‘Fast & Furious 7′ Revised Script May Have Send-Off for Paul Walker

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Fast and Furious 7 Script Revision Paul Walker Death Brian OConnor Ending Fast & Furious 7 Revised Script May Have Send Off for Paul Walker

On our latest Screen Rant Underground Podcast we addressed to the solemn issue of Paul Walker’s death, what it means for Fast & Furious 7 and the future of the franchise, overall. Universal has been trying to do the respectful thing by delaying production (which started back in September and is about halfway done), but there remains a massive hurdle in regards to the question of whether the footage already completed can be used, how it should be used, if it should be used – or if a fresh start is in order.

Recently we heard that the fresh start option was looking likely, but apparently that’s no longer the favored case. Now we’re hearing that Universal and the Fast & Furious 7 script writer could be working on a way to use what they have to create a send-off for Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor.

THR had the news to share about Fast & Furious 3 – 7 writer Chris Morgan working on a version of the script that provides an ending for O’Connor. Of course, as ever in the land of Hollywood, the report comes with a more cynical twist; it’s actually about how the situation with Walker’s death could scrap the film and force the studio to file the “largest insurance claim in Hollywood history.” A revised script would help get the stalled production back into gear (no pun) – but as we (and many others) have pointed out, that provides a massive challenge to Morgan and the producers, creatively speaking.

Fast Furious 7 Brian and Mia Ending Fast & Furious 7 Revised Script May Have Send Off for Paul Walker

Brian & Mia – Happily Ever After?

Since Fast & Furious 7 centers on a revenge-seeking Jason Statham wreaking havoc on Dom, Brian, and the rest of the “familia,” there were two obvious ways to write-out the Brian O’Connor character: as a victim of the villain’s revenge, or as a family man sent off into the sunset (and out of harm’s way) with his wife Mia (Jordana Brewster) and young son. Those options still seem like the most viable – but how to incorporate the footage of Walker already shot – which is rumored to be more static character scenes and not the big action sequences – is something that only director James Wan (jumping into this franchise at a most unfortunate time) the cast and producers can answer.

Failing to find a through-road (again, no pun), the picture would essentially need to be restarted from scratch, leaving insurance firm Fireman’s Fund with a whopping $150 million tab to pay to the studio (the cost of production on the film so far). One can only presume that the firm is doing its utmost to avoid that scenario – which is why what should be an honorable and sympathetic decision about an unforeseeable tragedy could very well melt down into a mess of ugly Hollywood economic politics.

It’s hard to imagine putting a price on human life – but insurance firms surely can, and do. There will almost certainly be a push not to restart this movie, and grieving cast members or compromised creativity don’t necessarily stand up against $150 million dollars in payout. If you think I’m being overly cynical or presumptuous – I say that the early warning signs are already there: As a footnote to their report, THR offers quotes from industry execs both inside and outside of Universal, who think that tragedy could be good for business:

“I actually believe [the tragedy] will add to returns,” says a rival studio exec. A Universal insider agrees: “Sadly, it will probably make people more interested.”

Fast and Furious 7 Paul Walker Fast & Furious 7 Revised Script May Have Send Off for Paul Walker

When you hear it like that, the easy-but-sleazy fix of a Brian O’Connor death scene (in a house explosion, some offscreen demise – or even a car crash/explosion) doesn’t seem so impossible anymore. (As in, the same moral compass that tells grieving fans and cast members that such a crass move is wrong, won’t necessarily point the same way to the people concerned over the loss of $150 million and/or a strong pipeline to the summer box office.)

Just remember to keep a critical eye open when all the fanfare starts about how Fast & Furious 7 will retire Brian with “respect” and “honor.” In the end it could all be about the dollar dollar bills – with the rest of the cast caught up in the web of studio politics.


Fast & Furious 7 is currently in a holding pattern. We’ll keep you updated.

Source: THR

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  1. Bring his brother in! he looks close enough

    • I mean just bring him to complete his send off in this movie.

      Last scene, the crew goes to the real crash scene and pay their respects.

  2. I think O’Conner should crash (caused by the villain) and be mourned by Dom and the gang. They continue on and exact revenge on the films villain for killing O’Conner.

    In FF8 a mysterious car driven by an unseen driver appears and saves Dom’s life during a chase scene with a bad guy. Dom eventually catches up to the mysterious car, they race and he recognizes O’Conner driving style(cut in a few flashback race scenes between the two). At this point, we can either recast O’Conner, he now looks different because of plastic surgery and he returns to the crew…..

