‘Fast Five’ Images Depict Impossible Heist

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fast five vin diesel Fast Five Images Depict Impossible Heist

I don’t think that 9 years ago anyone could have predicted that a simple movie about breaking the law and driving fast would have become such a hit. When The Fast and The Furious first came on the scene in 2001, it was all about slick suped-up cars and scantily clad women dancing around them in underground, illegal street racing gangs.

Oh there was also a story about some guys stealing stuff while driving these fast cars, a brother and his sister and the undercover cop purseing them, blah, blah, blah…FAST CARS AND HOT WOMEN!

Race ahead (heh) to 2010 and four films later, The Fast and the Furious has turned into a bonafide franchise, pulling in a combined worldwide box office gross of close to 1 billion dollars ($955 million to be exact). The main guys all took a break for the 3rd film (except a small cameo at the end) – almost certainly why it was the lowest-grossing of the bunch – but when Vin Diesel returned with Paul Walker for the 4th installment the audience returned with them.

Now director Justin Lin (Fast & Furious) has brought back almost all of the original actors: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang and Ludacris.  Lin has added action star Dwayne Johnson to the cast and it already seems that regardless of how Fast Five turns out, it’s sure to draw big numbers at the box office.

Today, courtesy of our friends at Coming Soon, we have six behind-the-scenes photos  from Fast Five for you to look at, and while there aren’t any images of any of the actors in the shots, we certainly get a good look at the physics-defying action (more on that in a moment) that audiences can look forward to. You can check out the remaining 12 pics at Coming Soon.


It’s not hard to put together what is going on here: gang needs money, gang tricks out their street racing cars with after-market gear, gang pulls giant bank vault down the street…er, wait…what?

The one thing Hollywood is very good at is asking us to suspend our belief in the natural laws of physics and common sense in order to enjoy a film – well, that and opening up our wallets. If that giant bank vault was being pulled by, say, two suped-up 4×4 trucks or even a big ass semi with all sorts of cool decals, lights and flames on it then that is one thing, but to ask me to believe that two low-profile cars can pull that heavy thing down the street while out-running two or three police cars is ludacris ;-).

Forgive the math, but a quick Google search tells me that the average bank vault weighs 50 tons and since the money inside isn’t made of feathers, I’ll tack on another ton for good measure. So, we have 51 tons of bank vault being dragged down the asphalt street at a high rate of speed (allegedly) which would cause all sorts of friction making it even harder for those street racing engines to pull it. Now toss in the fact that there is no way for those two cars to have anywhere near the torque to even begin pulling that thing, much less pull it fast, and it all equates to me having to wait until another special movie episode of Mythbusters debunks this scene.

Hopefully the other stunts in the movie are better than this.

Fast Five speeds into theaters next summer June 10th, 2011.

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Source: Coming Soon

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  1. As long as it’s entertaining, it really doesn’t matter. It’s not like lasers and starship engines are capable of making noise in the vacuum of space.

    It’s a movie. I know how truly crap the Fast movies are, but I still enjoy despite the utter silliness.

    • yeaaa mee too sam, for me the first and fourth films stood out more for my entertainment value though, tyrese ruined the second, and the third was just ehh. i’m watching this on because its high time the rock lay down his tutu and started being a man again.

    • Yeah yeah I know..but starships and lasers are one thing. We have to suspend belief to even accept that those things exist. In this case, we’re not being transported to another world or brought into a parallel dimension where physics do not exist.

      Oh oh…Fast and Furious Year 2127: The Street of Mars

      • I was just thinking- Vin Diesel dressed as Riddick driving a hot rod across the moon while having gratuitous (yet cautiously off-camera) sex.

        I’m copyrighting that. You’re not stealing (exceptionally obvious) ideas again, Vin!

  2. Damn straight! First and fourth are the best. These are the dumbest popcorn blockbusters of all time, but they are so much fun!

    • lol, its good to see us agree on something for a change haha

    • I agree with you Sam…the 1st and 4th were the best of the series.

  3. The vault’s quite clearly on wheels. That doesn’t make the weight a non-issue, obviously, but it certainly helps with the friction.

  4. I’d enjoy these film if I could get past the fact they’re just rip-offs of ‘Point Break’.

    • @Matt K

      The first one is pretty much a complete rip! Just replace the surf boards from the script with fast cars,and there you go.

      And People want to say that the Saw series has gone on too long.

