‘Fast & Furious 6′ Spoilers Discussion

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Fast and Furious 6 Michelle Rodriguez Spoilers Fast & Furious 6 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Fast & Furious 6 review, this is the place where you can discuss Fast & Furious 6 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Fast & Furious 6 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Fast & Furious 6 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Fast & Furious 6 runs 130 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action and mayhem throughout, some sexuality and language. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. How can you spoil this movie? It’s a movie about cars that go vroom-vroom.

    • Everybody was Kung Fu Driving.

    • People say I look just like vin diesel

  2. What if Han is still alive?

  3. I Love vin diesels acting a lot

    By d way fast n furious is that movie which every people likes as i have seen yet now

    Awesome characters

    • What?

    • I think it’s…trying to communicate with us…

      • lmao nice.

  4. Such a wonderful installment in this franchise they seemingly gets better with each step of the way. People clapping, laughing, and cheering for characters and moments really made this the best movie theatre experience of the summer, so far. I loved that they introduced Statham for the next film, but Lin not being back worries me. He was the best thing to happen in this franchise, in terms of expanding the scope of each film. This is a must see again, and again, and again.

    • *that seemingly

    • I totally agree, without Justin Lin I have a feeling the next film is going to end up being garbage like Iron Man 3, also without Lin, Vin Diesel wouldn’t gotten his career resurrected.

  5. You can read the brochure. Yes.

  6. Personally I feel luke evans got a raw deal, and the story lacked because it was all about letty, I understand she is a big part of it but it could have been a lot better. The owen shaw character was a good one but not enough explained about who he is and where he came from, and why hobbs had such a grudge

    • Hobbs had such a “grudge” against him because every single time, Shaw would get away. Hobbs has an ego, too, ya know. He’s supposed to be “the guy the FBI calls when they can’t catch someone”.

  7. I can’t believe they made six of these crapy movies. And it is just another reason to be careful when driving becsuse there morans who think they are living this vapid movie.

    • Yet you care enough to give your opinion……

    • stfu… if you hate this movie you probably hate every action movie. this movie is a great, gun movie that people go to and enjoy.

      i loved this movie and cant wait for the next.

  8. Loved the Gina Carano plot twist!, Statham is gonna be an awesome villain!!

    • I was shocked! I didn’t want her to die :(

    • That was my BIGGEST problem with the movie… I’m not sure if I missed something, but I felt like that twist came out of left field. I know it’s a popcorn flick and not meant to be all about the story, but I don’t understand how or why that happened.. It ruined the third act of the movie to me.

      • Left field, not really. I picked that up the moment they said they had people in the military, fbi, and cia.

  9. Bring on Statham!!! that was an awesome way to finally connect all the movies to tokyo drift. Still wondering if their gonna bring back Lucas Black tho and if fast 7 is gonna start were tokyo drift ended.

  10. Only right now to bring in han’s apprentice from tokyo drift. At the end of tokyo drift, vin diesel challenged the white guy to a race probably making him take hans place among the gang. Jason is also a great addition to the pack. Skinny but can still kick vin’s diesel headed ass!

  11. So the rumors about Statham were true?
    The Rock and Diesel vs Statham will be awesome

  12. I like mindless action movies, but 6 movies about cars and street racing to me makes no sense.

    • Honestly, the fourth movie turned the franchise from ‘yay tuners and racing” into “holy crap action movies.” Other than 2 I have enjoyed all of them. They have progressed which is nice. To me 1-3 were just setting up the characters for the action movie side.

      • @notcaring

        Totally agree. The first three were light entertainment, but the fourth I thought was a legitimately good movie. Then Five was better, and then six was better!

  13. I could see the end scene with Dom approaching Black at the end of the race and asking him if he wan’ts to join the team to payback for what Shaw’s brother Han. p.s I like Han, but he should stay dead.

    • That’s the end scene of Tokyo Drift which would be the opening scene of Fast And Furious 7.

  14. So are we going to get lucas black and bow wow for Fast 7.

    • I’d prefer Bow Wow to just stay out of the next movie.

  15. Since Dom is gonna be in tokyo, he might as well get help from the the REAL Drift King ” Keiichi Tsuchiya” (the guy fishing while watching Sean train in Tokyo Drift).

