Jason Statham Talks ‘Fast & Furious 7′

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Jason Statham Fast and Furious 7 Jason Statham Talks Fast & Furious 7


There are plenty of reasons people love Fast & Furious, and one of the biggest is the franchise’s non-stop, over-the-top action. That’s why Jason Statham’s surprise cameo at the end of Fast & Furious 6 sent audiences into a such a frenzy.

Who better to butt heads with Dom Toretto and the gang than Statham, one of the greatest action stars of our generation? And it’s not just  fans that are excited. In a recent interview, Statham himself talked about the reaction to his character’s introduction and how excited he is to join the blockbuster series for Fast & Furious 7.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Statham called the action scenes “mind-blowing” and heaping praise on his co-workers.

“There’s nothin’ better than that car stuff. I’ve never seen anything to compare to it. And Vin [Diesel] is terrific. Everybody in it is just terrific. They’re a great little crew. I know Tyrese. I know Paul Walker. I’ve met all of them, and they’re all really cool. I’m really excited to be involved with it… I’m just not gonna tell ya what I’m gonna do.”

Statham expressed equal enthusiasm about working with new director James Wan, who is currently planning those amazing action sequences.

vin diesel fast five sequels Jason Statham Talks Fast & Furious 7

In a separate interview with Coming Soon, Statham said he couldn’t wait to meet with the director.

“I just wrapped a movie over in Vegas, so I haven’t had a chance to sit with James. We’ve had a couple phone calls, I’m dying to sit down with him and we’re gonna figure something out. I’m really excited to be a part of that franchise.”

While Statham was open with his excitement, he was scant on actual details about his character. Though we know that he’s likely playing the brother of Luke Evans’ character Owen Shaw, Statham didn’t confirm or deny his role. In fact, he shared his distaste for any and all spoilers about the movie.

“Obviously, we’re trying to work out now what angle to come from. Some people say, ‘Wait, are you gonna be the villain? The guy who threatens the world and wants to blow everything up?’ No. ‘What kind of an antagonist are you gonna be?’ I’m not gonna say what I’m gonna be. The spoilers are the worst…I’m gonna try and keep my mouth shut and not say what I’m gonna be doing.”

That being said, I’m sure that we’ll get plenty of information about Statham’s role over the coming months whether he shares it or not.

The real question is: How long can this franchise keep going? The movies only seem to be gaining in popularity with each new installment, and are continuing to add bigger stars with each new outing. Will we see Fast & Furious 8, 9, and 10? Let us know what you think in the comments.


Fast & Furious 7 hits theaters July 11th, 2014.

Source: Entertainment Weekly & Coming Soon

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  1. Fast & Furious franchise should definitely end with this 7th installment.

    • I agree with you, they should go while they are still on top, but I think Universal is not seeing the end line just yet.

      • your all wrong it shouldn’t stop just yet they need to gather some of the crew to be killed in some way, at the end of Tokyo drift you go to see the actor Dominic toretto show up to do a race and now we know how one of his crew dies i think the Jason and dominic will have one fat race and that Jason will try kill his crew for some reason

    • I whole heartedly agree. They get their revenge and live happily ever after, with their fast cars… Probably end up with a few speeding tickets and getting the cars impounded, but nothing more serious than that.

    • Please no Justin Bieber in any of the Fast and Furious films

      • Agree. Even if he ends up being in the franchise, kill him instantly In the first scene.

    • it’s not. the writer has fast and furious 7, 8, and 9 planned for the future

  2. Does anyone think Shawn from Tokyo Drift will play a part in F&F 7?

    • @jh i really hope so they said most of fast 7 will be in la so maybe he will come to la with dom to help avenge hans death

      • Yeah me too! The way Tokyo Drift ended makes me think that he will be!

        • Considering he barely passed for a high-schooler in FF3, they’ll either have to do a massive time jump or throw in one heck of an aging disease in there. People seem to not consider that FF3 will have been 8 years ago when FF7 starts filming. The “boy” is 30 now… not 23 like when he filmed that one.

      • They actully start shooting in L.A. The main setting is in Asia some parts in Tokyo I agree I also think this should be the last one with the cast & story u will not be able to get better the fans will say it’s too much

    • He is

    • JH there could be a glimps of him to continue the race of him with Dominic, not 100% what happends to Shawn as its a risk to say that he could be joining the crew of torrettos group

    • Of course. Tokyo drift was the sequel to fast 6 if you think logically. That’s why Dom approached Shawn at the end to ask for his help. So Shawn will definitely appear in fast 7

  3. If they continue on this same path of awesomeness? Keep the film rolling

  4. If they continue on this same path of awesomeness? Then keep the film rolling.

  5. Statham is the best at this. It never gets old.
    You’ve seen it before but you’ll see it again.
    You know what to expect and you get it.
    Statham doesn’t promise. He delivers.

    • HE IS THE MAN!

      I don’t like all of his films, but Jason Statham always delivers as you say.
      I am glad he is now part of the film, and if they must continue I hope they manage to keep him.

  6. I for one have loved every installment since it opened in 2001 (I watched this one three times in the theater and Fast 6 twice). And I always watch when they’re on the telly. With that being said, I believe that they can do a couple of more without dragging it too far. Yes I know many will differ with my opinion but that is beside the point. Adding top notch talent (Ala Jason Statham) along with fast cars (always varying) and tons of action makes for a visual effect that people seem to enjoy. Sooner or later the main characters will die, but until then, a few more will keep fans happy. They can always add Tom Hardy down the line. This guy is an amazing actor! And, they can and should bring Lucas Black back! Again, these are my thoughts and opinions but I also know that many other fans cannot wait for Fast 7 and so on…

  7. It’s the Law & Order of movie franchises. You know what’s coming. They stick to the formula (add cast members here and there) but it gains popularity as it goes on.

