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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode ninety-three of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick fellow SR editors Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw, and special guests Hannah Shaw-Williams, Kevin Yeoman, and Paul Young as we review Justin Lin’s Fast & Furious 6, discuss new Ghostbusters 3 story details, the announcement of a live-action Halo TV series, and the prospect of 10 more years of The Walking Dead, as well as talk about The Office and Arrow TV finales.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 93 - ‘Fast & Furious 6′

We review Justin Lin’s Fast & Furious 6, discuss new Ghostbusters 3 story details, the announcement of a live-action Halo TV series, and the prospect of 10 more years of The Walking Dead as well as talk about The Office and Arrow TV finales.

[0:00] News: New ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Team Will Be Columbia University Physics Students‘Halo’ Live-Action TV Series From Steven Spielberg Announced, and AMC Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Still Be Around in 2022.

[1:08:47] Rants and Raves: The Office and Arrow finales.

[1:38:47] Review: Fast & Furious 6 (read our full Fast & Furious 6 review).

[1:56:23] Fast & Furious 6 SPOILERS conversation (join our Fast & Furious 6 spoilers discussion).

[2:22:49] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week’s Review: After Earth

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Star Trek Into Darkness opening): Sal reports that we had a 3-way tie between Sam Howard, TheDurrr, and RealChadSchultz. They all had scores of 13. However, Sam Howard hit the tiebreaker, which makes him the official winner.

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • After Earth – 3,000+
  • Now You See Me – 2,800

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  1. 1 – After Earth
    2 – Fast and Furious Six
    3 – Now You See Me
    4 – Star Trek Into Darkness
    5 – Epic
    10 – 42

  2. British accents rock. I wish I had one.

    • Right? Me too.

      • Yeah, me too!

    • My mom was born in England. Her accent didn’t stick for me :(

      • Well… the way Canadians pronounce “ou” words (about, out, south etc.) sounds a bit Scottish, if that makes you feel better. ;)

    • Scottish, English, welsh or n.Ireland…. which one? they are all British.

      i am Scottish so our is the best XD

  3. Best Halo series are by far the early seasons of Red vs Blue

    • The good ‘ol days

  4. 1. After Earth
    2. Fast 6
    3. Now You See Me
    4. Epic
    5. Hangover 3

    10. 42

  5. Arrow surprised me a lot usually the Hero ultimately saves the day in the end but the fact that they allowed it to play out that way in the finale really made me think more highly of the show going forward.

    I agree with Kofi in that this is like your classic blockbuster summer movie so I’m not super disappointed by Fast 6 story because I know what I’m getting into when I watch any Fast & Furious movies(Suspension of Belief) because it’s not Shakespeare. The rules of the past Fast movies are simple Dominic Toretto is a super hero, so your not surprised by anything he does, nothing Brian O’Connor does really matter he less & less important(I like that) and the rest of the cast play their parts well the Rock is just simply badass, Tyrese & Ludacris are great with their back & forth and that line about them having to fight a Doppleganger team was great and Luke Evans was good and his brother will be even better.

    I’m surprised that Rob Keys didn’t make it on the Podcast & make you guys talk about the Transformers 4 rumor involving Grimlock & the Dinobots.

    • Sadly, I was out of the country then came back with food poisoning when they were recording :(

      I also didn’t have time to see Fast & Furious. We’ll definitely talk about all of that when there’s more TF4 news!

      • Get well soon Rob hopefully the Dinobots rumors are true.

  6. You guys didnt mention the most important thing about the Fast 6 movie….was that or was that not the longest airport runway ever

    • Haha. Yeah, I assumed it was on some kind of loop, since the plane wasn’t getting altitude anyway, but that probably doesn’t actually make sense.