  16. The Fast Team should bring lucas black on board being as he was Han’s friend and would feel guilty for his death, would want so pay back.

    • some pay back.

  17. Saw first movie.. Hate it. Wont watch 2-6. Disgusting.

  18. In terms of story and plot holes this was the worst, Paul Walker going to LA was totally pointless and the hole movie could probably have been trimmed down to like 45 minutes, but saying that I loved it!

    You know what to expect from this type of movie, mindless action with the odd ooh and ahh thrown in for good measure, I particularly enjoyed spotting Liverpool doubling for London which by my reckoning was a lot!! I also loved that Stath popped up at the end!!

    After being hugely disappointed by Iron Man and Star Trek it was nice to be able to watch this with no expectations and laugh at this movie for all the right reasons, the intentional comedy was good but the plot holes were hilarious!
    My favourites were –
    Paul Walkers entry to the US and escape from prison, how did he manage that?
    The shell casing only being that rare and being sold by one man in London! (Cough cough Skyfall)
    The buying of loads of expensive cars for no reason along with the massively stereotypical British snob
    Those NOS powered grappling guns appearing from no where
    Ludacris being able to totally knock out all mobile communication from his laptop
    The longest runway in the world!

    And after living in some of the most beautiful places in the world the gang decide to return home to the crap hole that was that house from the first movie!! Hilarious!!

    • not gonna lie… most of that stuff s not plot holes, they explained that.

      • A plot hole, or plothole, a play on the word “pothole,” is a gap or inconsistency in a storyline that goes against the flow of logic established by the story’s plot, or constitutes a blatant omission of relevant information regarding the plot sometimes even contradicting itself. These include such things as unlikely behaviour or actions of characters, illogical or impossible events, events happening for no apparent reason, or statements/events that contradict earlier events in the storyline

        That somes up a plot hole for me and I consider what I said to be that

        • wow… i never asked what plothole means. im telling you they explain in the movie everything you are accusing of being a plothole

          • I’m not saying what was in the movie wasn’t explained in some way it was all just very convienient and made my eyes roll, which I’m not complaining about, I enjoyed the movie for this very reason!

            • Is this really the movie to complain about plot holes?

      • Dude, you are so right about everything. I said the same things as i watched this movie. Lol and therefore you gotta love.

    • there’s no place like home, and the other stuff you’re talking about is explained.

  19. I loved the movie, its rare to see a franchise progressively get better and better, not just with the action, but the story itself. I don`t think there were any real plot holes, aside for Paul Walker going to LA. I wouldn`t really call it a plot hole aside from how he got out of the prison, it was kind of unnecessary though imo. But it did serve a purpose by linking Fast 4, and I`m going to guess they`re setting up for Braga to play a role in Fast 7. They did a pretty damn good job of linking Tokyo Drift to the franchise finally and leveraging it to set up the story for Fast 7.

    I loved Hans arc, which finally but unfortunately came to an end. The only thing that does throw me off a bit is that in Tokyo Drift he`s kind of a ladies man, so as far as character development it made me think ” wow bro you got over Giselle pretty damn quick”. Aside from the fact that I enjoy seeing her on screen, I think it would have served a better purpose by letting her live. In the interest of preserving continuity.

    I get what they did, they killed her to explain why Han goes to Tokyo, but they could have let her live, and then had them break up at the end. Which would also serve as good character motivation to go to Tokyo to “get away” and then have her play a role in Fast 7, coming to Tokyo to avenge Hans death. That would have also better explained why Han was such a player in Tokyo Drift. In Fast 6 they talk about settling down, and then she dies, Hans broken hearted, and then goes to Tokyo and starts banging hot model chicks all day. It would make more sense if she dumped him.

    That aside, I love the set up with Statham , I`m just sad they finally confirmed Hans death, because for years now fans have been discussing how they could have him still be alive since we never actually see him blow up. It was kind of disappointing actually considering they could have used the same sequence they used to explains Letty surviving on Han, or Statham could have pulled him out taken him for Ransom etc. But his death atleast will serve a good purpose for character motivation next movie w/this dual revenge plot.

