Fast Five Set Pics Reveal Some Old Faces

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tyrese gibson fast five header Fast Five Set Pics Reveal Some Old Faces

Fast Five, the fifth installment in the popular and financially successful The Fast and The Furious franchise, has begun filming in Puerto Rico. Actor Tyrese Gibson snapped a few pictures on set and recently posted them to his Twitter account for the fans to get excited about the ensemble cast.

The sharp-eyed guys at Latino Review noticed that some actors from the previous F & F films were in the pictures, raising the question of when the fifth film takes place in the overall timeline of the F & F franchise.

Looking at the first picture below, you will see from left to right:

  • Tego Calderon (from Fast & Furious)
  • Paul Walker (from The Fast and The Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Fast & Furious)
  • Sung Kang (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Fast & Furious)
  • Vin Diesel (The Fast and The Furious, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in a cameo, Fast & Furious)
  • Tyrese Gibson (2 Fast 2 Furious)
  • Chris “Ludacris” Bridges (2 Fast 2 Furious)
  • Don Omar (Fast & Furious)

[SPOILERS AHEAD] Because Sung Kang’s character Han Lue dies in Tokyo Drift, his inclusion here is curious. Clearly it means Fast Five takes place before the events of Tokyo Drift, but does it also take place before the events of Fast & Furious? At the end of Fast & Furious, Vin Diesel’s character is arrested and given a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

Unless the plot of Fast Five has the government agree to let him out of jail for some reason, it stands to reason that Fast Five would have to occur before Fast & Furious. This might also help explain why Terese would be involved, as it would then be the chronological sequel to 2 Fast 2 Furious. (This might make more sense if all of the names weren’t so similar.)

We know that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will have a role in the film as a government-sponsored bounty hunter tracking down Brian (Paul Walker) and Dom (Vin Diesel), so another plot possibility is that early in the film Brian breaks Dom out of prison. Actually, it’s more likely that Brian will break Dom out on his way to prison, thus ensuring an insane stunt driving sequence right off the bat.

Whatever the case, Fast Five will undoubtedly make a boatload of cash despite mixed critical reviews and pave the way for another bizarrely named sequel. Wait a minute, I forgot, they already have a sixth Fast & Furious film in development! Hollywood; Always one step ahead.

Just for fun, here’s another one of Tyrese’s set photos. It shows Tyrese and Vin Diesel standing side by side. For a 42-year-old guy, Diesel is looking seriously ripped. It’s a shame he doesn’t do more pure action movies. I guess we’ll just have to wait until xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. Whoa…did I really just type that?

Fast Five races into theaters on June 10, 2011.

Source: Tyrese Gibson (via Latino Review)

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  1. Han Dies in Tokyo..

    and in tokyo.. paul walkers character.. doesnt know han…..

    so it cant take place after han is dead, and cant take place before walkes character meets him….

    also at the end of FnF4 they allude to dom being sprung on the bus.

  2. What the hell?? Paul walkers character(Brian) isn’t in Tokyo drift??

  3. bello pugni amici io 259 ;);):D:D

  4. i dont get any of this cause in 2 fast and 2 furious rome doesnt no dom and in fast and furious paul walker doesnt no hanes but in this they all know each other…? so its sorter crazy so this film doesnt go with any of them so where does this film fit in with them…? but yes its way before toyko drift cause hanes dies in that one so thats really in order thats the last one and of course the fast and furious is the first one then it must 2 fast 2 furious ahhhhhhh i got it so it goes “THE FAST AND FURIOUS then 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS then FAST FIVE then FAST AND FURIOUS then TOYKO DRIFT” lol but hey im a street raceing fan so it will b interresting lol but i dnt think they should of put the rock in it thats just dumb he dont even look the part like the others do lol any ways thats my view i dont no about any 1 els hehe

  5. Whoever wrote the articile clearly didn’t watch the movies right! and people – use your brains for pete’s sake! Put the stories in order for yourselves… geeze!