  7. Robert Kirkman said that he won’t really detail over what caused the zombie outbreak, instead he’ll give us clues as we go along. As far as 2022 goes, it’s not a good idea yet. They can’t even get a single showrunner to guide the show for longer than a season, and the different visions are ruining some episodes. Season 1 was great, season 2 was a letdown, season 3 was a tad bit better, but still a letdown. And Ben, if Rick dies, then this show is over.

    I think people are focusing too much on the plot of these movies. While a decent plot is appreciated, this movie is all about cars, and outlandish action. And it delivered on that. They brought it back to the previous films, while progressing it a bit, which was great. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the way they handled the Brian O’Connor sideplot. Other than that, I loved it. This has been the most enjoyable summer film so far for me. And the first film took place in LA, so I believe that they’re back in LA by the end of the movie. Anyway, I can’t wait for Jason Statham in Fast 7.

    • Yeah, that’s exactly why I gave the film 3.5/5 but plot holes do undercut the overall effectiveness of the movie – and they’re fun to pick apart in the spoilers segment ;)

  8. I want a Ghostbusters movie with Bryan Cranston and Patrick Warburton as Supernatural-esqe hunters that need the help of a new Ghostbusters team led by Dan Fogler.

    • Hmm… I don’t hate it.

      • And there’s the perfect pull quote for the DVD :D

        I did enjoy your CGI idea, I think I’d prefer that over the live-action 4 college kids story. But, I won’t know anything until I see a trailer…in 2022 during the Walking Dead series finale.

  9. I think Jumper is a good movie.

    • I know, right! He can teleport to anywhere in the world! What’s not to love about that?

      • Well those effects were done well, but Im referring to how the acting wasnt bad and the plot and characters were interesting, I dont know why it got such low scores. Maybe it wasnt the right time.

        • I suspect it was just the regular Hayden Christensen hate. I really like Jumper as well.

  10. In regards to the Fast and Furious film naming conventions, I have several theories:

    With the third film I remember the reports initially labeled it as a spin-off, which is why it’s called The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, not The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift.

    When the fourth film came together is was a in-continuity reinvention of the franchise that brought everything back to the story left off in the first film, reuniting the four main characters, three of which we hadn’t seen since the first film. So going without a number in the name, and just calling it Fast and Furious made sense because it was reintroducing the series to audiences.

    Fast Five went for a simpler title, plus it’s a sharper name, and in the style of Ocean’s 11, another heist film.

    The sixth film is called Furious 6 in the opening credits, which makes sense because Fast was used for 5, and Furious used for 6, but I think that perhaps the studio decided to give it the full name in the end.

    • Interesting breakdown. Makes sense to me. You’re right about Tokyo Drift for sure – it wasn’t titled #3 – given that it was supposed to be a spinoff. I may have misspoke there.

  11. Hi guys, I live in New Zealand and just need to say what a fantastic and entertaining podcast format you guys deliver. Having discovered your website only recently I have now listened to approximately 15 of your podcasts in the last few weeks. Although I have never enjoyed the Fast and Furious Films your podcast was entertaining in itself. Generally speaking I have enjoyed your Man of Steel build up and believe it will be the second biggest domestic (US) box office take behind Iron Man 3 for 2013. I have viewed the release schedule for Man of Steel and would you believe this film gets released in New Zealand in late June while the rest of the world gets it mid June – bummer. Loved your Evil Dead podcast as well. Your love of film comes across well and your podcasts make a difference. Thanks, Ed.

    • Glad you’re enjoying the podcast! That’s a bummer about ‘Man of Steel’ not opening there until way later… I think we’re all pretty amped about that one. I actually just ordered tickets for a midnight show in LA – since Rob, Dyce, myself, and some of the Game Rant guys will all be in the same place for it (at E3)!

  12. Box Office Battle

    1) After Earth
    2) Fast & Furious Six
    3) Hangover 3
    4) Star Trek 3
    5) Now You See Me
    10) The Great Gatsby

  13. I wanted to go Goldeneye fists on everyone for that discussion on Arrow and The Office.

    For fans who followed The Office all along, the ending was great, and legitimately ended everything that needed to be done, while also servicing ALL the characters. It was a wonderful way to go out.

