‘Fast and the Furious 6′ Already in Development

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Vin Diesel and Paul Walker Fast Five trailer Fast and the Furious 6 Already in Development

When Fast Five was officially greenlit last February, Vin Diesel enthusiastically confirmed the announcement on his Facebook page and claimed that a sixth The Fast and the Furious movie was also in the cards. Not surprisingly, the cast and crew’s focus shifted exclusively to production of the fifth installment and there hasn’t been much talk about where the series might go from there.

If the enthusiastic response to the Fast Five trailer is any indication, fans seem to have built up a tremendous amount of goodwill towards the series. Coupled with the overwhelming success of the previous entry, Fast & Furious (which was the highest grossing film in the series to date), it seems unlikely that Universal would want to hit the brakes on this franchise any time soon.

So it should come as no surprise then that Diesel and producer Neal Moritz are ready to start making plans for the next sequel. Speaking with Collider, Moritz explains:

“In Vin and my mind we already know what the sixth movie is, we’ve already been talking about it. Vin and I have had numerous conversations about what that might be. And we’re starting to get serious about it right now. We just finished the movie like 4 or 5 weeks ago and we just needed a break, and now we’re gonna start focusing on that.”

In the same interview Moritz reveals that there’s also a spin-off film in the works, which would be centered around Dwayne Johnson’s bounty hunter character from Fast Five. Although they haven’t begun tackling the script for that one just yet, Johnson is reportedly up for it and Moritz claims they’ll be pushing forward with it soon.

If nothing else, The Fast and the Furious series has done an admirable job of keeping things fresh. Rather than finding new ways to tweak the same basic premise, these films have consistently tried to break some new ground. While that’s  inevitably led to varying degrees of success for each installment, the overall result of that approach has been the sustained interest of a passionate fan base.

Sure, these movies have their staples but I think they’ve managed to satisfy the expectations of their fans and do something unique with all of those conventions. I’ll admit that they’re all pretty silly when you really get down to it, but the first and fourth in particular are ridiculously entertaining movies.

As for Fast Five – is there a red-blooded male out there whose interest isn’t piqued in the slightest by Dwayne Johnson hunting down Vin Diesel? We’ll find out if the film delivers when it hits theaters on April 29th, 2011.

Source: Collider.

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  1. Ugh!!!!!

  2. doesn’t matter how silly these movies are I always enjoy watching them…

  3. oohhh come on!

  4. They need Johnny Utah to hunt Diesel and Walker!! He always gets his man.

    • you may be onto something…

    • I think that’s the 6th movie right there!

  5. this franchise needs to die. i like the movies but come on. vin needs to stick to the riddick movies.

    • yeah and do u see the riddick franchise getting anywhere now? lol

    • shut up with that rubbish you are talking fast and furious all the way cant beat none of the movies there the only movies of there kind. riddick and pitch black are good but not as good as these

      • Couldn’t agree with you more! Fast & Furious are entertaining whenever they come out and they can expand the story where as Riddick it is a bit dead now.

      • vin can handle both series. Riddick movies are bad ass and just as good in there own way and there is no other movies like either series. vin is just bomb!! and there is a new riddick movie coming out by the way they just havnt decided a release date!

  6. This movie is a guilty pleasure and adding in Dwayne Johnson is another Plus.

    I do agree with the others though that another Riddick movie needs to be in the works ASAP.

  7. i cool with Fast 6, but i would i would Riddick 3 first.

    • Riddick 3? How bout a Riddick 2, seeing how the first movie was actually called Pitch Black, not Riddick.

      • PITCH BLACK is considered part of the CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK series. The film was even re-released on DVD with the tile THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: PITCH BLACK on the cover.

        • Umm how was it RELEASED in theaters?? Yeah thought so, nice try though.

          • Doesn’t matter. The director changed the title after THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK was released.

            • Yea it matters I saw it in the theaters as Pitch Black, I have the DVD as well, Pitch Black. Works for me, sorry it doesn’t for you, Elitist.

              • So do you still call A NEW HOPE just STAR WARS? You can call it whatever you want, but the official title is THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: PITCH BLACK.

