‘Fast and the Furious 6′ Already in Development

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Vin Diesel and Paul Walker Fast Five trailer Fast and the Furious 6 Already in Development

When Fast Five was officially greenlit last February, Vin Diesel enthusiastically confirmed the announcement on his Facebook page and claimed that a sixth The Fast and the Furious movie was also in the cards. Not surprisingly, the cast and crew’s focus shifted exclusively to production of the fifth installment and there hasn’t been much talk about where the series might go from there.

If the enthusiastic response to the Fast Five trailer is any indication, fans seem to have built up a tremendous amount of goodwill towards the series. Coupled with the overwhelming success of the previous entry, Fast & Furious (which was the highest grossing film in the series to date), it seems unlikely that Universal would want to hit the brakes on this franchise any time soon.

So it should come as no surprise then that Diesel and producer Neal Moritz are ready to start making plans for the next sequel. Speaking with Collider, Moritz explains:

“In Vin and my mind we already know what the sixth movie is, we’ve already been talking about it. Vin and I have had numerous conversations about what that might be. And we’re starting to get serious about it right now. We just finished the movie like 4 or 5 weeks ago and we just needed a break, and now we’re gonna start focusing on that.”

In the same interview Moritz reveals that there’s also a spin-off film in the works, which would be centered around Dwayne Johnson’s bounty hunter character from Fast Five. Although they haven’t begun tackling the script for that one just yet, Johnson is reportedly up for it and Moritz claims they’ll be pushing forward with it soon.

If nothing else, The Fast and the Furious series has done an admirable job of keeping things fresh. Rather than finding new ways to tweak the same basic premise, these films have consistently tried to break some new ground. While that’s  inevitably led to varying degrees of success for each installment, the overall result of that approach has been the sustained interest of a passionate fan base.

Sure, these movies have their staples but I think they’ve managed to satisfy the expectations of their fans and do something unique with all of those conventions. I’ll admit that they’re all pretty silly when you really get down to it, but the first and fourth in particular are ridiculously entertaining movies.

As for Fast Five – is there a red-blooded male out there whose interest isn’t piqued in the slightest by Dwayne Johnson hunting down Vin Diesel? We’ll find out if the film delivers when it hits theaters on April 29th, 2011.

Source: Collider.

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  1. bring back the jap cars no one like v8′s…….

    • speek for yourself. V8 is an American classic and who wouldn’t like to ride one of them! of course jap cars aren’t bad just don’t touch oldscholl v8′s

    • How could you say that no one likes v8′s. I could build a v8 that could crush any jap car that you gould ever build

      • lets put a v8 in a jap car and c what it will do they put a jap eng in a v8 car in tokyo if u recall lets just do the opp….put a v8 in a jap car

      • who said no one like’s V8??!!! buddy ofcourse jap cars are nice BUT american classic is the best!!! and pure muscle! I would love to drive one of them! especially the Charger!

    • i bet any v8 with kick those rice burners

  2. They should call F&F6 “Quick 6″ lol

  3. I think they need to make the sixth movie that follows Dominic with Sean(Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift) After Han Died! and how it goes further then that it’s still a nice serie of movies but it became more action then streetracing and thats to bad :( and there is someone who said fast five is the best of F&F well i think your wrong because fast 1 till 3 was still racing and after that it was less i’m still doubting about 1 & 2 the best of F&F but when tokyo drift got finnished i hoped to see part 4 that would continue the ending of part 3 and that was badly enought not the case if you like action then yes part 5 is great but if you need to give your oppinion about the whole F&F series and what it ment to then i would say 1 or 2

  4. That’s true Aleks, it would be good to see a follow on to Tokyo Drift I

  5. Sorry I hit enter too soon, I would really love to see a follow on to Tokyo Drift I loved the characters and setting.

    • Tnx for saying that at least someone that understands the real deal haha!

      Greetz From the netherlands,

      • i guess Aleks’s think a like ;) ive been waiting for a movie after the f&f tokyo drift it was an unreal movie of the series, although i didnt like sean that much as a character but adding vin diesel into it would make the series that much more spectacular for fans.

  6. Well i think it was more furious than it was fast, they should go back to the cars that we all left behind, the old Japaneese cars vs. Amer. muscle the cars we have in our garage in our backyard, after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd F&F there was creativity on everyones car (we know it mostly came from these three movies) and being the only one around with a import civic it hurts with no competition around :/ but dont go with the cars no one can afford(exotics, supercars, etc.) because we need to bring back the “Creativity” to the streets.

