cool if they could create a role for Paul’s brother, Cody,(should he be willing to accept) other than just being Paul’s stand-in to shoot Brian’s final scenes. Cody could also be Brian’s brother in the movie and joins the team when Brian retires. Not to replace him, but to help fill the void that Paul/Brian’s absence will leave. Since they look so much alike, it would be kind of comforting for fans to see a familiar face, should they decide continue on with the franchise. They also need to bring back those two hilarious Spanish dudes from 4 and 5, who were always bickering.

  27. I think the guy in part 2should come back as he got out of jail and hunt brian down as he said at the end of two i see you soon and get even if you gonna use the story line use that one

  28. Now I agree with you on this

  29. I think killing his character off is good. I really would have like Cody filling into the movie as a vengeful brother. I also think Lucas Black will be really good in the next 3. We have to give him a chance. I was watching a interview with the director James Wan and this guy is bringing a different flavor to this Fast 7 movie. He is bringing suspense and thriller. The last part Paul Walker filmed I think it was a bridge that had exploded or something or a car accident. Paul was a blow to the franchise but his death should not stop this franchise. I actually think they will be better

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