‘Fast & Furious 6′ will Powerslide into Theaters by Summer 2013

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Vin Diesel Paul Walker Fast Five Fast & Furious 6 will Powerslide into Theaters by Summer 2013

SinceĀ Fast Five secured almost $600 million at the worldwide box office already, it’s no shock to hear that yet another installment in the street car racing franchise is a sure thing at this point. Tentatively titled Fast and Furious 6, the project was already being planned by series star Vin Diesel and producer Neal H. Moritz even before this year’s entry – and aims to conclude the trilogy begun by Fast and Furious.

The summer movie season is the ideal time for any chapter in the Fast and the Furious franchise to hit the scene; hence why Universal has already scheduled the sixth flick to arrive during that timeframe in 2013.

Fast and Furious 6 is now scheduled to arrive in theaters over Memorial Day weekend in two year’s time – specifically May 24th, 2013. That won’t allow the film to get a head start on the competition like Fast Five did this year – but, as The Hangover: Part II demonstrated last month, a highly-anticipated sequel (or, in this case, sixquel?) can do big business over the holiday frame.

Deadline says the official line for Fast and Furious 6 is that it will reunite the series’ ensemble cast “for their most dangerous adventure yet.” Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and Jordana Brewster are all no-brainers to return; that studio logline also suggests that stars like Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Sung Kang, and Gal Gadot should be coming back too.

Dwayne Johnson also seems all but guaranteed to reprise his fan-favorite role as the bad-ass cop Luke Hobbs from Fast Five – plus, the mid-credits scene in that film paved the foundation for possibly both Eva Mendes and (without SPOILING too much) a familiar starlet from an early installment in the franchise to play roles in Fast and Furious 6 as well.

Fast Five Review Fast & Furious 6 will Powerslide into Theaters by Summer 2013

Fast Five all but fully transitioned the franchise from being about high-octane racing to an Ocean’s 11 breed of heist operations – that just happen to feature more physics-defying car chases, hard-hitting stunts, and macho posturing, instead of slick dialogue or professional criminals looking to pull off a job in a covert manner. It was also a fun thrill ride that managed to hit it off with casual moviegoers and film critic alike. So expect plenty more of that in the followup, which Justin Lin looks all but a lock to direct as well.

To reiterate: Fast and Furious 6 is scheduled to hit theaters on May 24th, 2013.

Source: Deadline

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  1. The next installment must have a better title to be honest. Fast Five was alliterative and thus acceptable; Fast Six would just be lazy.

    Nice to see Hobbs and that ‘special’ character back though. Also I think Justin Lin is a great choice for this franchise and so I would be interested to see what he does with his fourth Fast outing.

    • the thing about Justin Lin is that i can see him doing a Marvel movie soon maybe a Heroes for Hire film :P

      • He would be great for a Transformers flick when Bay is done…

        • I hope they call the last one Fast Final.

    • Fast and the Furious: Sixth Gear?

  2. people just plain like cool cars and hot chicks.

    • is that a bad thing

      • HELL no it isn’t. Lin knows his demographic lol.

  3. Aw, geez.

  4. The Fast & Furious “saga” is pretty stupid to me. They’re only about cars and Vin Diesel’s voice.

  5. loved fast five!! fast 6 is gonna be even better cause letty is alive =)

    • Vlad, me too! The series is a guilty pleasure of mine. I do have to say I consider the 2nd and 3rd the weakest ones though, and actually I pretend the 3rd doesn’t exist at all.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. :)

  6. Fast cars and hot chicks hell yea that a great combo if you ask me =)

  7. I think this article is incorrect. I’m pretty sure they said that Fast Five was the beginning of the trilogy and not Fast & Furious.

    As for the sequel…obvious Fast Five spoilers…I liked how Fast Five was a greatest hits of sorts for the franchise and featured a lot of people from previous installments, but I would like the future movies to trim the fat with the cast and be more personal and focus on the core cast members like Diesel, Walker, Brewster, Rodriguez and Johnson. The two joking black guys, the two joking Spanish guys, the Asian guy from F&F3 and his girlfriend shouldn’t be in the sequel.