    • I agree about the Office. The episode prior to the finale wrapped up the season long story-line and the finale was a nice farewell to everyone who made this show great. We even got one last Michael Scott “that’s what she said” joke. Each character had their moment, even Toby got a small one. Also, we were allowed to take a peak into the mystery that is known as Creed. The Kelly and Ryan joke wasn’t needed, but it’s exactly how those characters acted throughout the seasons. I thought the entire episode was a fitting tribute to the show throughout the years.

      I think the entire SR editorial team should do an episode devoted to TV finales…with spoilers.

      • But only if whoever’s talking about said shows has watched em ;)

  14. 3 fast 4 serious

    • Amazing! I’m sure that’s better than what they’ll come up with.

      Maybe ’3 Fast + 4 Furious’?

  15. 1) After Earth
    2) Fast & Furious Six
    3) Hangover 3
    4) Star Trek 3
    5) The Great Gatsby
    10) 42

    I heard Lucas Black was coming back for Fast 7, Since they ” Closed the Loop” with Han, it would be cool, to see Sean Boswell come back to help Dom’s crew, i actually liked him in Tokyo Drift….

    • Yeah, he was pretty great in Tokyo Drift. Interestingly, that’s one of my favorites – even though I hate the car culture stuff.

      I just really like Han I think – especially in that film.

  16. Cellular! I actually really like that movie. Statham played the corrupt cop hunting down Evans in that.

    I thought Fast and Furious 6 was good. A step up in action but a step down in… logic. So it kind of evens out. I’m really interested in seeing how much of the tone and direction will change under James Wan however. I think I’ve had my fill of Justin Lin’s style so I certainly wouldn’t mind a new approach but it might be too late in the game to be asking for that since audiences now have certain expectations and Wan might want to adhere to that.

    • I’m actually really excited to see Wan takeover. I think Lin needs a break from the franchise. Hopefully number 7 will be even better, given that it’ll have a fresh set of eyes.

      • Hopefully! :)

  17. 1. After earth
    2. fast 6
    3. Star trek
    4. now you see me
    5. Hangover 3
    10. the croods

  18. Box office Batlle

    1.Fast 6
    2. After earth
    3. Now your see me
    4. Star Trek into darkness
    5. Epic
    10 42

  19. 1 fast 6
    2 after earth
    3 now you see me
    4 hangover 3
    5 star trek
    10 42

  20. 1.after earth
    2.fast 6
    3.now you see me
    4.hang over 3
    5.star trek

  21. #1 Fast & Furious 6
    #2 After Earth
    #3 Now You See Me
    #4 The Hangover Part III
    #5 Star Trek Into Darkness
    #10 42

  22. It was Cellular that was the first movie that Statham played a bad guy in. It was pretty bad

    • Ah yes, ‘Cellular’… “Hey Chloe. Sam. Friend with nipples.”

  23. I’m surprised that no one besides Kevin on the podcast definitively said that they returned to Dom’s house in LA, not Detroit. The first movie is set in LA and Brian is an LAPD cop. Also, Brian is from Barstow, California. And, there are muscle cars in LA too.

    Ben, we first see Han in the car. We later see the car explode. I’d be really surprised if he isn’t dead. I like the character, but it’d be a cop-out if he lived.

    The Rock does say something along the lines of we need to get the tank away from the people.

    Paul, I actually did like GI Joe I. Don’t sweat the haters.

    And, ftr, Kofi, the Mercedes was gray, not white.

    • @J – LOL thanks. I buy films made by The Aslyum so I’ve handled hater before :)


  24. Fun movie nice tying up of the Tokyo Drift story line. I still laugh at how Fast and Furious & Street Fighters chronologies are all out of order. That tag team move Hobbs & Dom did is called “The Hart Attack” made famous by the Hart Foundation (youtube that sh** son).