‘Fast Five’ Trailer Races Onto Facebook

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Vin Diesel and Paul Walker Fast Five trailer Fast Five Trailer Races Onto Facebook

Universal Pictures has made an unprecedented marketing move by releasing the first trailer for Fast Five on Facebook. While the franchise has always been in touch with its most dedicated fans, will the move prompt more excitement for the film? Only the quality of the trailer itself will tell.

Franchise star Vin Diesel’s Facebook page has nearly 20 million “Likes,” so why not debut the trailer directly to those feeds? The simple announcement of the trailer got over 20,000 “Likes.” But let’s stay focused. Trailer views don’t necessarily generate box office revenue.

Director Justin Lin is on his third turn in the franchise (Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious) and recent claims in a USA Today interview suggest it will “up the action.” The trailer sure shows it. The first look at Fast Five is a non-stop barrage of muscle, speed, power and intensity. It’s no wonder Dwayne Johnson was brought along for this ride.

Check out the trailer below:

So far, Fast Five has been met with mixed reactions. Some consider it excess, while others enjoy the franchise for what it’s worth. There is definite entertainment value in each of the previous films. The new trailer proves that there is always fun to be had on screen – when you mash testosterone and horsepower.

Fast Five brings nearly every major character from the previous four films together. The film looks to thrive on family, a central theme of the films – aside from fast cars. Dwayne Johnson’s addition is a much-needed spark in the film – even if the franchise has increased in popularity over the years. Fast & Furious had a great run in last year’s box office and ended up with a staggering $353 million worldwide.

Fast Five Trailer Fast Five Trailer Races Onto Facebook

There is no question Dwayne Johnson will add to the hype. It’s been a while since Hollywood has given us a solid fist fight. Even The Expendables was a bit of a letdown. If there’s one thing to look forward to with Fast Five, it’s the inevitable showdown between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson.

Does the trailer make you want to see Fast Five or are you putting your hopes in reverse? Sound off in the comments section below.

Fast Five drifts into theaters on April 29th, 2011.

Source: Vin Diesel’s Facebook

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  1. Ok the last scene of the trailer with the safe looked cool as hell. I’d see it

  2. Meh. Dwayne Johnson looks to be the only good thing about this movie. Him and the hot girls. Fortunately, I have more dignity than to see a movie just for hot girls.

    • I think I’ll pass on this like did the other 4 , 5 or how ever many there were.

      The Roc – ” Do you smell it?”

      Diesel – Smell what?

      The Roc – The Smack Down I just layed on your Candy A**!

  3. i love how they brought back the best cast members!!!!

  4. Gay Biker fake tough guy Homoeroticsm the Motion Picture

    • L.garth of the spanking his monkey clan . Well it must be lonely living in mommies basement with your 4 catsand nudie books..bet your palms are hairy too. BET YOUR KNUCKLES BLEED WHEN YOU DRAG THEM ON THE GROUND.

  5. This looks to be great fun :)

  6. Ok sorry but they should have used sup’d up semi’s for that bank vault. Atleast make it somewhat believable

    • @Caleb

      Agreed, there’s almost no way those two Chargers can have enough torque to pull a bank vault, and EVEN IF they managed to get enough torque through those engines, there’s absolutely no way they will get enough traction on those tires to move it.

      Suped up semi’s can be pretty freakin’ fast, so that would have actually made for a very cool scene, but the way it is now, completely unbelievable…

      But they have a Ford GT in it, so that means I’m going to watch it, lol.

  7. Great location (Rio), top notch actors, good looking scantily clad women, and fast cars. A box office hit, but ain’t gonna win any Oscars.

    • FYI… They actually filmed alot of this movie in Puerto Rico.

  8. This better not be a dissapointment like Part 4. It looks good though 😀

  9. LMAO!!!! this looks like a ton of fun i still remember walking into the first Fast&Furious thinking i was going to hate it (my girl at the time had a hooked up civic) and i was blown away by the driviing and the action hands down its a guilty pleasure i love all of them even the ugly step child Tokyo Drift ill be there for this one for sure

    • All guilty pleasures of mine RMF, though i didn’t like Tokyo Drift as much as the others.

      • I didn’t care for Tokyo Drift either, Walker and Diesel make these films fun, they take it seriously despite it’s pure ridicule.

