‘Ong Bak’ Star Tony Jaa Cast In ‘Fast & Furious 7′

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Tony Jaa Cast in Fast and Furious 7 Ong Bak Star Tony Jaa Cast In Fast & Furious 7

Fast & Furious 7 has already gained attention for the addition of a new villain played by Jason Statham and its director James Wan (The Conjuring), who is said to be approaching the latest addition to the profitably sturdy action franchise as “a gritty ’70s revenge thriller.” 

Beyond Statham being added to the cast, there seems to be very few new faces to join stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson. That is, until now.

THR is reporting that Thai-born action star Tony Jaa will join the cast. A stuntman-turned-actor, Jaa is best known as the star of the internationally-successful Ong Bak series, a title which translates (basically) as “Muay Thai Warrior.” Jaa starred in the original and went on to star, co-write and direct Ong Bak 2 and Ong Bak 3By most accounts, the series contains incredible fight choreography, thin storylines and almost nonexistent characterizations.

Tony Jaa in Ong Bak Ong Bak Star Tony Jaa Cast In Fast & Furious 7

Still, it’s been successful enough to get Hollywood’s attention. Jaa’s role in Fast & Furious 7 will be his first big studio release as well as his first English-speaking role.

Jaa expressed his excitement over the casting in an e-mail from Thailand:

“I have been a big fan of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise. The films are fast-paced, fun and keep the audience involved. There is a great mix of humor and action, something I really appreciate. There is no better film to be involved in for a first U.S. studio production.”

When asked if he relished the opportunity to potentially go head to head with such action heavyweights as Vin Diesel and Dwyane Johnson – and whether or not he’d win – Jaa charmingly deflected the question, saying:

“Having a chance to work with Vin Diesel and The Rock already makes me a winner.” 

Could Jaa follow in the footsteps of Jackie Chan or Jet Li in attaining a large following among American action audiences? His inclusion in this ever-popular franchise might point toward an attempt by the producers to strengthen the overseas potential of the seventh installment, which is said to be set primarily in Los Angeles, returning the series to its starting point after plots which found the crew barreling through Miami, Tokyo, Mexico (after stops in LA and DR), Brazil and Europe.

fast furious 6 diesel walker johnson Ong Bak Star Tony Jaa Cast In Fast & Furious 7

It probably won’t need much of a boost, though, since this past summer’s Fast & Furious made over $786 million worldwide, with two thirds of that total coming from foreign markets. As we’ve pointed out before, there’s plenty to like about the series, and adding the horror maestro James Wan as director is a bold choice.

Too many venerable franchises appear to resist trying new things (we’re looking sadly in your direction, A Good Day to Die Hard), and while long-time series screenwriter Chris Morgan’s story is still under wraps, a new face in the form of Tony Jaa might be a hint at what’s in store.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Do you approve of the addition of Tony Jaa in the Fast & Furious franchise? Let us know in the comments.


Fast & Furious 7 is being fast-tracked for a July 11, 2014 release.

Source: THR

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  1. nah,he wont be the next action star.
    he has been around for 10 years now,and even stopped being in movies for several years …so..

    but sure i love those movies,the scenes are amazing.
    but next action star?

    • i just want to bring up one slight flaw with that line of thought, Bruce Lee was basically unknown except for diehard fans for the longest time, Tony Jaa has the ability to become the next great martial artist and i think to shrug him off does him a discourtesy. i feel this will be his chance to make an impact into the american market

  2. Of course he will. The issue with Jaa is that the masses haven’t seen him in action but when they do they are going to love this guy. I saw Ing bam years ago and I have been ranting on about him since. And for those who clearly dont know what they are talking about, please shut up. Not only is he doing fast 7 he is also bringing out warrior king 2……..so boom!

  3. Why people miss Gal Gadot?
    Its a really shock

  4. Tony Jaa is the only reason I’ll be watching this next one. This guy’s an amazing fighter.

  5. I think Tony Jaa is an excellent addition to an already great cast. Its rare to see such a talented martial artist not get offered this type of a role in an American produced action film after the success he has already had over seas. I hope we get to see his fighting prowess and get more exposure to his art. His unique style will surely win over those who have not had the chance to see him before.

  6. I support Tony Jaa. He is very capable in combat.
    So Fun. I’ll be watching this next one.

  7. Thailand’s top kung fu.

    • Awesome muay thai king got a flexible body

  8. Awesome! can not wait for him ,totally it must be powerful movie.

  9. สนับสนุนจาพนม

  10. I wish Stallone picked this guy up first,he’d fit in The Expendables 3 more than I think in Fast 7 but hey just great to see him doing Fast 7 can’t wait and might be my first time I’ve seen a Fast and Furious movie in the theatre too.

    • yea good point he should have got him in Expendables he would have fit in perfectly

  11. I think it’s an excellent addition to an increasingly talented cast. Hopefully this movie will give an opportunity to showcase his many talents. Can’t wait for this movie to arrive!

  12. oooohh…. tony jaa . favorite hero. he is awesome. i will be watching fast and furious 7 due to him. and i am waiting for it..

  13. Great addition, I can’t wait to see this one.

  14. I’m a huge fan of Tony jaa and vin diesel to have them both in a movie together doesn’t get more bad ass-
    Hope their will be a hell of allot of muay Thai fighting in fast 7!!

