‘Fast & Furious 6′ Post-Credits Scene & ‘Fast & Furious 7′ Villain Revealed?

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Fast and Furious 6 Logo Fast & Furious 6 Post Credits Scene & Fast & Furious 7 Villain Revealed?

During the Super Bowl, Universal Pictures made a big investment towards marketing Fast & Furious 6, buying a 60-second spot for approximately $7.6 million to debut the first Fast & Furious 6 trailer. Considering how big the franchise has become, and the fact that this sequel was in development before Fast Five even hit theaters, it’s not surprising.

The earlier plan was to develop (possibly even shoot) both Fast & Furious 6 and 7 at the same time, and while they’re being shot separately, the latest rumor pays tribute to the notion that the stories are very much connected, in more ways than you might have thought…

Ain’t It Cool News has the scoop on the biggest Fast & Furious related spoiler we’ve ever heard. And while it’s obviously unofficial and unconfirmed at this point, it is exciting and believable – so much so, that we wish we didn’t know.

So be warned, if you read ahead, you will be spoiled and you may just regret it…
















Paul Walker in Fast and Furious 6 Fast & Furious 6 Post Credits Scene & Fast & Furious 7 Villain Revealed?

Around the time when Fast Five was hitting the home video market, reports surfaced about the next franchise installments, with rumors indicating that Jason Statham may be the next high profile star to join the franchise.

As it turned out, Brit actor Luke Evans nabbed the role Statham was thought to take initially and Fast & Furious 6 was shot by itself. According to today’s big scoop from AICN, much of that initial plan may actually hold true.

According to their sources, at the end of Fast & Furious 6, when Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker)’s team of stunt drivers successfully help out Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) in taking down Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) in exchange for their freedom, there’s an additional scene that leads into Fast & Furious 7.

Jason Statham in The Transporter 570x380 Fast & Furious 6 Post Credits Scene & Fast & Furious 7 Villain Revealed?

It may end up being a post-credits sequence much like the tease of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) returning in the Fast Five button, but this one starts with an inside-car view of someone’s hands on a steering wheel of a parked car, with Japanese voices coming though a police scanner in the vehicle. An external shot reveal it to be a custom reinforced Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The scanner asks for all units to respond to a car chase between a black and orange Mazda RX-7 and a grey Nissan 350Z, and so the Mercedes books it in pursuit. We still don’t see the driver but the Mercedes is running parallel on another street to the high-speeding Mazda and Nissan, before cutting left, onto the same road, and sideswiping the Mazda, flipping it as a result, with practically no damage to the Mercedes.

The mystery Mercedes stops and out steps… Jason Statham, as Ian Shaw, brother to Luke Evans’ character. He walks up to the flipped over Mazda RX-7 and in it sits Han Seul-Oh (Sung Kang). That’s right. The franchise has come full circle and merged with The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, director Justin Lin’s first entry into the series (he’s directed every installment since).

Fast Furious Tokyo Drift Han Mazda RX7 570x253 Fast & Furious 6 Post Credits Scene & Fast & Furious 7 Villain Revealed?

Mind blown? FYI, this isn’t Jensen Ames Statham from Death Race or Frank Martin Statham from the Transporter series or Handsome Rob Statham from The Italian Job, this is Ian Shaw Statham from Fast & Furious, typecast car skills included.

We can therefore assume the grey Nissan is The Drift King Takashi’s (Brian Tee) ride. Will Lucas Black return to the franchise as Sean Boswell? Hit me up on Twitter @rob_keyes and let me know if you dig this idea.

Fast & Furious 6 is directed by Justin Lin and stars returnees Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and Elsa Pataky. The core cast welcomes newcomers Luke Evans and Gina Carano.

Fast & Furious 6 hits theaters May 24, 2013.


Source: AICN

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  1. would love to see lucas black and most of the original cast of tokyo drift cone back in fast 7

  2. So, Transporter vs Vin’s Team…

  3. By now I think everyone who saw Fast 6 can agree that the Mercedes driven by Ian Shaw is definitely grey…. So no discussion about the color of the car hitting Han anymore. It is definitely the same as in Tokyo Drift..

  4. Scooby your a total troll. Not everyone is a movie junkie like you. Keep your sad life down in your 70 year old mother’s basement

    • Shut up times four, and get off of here if you’ve nothing to say about the movie.

      The only trolls around here are you & “Mike”. People who enjoy movies whether on a serious level or not are happy to have discussion about plot, subplot, context and content, things you obviously cannot comprehend.

      The real movie fans are sick and tired of bubble heads coming onto these forums and talking fantastical, nonsensical rubbish.

