Justin Lin Prepped For ‘Fast and the Furious 6′

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After the monstrous box office opening for Fast Five this past weekend, Fast and the Furious 6 became a total no-brainer for the studio heads. So it’s not exactly shocking to hear director Justin Lin say that Fast and the Furious 6 has been all but officially greenlit – and that he’ll once again be calling the shots on the next installment.

A followup to Fast Five has been in the cards for a while now, with the intention that it would round out the trilogy that began with Fast and Furious. Franchise staples like Vin Diesel and Paul Walker would naturally be returning, (possibly) along with new addition Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Lin spoke to USA Today about the immense popularity of Fast Five and had the following to say about the likelihood of a followup:

“['Fast and the Furious 6' is] pretty much 100%. It’s going to happen… At five, we’re just hitting our stride. We’re growing. People want to continue this journey.”

The implication is (of course) that Lin will once again be sitting in the director’s chair on a sixth Fast and the Furious flick – one that would feature a change in scenery from Rio de Janeiro in Fast Five, with Europe looking like a strong (and obvious) possibility right now.

Universal chairman Adam Fogelson has spoken about Fast and the Furious 6 as well, saying that the plan is to continue turning the series into “a true action franchise in the spirit of those great heist films made 10 or 15 years ago.” So what better way to emulate classic heist flicks that feature great vehicle chase sequences (like The Italian Job) than to have the next Fast and the Furious venture literally take place in a European locale?

Fast Five Review Justin Lin Prepped For Fast and the Furious 6

Something that Screen Rant‘s Ben Kendrick mentioned in his Fast Five review is that moviegoers who had little to no interest in the franchise before now aren’t likely to become converts anytime soon; this is still a series primarily about muscle cars, (hilarious?) death-defying stunts, explosions, and scantily-clad women. Fans of these movies have seemingly approved of Lin’s directorial style up to now – so, with regards to his return for Fast and the Furious 6, it’s pretty much an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” situation.

Since Fast and the Furious 6 is almost a certainty at this point, it begs the question: Where (in all meanings of the term) do you want to see this franchise go next?

Source: USA Today

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  1. when is the 6th coming out? the ending was awesome ” d’you believe in ghosts” (he slowly opens) OMG!!!!!!!!!! shes back i cant wait , WHEN IS THE 6TH COMING!?!

    • May 24,2013<3

  2. o no Dom and Brian both got 2 chicks wat to do wat to do Brians gonna STAY with Mia and Dom will almost deffinitely go for “miss ghost” unless she found someone else, that would suck , but um cameleon guy and motorcycle chick are going to the place “miss ghost ‘ is at so their deffinitely gonna somehow get Dom and her together . . . . . I CANT WAIT!!!

    • as long as justin lin is the director its going to keep getting better hes been consistant and they can always start with new characters i think they should keep going personally its a good franchise they are continuing to make money and just because of that universal will keep making them untill they have another 2 fast 2 furious but i can tell you as long as justin lin is the director its going to keep going

    • Truth is they can’t. Not only are people interested but they have not made a connection with Tokyo drift yet which I think they should have waited to make because it makes no sense in it’s current order

    • yes that does sound right where your coming from, but they need to connect back to tokyo drift to make sense of it and incorporate letty back into it all so they will probably do two more movies or parts for that. i agree that would be really cool if they restarted it years later with brians kid but it would probably seem very repetitive and you cant get any better actors than what they have so i dont know how it would work out.

    • Are you stupid man? do you even know what you’re talking about? i don’t think you know anything do you? if you seen the bonus ending at the end of fast five you’d know you can’t just leave it like that, also Tokyo Drift has to tie into the series somehow otherwise the 3rd movie made no sense. Especially towards the end of Tokyo Drift where you clearly see dom in Tokyo racing the main character of Tokyo Drift, It’s too early to end the franchise now i think you need to re-evaluate your entire comment because the director of this movie isn’t going to listen to you anyways. No one has a gun to your head forcing you to continue watching the franchise but don’t try and spoil the fun for those of use who do.

