Justin Lin Prepped For ‘Fast and the Furious 6′

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After the monstrous box office opening for Fast Five this past weekend, Fast and the Furious 6 became a total no-brainer for the studio heads. So it’s not exactly shocking to hear director Justin Lin say that Fast and the Furious 6 has been all but officially greenlit – and that he’ll once again be calling the shots on the next installment.

A followup to Fast Five has been in the cards for a while now, with the intention that it would round out the trilogy that began with Fast and Furious. Franchise staples like Vin Diesel and Paul Walker would naturally be returning, (possibly) along with new addition Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Lin spoke to USA Today about the immense popularity of Fast Five and had the following to say about the likelihood of a followup:

“[‘Fast and the Furious 6′ is] pretty much 100%. It’s going to happen… At five, we’re just hitting our stride. We’re growing. People want to continue this journey.”

The implication is (of course) that Lin will once again be sitting in the director’s chair on a sixth Fast and the Furious flick – one that would feature a change in scenery from Rio de Janeiro in Fast Five, with Europe looking like a strong (and obvious) possibility right now.

Universal chairman Adam Fogelson has spoken about Fast and the Furious 6 as well, saying that the plan is to continue turning the series into “a true action franchise in the spirit of those great heist films made 10 or 15 years ago.” So what better way to emulate classic heist flicks that feature great vehicle chase sequences (like The Italian Job) than to have the next Fast and the Furious venture literally take place in a European locale?

Fast Five Review Justin Lin Prepped For Fast and the Furious 6

Something that Screen Rant‘s Ben Kendrick mentioned in his Fast Five review is that moviegoers who had little to no interest in the franchise before now aren’t likely to become converts anytime soon; this is still a series primarily about muscle cars, (hilarious?) death-defying stunts, explosions, and scantily-clad women. Fans of these movies have seemingly approved of Lin’s directorial style up to now – so, with regards to his return for Fast and the Furious 6, it’s pretty much an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” situation.

Since Fast and the Furious 6 is almost a certainty at this point, it begs the question: Where (in all meanings of the term) do you want to see this franchise go next?

Source: USA Today

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  1. I would like to see more different places than doing one country each time. Paris, France, Italy, England, Russia, etc. Chose more than one place.

    • that would be kool

  2. they’d have to stick to countries with no extradition policies. They probably killed 50 plus “dirty” cops in brazil lol… but then again, Im sure stuff like that will get convinently overlooked. Do wonder if the Rock will still be chasing them.

  3. Fast 6 should be in Venice and they should all be in boats. HAha. Just kidding…

  4. They should make this film in Armenia. Hollywood should film more movies there.
    Why does Vin Diesel only do Fast and Furious, Riddick and XXX movies? In the summer of 2020, we should expect to see him in Riddick 8, Fast and Furious 9 and XXX 7.
    He showed a lot of promise in Boiler Room (2000) and Knockaround Guys (2001). He needs to do more dramas rather than just doing huge action blockbusters because he has now pigeonholed himself as an actor who just does action movies. He is an underrated actor. So, I hope that he does more dramas, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

    • Well if u read the entertainment mag when fast four was coming out u would have understand why paul walker vin and Michelle. Jordana brewster came back they all were not givin the chance or day to do movies paul and vin where turned to disney freaks so was the rock it gets annoying to see action stars get turned to that crap.
      For riddick he’s not planing anytime soon xxx he’s coming back to do 2013 …fast and furious and xxx were the huge hits

  5. I hope that they only make Fast and the Furious 6/Fast Six if the script is good and they hopefully conclude the series.

    • agree

    • they wont stop it at 6 ive looked it up they are also working on a 7 POSSIBLY 8

  6. There is a surprise ending after the credits! The Rock wil be in the next and also a few additional characters from past Fast And Furious movies! Stick around after the credits and if You didn’t! It’ll be worth watching it again just for that! It’s a great movie, I’ll be seeing it again!! Already can’t wait until Fast 6!

    • I think they really need to re make Tokyo drift like if they had left Han at fast and furious four it would all fit kinda but now that he alive an such a bigger part and has a girl I just don’t see how they could tie them in any more an the things he says in Tokyo drift don’t fit his story at the monument but I do agree with you in that they should make them fit I just think they might have to re make Tokyo drift or explain han’s life a lot more in six

      Love these movies so much cant wait to see number six and any more they make as long as they keep at least one of the main awesome people in it.

  7. How is this even possible a part 6…ugh…

    • If you saw Fast Five past the credits, you would know what part 6 would be about.

    • Why did you even open the link when you know you don’t even like the series. People who like these movies don’t care what you, or critics have to say.

  8. Bringing Letty back from the dead, nice…And Dom has a new girl by his side…Uh oh, I smell the ultimate chick Race for Dom between Letty and his new Brazilian Luv right on the Auto-Bon in Germany. I’m just saying, since the direction seems to be goin to Europe. I’m hoping all the charactors eventually make it back, like the DK of Tokyo drift, Bow Wow. If its going all the way might as well blend it all the way. I mean who really knows when Tokyo drift took place in the series. Everyone needs to come back. And add some more race sequences, the heist action is great, the fight scenes excellent, but lets not forget the root of the movie is hot girls and RACING. Don’t lose that element and the direction is limitless.