    • Amen and you can say that again!

  15. Let him be given the chance to see whether he can play his role well……………… i say YES!!!!!!

  16. One of the biggest Tony Jaa fans! I am extremely stoked he’s going to be in this next installment. His fighting techniques are some of the most technical skills to this day. No matter how long he’s been around, if u knew his story you’d kno he has had the chance to make movies in America but has chosen not too. Wanting to find the perfect role to make his debut and I think he’s gonna make a stellar debut in Fast & Furious 7. Mark my words action star is just the beginning to describe this guy! He’s already that and then some in my eyes. This is all my opinion obviously and hopefully fact will come out of this statement so the whole world can see his incredible talent.

  17. Hollywood ruined bruce lee, Jackie chan and jet li, now they’re going to do it to Jaa. People are only excited for Jaa in Hollywood so they don’t have to read subtitles. People forget hes a martial artist first and actor second. His Hollywood movies will be nowhere near as good as his thai movies. Hollywood will also rob of him years he has left to do his own stuntwork. Westerners don’t know how to display muay thai and muay boran properly, They’ll never beable to do what Prachya and Rittikrai did with his movies, adding that extremeity and rawness. Tony jaa will never be the same after this and his movies will only get worse that’s a given, and its been proved, just look at chans and lis s***** Hollywood movies, Hollywood destroyed them and now its Tony jaa’s turn. R.I.P Tony Jaa, thanks for the 5 good movies you’ve provided us but hopefully you come to your senses and go back to Sahamongkol and make real movies, where you do what you do best.

  18. I agree with Prachya and rittikrai opposing him teaching muay thai. Westerners have ruined and bastardized martial arts for years and displayed it horribly and give the arts a bad name. The only westerner I have respect for is scott adkins.

  19. I’m a big fan of fast n furious, adding Tony Jaa from “Ongback”movie is great. I’m very impress with this Guy performance.His stunts are ridiculous.

    • His stuntwork and all is great in thai movies but Hollywood will ruin all that for him, with s***** choreography and not allowing him to do his own stuntwork much when he can, they’ll rob him of years he has left to do his own stunts. Like I said they ruined jet li and bruce lee and Jackie chan, their Hollywood movies really sucked because Hollywood doesn’t know how to display and showcase martial arts. Panna and Prachya handle jaa’s choreography and stuff very well. Martial arts movies aren’t suited for Hollywood, because they don’t know s*** about martial arts to begin with. Sure having tony jaa on the cast is something, but Hollywood has a different vision for martial arts which has always sucked. The only exception is Scott Adkins, that guy knows and respects and displays martial arts very well he really knows his stuff same with Isaac Florentine who works with him.
      Tony Jaa wont ever be the same, atleast he left us with 5 great movies that can never be topped, and hopefully he makes more thai movies in the future when and if he comes to an agreement again with Sahamongkol. Hollywood just takes good martial artists and totally wrecks them.

  20. I like the fast and furious franchise too, but some actors are just not for those movies, I say the same about scott adkins as well not only Tony jaa. His muay thai will not be displayed as well as in his thai movies, because Hollywood doesn’t know s*** about muay thai or how to display it. They are going to diminish and wreck Jaa. It’s already been proven before like I said with the likes of jet li and bruce and Jackie. People are only excited for this because of “English” and not having to read subtitles. R.I.P Jaa, you will be missed, hope you return and make thai movies again.

  21. i guess Tony Jaa is not fit to cast fast and furious 7, its more on fast!! not really for fast action martial arts..and he would automatically fit to cast in expendables 3 to make some great martial arts move..may be i suggest to have a movie paired Tony Jaa and Scott Adkins..these two is great in martial arts, atop of jet Li..

    • That would be a great movie to watch because adkins and jaa are primarily martial artists first, they don’t just learn few moves on screen to look good and then claim they know martial arts like milla jovovich and etc. Even Tony jaa with iko uwais would be great. Now one thing id love to see is tony jaa in the raid 3. Heard scott adkins wants to be part of the raid 3 also, so THAT might happen. Much respect to vin diesel and the fast crew, but that’s a movie where martial arts doesn’t shine especially, its the car and action sequences. I’d be watching fast 7 out of respect for paul walker, I don’t really care for Jaa in that movie. I don’t think expendables would even be a movie for tony jaa, it would be so awkward lol, but he would be a great replacement for jet li in expendables 3 ill admit.

  22. Especially for jet li in the expendables anyone notice how LITTLE screen time jet li got ? and how short his martial arts sequences were ? same fate will fall upon Jaa. Im sure Li couldn’t get much screen time maybe because he was involved in other projects but still come on, could’ve worked something out with him he got the LEAST screen time in both expendables movies.

  23. Excited that Tony Jaa is in FF7. However even more excited that he is now in the cast of The Raid 3. That will be one of the biggest showdowns in recent memory. Very excited.

  24. Tony Jaa…….awesome.
    As good a martial artist as any of them and will go on to be a major star like Jet Li etc.
    I will watch FF7 because he is in it.

  25. I think tony ja is great and he has the ability and potential. together with courage in protector 2

  26. I would like all Iranians tony jaa

  27. i thnk jaa is the bst of bst he’s fulfilling space of those retired actors i.e van damme,jackie chan,bruce lee etc