  3. Keep the journey going! I’m a huge fan and would like to see this franchise succeed even more! Think about filming on the east coast or cuba… just a thought. Congrats guys!

  4. Letty needs to come back. Fast Five was good but, it wasn’t the same without Letty.


    • they should have left letty dead and started a new future with doms new love interest but now that lettys still alive they probably will have some kinda lovers conflict in the next one (and if you dont know what im talking about letty is still alive. if you watched till the end of the credits you would have seen that so if you havent seen it go to youtube and type in fast five end of credits and yo’ll see it they also bought back eva mendez just for that scene)

      • Got to say fast and frious. All shows 100 cent good. Nice see new cars. Change. This part of life. Every guy or gals dream drive fast car. See on the street. It takes new change. In are day ley life. Show get people great ideas new cars drive now days all hard work and money put in. Can wait see 6 part when is coming out. Next year. I guess lots folk want some people back leffy and brain. And many others people. Lots fans enjoy this show. Its worth the price. More actions. Love sence. Lots of racing. I like show off new hottest cars and fastest power ever done be for. Some great ideas. Biggest and better show on earth. Hey keep up with good work.

      • Justin lin Pepped for fast and the furious 6 he the king keep show going. I really enjoy. Show someday this movie be classic. Years come. All those new hottest cars. And fastest ever done be for. Would be nice sene robbing full trail of gold and cash. More ever be for. Lots love parts in between make hottest show. Nice see new cars and old remake. I know this fast and the. Furious be hottest show talk. All around the world. Now is brain return as cop. And leffy coming back soon. 1 part is bad guys get out off prison soon. This show movie no. 1.

  5. Also, The Fast and the Furious 6 will be good. (: They do need to make it and it doesnt have to be the last one they make. They get better and better. The only thing that they really need to do is bring Letty back. That will be the best decision that they have made.(; Letty’s character show that women don’t always need a guy to help them out. They can be bad ass but, at the same time be loving and caring.


    • shes not dead

  6. Forget about letty i wanna know what happend in tokyo when dom reached there and raced with sean !!! Fast six BE IN TOKYO !

  7. Go Back To Tokyo And Finish The Race Its Bin 6 Years Every Body Still Dont Understand Why Its Not Going Back To That Race But Yet Hawn Is Still Living 6 Years Later And Hes Driving A 2012 Lexus Dont Make No Sense

    • Tokyo drift is the last one it goes. The fast and the furious. Two fast two furious. Fast and furious. Fast 5. And then Tokyo drift. That’s why Han was in fast 5

      • Acually it goes fast and the furious, the fast and the furious, 2 fast 2 furious, fast five,then tokyo drift

        • Clearly fast 2009 is not followed by 2fast because in the end they show dom being busted out of jail and thats exactely where fast 5 picks up

  8. Real be nice if go all the way. I really enjoy this movie first and second and third and forth and firth. All 100 cent good. Every now then I watch more I watch stuff on tv. Or cable they cut parts I hate. Buy dvd or blue ray. Worth the price. I really hope go though past it. Let’s bring fast and furious 6. All theys show go down in history best movie every made. Nice see people drive the cars on streets now days. Everyone love this movie please don’t stop. This will reach to the top list. Box office. Sure once hit stores I buy them and I know other do same. So please ok make Fast and Furious6 I can’t wait see movie theaters soon.

  9. Well first of all, I loved all the movies especially FastFive. In my opinion, they go to Tokyo because I want to see Dom racing Sean. I want to know who won. About the setting, I have many places in mind, besides Tokyo, which I want to he the next setting for FastSix, I was thinking around Europe and/ or Germany because Letty is there. When it comes to characters, of course I want originals from FastFive to make a return, but I also want (most of you guys will hate me for this) to see Sean Boswell to return for the sixth installment. He was an okay guy and I think that he can help Dom and company with their adventure. That’s what I want for the sixth installment.

