‘Fast & Furious 7′ Will Retire (Not Kill) Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor

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Fast and Furious 7 Paul Walker Fast & Furious 7 Will Retire (Not Kill) Paul Walkers Brian OConnor

In what is probably the most obvious piece of a news to come out this year (so far), Universal has decided that yes, as most of us surmised, in order to continue with Fast & Furious 7 they need a viable workaround for the late Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor, without hitting too close to Walker’s actual death as a result of a high-speed sports car crash. Hard to do in a Fast & Furious movie.

Surprise, surprise, that solution has now been officially settled upon: Brian O’Connor will get a happier ending than Paul Walker did.

THR reports that F&F7 director James Wan and writer Chris Morgan are tweaking the script in a way that they can use what footage of Walker they already shot (about half the film), while also creating a send off for Walker’s character Brian that would still allow the franchise to continue. The film has currently been pushed back to April 10, 2015 to allow the cast time to grieve and the necessary changes to be made.

I said the following in the immediate aftermath of Walker’s passing, when we were all wondering what was going to happen with the franchise:

Maybe things don’t have to be so dark. Maybe Brian and Mia (Jordana Brewster) and their child are all sent off into the sunset to live free and happy while Dom and the rest of the crew continue to deal with threats at their car doors. Maybe the land of movie fantasy offers fans something better than the harsh reality of life did. Maybe we all could use something a little more uplifting as we say goodbye to an actor whose character was an icon for a generation of moviegoers. One can only hope…

…And it would seem like that hope is definitely becoming a reality. As it should.

Fast and Furious 7 Paul Walker Brian OConnor Ending Final Scene Fast & Furious 7 Will Retire (Not Kill) Paul Walkers Brian OConnor

A better end for Brian and Mia

Recent rumors have pointed to Paul’s little brother Cody Walker possibly filling in for some of the stunt-heavy moments in the film (a lot of the big set pieces haven’t been shot yet), and this “Brian goes into the sunset” scenario could still utilize that option. In short: since the film revolves around Jason Statham’s villain looking for payback for the events of Fast & Furious 6, Brian could be involved in the early part of the film until danger hits too close, before he, Dom and Co. finally opt to do the responsible thing and send Brian and Mia off to live safe with their son.

That’s really the best of all worlds. Fans get one last outing with Walker in his most iconic role; the franchise can continue without detriment to the part 7 storyline; and nobody has to be reminded of the grisly reality of things, nor feel like Walker’s memory has been disrespected.


Fast & Furious 7 will be in theaters on April 10, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. I hope they somehow let Brian live on with Mia and Jack. Is as many of you wrote above, not like Brian to just leave Dom and the team, even if Dom and Mia told him to walk away. It´s so sad (soooo saaad!!!!!!) what happend to Paul, I only know his charachter,Brian, and even if this sound horrible – when the news about his death came, my first thought was “Wait.. is Brian dead!? What about the movie!?”. It sounds horrible, but I think many fans reacted that way. Now I feel sad for both Brian and Paul. It´s awful that the good people go like that :(
    (Sorry for the bad english!!)

  2. KC,

    Don’t feel bad bro. A lot of us felt that way and some of us are the type of people that we wouldn’t normally be like that. But a true movie fan, especially a franchise fan, will be like that. THAT is what Paul, and most every other actor wants. They WANT you to be so wrapped up in the film, the character.. so loving towards their work that we are emotional about it. That’s the whole meaning of “The movie/ franchise has such an impact of people’s lives…”

    Paul wanted Brian to “go out with a bang” if they took his character out… even said it in an interview or two. But, I think he’d be just as happy with Brian retiring with his family to make sure he IS a good father, because that was Brian’s whole worry.

    I for one am very excited and anxious for April 2015. :)

  3. Absolute nonsense. It’s just too fake and dumb to have his character “live” in the movies when we know he died in real life.

  4. Well, if he died in the movie, it might discourage all those wannabe racecar drivers out there!


    So sick of these stupid@ss Fast & F@ggy movies!

    • Then don’t watch them.

    • you just cant drive lol

  5. That sounds the very best and proper ending for not only Brian but #teampw too.
    HUGE franchise fan even managed to get a 1:18th scale model Nissan Skyline which I’m so proud of. When i heard i was in mourning for at least a month or so, silly i know but that’s me a huge softy. The last 3 fast films I’ve designed my own special T shirt next Aprils will be extra special. Oh & this past January 15th i had The Fast and The Furious tattoo with#teampw underneath on the bottom of my back. #ultimatefan

  6. I don’t feel it’s far to have Mia be put out of the movies but its the perfect ending for the 2 actors but still I still want Mia to be in the movies she’s like my fav character.RIP Paul walker


  8. I think it is disrespectful to the franchise and brian o connor to NOT have his character killed off in high speed car chase! That’s what these movies are about!

