‘Fast & Furious 7′ Budget Swells; More Details on Paul Walker Scenes

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fast furious 7 budget paul walker Fast & Furious 7 Budget Swells; More Details on Paul Walker Scenes

Fans of the Fast and the Furious series are, by and large, very much anticipating next year’s installment, Fast & Furious 7 – despite the knowledge that it will be Paul Walker’s final bow as the charismatic bro, Brian O’Connor, following the actor’s death in 2013. Director James Wan (Insidious, The Conjuring) has taken multiple steps to help finish Walker’s role in a respectful fashion, including bringing his brothers onboard as body-doubles for the O’Connor character. However, the extra time and effort that is being devoted to this task has contributed to the film’s already-huge budget having grown even larger.

As reported by THR, the Fast & Furious 7 budget – originally expected to fall somewhere within the range of $200 million – is now approaching $250 million and beyond, in part because of a potential $50 million claim by Universal Pictures’ insurer, Fireman’s Fund (in response to the 13 weeks of effects-heavy shooting that the film is currently undergoing). Also contributing to the price inflation is the approach Wan has taken to finishing Walker’s scenes. Said approach includes using three separate cameras (plus the main-unit cameras) to capture either body and/or facial footage of Walker’s brothers, Caleb and Cody, that will later be altered digitally – by no less a CGI authority than Peter Jackson’s Weta – so to better resemble the late actor, during the film’s post-production.

fast furious 7 paul walker scenes Fast & Furious 7 Budget Swells; More Details on Paul Walker Scenes

According to one of THR’s insiders, “They are finishing the film more or less as scripted,” which explains the more elaborate measures being taken to finish Walker’s role – as opposed to, altering the script to reduce his presence or taking the even more questionable route of killing his character. Wan is also supposedly looking to use footage that Walker shot for previous Fast & Furious movies, but which ended up on the cutting room floor (well, figuratively-speaking, anyway) – in order to complete “new scenes” that round out the O’Connor character’s arc in Fast & Furious 7.

That the budget of Fast & Furious 7 has swelled beyond the initial predicted cost, is to be expected following Walker’s death. Seeing how this is Wan’s first time working on a set piece and action-heavy tentpole of this scale, it was probably inevitable – even had Walker not died – that Wan would go over budget to some degree, anyway – simply because he doesn’t have the experience of other directors (like his predecessor on the franchise, Justin Lin), who would’ve known how to better keep the production chugging along in a more cost-efficient manner from the get-go.

The Fast and the Furious Final Stunt Fast & Furious 7 Budget Swells; More Details on Paul Walker Scenes

Still, while Fast & Furious 7 is essentially guaranteed to make backs its financial expenditures and then some at the box office, one can’t help but raise an eyebrow at the proposal of a $250 million price tag – even in this current age of blockbusters, where a $150-200 million cost is practically the norm for all the big, splashy, summer popcorn features. Then again, Fast & Furious 7‘s spiraling costs stem from circumstances beyond the filmmakers’ control – unlike on other recent blockbusters where the budget reached similar heights, contrary to studio wishes (see: the one-two punch of Disney’s John Carter and The Lone Ranger). It’s a tough situation, no matter how you look at it.


Fast & Furious 7 opens in U.S. theaters on April 10th, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. If this movie doesn’t blow, I fear this will be Wan’s last big film. That’s way too much for a movie that’s not even cgi-heavy, or so I thought.

    • This is Wans FIRST big film so I doubt its his last.
      The movie IS CGI heavy as the last one was. They add more CGI shots with every sequel.
      Returning actors means a bigger paycheck for them ala bigger budget.
      A price tag of 300 million for this film is nothing really. They will double that easy.

    • The movie had as moch CGI was any Marvel movie.

  2. budget concerns??? that should be the last thing on their mind. everyone loves these movies. and everyone goes. im pretty sure with all the exposure this had gotten because of pauls death its gonna get even more people coming. its gonna make a billion. if not definitely in the 900m range.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking. They really don’t need to be worried about budget concerns at this point since, as you stated, they will make hundreds of millions from people like me.