    Or O’Conner just saves Dom at the end of FF8 during a deadly chase scene, Dom recognizes his driving style (cut in a few flashback race scenes between the two), drops a few tears as he realizes O’Conner is alive. Suddenly he slams his brakes and skids to a stop in the middle of the highway, as he peers at the mysterious car drive away in to the distance.

  3. FF7 should be the last one made & they should find a way to use all his footage in it. There is nobody that could or should EVER try to replace Brian O’Connor. He was the real deal and should be remembered for all movies not just his last one. RIP Paul Walker & Prayers to his family.

    • I agree with you that they should keep the footage they have already. Also they should make him die in a race to save Dom. As well as they should end the series there just to honor Paul Walker who RIP. They should also place clips of him while acting and a song to remember him at the end of the movie and showing respect.

  4. The fast & furious 7 should go on because the should kill Paul walker off and have son in number six play his part or put main character has the guy the plays the main character on step up 3 has mia’s husband that’s What I think I am a big fan of the fast and furious movie I have all of them but they should kill off like they did the guy in 3

    • What? someone translate.

  5. Kill him off like did the guy 3 they should make him crash at the being of the movie and then his son in 7

  6. Next to the last scene of Fast 7 should be Brian OConner looking at Mia and the baby and then it cuts to a young man in a fast car at a red light and a older Dom pulls up and says “What your name kid” and the young man says Brian OConner Jr. Dom then says he knew his father and he was family and a good friend and the young man says “Yes he was and he showed me how to beat you” Dom then smiles and they both peal out end scene. Leave it up to the fans imagination on how his character passed away and knowing he lived long enough to teach his son how to drive is nice.

    • This scenario is the best one I’ve seen, and I’ve read all of them. There have been so many movies that have successfully ended this way. Great idea Dwain!

    • Dom is Jack’s uncle! He would be in his life the whole time!

    • I agree with everything but the name, dont give him the name brian jr. No because that to me sounds like they’re replacing him…give him his own name like danial or something,,, this is what I would do, Have Brian killed off, and and a few years later, paul walkers brother can be brians son, and have him be a rebel driver and take it upon his self to try to get revenge on his dads killer, Dom tryes to get Danial (Bryans son who I named) to join the family team but he always declines, because hes a young guy thinking he can do everything..and towards the end, the villian crashes Danials car, Dom saves him and says I aint losing another family member, puts him in his charger and drives away…a few scenes later Dom takes Danial to Mia, and they hug, and a scene cuts to a dinner scene and Dom and Mia mourn over Bryan, then next scene it shows Dom holding a pair of keys in his hand while Danial talks about his father, then Dom says I have something to show you, Dom and Danial walk up to Doms garage and he opens it and there sits the Toyota Supra Afrom fast 1, and Danial asks about it the same way Bryan asked Dom about the Dodge Charger for the first time, and Dom tells him hoe he got it and how Bryan saved his life, and then both men have a moment in silence and then Dom tosses the keys to Danial. Dom walks away while Danial is in awe about receiving his dad’s car..then the next couple scenes, it shows Dom and Danial lined up…Dom in his Charger, Danial in his dads Supra…

      • Why! No one gave a horses ass about Ledger… Only Paul can play that kid we grew up watching
        …Dude i lmost had you is something every fan will never forget! He and his smile made everyone like Brian Oconnor… His death touched everones heart becuz of Brian Oconnor He wasnt petfect but made things right at the end! He cherished what he almost destroyed and we all can relate to that! He is the reason why its the most sucessful Movie of All time! The first movie that me n everyone else excited about a sequal… Not 1 Or 2 But 7. Fast n The Furious is by far the best Action Packed Story Ever put on film… the billions it made prove it… So in other Words… Dom with out Brian is like Jordan with out Pippen and Shaq with out Kobe! He is ireplaceable! Rip Paul… He should Die At the end in Car Cradh sacraficing himself killing the villan saving all there lives with Dom and the rest of the crew Trying to get him out But his pinned Then the car starts to burn… with Dom and Mia Holding his hand … Till Dom has to yank her away from him before it blows… Epic End! His real end… Only that we get to say good bye!

      • In fast 6 the name of the son is jack. also I like a lot of these ideas and I do believe the series out of respect would be nice but that’s up to the crew and cast. We might have lost a great actor, but the cast and crew lost a family member that’s what we have to think about. Is what they want to do with the story I do believe however that vin diesel would probably continue out of respect.