    the fast and the furious is 1st (no duh.), then…
    2Fast&2Furious (Rome gets recruited)then…
    Fast&Furious (we get 2 c how dom and han knw each other & how han and Brian knw each other – bustin dom out at the end) next is…
    Fast 5 (most of the whole crew is seen here = rock is included)and lastly…
    The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Han dies, Sean races Dom at the end of the film)

    i don’t mind the story lapses from each of the movies at all (creative licensing is being used)… fast cars, hot dudes (mainly Paul Walker), and butt kickin action is all that matters to me. i can’t complain abt Tyrese or Rock being in it.
    anyway im glad they have Fast 5 coming out soon… just wish the day when it comes out would be sooner

  6. I’m a big fan of all of the fast and the furious and i can’t wait to go see the fast five in april on the 29th

  7. The thing is that…Fast 5 is after Fast & Furious…because Gisele Harabo plays also in Fast 5. In Fast & Furious Dominic Toretto and Gisele Harabo did’nt know eatch other. Because of Han’s dead…it’s al little bit complicated.

    1. The Fast and the Furious
    2. 2Fast 2Furious
    3. Fast & Furious
    4. Fast 5
    5. Toky Drift

    The only thing i don’t get is that in 2 Fast 2 Furious O’brain was no cop anymore and in Fast & Furious he was working for the FBI.

    • Brian had been taken off the force in The Fast and The Furious for letting Toretto go. At some point he goes to Miami or wherever 2Fast 2Furious takes place and is offered a job to help the black cop from the first movie. After he does a good job there I’m guessing he got an offer to work for the FBI which leads to Fast and Furious.

  8. The picture of all the main characters together makes me laugh. I mean, every single one of them looks hardcore and then you look at Paul Walker. He’s got no gun and a little grin on his face. What the hell? At the end of the first movie we saw he had potential to be bad-ass. The second movie made him look like Tyrese Gibsons b****. The fourth, thankfully, made up for it but he was still… Not quite there. I really hope he takes some notes from Dom in this one. For a main character he’s too much of a pansy.

  9. This is set after Fast and Furious because at the end of Fast and Furious Paul Walker Jordana Brewster and two other guys break him off the bus right? But why is Han in this one if he died in Tokyo Drift?

    • because tokyo drift is after fast and furious. fast five goes between the two

  10. Actually if nobody posted it yet Vin Diesel’s Character is broken free at the end of Fast & Furious meaning Fast Five was after Fast & Furious and before Tokyo Drift.

  11. i dont get it why do it in all these different orders just get it right and do it in the rite order i think fast and furious (4) jus completly lost me but think about it in 2 fast 2 furious the black one was in it then we go into fast and furious hes gone doms bk n brians a cop agen??? what happened to the black one considering they said they were going to open up a garage together??? the producers have fuked the whole thing up i think they need to make sence of it all.

    • ok so let me brake it down for ya after the fast and the furious (1) 2fast 2 furious (2) came out now heres where you all got lost fast and furious (4) should be third the rome “black one” stays in miami and brian gets offerd a job with the fbi which he takes and is unshown. in the first one brian was just an undercover officer tryin to become fbi then messes up by letting dom go. the second one he then goes on the run gets caught gets offerd to help in exchange for his record takes it completes it the becomes the fbi agent in the fourth one. tokyo drift is suppose to be the fourth one but for some reason is the third and as of fast five han from tokyo drift is suppose to be dead but the director didnt pay enough attention to his own work to keep that part out

    • Its the Fast And the furious then 2 fast 2 furious, (New) Fast & Furious, Five Five, (Unknown Movie), Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift. There a another part to fast five Letty Is Still Alive

      • Why do you say Letty is still alive? Was that announced somewhere? I wish it was true cause she was bad-ass but… :/

        • man… didnt u see the after credits part.. in fast five..???

          • Actually haven’t seen the movie…

      • No, it is actually THE FAST & THE FURIOUS 1, 2FAST 2FURIOUS, FAST & FURIOUS(where letty is dead.), FAST FIVE, THEN FAST & FURIOUS TOKYO DRIFT.

