Early Details About ‘Fast and the Furious 6′ Emerge

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Fast Five Interactive Trailer Early Details About Fast and the Furious 6 Emerge

Fast Five doesn’t hit U.S. theaters until this Friday, but it’s already cleaning up at the international box office. The new Fast and the Furious film actually managed to outgross Thor in Australia over the weekend, while also getting off to a better start overseas than any of its predecessors. Hence why Fast and the Furious 6 (which is tentatively being referred to as Fast Six) looks to be all but a sure thing at this point.

Series star Vin Diesel and producer Neal H. Moritz have discussed their plans for a sixth Fast and the Furious pic before – and now there are some additional details about the flick, which franchise staple writer Chris Morgan has already begun working on.

Universal chairman Adam Fogelson offered the following bit to Deadline in a recent interview:

“The question putting ‘Fast Five’ and ‘Fast Six’ together for us was: Can we take it out of being a pure car culture movie and into being a true action franchise in the spirit of those great heist films made 10 or 15 years ago?”

Early word on Fast Five is that it does essentially transform the street car racing franchise into a heist series – like that of Ocean’s Eleven, albeit with more explosive vehicle chase sequences and shattering the laws of physics in general (not per se in a bad way, mind you).

Here is the logic behind that move, according to Fogelson:

“So if these movies were still about street racing, there was probably a ceiling on how many people would buy tickets. We wanted to see if we could raise it out of about racing and make car driving ability just a part of the movie, like those great chases in ‘The French Connection’, ‘The Bourne Identity’, ‘The Italian Job’.”

The Fast and the Furious series has certainly been an unusual ride (couldn’t resist) so far. When the third entry in the franchise – Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift – hit theaters in 2006, it didn’t reach the same levels of box office success as its predecessors (especially in the U.S.) and seemed to indicate that these movies would soon be coming to an end. Skip ahead to 2009 when Fast & Furious hit the scene, and suddenly the franchise appeared more popular than ever. Now there may even be a new trilogy on the way.

fast five dwanye johnson explosion Early Details About Fast and the Furious 6 Emerge

While no one would argue that these movies are grand examples of cinematic artistry, they seem (to me) to be overall harmless bits of fun. They feature (by Hollywood’s standards) a surprisingly diverse cast that includes certain fan favorites like Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, and now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as well; not to mention that director Justin Lin’s preference for using practical effects instead of CGI has given the more recent Fast films their own unique flavor.

Transitioning into the heist genre with the next Fast and the Furious flick seems like a natural enough move for the franchise. If nothing else, I suppose it would encourage a bit more originality on the part of studio heads – and in this age of reboots, remakes, and requels (read: rebooting prequels or sequels) that’s definitely something to covet.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Fast Six (or whatever it ends up being called) In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out for our Fast Five review this Friday.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Fast Five was an amazing movie!! although, there was a great lack in the car section. the whole racing vibe in the previous movies was really awesome. should be more racing in the next movie. Was still a great movie!

    • the gtr and challengers and chargers was sick they just needed to run the gt40 and I think they should have used some more tune ups In fast five. was good but the cars could have been better . hope in six they use the bugotti and gtrs and keep the dodge American mussel theme with it . should be good as long as Paul walker and vin d are still on the six.

      • josh bugatti that is how you spell it

  2. Basically Tokyo drift wasn’t playing a part in the franchise fast and furious I think the producers thought at the the time that it was time for a new start however decided in 2009 to continue the series from where it ended. I want the producers to stick with the cars but half it with the action too
    Realistically the producers need to come up with something good or else it will be another Tokyo drift again for viewers
    Please do comment on what you think underneath

    • i think tokyo drift was less populair because the main characters werent in it

      • Agreed. It’s hard to sell tickets to a sequel with all new main characters. I’m glad the got Paul and Vin back in the new ones.

  3. Okay well han goes to berlin and that is were letty was last seen and had been taken a picture of there for tokyo must be after fast 6 cause it only makes sence then but then there gunna have to make a 7th one or eles it be pointless to have even had don show up at the endding of that flim but i agree that they might not have been thinking cleary and thought it be better for a new start that didnt go the way they wanted it to go but then again star wars was all mixed up too and so is james bond cause the last movie in that series is actully the very first movie! so really i dont care as long as they keep making more and is flippen good ill keep on watching them! oh and the four movie i thought had to much action in it but this one was so much better i loved this one much more then the fourth one but in the next one keep the actions but also i want to see dancing and music and sexy kinky cars all over the place and maybe a street race or two would be nice too hehehe will i cant wait!!