      If you have nothing worth saying say nothing.

      Take Kin’s reply to my comments as an example, even if we seriously disagree we still keep the content related to the film. It’s a good example of how “adults” can disagree even in a heated manner without resorting to childish “troll” comments like you because you have nothing comprehensive to say.

      And your wrong, there are plenty of movie junkies on here who are willing to read my comments, even if they wholeheartedly disagree with them……….it’s called debate.

      If I was being a “troll” my comments would have been removed by the moderators but they can obviously see a good solid (if a bit heated at times) debate when they see one, so I’ll leave it to them to tell me where I’m going wrong not you.

      This is the only time I’m going to stoop down to your level to answer you so dry up & blow away and take all the airhead bubblemeisters with you and leave the adult discussion to us actual adults.

  5. Scooby your a total troll. Not everyone is a movie junkie like you. Keep your sad life down in your 70 year old mother’s basement.

    • oops, almost forgot

      Who here is sadder?

      Me, who came on to have discussion & debate with other like minded ADULTS?

      or YOU, who came on to make a comment my 10yr old by would find embarassingly juvenile?


  6. Scooby your a total troll. Not everyone is a movie junkie like you. Keep your sad life down in your 70 year old mother’s basement..

    • la la la la la la la

      oops, almost forgot

      We’re not actually back at school in the playground.

      Run along now.

  7. Scooby your a total troll. Not everyone is a movie junkie like you. Keep your sad life down in your 70 year old mother’s basement…

    • oops, almost forgot

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      I have every right to call out all the dumb comments on here that detract from the enjoyment of discussing the films plot, his comment however did no such thing, it was merely a personal attack on me with no mention of the movie at all.

      I can only speak for myself but if you have no relevant input to a discussion then you should not comment at all.

      For instance, would it not be ridiculous to say “wouldn’t it be cool if Doctor Who had whisked Ashoka Tano away and that’s why she doesn’t appear in any of the Star Wars movies?”

      If a comment is stupid, it’s stupid, and I’m not the only one that thinks so either.

      There endeth MY screen rant.

  9. Whoever said the car that killed Han isn’t the same is a idiot.. the ending of F&F6 was TAKEN from Tokyo Drift, with Jason Statham added into it.

    • That’s right, but notice that the silver merc sustains heavy damage, therefore it can’t be a “custom re-inforced” merc. What you’ll find if you look again is what droid214 has spotted as well, the black merc sideswiping the evo then driving off with no damage. THAT is the car that’s re-inforced, to do the job of taking out Sean leaving the silver merc driver (Statham) free to take out Han.

      I think if you play the original scene back against the new Statham scene you’ll find in the new scene there’s a wee bit more emphasis on seeing this black merc as I think your supposed to conclude that it did indeed deliberately take out Sean, if not then why else would Sean have been unable to get to Han in time because his “apparent” driving skills would make it easy for him to avoid simple casual drivers and keep up with Han.

      That’s my thoughts anyway.

  10. There was a black Mercedes hitting the red car (Lancer EVO) then sped away with no damage. The grey Mercedes that hit Han’s car had damage to the front.

    • Spot on, and it’s the black merc that I believe is a key element to that scene.

      • But in FF6 scene, the car Ian Shaw drove indeed have damage on the front after the hit. SO the point of it having reinforced is just a relapsed on this article. That’s what I think anyway…

        • what?

          the SILVER merc got damaged, everyone can see that, no-one is disputing that.

          However the original poster/reviewer said Ian Shaw was driving a SILVER RE-INFORCED merc, he wasn’t because it got mashed up, so quite obviously it wasn’t reinforced.

          It was the BLACK merc that took out Sean that seems to have been the re-inforced car because it drove off completely intact, it seems the original poster/reviewer may have got his mercs mixed up.

          The silver merc needed to sustain damage so it looked like an accident.

          Does that make sense to anyone else?

  11. Hi my name is Denny Rizzo. Really like to get involved with this movie. Please call me 602-486-5161.

    • This is Dominic. Your request is denied. Thanks!

  12. I just got how it fast and furious works it took like 20 mins for me tho

  13. Han was my favorite character and i hated it when he died, then i see this clip and at the start to get exited like maybe one of the crew save him. then they kill him all over again. Sucks.

