‘Fast Six’ Set Photos & Video; Ludacris Compares Film to ‘Justice League’

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fast five Fast Six Set Photos & Video; Ludacris Compares Film to Justice League

Most seemingly endless film franchises end up facing declining profits and steadily harsher critical reception with each subsequent film. This is precisely why no one predicted the phenomenal success of Fast Five. With a box office take of $626 million worldwide, the film – which saw Fast and the Furious mainstays Paul Walker and Vin Diesel face off against Dwayne Johnson – was by far the highest-grossing and most critically praised entry in the 11-year-old franchise.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Diesel soon revealed that sixth and seventh films were already in development. Though the tentatively-titled Fast Six (or, alternatively, Fast and Furious 6) is slated for release next summer, its plot largely remains a mystery. We already know that Gina Carano (Haywire) will join the cast as Johnson’s partner, and Luke Evans and Joe Taslim (The Raid: Redemption) will appear as villains.

The stars of Fast Six recently released a few set photos, and now Collider (via Tumba Abierta) has revealed a set video and a slew of photos of one of the film’s crash sequences.


While there’s nothing particularly revelatory about the pics, the presence of a tank certainly raises a few eyebrows. Perhaps Hobbs (Johnson) calls in government reinforcements in his pursuit of Brian (Walker), Dominic (Diesel) and the gang.

michelle rodriguez1 Fast Six Set Photos & Video; Ludacris Compares Film to Justice League

Moreover, rapper/actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges – who stars as Tej – made an intriguing statement to CNN, comparing Fast Six to another hotly anticipated production. Here’s what he had to say:

“It kind of takes up from where we left off [in ‘Fast Five’], and there is a whole new batch of surprises. The crew that is in ‘Fast Five,’ we are going up against a rival crew, so it’s almost like Justice League up against the Legion of Doom.”

While no one expects Diesel or Johnson to develop super powers in the new film, the comparison to Warner Bros. in-development Justice League may be warranted, especially if it pits established characters against each other. Thanks to a mid-credits scene in the last film, fans know that the plot of Fast Six will involve the return of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), who was presumed dead in Fast & Furious (2009). Gven the above statement by Ludacris, it stands to reason that Letty may be a part (or even the leader) of this rival gang, potentially pitting her against her friends. This is all purely speculation, but it certainly adds a new spin on the series’ familiar “wheels,” if you catch my “drift.”

Regardless of how the series brings Rodriguez – who currently appears onscreen in Resident Evil: Retribution – back into the fold, fans should be pleased that the Fast and Furious franchise is sticking with the heist element introduced in Fast Five. If the creative team continues down this path, the series may have quite a bit of (one last pun) “gas” left in it.

What are you hoping to see in Fast Six, Screen Rant readers? Sound off in the comments.

Fast Six speeds into theaters on May 24th, 2013.

Source: Collider [via TumbaAbierta] & CNN

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  1. Cannot wait for this one. One of my favorite franchises – though let’s not ever speak about FF3 again, that just didn’t happen 😛

    • I liked FF3

  2. I hope Carano gets a kick ass fight scene 😀

    • No They will be using her for her amazing acting skills

      • Well, that was a given obviously 😉

  3. Can’t believe they’re still making these useless/sh%tty movies. Haven’t liked one

    In other new… Looper was amazing.

    • Believe it! And try to stick to topic. UG.

      • LMAO

    • cool story bro…

  4. Fast Six, this time people drive cars really really fast and crash into even more stuff, stealing evn more things in the process in dramatic and death defying ways. With more explosions and people diving towards the camera in slow motion from differnt camera angles… Plus even more women in bikinis and men with there top off too… In 3D, In Imax, In Imax 3D.. Okay maybe thats a bit cynical, but does the film have a plot or is it just a series of special effects and stunt shots knitted together with rapid edits?

  5. Not going to win any awards but I have always enjoyed these movies especially the first one and fast5. I will watch I am always entertained because I love cars and hot chicks and it always comes through in those departments.

  6. Which one is Aquaman??

    • walker… haven’t you seen his cologne commercials?

  7. by Justice League he means the team only has two main stars, surrounded by a bunch of people who think their stars but the public vaguely knows or cares for.

    by the legion of Doom he means that they will assemble a team with two main villains (not as popular then the two main headliners of course) and surround the team with even lesser know actors and actresses to match up with the B team on the hero side.