          • The same way Lucas added A NEW HOPE to STAR WARS after it was released.

            • Te dark knight isnt a sequel to Batman Begins then eh?

  8. sweeet all the fast and furious movies are awesome

  9. I like these movies. All of them. They are stupid beyond all belief but everyone making them knows this, and to be fair the acting in them isnt that bad either (Paul Walker excluded), they are just crazy fun.
    Looking forward to part 5, and waiting to be amused by the title for part 6.

  10. Definitely my guilty pleasures… I started watching for the cars and stayed for the characters, as long as they keep pumping them out- I’ll keep watching ‘em.

  11. we already knew this when vin said about the scripts for 5 & 6 before fast & furious 4 hit the screens but i want more :P

  12. Making another Fast 6 that will be off the hook

  13. Hot guys and bad cars. What more could a woman ask for. I can watch Sizzzzzzzzzzling Paul any day of the week.

    • Well the offered vin the main role of part two but he turned it down.

  14. i think letty is a b**** why would she fake to die,? Dom Loved her so much,it better be a good reason why she did that! and when is part6 coming out….? i cant wait, an i really cant belive shes alive wtf?!

    • Init I want her to come back tho :]

    • i know right but then how did she not die

  15. Don’t judge Letty too harshly, maybe her has amnesia or something :-)

  16. the fast and furious 5 was wicked but y dont u try puttin the next fast and furiouse in england?

  17. Hello everyone) People and will be the sixth part?

  18. letty faked her death so that dom would go bakk to LA.
    in the 4th movie we never actually saw her die its just wat dom imagined in his head. she needed a clean get away. wat better way than to fake her death.

    • But they had a funeral for her but we never seen the dead body

  19. Shame they aren’t allowed to produce the street racing aspect now by law, however these movies are still awesome, havent seen this one yet, but will be going to see it within the next few days. Been told a few things about the film and sounds great. But the first one is my favourite just because of the story and the racing. The F&F 6 will have to do something different as Vin and Paul running will get boring, but without a doubt, they will find something fresh to add into the mix.

    • yes five was one of the best ones made i think that they need to make it where they need to go and bring back letie to vin diesel they are a geart coulpe like brain and diesel sister are good they need to bring back raceing like make it where they have to do one big race for freedom

  20. i hope fast and furious 6 will be on the streetracing :P
    fast five is the best fast and furious movie!!!

  21. Remember these series of movies are not about racing. You will see some flashes about racing but it is all about doing a heist.

  22. Cant wait, any news on a possible release date, or what year it will be out, because the fast five came out about 3 years after fast and furious, i believe. Wonder what letty is going to do about dom and his new girl?

    • same
      best film yet is fast five but bringing fast 6 out next christmas

  23. you know after making so many movies it kinda gets boring. like the saw movies sucks after so many..

    • Every saw movie sucked.

    • if a movies got hot women sweet cars and great action actors they will mever me bad

  24. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the bad guy from F&F 2 got out of jail and started hunting down Roman Pierce and Bryan O’conner for revenge in F&F 6

  25. Well I think that there’s gonna be a rivalry between letty and doms new girlfriend but can’t wait for it hope it’s good

  26. para os produtores de fast furious :
    facam o 6 filme em portugal , para as zonas de gondomar etc.
    em portugal á muitos sitios onde se fazem corridas elegais á noite e á muitas boas pistas para fazer um filme como este.
    noa é so em gondomar é quase em todos os concelhos em portugal

  27. I love watching all the fast and the furious movie it had me lost when I seen them all but the format was off with 2 fast 2 furious it should of been the fast and the furious which is the first one the second should of been fast and furious which is the forth one that should of been the second b4 2fast2furious because after the fast five I don’t knOw where to 2fast2furious came from but there all good and I love the story line

    • the only one thru in at the wrong place was tokyo drift! the order goes- the fast and the furious, 2 fast 2 furious, fast and furious, fast five then tokyo drft!!!

      • no… it would have been,the fast and the furious, 2 fast 2 furious, fast and furious, fast five, then the 6th and after that would have been tokyo cause dom is alone in that one in the end when he says ” ive got all the time in the world”…….

      • we all know that shu up