  9. Quite frankly, I can’t accept Brian and Mia just walking away – first of all, this permanently forces out Jordana Brewster from the franchise, how is that fair? If anything, Paul would not want his death to be used to push Jordana out of the Fast family – if Brian and Mia were to leave, then they can never come back, not even for cameos for Jordana because then what, they have to use some awkward excuse to explain why Brian isn’t with Mia? None of that will make sense and it’s continuing some false hope that everyone knows will never happen again – they might as well end his role on a clean cut death scene, have everyone give him a proper mourning, and then the franchise can go on while still speaking fondly of him while still keeping this family together and not force Jordana out of the picture. Besides, what about Brian and Mia’s son Jack’s future? He’s a O’Conner and a Toretto, he’s a legacy character, and we’re just not ever gonna see him grow up? If this whole purpose is to honor the character’s legacy then why not keep Jack in the franchise and let him grow up – and that isn’t to mention that Brian and Mia would never just walk away from Dom – they spent all those movies trying to fight to keep their family together and just suddenly walk away? Let’s be honest here, if Paul hadn’t died, there’s no way Brian would take Mia and Jack and leave, they’d all be right in the action – so if Brian wouldn’t have done this if Paul had been alive, then why should he suddenly do a 180 just because Paul is gone? Let him die saving Mia or Jack or Dom – they don’t even need to have him die in anything car related, just have him take a bullet for a family member – let him die a hero – that allows the franchise to move on just as well without having to later on resort to awkward ways to avoid mentioning Brian as if he would ever leave Dom and the team alone to face dangers.

    • They could still bring Jack and Mia back in the later movies, but by then, Mia’s character would also be much older. Also in the 6th movie, Jordana WAS out of the action at first in order to protect Jack until she was taken. Brian wouldn’t have wanted Mia or Jack in the action anyway. Also, have you considered that the decision to retire Brian rather than kill him off was out of respect for Paul’s family? Don’t forget, Paul has parents, siblings and a daughter in real life that were all affected by his death in a far more personal and tragic manner than any of us as fans could be. They lost a son, brother and father, and the producers were probably trying to be respectful and considerate of the fact that watching Brian (Paul’s) death on screen might have been too much for them. Paul wanted Brian to go out with a bang, but he also wouldn’t want anything to cause his family distress or upset. Everyone deals with grief in a different way, and us fans just have to accept that Paul’s family prefer it this way, and it’s their wishes that matter.

    • Dude do you even realize what you’re saying? You’re basically contemplating that they will make F&F movies forever (“we won’t get to see his kid grow up”). Not gonna happen. If this one isn’t the last one, the next one will be. Not only are most of these characters in their 40′s, but the franchise is mainly accomodating to teenie boppers now, hence the pg13 ratings and most of the comments on this page, you can tell they were written by a flock of 12 year olds. It has lost most of it’s original fans from 2001. These sequels are good but not great. They are too scared to kill off a main character in fear of losing the audience, and when they do kill one off, it’s always the most underdeveloped character and extremely predictable, it’s a dying franchise. It has been for years now. Hollywood doesn’t care one bit about what the fans want, as long as they pay money to see it or buy it. That’s all they care about and will tell you differently all day, but they don’t care about anything but the money. Paul Walkers death also killed this franchise, hands down. Idk about anyone else but i know i will not be seeing this movie without him in it. Just like they won’t be continuing these movies after this. If you think people are actually going to pay $ to see ‘Fast and the Furious 11′ with no Paul Walker and 50 year old Torrettos driving around, you’re very much mistaken. That would just be silly, putting it kindly. And a whole new cast would be pathetic. Although they might give it a shot because they know poor chumps like you will pay to see it.
      Paul Walkers character should be killed off in this movie. His death was a tragedy, yes. But so were all of the other deaths by vehicle accident that day. And it’s the movie industry, it is what it is. They shouldn’t make a movie suck just to try and be nice. Walker wouldn’t want his character to go out like a little b**** going into hiding or “retiring” as they said. That sounds awful!! They should make him go out in a heroic way, like taking one for the team or for his family. But they can’t do that because he is gone. This whole ‘respect’ thing is just an excuse is all it is. They say that so when the movie comes out, and Walkers exit sucks and instead of people saying wtf? They will have been suckered into saying ‘okay, i understand’. It’s basically Hollywoods way of saying ‘we have no Paul Walker to make a death scene so he’s just going to disappear from the movie so be prepared’. And they use the ‘respect’ excuse and most of the teenie boppers buy into it easily.
      This franchise is so burnt out and dead that they are grasping for straws now. Don’t expect any more F&F movies after this. And if there are, prepare to be extremely disappointed. They will SUCK.