    • Your enthusiasm for this new flick is great, but I think you are being a little overzealous in you box office estimate. The box office take on the first six films in the series combined is $937 million dollars with an average of around $156 million per film. It was unfortunate that Walker died, but his death is not going to generate enough interest for this film to out gross the entire rest of the series.

      • You might want to get your facts straight before commenting. Just the last 2 made well over a billion.

        Fast 5 – 209MM domestic 626MM world
        F&F 6 – 238MM domestic 788 world

        • Thanks, wraab. I was wondering where he got those numbers as well.

        • It’s kind of hilarious how it started out as just another dumb car flick following in the footsteps of the much more superior Gone In 60 Seconds with terrible actors and a bad script and still managed to pull in more viewers and more box office bank with each sequel.

          I’ll never know how they did it (I was forced to watch the first three and was utterly bored by them so gave up and checked out of the franchise) but hey, good for them, I guess.

        • Don’t forget the Heath Ledger effect!

        • Yeah dude fast five made over 800Mil. total, it was all over the box office websites

    • I honestly don’t think the studio is concerned about the budget increase. The article seems to be just stating whats happened and why. Im sure the fat cat executives aren’t breaking a sweat over it…

  3. and as for his inexperience with budget… that really shouldnt be a problem. this is a studio movie that will have people to go to if you need help. and its the studios own fault for getting a guy that has never worked on something this big

  4. Def dont need to worry about spending the money, FF7 will be the highest grossing FF movie easily. Everyone is gonna want to see it to see how they end Brian’s storyline in the movie.

  5. It’s very ironic how universal brought Wan because he is known to do his movies on time and under budget, since Lin didn’t want to make the movie if they didn’t give him enough time, but universal wanted the movie ready as soon as possible. Now that paul died they probably delayed the movie even more then they would have if Lin had directed it. Life is a Bi*** RIP paul, I was watching 8 below last night and it was good

  6. I wonder if Paul had not died if Lin was directing the movie, or maybe he would have attended that charity show anyway

  7. I don’t know if I agree with the sentiment that right off the bat one might think Wan would/could go over budget.
    If anything his work on Indie films with micro-budgets could lead to a faster streamlined approach that doesn’t lead to going over budget.

    In the end though that really doesn’t matter.
    No matter the director, movie or budget when you lose a star mid-way through production costs are going to balloon. Quickly.

    If anything I’m glad they are taking the time and money to get this right. Even though going through Weta means you’re going to pay more than the normal rates the fact that the production is going through the top dog effects company today is a good sign.

  8. There was a rumor awhile back that George Lucas was buying the rights to some classic actors to bring them back with CGI.
    Would be interesting to see Bogart, Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Paul Newman, etc. back on screen.
    They should also use cut footage (like FF7 is using for Walker).
    I’d be up for this film, as long as it’s not a cash grab and is actually well written and executed.

  9. Funny, I watched 6 literally seconds ago. Yeah, this movie could hit $1 billion worldwide, so I doubt they are worrying too much about the budget going up. And with Paul’s death that was bound to happen. Having the basically co-lead of a major film franchise die during filming…for the budget to go up $50mil doesn’t seem like a huge issue.

    Cannot wait for this, hopefully they give Paul a good sendoff.

  10. Seriously i can not even imagine why they would worry bout the budget i mean come on its the friggin fast and furious and now after walkers death people are even more exited i honestly cant wait till next summers

  11. I’m not really a fan of these movies, but I hope it goes well due to the unfortunate circumstances. If this thing doesn’t turn into an unfortunate cluster F*** it will be a miracle. It will make money but I don’t know if it will actually be any good and this time it is probably due to circumstances outside their control.

  12. Love u rip paul

  13. 250 mill! This movie better make near a billion, all the marketing cost and budgeting they spend on this movie smh any less is a failure, look up amazing spider man and man of Steel