    • That’s kind of what I meant to say, put much more eloquently lol

    • I see your point about Han.
      But ultimately I see it the same as Dominic Torreto in the first film which establishes that he cares for Letty but not to the extent the other films did afterward and you see him with other women. In the short film which take place right before Fast and Furious (4th film) we saw Dom flirting around with women and all.

      Just because both are surrounded by other women, it does not necessarily mean they did not care immensely for one particular woman. Brian had his own thing with Monica (Eva Mendes) in 2Fast 2Furious but we all saw/see he loves Mia the most. Dom fell for Elena in Fast Five but returned with Letty even though she does not really remember Dom.

      They do not establish how long after Furious Six when the events of The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift take place. The film for logical reasons look like it takes place in the past evidenced by the cars. So really we at this moment cannot account for long it has been for the death of Gisele. Han was seen thinking heavily of his past in the film although nothing explicit was said and never was he in love with those girls.

    • I thought that as well, they needed to explain why Han went to Tokyo without her so they needed to free her up.

      The thing is they just spent two movies showing them falling in love and being in love, it would be kind of corny to then say oh right after the movie they broke up and he went to Tokyo.

      She saved him and that freed him up to go to Tokyo, he got killed and now the 7th movie is gonna be both sides looking for revenge, revenge for Shaw’s brother and revenge for Han.

      So it sets the stage for the 7th movie. By tying in Tokyo Drift the movie should pick up right at the end of Tokyo Drift and should probably bring in Lucas Black’s character.

    • Sung Kang is a good actor. I hope he’s given a chance to show his chops. If all else fails, they need a hot long haired Asian on Hawaii 5-0 since Grace Park left.

      • You can watch “Bullet to the Head”.

        I like that they killed Giselle, that kind of explains Han’s emo attitude in Tokyo Drift… dating lots of women is part of that… a coping mechanism.

  20. This movie was meh. Most these people only say its Bada,ss because all they watch is movies with 50000 explosions in them . Honestly felt it needed more cars

    • i dont know how many more cars you want! there were cars in EVERY action scene, there is a drag race scene too with dom and letty…

  21. I loved the steet race between Dom and Letty. I thought it really captured the spirit of the first film, especially when Letty says, “Man this guy is crazy”.

  22. I concur with this review.

    Furious Six may not not be quite as good as Fast Five in basic fundamentals, but the film is just as enjoyable and entertaining with bigger action, escalated conflict (formidable foes this time around), and hilarious character moments.

    The film’s central storyline is a bit of refresher as it takes a step away from the usual set up going up against drug dealers and evading the cops and the general characters are set up in their current conditions and well acquainted with one another. The film makes sure to show us that these characters generally like each other and work well together- a real family. Some characters allow to do more in the film beyond a certain need of the plot and actually behave as people. However the flip side to this point is that some characters, while enjoyable to watch, feel marginalized and surplus.

    Dominic Torreto again takes center stage and his story with Letty fills up most of the plot when it can have easily been streamlined into the larger conflict. The film tries to do this but I felt personally that it was not executed as well as it was in Fast Five where the main story was identifiable and the smaller (and marginalized) sub-plots were equally distinct yet intimately connected with the external conflict. Thus, this returns to some of the cast members being charming and entertaining yet ultimately with no clear purpose to the story besides adding extra muscle or driving to the film.

    Brian O’Connor who initially started as the main face and character of the franchise does feel marginalized in this film yet his story which does not go far, does carry weight and let Paul Walker a little bit more to do with this film than what he has done since the second installment. At one point, Brian goes off in his own storyline that is distinct and allows the character to be his own capable self and not Dom’s shadow that the writers have been pushing him towards.

    All the actors do the job well and carry the weight or comic-relief quite well. I can definitely see multiple spin offs going on. Michelle Rodriguez makes a great return although I do ask what was the ultimate purpose of writing her off in the first place? (I really do not care much for Fast and Furious as one can see and this film ties heavily into that film).

    Luke Evans did admirable job with little that he is given yet again proving himself an actor with much presence and charisma to elevate even the most underwritten of roles. This is not to say Owen Shaw was a weak villain by any means but rather the acting was good enough and the scenes were great that it really warranted more screen time.