    • Absolutely true they are showing a hero being turned into a coward. Brian was always the one who stood right besides toretto …I know its too late bt still I know one thing even late Paul walker wouldn’t be happy with this decision….misssssssss u Paul u were the real hero

  10. I totally agree. No way would Brian and Mia just walk away and take Jack. They have all fought so hard all these years to keep the family together. Remember when Mia told Brian and Dom she was pregnant? They swore then that they were not gonna lose anymore family. I don’t think Paul would want Mia and Jack gone.They could so totally go so much farther in the storyline.I just know from past F & F that they would just ride off in the sunset and leave the family. RIP Paul. We will miss you!

  11. Hey Guys.

    Us in Namibia are far behind you all when it comes to the releases of movies, BUT! have faith in the story line and whatever twisted or funny turns it may take, I have every confidence in the writers and their ability to have Mia and Jack turn up in future if it will call for it, look how we all went up in arms with Tokyo Drifts saying it was a load of hog wash and was not part of the frachise………. And now what happened in it with Hann dying all makes perfect sense does it not? I would not venture so far as to say that Mia and Jack won’t be able to return one day watch what happens and enjoy the franchise it’s a movies and these talented actors are giving us a ride for our money No? Every movie I have watched since fast four has had me sitting on the edge of my seat in both amazment and wonder at what the actors stunt men and women and holywood has been able to do. I’m just along for the ride of my life and am enjoying every second of action and romance that this franchise has to offer, and Elaina…….. wow BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!!!!!! enjoy guys cheers. Charlie.

  12. I know that everyone wants a happy ending for Brian and mia but ever time the make a new movie we`re going to expect to see the. Family is the best part of the movies. They need to give us closure on film. It doesnt have to be in a car that would be wrong. Is dom and everyone just going to forget about them maybe fake phone calls. Its left to open.

  13. I think it is a gud way to send of paul and mia off but for us who loved to watch paul walker and vin diseal work as a team those were my favourite parts now paul walker is leaving I dont think I will be watching F&F7 without paul and vin working as a team ;)

  14. The first fast and furious was fantastic. The rest are pure cancer and need to stop. I’m watching Fast and Furious 6 right now as I type this and it’s just awful. Everyone of these people are pretty bad actors, the only reason it can be watchable is cause the cool atmosphere,cars and music which to me is terrible.

    The team writing and filming this cancer is sitting on a gold mine. Simply because you people suck at being able to identify a decent film.

    Live big you’ll die big, paul walker you silly fool.

  15. If I was the director I would usepaul walkers photograph and car accident as a murder seen by the same guy who killed on in the end of fast 6 and say he wanted revenge from his brother and make it look like he tamerpered with the car and made the steering malfunction and cradh

  16. COOL

  17. Its not gonna b the same w/ out paul walker, there’s only one brian oconnor!!! Brian Mia & Jack leavinf for good is the best optioin in many ways thou hard to beleave brian would d eva desert dom… i love these films but w/ out brian not sure I’ll contiue watching!!! RIP PAUL WALKER HARD TO BELEAVE ITS BEEN A YEAR


    • i really miss his part …..there will never be perfect fit
      Have never believed my favorite actor died but in all cant wait to for April


    • Why should Mia’s role in FF end. Let it be as it is Paul dies killed by Jason hand and that sends the group after him. Let the boy grow up and lets see a new chapter

  20. Some people want to be able to se Jack grow through the years!

  21. Watch Fast & Furious 7 Before anyone else!

  22. I miss paul walker he was a awsome guy I wish he cloud be in this moive im sorry I loved him who will fill in for him?

  23. Plz don’t turn Brian into a coward….plz

  24. http://facebook.com/fast7paulwalker

  25. Download Unreleased movie from here : http://www.games-movies-for-free.blogspot.com/2015/01/furious-7-download-movie-for-free-hd.html
    I think it`s the best movie ever

  26. hi,i like the movie fast and furious very much than other tamil movies sry i am from tamil nadu,but today i love paul walker than other actors in the world paul walker death is bad news for all i miss him so much..and congrats for fast and furious team its very surprised for me you finished your movie fast and furious 6 without paul i am really surprised after i watcheed the movie and so i am waiting for fast and furious 7(coming soon)…

  27. Fast and furious series without Paul Walker oh god I can’t even imagine.I missed him so much. May your soul Rest in Peace Paul Walker