  10. I really want to see the nice imports back in the movie. Such as the Honda scene.. Lol don’t hate.. I want to see all those nice motors in the hondas like acura integra’s, eg ef’s etc.. All hondas with a mix of muscle too. Lol

    • Yeah me to.. I really want them to finish Tokyo drift.

  11. Fast five was the best so far. although the original follows very closely. know one knows where tokyo drift came from and i will continue to support the franchise so that u have the opportunity to connect the dots. fast and the furious 6 will be amazing but don’t rush it. there is at least room for 2 more movies. any good director knows that all the i,s should be dotted and all the t,s crossed. don’t slow down now. good luck with the ideas and i cant wait to see the next movies.

  12. Can we please go back to Tokyo? Sean Boswell needs to get in on the mix.

  13. i cant wait for this movie to come out its going to be so amazing! i love how they made us think that letty was dead this whole time… :D and now shes back and i cant wait!

  14. hey justin lin you should make the next movie in austrlia… i cant wait the the next movie to come out…

  15. OMG I freaken love the Fast 5. It was AWESOME!! They need to hurry and make the 6th one pls.

    • The next installment of this serious is going to be ” Furious 6 ” taking place in asia ending with the race with sean, from tokyo drift, fyi the post need to stop fighting about how the movies came out in the order that they did. Your still watching aren’t you? Ok they it was made that way for a reason, so leave it be. Release date 2012

    • The next installment of this serious is going to be ” Furious 6 ” taking place in asia ending with the race with sean, from tokyo drift, fyi the post need to stop fighting about how the movies came out in the order that they did. Your still watching aren’t you? Ok they it was made that way for a reason, so leave it be. Release date 2012.

      • fast six will store up tension cause with letty back thats trouble for dom and eva mendaz thats trouble for brian they were together in 2 fast remember

  16. I’m hoping they film F&F6 in Germany. I want to see some Volkwagen’s, Audi’s and BMW’s. They already have 4 and 5 in Latin countries and it’s getting kind of old. Also, they have too many Japanese cars. I wish to see more European cars in the next F&F.

  17. when are they going back to tokyo????

  18. I would like to be in this next movie as I am a driver and been driving all my life I can do anything I am a truck driver and I’m so into cars drifting is what I no and I need more action in my life if you can help with this my number is 0435938613 I have all the farst and furest movies and have been watching every move if I need to no more and I do please help I have a thing wear I am a farst Lerner and I love to be in control and I’m not scard to put car in any place at all pushing the limit and don’t crack under the presher

  19. My name is Paul Lyon Iam a trucky and I would like to be in the next movie. I’m into cars and drifting is what I no. i can put a car wear no body els would if I need to no more please tell me I’m a farst Lerner and I’m not afraid to push the limits and I don’t crack under presher my number is 0435938613 I will look forward to hearing from you. and I have a lot more ticket to .

  20. Here’s my two cents. Fast Six is gonna be a great movie, I already know that. But the point for my is that I think it’s straying away from what I really love about the movies. Heists are awesome and everything, but the real reason I love this series was because of the street racing. I love the family aspect and the cars and the races. I think a better solution for the sixth would be for them to go to Europe and have to race people driving European supercars, which would be a competition for Dom’s muscle cars and Brian’s Nissan love. (And Maybe) one of them gets into an accident and now has to recover, so the other has to take over. Since he got into the accident, he lost all the money to his opponent and now they have to get it back. Meantime, Dom is also fighting against Hobbs and Eva Mendez in the hunt for Letty.

  21. the actor in fast six:

    1. Vin Diesel
    2. Paul Walker
    3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
    4. Tyrese Gibson
    5. Jason Statham
    6. Jordana Brewster
    7. Michelle Rodriguez
    8. Gal Gadot

  22. Does anyone know if Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) will return in fast 6?

  23. What will happen between Dom and Letty? Dom has a new girl. Will he leave the new girl for the old one? Probably. Cant wait for the movie!!

  24. mobilnya bagus-bagus :)

  25. thanks informasinya.

  26. hebat.