  7. Why are people so opposed to someone else being recast as Brian O’Connor?

    I don’t get this “not honoring the memory of Paul Walker” sentiment. Maybe I see it differently, if I were an actor and a role were tied to me and I passed away prematurely, I don’t think I would mind someone else taking over because as long as those movies are made, people will still remember me. But once you kill off my character, my memory fades. I think the best way to remember an actor is to keep his character alive in subsequent movies.

    Does this mean that we will never see another Joker in any upcoming Batman movies?

    • Totally agree. There is no reason to end the franchise. Why would you end the franchise? 1 man, regardless of who they are, is not more important than an entire cast, and a flourishing franchise. God rest his soul, but Walker’s untimely death is personal, and the movie business, is not personal. It’s other people’s lives, their careers, and livelihood. I cannot believe that Paul would want to have his death negatively affect others.

      People die, it’s sad, yes. The world continues.

    • Read my other coment… He has to die in the movie! Then In about 8 years later bring out F&F 8… With the original Cast and 21year old Formerly known as Jack Oconnor Becuz his mother changed his name to Brian Jack O’conner Jr. Thats How they will honor and keep Paul Walkers memory Alive… Fast n Furious 7 will break records! But if They try n make Part 8 in 2 year… its Over.. Ill wait for the dvd… GIVE PEOPLE TIME TO FORGET! Then they will be excited to Live Fast n Furious again!

  8. Hey I’m not real sure about the script for FF7 but I really do hope they keep Paul Walker’s footage. To me his character is irreplaceable but I suppose it would be ok to use a different person to play him. It would be better to have a honorable “send off” for him and I would give that scene a little extra time oout of respect. I hope to see him in the next one. Thankyou. And RIP Paul Walker


  10. I think they should kill him off but caused by his own actions. Something creative like how they wrote in Larry Hagman’s death on DALLAS. There’d be a lot more hate towards Statham if Ian Shaw killed him.

  11. I don’t think they should recast anyone as Brian O’Conner bc we will always know Paul Walker to play his character. They should keep all the footage he filmed ,being that he filmed half of the movie already. Also, fast 7 should be the last of the franchise.

  12. I think they should bring paul walker brother that look a lot like him play brian.Kill of brian off and then have paul walker brother play as brian little brother to get revenge.

  13. Eye on the bigger picture people. They could have rebooted the series after 3. The F&F franchise is a prime example of what happens win you reinvent, not reboot a franchise. Creativity brought the series back after Tokyo Drift and it’s what F&F 7 needs now. $150 million is chump change compared to the hundreds of millions 7, 8, 9 etc could bring in. The franchise could continue to make bank IF Brian O’Conner’s exit is handled with respect, compassion, and creativity. If the execs cave to the pressures of payouts and they “go the easy route” and just kill Brian off in the distance or something lame, fans will see that decision for what it is, and the future profitability of the franchise WILL be bleak.

  14. I feel the best way to go with the story is to kill off Paul walker and have Lucas Black, the redneck from Tokyo drift, take over as a new lead. It would make sense since he wants revenge for Hans death and now vin diesel would want even more revenge. Lucas black could then take vin diesel as his new “race mentor” as he was to Paul walker.

  15. I think most people are missing the point, if you take a look at Paul Walker’s last moments, his last contribution to thjs world, being his legacy is Reachout Worldwide, if any good can come from someomes death, it would be this, raising awareness to world issues, and if FF7 does anything to promote what Paul believed in, i think he would be happy that he DID make a difference, i believe that they should have Brian die in a car crash, for that is what happened To Paul, it would make the biggest heart-felt impact that any actor could have done alive or dead, it hurts because it is supposed to, that’s when you know you are doing something right, portray him in a heroic scene, Brian being selfless and risking his life to save another, because for a real hero, sometimes the price IS your life, that is what makes a hero, and at the end of the movie dedicate the movie to Paul Walker and Reachout Worldwide in honor of what he believed in,and why should they get rid of mia and brian’s son, for the franchise, that is just another way to continue the story, and onto the next generation, i like the idea of tying into where tokyo drift left off, at long last, dom could go on a solo trip doing what he does, racing all over asia, making his way to tokyo after hearing of han’s death and to pay his respects to his brother, meeting Lucas Black and getting caught up in some aftermath of tokyo drift, he could forge a new bond and continue his way of Ride or Die, it would be fitting to the character of dom