      • Exactly.

      • what series has more films?

        • Godzilla series- 28 films, 29 if you count that god-awful remake (which I don’t).

          Bond series- 22 films.

          • yea Long, insinuating that this series, coparesd to the ones matt just listed, or the friday the 13th movie, or the police academy movies is a little hard. i just pretend that the 2nd and 3rd films werent ever made anyway lol

            • Well, it does get a bit long when you realize they’re all a rip-off of the same film….just saying.

          • You don’t know that yet Matt it(Godzilla Reboot) may be good and much better than the 98 trash.

            • I wasn’t talking about the upcoming reboot. I’m talking about the “remake”(I guess you can call it that) Emerich-Zilla.

              • Yea that was pure trash no doubt about it

    • Complete with acting null-units to replace the null-units Keanu Reeves and Lori Petty.

  5. Well, you can drag that door with those cars by changing the gravitational constant of the universe. At least that’s what Q told me. :-)

    Mindless summer fun; that’s all, nothing more.

  6. Why do they always use my beautiful island as other places in movies, when ever they film in Puerto Rico they use it as Cuba or in this case Rio de Janeiro

  7. or they could put the vault on ummm wheels (like a bank vault skateboard)

    still very unlikely that the cars could pull it but still

  8. AnnHH…. First of all Vaults are custom made to order, so saying all vaults weigh the same is just as much a fallacy as to say a couple of cars with maybe 1800 HP between them could haul it. I’m rootin for wheels or something slippery, [Teflon anyone?] under it too. I would wait to the end of the fun before the story revealed it though. The vault in the end would crush them, wrecking the cars. That would balance out the scene. They just have to get it to a stash point anyway…
    Any one else remember “Danger: Diabolik?” ;)

    • Yeah I’m not a vault expert and I only did a tad bit of research on Google regarding it but I can’t be too far off the mark. That vault in the pic is HUGE.

      Can a street car even produce 900 HP a piece? I know 600 or 650 HP is doable but 900 seems high? I’m asking so if you know tell me.

      • It’s not hard to find articles about those kind of gains;



        Stable, reliable, practical for some purpose? That would require actual experience with that kind of build up, and no I haven’t done the grunt work. Let me say this though, I live in a racing town. Plenty of engine builders and car fanatics. One down the street has more Mustangs than he can use. Many produce 500-600 HP and he and his family drive them daily…

        We are talking racing engines, that I’m well aware of, but it’s not like their’s some mysterious racer only hurdle to jump to buy one. You’re basically talking the green stuff…

        • Holy cow! 1000HP for everyday driving? That is absolutley insane. I know people that can barely handle the power on a Dixie Chopper lawn mower :) I don’t even want to imagine them trying to drive one of those beasts.

  9. i think this is all being over analyzed lol. its a movie!

    • Yeah yeah I know…I was just bringing up a talking point besides saying “Hey guys look pictures!” :)

      I’m not saying I won’t enjoy the film or that it won’t be good. I’m just saying that I wish directors would TRY to make some scenes believable. Maybe they do put wheels on the vault (although I’m not sure how) and I’m sure they want to keep the cars in the movie as much as possible – but wouldn’t it make more sense and be just as cool to see two tricked out trucks hauling that vault down the street?

      • that actually would be cooler yes :)

  10. Flight was impossible at one time I believe and they seemed to figure that out. So a vault down the street should be no problem.

  11. The scene would of looked a lot better with 2 tricked out big rigs dragging the vault down rodeo drive.

  12. I hate these Hollywood productions they believe to be phenomenal, but do not even know to create a simple scenario.

    it was not enough to make people believe that the film locations are in some countries, but they still commit huge mistakes.
    that only make the fans of the country portrayed to be angry.

    They want to create a scenario as the Rio de Janeiro, but it is so far, first of all, the architecture, second, the cars used by police, even the language is not respected.

    in Brazil, speak Portuguese, this distorted view of Hollywood and film industry, should ever end.

    In some photos in the internet, I saw a lot of mistakes.

    in just two examples, errors in written language, the word on the truck rental is misspelled and the word “bikini” in the sign, is spelled in English, because here in Brazil, the correct is: “biquíni”, and the word ‘rent’, is “aluguel” and not ‘alugueR’

    unfortunately, this dont happens only with this production,are poor guys, should be ashamed of not doing the correct job or are even dumb.