  10. Whoa, never thought I’d be excited for a fast and furious movie.

    Looks GREAT. No crappy CGI, awesome stunts, beautiful cars and locations, hot girls and no Michelle Rodriguez :)

  11. Watching The Rock jump through that window chasing after Diesel was epically awesome. The Rock was made for action flicks

  12. They really didnt shoot in Rio i spent a few weeks in Puerto Rico while they were shooting so its PR made to look like Rio

  13. I may go see it depending what I hear. Definitely would be a rental though. Might be safer to watch at home to avoid the urge of dricing fast after leaving the theater.

  14. i take it this will be a prequel to #4 seeing as how the japanese guy that died in tokyo drift is in it.

    i’m still waiting for the ‘3D in selected cinemas’ notification to come up 😉

    • It’s actually a prequel to Tokyo Drift.

      1, 2, Fast and Furious, Fast Five, Tokyo Drift.

      • correct

    • He was Korean.

  15. Looks good, Saw 1,2 and 4 in theaters, add this to the list, didn’t see Tokyo Drift and will not EVER see Tokyo Drift.

  16. Oscar worthy? No way.

    Whole lot of freaking awesome fun? Hells yes!!!

  17. Ok, the good, I saw a few cool cars in there, the Ford GT, a Stingray Corvette, not as much rice-burning garbage like the first one.

    The bad, that completely not-even-for-a-movie unbelievable bank vault scene… They really should have used some crazy suped up semi like Caleb said, there’s no way they can supe those two cars enough to have the torque to move something that heavy and no way those little tires will be able to put enough traction down to do it. At the very least some F-450 Dually diesel trucks or something… Diesel trucks can be damn fast if you put a chip in them and especially if you get rid of the emission controls…

    • You haven’t even seen the movie and tried to understand the meaning behind why they used those specific cars and you’re already condemning it?
      Oh and rice-burning garbage? Racist much?

      You sir are a bigot.

      • LMAO. Ken a bigot?

        • You need a dictionary?

          • NOPE. You need help though with reading about the rules here I’m pretty sure :)

            • Damn i need a dictionary…

              *googles bigot*

              LOL 😎

              • OMG lol. Ken is no bigot!

      • Are you implying there will be something approximating actual “depth” in a Fast and Furious movie?


        • AHA Vic!

        • @Vic

          LOL, hey now, it can be crazy entertaining without being completely crazy. 😛

      • LOL, I’m Asian, I love to eat rice, but I don’t want my car to run on rice. 😉

        I’ll take a Ford GT, Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette, Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Buick Grand National, etc. any day over any of these so-called “tuners” with the fart cans and stupid stickers all over them…

        And I don’t need to know “why” they picked those cars in the movie to have a basic understanding of PHYSICS and automechanics…

  18. the first scenes totally looks like the favella part in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

    • That’s because the favela scene is based in rio (brazil) and so is this movie

  19. Looks good i will watch it.

  20. Well…I think I just the whole movie (yet again). There were too much images put in there, so it looks like there aren’t any real surprises left. I will watch on big screen, but still…
    And the 1st couple of seconds reminded me of the chase in “the Incredible Hulk”: Brazil looks hot!

  21. I finally got to actually watch this trailer, and I was quite surprised, as it doesnt have the same overly polished look that parts 3 & 4 had, this should be a lot of fun. The focus seems to be less on cars and street racing and more on gunfights and running away from wrestlers.

    Hell, thats fine with, if it delivers the same dumb action as the other films, I’ll happily pay to see this.

    • I think it should still be some what focused on the Cars, as the first few were.

  22. So now Johnson and Vin Diesel have thier “audition” for The Expendables part 2.

  23. So wasn’t that one asian guy killed in tokyo drift? I mean the car exploded with him in it….

    • Movies 4 and 5 happen before tokyo drift if I remember the continuum correctly.

      • continuim ??this isnt star trek it musclecars & machomen fighting it out….no dilithium crystals here

        • lol stfu too funny

    • Concur he is dead!! Or was he a plant?? Comic book story line intro..

  24. Faster, now Fast Five? The Rock’s really got a need for speed lately

    • LOL, good point. :-)

  25. dam trailer was sickk

  26. Tyrese Gibson WTF were they thinking? please tell me a car goes out of control flips about 5 times scrapes 50 feet over cement with Tyrese Gibson under it.

    • :)

  27. I still say no to consecutive remakes. Makes me all Bah-humbug!

  28. Look even closer the chick that Dom saved that worked for Braga In Fast & Furious Is there too.

    So where does that put the time line now???


  29. Well this does look like it does fit into the series. You know they had to make these two movies to fit Tokyo drift into the series. Fast and Furious fits better after the first but then this movie wouldn’t fit in at all. Is it the last movie of the series…Probably not cause you still have the ugly child (Tokyo Drift) out there and open.