  8. @ Mike: It’s fairly obvious that Fast Five is the second movie of the trilogy started by Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious brought back the original cast, and Fast Five brought everyone full circle. Remember though, Tokyo Drift isn’t in this current time line hence why Han is alive.

  9. More boom boom, bam bam and hot hot chicks chicks?

  10. I hope they finally get Lucas Black into the next one, so people will finally stop asking for the timeline.

    • Problem with that is, they only way to get Lucas Black is to “trade” Han for him.

  11. You guys are a little behind with this infor. I learned about this over a week ago. But, yeah, I’m pretty excited for the next film. The midcredits scene promised some good stuff for Fast and Furious 6.

  12. already? fast and furious indeed

  13. I’m Calling this now, its going be called:
    -Final Fast
    -Fast Finale
    - Last & Furious
    - Last Fast
    -Fast Forever

    That is all

  14. I heard they’re trying to make this into a heist thriller type of series. Truth is, the only good movies made like that have been the Bond, Bourne, or Batman movies. Truth is-this series was enjoyable but wasn’t all that great of movies. Truth is-does this movie even have the cast? Paul Walker has potential but what about the others? This one needs some work.

  15. Fast Five was the best one out of the whole series, and really, people do need to stop asking why Han is alive in the 4th, 5th, and possibly 6th one (if he comes back in the 6th) when everyone keeps spilling the -right- answer which is, “Fast & Furious, Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6 are all prequels leading to Tokyo Drift” Now please everyone needs to stop asking that same damn question, geeze. Everyone already knows the answer. Everyone knows if you see someone in the next installment of a movie series when that person died in the last, it means it’s a prequel. Enough said and I went to the theaters and saw the Fast Five on opening day, and it was completely badass, loved every bit of it. Can’t wait to see the 6th.

  16. After watching fast five and noticing the spoilers of a sixth one I was a bit skeptical, but now I’m thinking why not? They have two years to make it and hey it’ll be another thrill ride with cool cars and chases, and also if Letty is alive that’ll be really cool, and if Eva Mendes is in well that’ll just be bombbbbbb, lol. So ya I’m all for the sixth movie, but to me it will be like the fifth cuz I’m sorry but to me Tokyo Drift don’t count in the franchise, lol.

  17. Personally I think they should do a sequel to Tokyo drift and show how diesel ended up there and if he is alone out there and plus they just need to fix up Tokyo drift because that seriously F***** the F&F series up

    • I think that in the sixth one they should finish it with them going to Tokyo and then they should make a seventh one where they get back at the Yakuza’s for killing Han.

  18. Completely loved all the f and f films! they are a wicked thrill ride and yes not always believeable but that adds to the fun. Bond and Die hard were not always performing acts that would be possible in the real world. i can’t wait till the next one just such a long time away :( tokyo drift is letting us know where it will all end they have done it that way, to keep us all hooked. i feel it all works very well and lets not pray for the finale just yet as there is nothing quite the same out there at the moment. why try to fix something when it is not broke!

  19. The first installment and Fast Five is my Favorite of all f&f Movies.. that is why im really excited to know there is f&f 6 can’t wait for that.. ilove vin diesel, paul walker and jordana brewster.. i donnt care if there is 7,8,9 or even 10.. haha im going to watch all of those..i like Brian and Mia Sooo much!!! thank’s

  20. i Want to meet Paul Walker… i like him so much!!!plsss.. thank’s alot

  21. Let me be in fast and fourios 6 I’m 15 in October ?

  22. Jack, you cant even spell furious correctly, but you want to be in the movie…. lol.

  23. let me be in fast and furious 6 i know everything about the all 6 series of the Fast and Furious i am bored on 3rd of april 1992 ?

  24. I agree with all of the comments but the only thing fast 5 lacked was actual street racing they need to go back to that a little bit in the next one

  25. i want 2 be in fast six it would be so awsome plezz

  26. I wish they would make an add on to Tokyo Drift!

  27. i hate 2 see it all come 2 an end

  28. No! I wanna be in the movie! :P Im in the Army and need a new career! :) Shooting bad guys, isnt my thing anymore.

  29. Austin, if you recall the fourth movie takes place between the 1st and 3rd. The fifth then picks up where the fourth left off. So it would only make sense that the movies somehow catch back up to the ending of Tokyo Drift, and maybe keep going.