  8. Thumbs up if you read his quotes hearing his voice in your head :)

    • This isn’t youtube dumbo.

    • Yep, I definitely hear any Statham quote in his voice whenever I read them. Hell, every time I quote Snatch on message boards, I hear his, Alan Ford’s and Stephen Graham’s voices in my head.

      “Put the kettle on will ya Turkish?”

      “Do you take sugar?”

      “No thanks Turkish….I’m sweet enough.”

  9. It is just surprising how this franchise really kicked up in the last two installments. I mean, how many franchises get better with age?

    I mean the original is a nice classic of sorts. Its simple. Its direct and fun. The second film is not as good but entertaining and the third may not be as popular but it is a solid movie that actually focuses on racing culture.

    The fourth had me worried that the series was out, running on fumes. It got bigger but was the lowest in quality. I thought the series was dead. Not dead as in no sequels, of course not- it was financially successful, but the franchise was not going to get better.

    Fast Five and Furious Six really put so much needed growth and life into the franchise and I am so happy.

    Jason Statham is a brilliant choice and points to a series that does not seem to be slowing down. Hope the director rocks it out of the park and not ruin the chance of a great film with Jason Statham added to the cast.

    Who else wants to see Statham vs. The Rock?

    • Jason AND The Rock in one film? Testosterone overdose. Sweeeeeeet!!

    • Yup. The Rock draws action fans. With Statham, it’s gonna get only better with the fight scenes.

  10. Or Statham in character as a mercenary known as Lee Christmas? =O

    • Or playing a Cockney wideboy that books fighters for illegal underground brawls called Turkish. That’s probably my favourite Statham movie. Hell, it’s my fave Brad Pitt movie too.

  11. Surely everyone knows he’s going to play the brother of the bad guy from furious 6. The guy talks about his brother and the code and then another english guy hunts Han down and gives advanced notice(men of honour code bs)to dom it’s pretty clear. However the last movie was a horrendous turd, terrible acting and even worse action sequences, might as well have been a movie with superhero powers.

    • lol Box Office begs to differ with you. Along with critics and general audience reception.

      • As much as I liked the movie, showing him box office numbers, fan reactions or movie reviews won’t and should not change his mind. He hates the film so why bother trying to change his mind? Him not liking F&F6 is a great thing because it shows that not everybody should be the same. The sooner people understand that, the better for the human race in my opinion.

  12. As long as the Stath doesn’t fly to LA using the airport from the last movie, that runway was like 100 miles long, it would take him the whole movie just to get there!

    Fast 7 – Jet Lagged

  13. i hope its a story of them avenging Han and not something else. he was my favorite character in the series and i hope he still, even though hes not there – has a massive part in the movie.

    the heist stuff is amazing, Fast 6 is my favorite fast and furious movie followed by 5 but they can change it up now and just make it a movie about avenging their “family member”

  14. He’s gonna drive into the franchise in a badass Audi A8. Oww yeah.

  15. With big action heroes – Diesel, the Rock and now Statham it looks like they are making the non-geriatric version of The Expendables. And it’s all good.

  16. Who doesn’t love statham!! But if he is the all time action hero of our generation, why isn’t his movies shown in the major movie theaters in NY?? I noticed they put them in the porn-like creapy ones but not the major chains?

    So is he or isn’t he the greatest?

  17. It’s pretty tough to separate Jason Statham’s character from “Frank” in the “Transporter” series… This is gonna be a tough sell, but ultimately well worth it!

    • Only people who know him from that movie and no other films will compare his character in this movie to his character from The Transporter.

      It’s why I despair when US audiences seem to only think of him from that one movie and treat him like a generic action star when his best work in my view was in Snatch where he didn’t have a single fight scene and showed lots more in the way of personality and charisma.

  18. i havent seen fast and furious 6 but cant wait also for fast and the furious 7 lets hope it end there as well

    • what are you waiting for? FURIOUS 6 is as close to cinematic perfection as the original STAR WARS from 1977 and THE HOBBIT/THE LORD OF THE RINGS movies. go see it. you will NOT be disappointed. take your better half and make her think you are taking her to a chick flick like THE GREAT GATSBY then buy the tickets for FURIOUS 6

  19. they should keep making these movies at least 1 or 2 more…

  20. Keep ‘em coming. Fast &The Furious rules!!!

    • damn right make till you drop

  21. I don’t care what anyone says, as long as they are still making movies I will still go and see them. This movie franchise was what interested me in imports and racing. Keep it up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I don’t even care about multiple sequels. If they make 10 of them, as long as they are entertaining movies, who cares? We will watch a TV series for 5 years straight, but when there are multiple movie sequels, people start bitching?

  23. I’ve seen all the Fast and Furious movies and, yes, they’re getting better and better. I’d also love to see Jason Statham stay with the cast till it reaches Fast and Furious 12, hopefully.

    I was actually getting bored with the cast until Dwayne showed up. And now that Statham’s in, I’ll be watching Fast and Furious 7 very, very sure. And, like I said, I hope they keep him in the franchise.

  24. I look forward to seeing many more!! Fast and furious movies. Maby even a tv series show.

  25. I think that FF7 is all ready done shooting since Vin Diesel made a new movie “RIDDICK”. I also think that there might be a shot in FF7 that includes Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Eygpt.

  26. i heard they are doing a scene on the callorado lakes and that it will be closed down for a week or 2 during filning for fast 7 im glad they are bringing tyres back as roam andnow they are taking rhe fast 7 back to where it all started do we get to see the rest of doms crew again from fast 1 and i think they should bring back that bad guy from fast 2 back to help jason statham to get revenge on roam and brian