  7. Any one that seen the movie and walked out when the credits ran, you missed a part. Lenny is alive!!!!

    • sorry Letty not Lenny

  8. If it’s possible have the producer of the movie” fast and furious 6″ email me. I would like to ask him a few questions. Thank you

  9. i know what fast six is about

  10. yea i think they should make at least 2 more movies! the 2nd part of fast 5 and then “tokyo drift” happens and the 2nd movie which is the 2nd part of tokyo drift! plus they should seriously put more cars and racing cz fast and furious(4) was just an action movie! fast 5 was a bit better but still action! i think the best one was TOKYO DRIFT cz the cars were cool, japanese cars 350z and evos! although 1 and 2 have a bit racing but the cars sucked back then.. VW PASSAT and stuff..

  11. I like all movies.. But yea do miss the streetracing, but if its illegal why cant they film them at a compition like at fast 1.. What I like about The Fast and Furious franchise is that you can watch it hundreds of times and not get sick of it :D

  12. after a little bit of the credits show in fast 5 there is a little clip with the rock reading a file about a raiding of a military convoy in berlin and then it has a pic attached to the file of Vin Deisiels old girlfriend before and then Eva Mendes(the one that gives the file to the rock) says “you believe in ghosts” or something along those lines so its very possible that the next one will be about that

  13. I think in 6 you should have the new mustang 302 boss, challenger, camaro. I would love to audiyion for a role. Please contact me at 727-520-3753

    • They should have those in there, they should have them in the movie getting beaten by real cars. Some 16 year old kid in a 94 civic with an ebay turbo could beat the new camaro or challenger. I could spend about 2000-3000 bux against your 40,000 and have a much faster car. Thats what people are running at the street races, no one ever wins in a stock car, no matter how fast that stock car might be. A crx with a stock h22 is gonna be faster than all three of those cars.

  14. Noaveans Chick vin diesel had in fast four was beter than the chick he have in. Fast five the chick from fast five look to old againts him lol!

  15. I think that if the character han didn’t die in F&F Tokyo Drift I would still have gotten why he was alive in F&F. But, I still love this whole sequence of the movies and with all of the same characters brought in one whole movie, I think it will then unfold all of the questions when you watch all of the movies, till the last. {:^)

  16. i wish it would come out this year instead of 2013 but i hope there are a lot more episode to come

  17. i think they need to bring back letty for a couple of moves they should keep on going with what they have and show that letty is still alive and was only in protective where she hade to lay low and under the cover then continue with the story with that and after a cuple more then go back and continue tokeyo drift

  18. How did hong apparent fast and furious 5 when he died tokyo drift in the car crash

  19. Lol i’ve never thought that question would pop up about the death of han! Monthy fast 4 and fast 5 all happend before tokyo drift so it goes like fast 1 fast 2 fast 4 fast 5 fast 6 and maybe then tokyo drift but that depends on the movie

    • I’m glad you answered this so nicely Aleks (I couldn’t have!), I can’t believe people are still asking this question :-)

  20. indeed Tokyo Drift was the best movie overall producers need to do that again but this time more racing on the streets of tokyo that was purely “ART” and bring Shean back… make the movie prequel after the tokyo drift this time we already know what stuff they did in the past you need to focus on the present day and more cool cars we are tired of “muscle car’s”

  21. yeah they should do more fast and furious and plus you can see they are going to do 6th installment cause in 5 it ended with them going to race eachother again but doesn,t show who wins so they have left door open for 6th installment

  22. I firmly believe that they were all action movies, and there’s plenty of racing in all of them. Yea fast 5 left out torretto racing the guy with the blue porsche, but who cares, we all know what that race woulda looked like, no porsche is gonna beat a souped up charger in the 1/4 mile. What i think would be cool though is some frankenstien cars, like a honda prelude with a g23vtec, that or a black 1994 grand prix with a northstar and nitrous.
    As for where this series might go, im sure they will take it where it needs to, they’ve done good so far. And if it was meant to be all about street racing it would be called Street Racing Unlimited. lol. And “Quick 6″? I think if they are gonna make one last movie it should be called “FAST”. Thats simple and to the point.

    • So true

  23. If you check out Wiki, Tokyo Drift yes was released in 2006, but in the movie time line it happens after this one. Can’t wait to see the next installment though!

  24. Man I can’t wait for fast 6 it’s gonna be sweeeeet and I think it will smash box office expectations

  25. If letty is alive how could she do that to Dom also I believe there will be three more movies 1. To finish fast five with letty. 2. To see what happens with Han and his girl in Madrid cause she wasn’t with him in Tokyo(she might have died cause he didn’t move on in Tokyo or he lost all their money and she left him) and 3. To see what happens when Dom gets to Tokyo(I think he’s gonna kill dude who killed Han). P.S. F&F Rules!!!!!!!!

  26. This forum needs a lesson or two in grammar, syntax, and spelling.

  27. lmao.A Northstar with nitrous? hahahahaha that is the most contradicting thing i have ever heard in all of me years of wrenching. A Northstar blows up when you fill up with 91 octane :)

  28. Might as well juice a Daewoo

  29. fast 6 better not be like tokio drift