    • and no spoiler alert? Nice job man.

    • Vic, where’s that spoiler blocker??!!

  9. If they ever stop makin fast and furious movies ill die!! I’m obsessed!

  10. They should do the 6th installment in Dubai, since crazy street racing happens in that city, and it is a beautiful place for shooting a hiest movie. Plus there are no extradition policies between the U.S and U.A.e

  11. Okay so there having letty back yet she was in berlin? But they are all going to toyko? If they can top off what they did in five man! Im in!

    • If i looked closely The sign shows Han was on his way to Berlin, and said he would get to Tokyo eventually.

  12. I dun really like the settings in F5, would be glad if they shoot the follow-up abroad

  13. Would’ve been better if they shoot F5 abroad

    • Han was on his way to Berlin at the end of Fast Five, so everyone will end up there with letty for the 6th one and then they will tie Tokyo drift in from there

  14. I have to laugh at some of these articles… I have loved the franchise since the first movie (with the exception of Toyko Drift, which I have never seen and won’t see)! The first film came out when I was just 20 and I just saw the most recent film on opening night at 30 years old. I cannot wait for the next installment of what has been 4 solid movies out of the 5. I would be lying if I said I went for the cars and the action, I go for the MEN: Walker, Diesel, Tyrese… Those men are what draw me in, especially Vin Diesel! They are FINE and sexy! I have to say that I really enjoyed Fast Five all around, especially the action/fight scenes, which I have never really been a fan of in any movies. My ONE gripe is what do I have to do to get Vin Diesel shirtless on screen? It has been TOO long! The tanks are HOT and all, but lets see some abs! 😛

  15. the only thing i ask for is more racing! haha

    • yes more racing

  16. Im really liking all these ideas its a good story i think they should make one in the bay area out here theres lots of muscle cars check them all out at StreetMuscleTv there all about horsepower and nice rides but really keep making these fast and furious movies keep people think whats the next movie going to be about.

  17. Hb brian and mias kid? Where the hell does that fit in im f&f 6

    • there are doing a 6 and 7 possibly 8 so im sure the kid will come into play in 7 or 8

  18. I wish they wouldn’t take 2 years this time. But they probably will. And they will make it worth it, if I’ll be still alive at that time. Too bad Han is probably out completly :( I adored his character. Why did he have to steal from Yakuza if he made 10million dollars in Rio?! Why?! :/

    • I think but idk Han is still alive he’s cool

  19. i wanna see it go drag vs drift to tie it to tokyo

  20. There are some roles and just disappeared. Like Leon from part one. He needs to make a come back. Tie some of the toyko drift guys into future fast movies. Truth saying. The movies are getting better and this movie series can go very far. Many more countries adding new roles and bring back some from the past. I know most enjoy the series and some haters. But most haters just don’t understand. So F@&$’em all! But the rest of us. Let them keep bring in it. We’ll watch’em.


  21. i would love to see more racing in it!

  22. i liked that movie is the best

  23. Fast 5 was the greatest movie of all the fast and furious’s but I don’t think they shuld continue fast 6 as heist movies throw back the muscle cars n em and make it action packed fun n a joy ride make it be like sumthing wed never see be4 in a racing/heist film

  24. Really looking forward to fast&furious 6, with the cliffy they left in fast five, i’ve been trying to figure out how the hell letty is alive

    • What do you mean trying to figure out how letty is still alive? letty was only mentioned once or twice in Fast Five.

      • In the end past the credits in five they have a scene where the rock sees a picture were letty is caught doing a heist in Berlin!!!!

      • Letty is apparently alive. If you watch the very end just after a few credits, the cops (Rock and partner) talk about a heist. Turns out Letty is alive and did it. I couldn’t figure it out either as she was SHOT in 2. It’s like watching 24 series and certain people are back toward the end. They just find ways to have them resurrected…haha

        I’m looking forward to FF6!

      • Bre, you need to look at the film again, letty was shown at the end my friend

    • For the people that tripped out in Fast Five after the credits when they say do you blive in ghost and it shows a pic of letty.!
      Why do people keep saying she died.!?
      Did you see her die.!?
      In the fast and the furious you saw Jessie die.!
      In Tokyo drift you SEE Han die.!
      But in fast and furious do you see Letty die? NOPE it’s just what DOM pictured happen not what actually happened :)

      • so true

        • There was a funeral! They show her getting shot! I think u need to go back an watch it again!

      • that’s true but think again because they do have a funeral for her that they attend

  25. i hope the next fast and the furious would have more import cars than the muscles and i love to see them race like in the previous films (tokyo drift ,fast and the furios and 2 fast 2 furious) cause fast five just have one race in it! :( but its pretty awesome for an action movie hahahaha :))cannot wait for the next one!!!!

  26. These films are my total guilty pleasure. I love em. So I don’t really care what they do in 6 as long as it’s got the cars, racing and muscles.

    Oh and PLEASE finally, finally put in a damn Mini Cooper once and for all!!!!