  14. Got to bring LUCAS BLACK back for this !

  15. Hey all, its clear that Han is not dead…’cuz the coming series FF7 should be a past history kinda thing…the post credits scenes are clearly nothing but the DK’s hunt for Han for cheating him in business in the FF3-Tokyo Drift, where Han assumed to be dead after getting hit by a silver mercedez which is now shown as Statham’s mystery which will be revealed in FF7…so whatever the director going to show in FF7 must be completely related to the past rivalry or something like that…and i also think that locket Statham thrown at the Han’s blast scene belongs to him…which was later somehow got in Letty’s hand…for a second i thought Han really died…but he isn’t…happy and excited for 11th June 2014…correct me if i’m wrong…

    • Ok, you stand corrected.

      Han is not in FF7, the actor himself has said this numerous times in interview, Google Sung Kang interviews.

    • Wait a second AJ…

      The post credit scene for FF6 is intended as a bridge to FF7, a continuity of the story. If I understand your statement correctly, you were meant to say the post credit is for nothing? And FF7 would be a flashback to the past?

      Which story to tell? How the locket wasn’t Letty’s and it was taken from the place Han died? I thought it’s clear it was Letty’s, and she throw it to Owen Shaw so that it’s a no brainer Ian Shaw has it, and leave it on the accident scene just to attract Dom’s team right?

      • well, think in this way

        post credits scene is nothing but the one of tokyo drift stunt, only extra thing added is Statham and the locket

        now, if the story to be something about hunting Dom & team considering it is related to future then tokyo drift must be like time travel for han and co racers and the sequel sequence must be 124563….

        i’m pretty sure the director of tokyo drift isn’t a sixth sense type guy nor the ff6 director, if so then what you are saying might be possible, things appear with no logic as its for solely entertainment purpose….

        and coming to the locket, there isn’t any statement that locket belongs to Letty…i agree that post credit scenes are a bit puzzled but all i’m saying is it won’t make any sense if its turns out to be a future story…

        • the director of the tokyo drift and ff6 are the same director…if you actually knew about the series you would know that. the fast and the furious and 2 fast 2 furious were done by someone else, then justin lin came in with tokyo drift, he wanted to explore the relationship of toretto and han. so ff 4 ff 5 ff 6 all preclude tokyo drift. You see this in each movie where han says he’s not going to tokyo just yet and that they’ll get there eventually.

          and ff7 is not a past history thing, did you not watch any of the movies? its not a locket he throws, its a cross necklace that letty had from the first movie, in f6 she gives it to owen shaw to show it means nothing to her cause she doesn’t remember, when owen shaw died, his older brother Ian shaw (statham) takes it to leave at the accident site of han for toretto to discover.

          tokyo drift takes place after ff6. we know this by hans explicit words at the end of ff6 when he says hes finally going to tokyo after gisel had died.

          conclusion, you are wrong, ff7 takes place now not in the past

          • i apologize for my ignorance about Director and i also apologize for the locket, its a necklace as you stated….

            but as i mentioned earlier…taking a past stunt and making it a present story…how far it seems logical…don’t you agree? the story will have more impact if its somewhat related to past rather than linking it to present…then everything seems logical like Dom’s age, han’s escape, sean return…

            well it’s just my thoughts…

            • I agree with dafd.

              If we’re talking about age, yeah Sean Boswell won’t look like high school kid anymore when they started shooting, LOL! But it’s a movie, so no need for logic that much…

              In essence, that’s how the director wants to play it, to connect past FF series to Tokyo Drift. The actual irrelevant post credit scene is actually in Tokyo Drift where Dom was projected as Han’s friend, but now it is relevant because of how the director made FF6

  16. well that might be true but that doesn’t mean he should be dead…all i said was the story must be related to past…it should be nowhere related to future…’cuz you know that might start another series again…Han might not be in FF7 but he might be in coming films…and if in case story related to past then i’m excited to see Dwayne how he’s related,…if you see the Tokyo Drift ending…Dom stated to be as Young Punk who’s been beating everybody in Asia in race…whereas today’s Dom racing occasionally like one at max per movie…so don’t you agree?

  17. The drift kid is brains little brother and it is his dad that gets brian out of jail this is my guess after watching every ff more than ones ff 7 I just hope it is not that predictable I love the movies this is not a mone but a fans hunch SPOILLER wow

  18. If the dad is as conected as he said he is in ff3 then he will be able to fined brain to help and he fineds brian in jail and get him out and telles him of hans death do you think I am close.

  19. Ok the more I think of what ff 7 is going to be like the more questions I get I am despret to see it it is like having read a really good book with no ending it hurts why leave it so long till we can see it . DOSE anyone know if there will be an 8th I just can’t take the suspence ok I need to chill sorry SORRY

  20. The only thing I want to know is….
    Is Han dead or not!!!!!!

  21. With this ending it means that fast 7 will take place in Japan and everyone from all franchises will emerge in this one and make it an all star cast.