        Just finished watching the new one.

        • its fast and the furious
          then 2fast 2furious
          then fast and furious
          then fast 5
          then tokyo drift…
          as for dah Han part he isnt dead bcuz he dint reach tokyo yet(he and the girl was goind to tokyo at the end of fast 5)
          the next episode will therefore b slipped in b4 tokyo drift also (the girl dies as she dint play ne part in tokyo drift and that the reason y han gave sean the “little talk” wen the were playin football on the roof)
          hope its all cleared up nw :)

    • It’s like this ladies and germs. The producer, some asian guy, produced part 1 and part 1 and part 3. Then he stopped. Making it all confusing why Diesel showed up in the ending of Tokyo Drift. Diesel decided to make it interesting and making is make sense. So he produced part 4 and 5 and the upcoming 6 to explain why Han(Sung Kang) is in Tokyo and why showed up in the ending claiming he knows Han.

      So its like this. The Fast and The Furious. Brian meets Dom and the gang.

      2Fast2Furious. Brian gets back with Roman. After doing the work for the black cop, which he’s from the FBI. They probably offered him “the” job, refering to back in part 1 where Brian’s Sergeant tells him something like, “if you wanna get in the FBI, you gotta start takin your job serious,’ when he Brian got Johnny Tran arrested assuming Tran’s dvd players were from the truck robbery.

      Fast and Furious. Now Brian works for the FBI. and ya know, he’s back in L.A. and Letty gets with him and tries to do a job to free Dom. Blah blah blah, they get Braga, now they gonna lock Toretto up, Brian, again lets go of his career and frees Dom out of the bus to prison.

      Fast 5. Blah blah blah. They run to Brazil. the gang finally meet eachother. they get the job done. the get money. Everybody goes their separate ways with deep pockets. Ya know, in the ending, Han and that Israeli chick probably flied to Euro, and purchased a sexy Lexus, and drove from where ever going to Berlin or Madrid. And so forth, probably on his way to Tokyo. Then, the rest of the gang’s story will be told in part 6.

      There’s probably gonna even be a part 7 too. Who knows…only Walker and Diesel knows.

  12. In regards to order because Vin is sentenced to jail at the end of Fast & Furious; the final scene is him on the bus, and the team drives up. My assumption was that they break him out somehow and that Fast Five follows up after that. As for Han. Since it wasn’t too relevant to the rest of the story, it could be in any order. I’m glad to see Han. He was my favorite character in Tokyo Drift. Maybe the entire series so far.

  13. Ha. I didn’t realize that there were two more pages of comments and many mentioned the same thing I did about them breaking him off of the bus. My bad.

  14. maybe han isn’t really dead… perhaps he bailed out and ran away cause he was being CHASED to be killed… just sayin…

    • Han is dead. The beginning of Fast and Furious where Han says maybe he’ll go check out Tokyo is why people get confused as to the order of how things happened. We don’t actually see him going to Tokyo. He says he wants to check it out but that doesn’t mean he left right away. Tokyo Drift comes after Fast and Furious and Fast Five. Han really is dead. :/ At least we’ll get to see more of his character in this movie though. Still wish Gibson was cut out of the series though…

  15. hola todos ustedes salieron gapisimos especiar brian y torreto amo sus peliculas son gandiosas esta fue la mejor de todas son increiblesss especial me gustan sus carros espero ke me den uno ara mis sweets16 :) y los kere mas bye bye suerte
    attm: daisy alba sanchez =)

  16. Very good film… Vin diesel was very nice…

  17. None of dis makes any type of sense, bcuz dey were showing han’s face as the car was upside dwn n blowing up

    • Here is the correct order 1:the fast and the furious 2:2 fast 2 furious 3:fast and furious 4:fast five 5:tokyo drift( which wasnt suppose to happen but to complications with vin diesil and the producers the franchise had to go on)

  18. This movie is extremely cool!! Cars, casts, storyline, it’s all awesome, the best Fast and Furious movie

  19. love it

  20. why resurrected Han in the Fast & Furious ?