    …so basically a younger generation version of the expendables

    • Im more than positive that Ludacris is reknown amongst just as equal if not more than Walker. The same could be said for Tyreese.

      • Luda will be the hero with the big fists like in his “Get Back” video 😛

        • Yall don’t know me like that.

  8. I love these movies. They are pure fun. They seem to get better and better. I wasnt that impressed with part 3 but no one is perfect. I am just glad everyone is back and Letty is back. I dont know if I like the fact she may be a rival but I am there opening night regardless. I hope to see more explosions, more witty humor, more fast cars, more beautiful women, more, more, more!!! These movies are guilty fun!

    (And I always seem to want to drive very fast when I leave the theater! Btw, I own a 380hp Hemi Dodge Charger, just like the black Chargers from the end of Fast Five. I love fast cars!)

  9. still not watched -fast 5- ,and the movie is how old ? was it 2010 or 2011,don´t know. but i must watch it,i always forget it or watch again -the avengers- or -spartacus:blood and sand- for the 5th time or other new movies. next is -fast 5-.

  10. awesome, cannot wait for this film. still cant believe how good fast five was! this one sounds almost even better with Michelle back and gina carano joining!

  11. Fast Six, everyone has a baby except Letty. Who’s mad and starts up a rival gang of homicidal murderers.

    lol I’m just having fun. I can’t wait to see this one. Fast Five was amazing!!!

  12. I’m glad they are putting a “Italian Job” spin to this franchise. The series is not going to win an oscar or anything but it’s an enjoyable series if you like the action and all. I usually do wait though for the DVD on these instead of paying that movie price, LOL.

  13. Michelle Rodriguez is becoming the female version of Jason, she does not stay dead no matter what! As for the series being like Justice League I would say that’s a stretch since these films are actually being made, and like them or not are turning enough of a profit to warrant sequels. DC and Warner haven’t even done a test reel for anything connected to Justice League yet, and the Fast and Furious series will be up to ten by the time they do….

    • A Justice League film had a cast, director was was in production but was cancelled ipb/c they did not want to release it the same year as The Dark Knight. Facts help.

  14. Sounds cool.

  15. I soooooo can’t wait for Fast Six. I want to see Hobbs team up with Dom and the gang to face this rival gang. I want to see Mia and Brian have the baby in this one. I’m counting the days which we have 238 days until Fast Six comes out

  16. If this one is Fast Six what will the next one be Faster Seven ?

  17. I like the last one because Ludacris was not in it….

  18. 1] MOVIE 2] FAST A** CAR 3] some HOT A** women -like that is ever wrong?] 4] for the girls, I am told hot guys [there, I said I would put that in for the girls] 5] IT IS A DA** MOVIE. enjoy the crazy and embrace the escapeism. I am happy Michelle R is back…hope too she ain’t a bad guy…SO buy the popcorn, get the nachos and enjoy the 90 minutes of somewhere/somewhen/something else for crying out loud.

    • I wish I had some nachos now, thanks 😛

  19. Fast and Furious 6: NASCAR DAYTONA After Fleeing to other countries. The Team has a plan to ruin NASCAR…Torretta and O’Conner form their own race team…They will cause havoc in NASCAR when they execute the first right turn….Sending a whole bunch of rednecks into a world of disbelief! The Rock send in his own team and they race around the track shooting at each other with great expolosions and one dimensional plot…

  20. Trilla. You on your own. These are good flicks except for FF3 which was garbage. F5 actually turned into a “Oceans 11″ feel. The franchise leaped beyond just racing on the streets for cars like the 1st 1 did. For you motto like F5 there’s a real issue in what movies you think are good.

    • I hope they make another Oceans movie :)

  21. Can’t wait 4 dis 1. It’s gonna be awesome i will luv it hope it’s as cool as Fast Five

  22. hope dey make Fast Seven 2

  23. I think that fast six will be cool, but they really shouldn’t keep dragging these movies on. But I am really exited to see it because I’ll be on my graduating senior trip and our whole class is going to watch it the weekend it comes to theaters!!!!

  24. Kill the new girlfriend so Dom and Letty can get together. Oh…. and drive fast and blow stuff up! Lol. Love the franchise (except 2 and 3). Pure, simple minded fun.