    The action is bigger and I am afraid some of the great moments were spoiled in the trailers- especially the plane scene. This is not say the scenes are flat or the film does not offer more action than what is seen in the trailer but some moments would have more weight if not shown previously.

    Overall, I question what was some of the logic of the filmmakers of making certain choices that I cannot spoil or discuss in depth here. It is not fault of the film itself but where this installment stands in advancing the overall storyline of the series. It seems more that this film was rectifying some mistakes committed in other installments, notably Fast and Furious.

    Beyond the nitpicks, Furious Six would definitely target the mainstream audience that were won over with Fast Five and function more as film that glues previous entries together and rectify some of the more controversial choices in past films. The film serves as building up the world and laws of physics defying stunts while honoring the legacy of the franchise roots. People who complain about the premise before hand of the film would not likely find something worthy but the installment as the previous, work on expanding the niche of the series and be a quintessential summer action blockbuster.

    Personally, the film has exceeded and offers plenty of laughs and spectacle with serviceable straight forward plot and characters. Not quite as good as Fast Five and may need more of grounded character moments (See: The Fast and The Furious, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift) but the film does break the trend of the even-numbered produced films as being weaker and borderline terrible films, even with the given premise (2Fast 2Furious is weaker despite cheap thrills, Fast and Furious is cliched, terrible film).

    Furious Six offers up an escalated piece of entertainment that knows what it is and continues to expand the boundaries of what it could be on an entertainment level.

    3.5 to 4 Stars

  23. Does anyone else feel that this film was mostly course correcting to glue everything together and fix past mistakes, such as killing off Letty?

    It really felt like the finale and made the events of Fast and Furious kind of mute in a couple of ways. Similar how 2 Fast 2 Furious felt kind of mute in some ways.

    If we last saw Dominic in Tokyo after Han’s death, do we imagine some scenes in Tokyo at the beginning of The Fast and The Furious 7? Some reports have it that the film will take primarily in Los Angeles.

    I think some of character moments could have been a bit more grounded but the race between Letty and Dom had the feeling of the first film as the characters spoke and connected through the race itself rather than having a race sequence just for the sake of racing to fill the mandate of the franchise as seen in Fast and Furious and Fast Five, although the latter felt like a character moment.

    Brian needs to have more of substantial story along with Mia. Bring in Eva Mendes’ Monica Fuentes into the fray. Thom Barry can return as Belkins to really make a full circle for the character.

  24. I think in fast seven statham will kill all the main cast of characters being the bad@Sa he is … he started with han … I see how fast seven will end and there will be another death … its either brian or Dom … the studios want a spin off with Hobbs but it will only work if there is a great story line about what will happen in fast seven

    • Nah I think they’re gonna bring things full circle. The only character I see them killing is Tej. People like him, but he doesn’t have a backstory, no nothing. Roman was in the second film, so I don’t think he’ll die.

      • Tej was in the second film.

        • Ahhh I guess I forgot. It’s been a while since I watched the second film.

          • I just see a death I still am guessing who will it be but I’m guessing it will be a major character… a meaningful death… a “saw” director helming the ff series… death of a character is inevitable… statham will really have an impact on the series by having him kill another character. If vin diesel is tired of the series maybe he wants Dom to kick the bucket with a statham showdown

            • He’s directing, not writing I believe. I’ll be pissed if a major character dies because they’ve been through so much. I like the happy endings, it’s something Hollywood & other forms of entertainment lacks these days. They always want the main character to go through huge amounts of tragic events and have everything taken from them. Having a major character, especially Dom die, will honestly ruin the franchise for me.

  25. How does everyone think they’ll bring the crew back for Fast 7? I’m pretty sure we know the core plot, but bringing them together along with Hobbs is something to talk about I guess.

  26. loved the cameo of Jason Statham at the end credits, so he’ll be the villain for part 7

  27. Just wait till the guy who did Saw starts filming fast 7

    Hello Hobbs I wanna play a game.

    • He’s going to turn the movie in to a thriller/cat and mouse type movie.

  28. Trust me, they don’t need or want your business.