    • dude no just no think if paur fiamly there going to see the movie do you think they want see paur die 2nd time no dude your idea cnat work dum is going want to kil jasonf or killing han intoyko no new gen the new narly killed fast movies dude you can remove the old cast fast 3 aka Tokyo narkly kieldl sieres ok they said they wont go new dum craw is stayng dum craw is after Jason

      he wont go took just he ehre han dead e go there t sotp Jason ok
      get it new gen wood kill fast movies ti wood with3 had 4not steped in fixed it

      they ssid they wont kill brian paur fiamly dos not wantee him die aigan ok that be worng he ben cnaforme dot live in fast retie at end

      they wont hand fast seirs new gen the new gne wood kill it that way tokoy sucked so bad dude the maker if took said tokoy was wsroe moive out if them all

      he vin said they wont d new gen like toyk ever again

      he wont l word he after Jason he know about han death you know this ifsaw end if fast 6 you know saw shot fast 7 looked clip

      ok you cant kill brian off t wood kill movies dum rest if team signed on for fast 8 9 it will end with 9 ok ot some lame new gen guys

      yourieda cant will never happen

      dude he cant gmeet black he all reda block to help biran roemo the rock took down Jason nf ast don’t oyu know any thing about fast 7 so your plot wont work

  16. Rip paul walker you will be missed by manny.I’ve watched everyone of your movies.I loved each and every one of them.god bless we love you man.

  17. stop lieing fix this page there not going to sacrp the falming there going to keep doing it vin deseal said soi vin know more then you do vin said fad t7 moved to 2015 it stlel happen ok there back shoting dude vin psot new pics form set ok vins aid this movie is puar last work eh wont lto any kill it off so sotp lieing

  18. I heard Walker’s remains look like a beef patty. LMFAO!

  19. FF7 needs the be remade, to give us final fantasy fans that have been clamoring for it a chance to revisit the game and new fans a chance to experience the greatness that is FF7, but as for fast and furious 7 as long as they dont cast justin bieber ill be happy

  20. Ill be happy if this redneck franchise is over

  21. Just bring back Han and Gisele, the hot couple and all will be fine.

    Han and Gisele are hotties!

  22. I think this idea should be on the list of what should be done:

    The footage of Brian O Connor should be used in the movie. If they do any races on FF7 with Brian included, we should have the entire cast watch his race with several other extras. They can also make this race be part of a major tournament. It would have been better if Brian was racing with the villian who is Jason Statham, Jason could twist the race in his favour and cause a major accident (which can be his true motive), get everyone shocked and emotional about it and witness Jason drive off after the accident. Maybe you can add an action sequence where they all race after him but fail as Jason goes into hideout. Later they all pray for him at his funeral with his grave showing and Mia carrying their baby. She vows to Brian that she together with their son and his friends will take revenge of their own on Jason when they catch him and they rename if the baby Brian O Connor in his memory.

    Many years later, you have a grown son named Brian and they all discover Jason’s whereabouts after another major and life threatening accident involving the friends perhaps even Don. An all out war breaks out between Jason and Brian’s family and friends.

    A good way to have Jason die is to make him reap what he sowed on everyone else and that is to get him killed while he is driving in a big action sequence. Once all this is complete, you can have all of Brian’s friends, Mia and his kid Brian go back to his grave and put flowers on there, fulfilling a vow they made on Brian’s death, knowing now that he can rest in peace as his killer has been dealt with.

    I hope everyone thinks this is a good idea!!

    Thanks for reading!!

  23. I agree with adding Jack as a grown-up and racing cars like his father. Cody would play the best role as Cody’s face looks so young and fresh compared to Paul and Caleb. But I have no options about revenge upon the father’s death or anything. The fact is, Jack should be featuring in the 8th movie to keep Brain’s character. Personal tip- killing off Brian isn’t a good option. Who would want that way even if he, Paul would be still alive?

  24. Make justin bieber brian’s son which is all grown up

  25. Mia is killed off. Brian goes on the ride of vengeance with Dom and crew. Having a near death experience, Brian is faced with leaving Jack an orphan or to stay behind and hide, with Jack, until it’s safe. Of course Brian choses to go into hiding with Jack. Shaw is eventually killed and Dom makes his call to Brian to let him know it’s done, we see Brian from behind, looking out to a sunrise somewhere, and tells Dom he needs time with Jack by tthemselves. There’s no home without Mia. Dom understands and wishes him well and to take care of Jack.