    • Alright so far I think all of them have been pretty good, the story has stayed together which is always great, the only thing I would’ve changed about Fast Five was more racing, the action in Fast Five was good but there should’ve been more racing, like when they needed to win those cars for the camera’s they should’ve showed a race for that scene, also fast and furious is about racing mostly since that’s where it came from, but the only thing I would say for them to keep for the rest of the fast and furious is to keep the racing and the characters, personally make a 6th one and then right after that it should be Tokyo drift and then right after that make a 8 and end it, these movies are so good you don’t want to drag them on to much that they end up sucking, so please make the last few good and end it :)

      • i saw an interview with vin diesel in it, and he said that 1/2/3 where related, after that came 4/5 and know 6, if he would cooperate with more movies he wanted the plot written out for 7/8/9.. i really hope those movies will come, i love the fast and the furious! And in my opinion there are 2 things they can do to keep the movies populair, keep the original cast (dom/brian/letty/mia) and write a good and original script, they proved that last one in fast five and i am sure they can do that again.. they saw what happened if they didnt keep the old cast with tokyo drift, so i dont think they will be that stupid again

  4. They screwed up on the forth one because there was no racing the fifth one was better but the whole point of these movies is the cars

    • you need to watch four again there was a race in which vin diesel cheated

  5. You know something, if I had it my way, there would be at least three more Fast movies. I believe that the sixth should include most of the original cast. They should most def incorporate more racing. Letty will definately be in the sixth installment, which is gonna make things tricky. Han will be in it as well. I do believe that the sixth is gonna be very good though. The seventh movie should take place in Tokyo, where Vin Diesel takes control of the underground world of street racing, which brings another complication…foreign cars. They are gonna have to bring some extreme cars into the game. Lotus’s, Lambo’s, Bugati’s, the more flashy, the better. Another thing, the eighth movie is gonna have to bring most of the cast back, with the exception of everyone who has died.

    • Well really fast and furious Tokyo drift is a prequel, really it’s suppose to take place after 6 witch would be the 7th installment. I highly doubt they will remake Tokyo drift but 6 will take place right before Tokyo drift/and then 7 if they make it will follow up after the end Tokyo Drift where the new DK (forget name)races Teretto honestly drift was my favorite of the franchise it was all about the racing and a new style at that didn’t like 2 fast 2 furious that much how does O’Connor go from being being kicked off LAPD in 2nd film to FBI in 4th installment

  6. ok if 6 is befor tokyo then 7 should be after. but why dose Han die? why cant we say he survived the expolsion and did that only to get DK off his back? then we can say he left tokyo with Dom after the race at the end and go right into 7. i love all of the fast and the furious movies. keep them coming. but keep Han i liked him and so did everyone else i talked to.

  7. the should be a 6th one because letty is still alive so the will pick up at the end. I t is better than the old fast and furious there is more action the dosent need to be a lot of racing in it for it to be good.

    • What happend to vince in the first movie

      • he just dissapeared

  8. I thought that was the best fast and the furious movie yet… They really had me mad with how good the first one was and totally lost my interest with 2 and 3. They was jus real corny and not serious to me. The 4th was good but just to fake. Like at the very beginning of the movie when that gas trucks tumbling down the hill and Dom goes underneath of it???? Come on now, that’s jus redicilous…. Keep it action packed, with nice cars, and a great story line, and of course beautiful women… They always do a great job at that…. Looking towards the next one to out do fast 5, cause it’s got some big shoes to fill….

  9. I think fast six would be a lot better if they broth carter verone back in

  10. it must be fast and firious 6 cuz they had been taken pic of her in berlin

  11. of letty

  12. i love the fast and furious movies but i find that this had a relly good story line with o conor not undercover i liked that but there was not enough racing. also on the other hand i liked it also when he was undercover cause then there was more racing chases and stuff like that so i hope they bring more racing in there also one thing that would not suprise me is in tokyo in the 6 and then the 7 is after this movie cause look at all the others and look how they are orgenized i would say they should stop a 10 and at the 10 and yea thats my opinion

  13. I hope this new fast six is going to be interesting bxuz with al the fast & furious movies wer juhs dee beginning nd got more detailed..i cant wait 2 see the next one..

  14. the fast and furious films are some of the best films i have ever seen and if han goes to berlin then that obviously means that he will be in 6 and that means he will meet up with letty and dom will find her and how could han of survived that explosion you see the car in flames and he is in it!

  15. i loveee the fast & furious movies! they should even make a tv show!

  16. i wish they wouldnt ever stop theese movies lol the movie world needs theese kind of movies. interesting well made racing movies. its hard to start one up because of the prestige that fast and furious started. but all good things much come to a end. i just wish they would keep all the scines in instead of cutting them out because they arent “relevant” i would love to see a extra few minniutes of something if it involved the movie. i thinkit betters the movie. like in tokyo drift, before the first tokyo race scine i wish they kept the part in about stealing the tires.

  17. I think they should incorporate a 7 as the last movie with sean boswell (new DK) coming back to america or ethier the rest of the crew coming to race tokyo style.

  18. There is definetly a fast and furious 6, after the credit rolls there is another seen, which is shown that letty is still alive, and also, it could be interesting because the chick in fast and furious 2 seems too be involved, so maybe in the next one they might even put some relationship drama into it, seeing as though brian and dom have both moved on, yet Tokyo drift seems too just be confusing, it never seems like Dom was ever there, he must of found out about han dying, (however you spell is name) it doesnt seem like anyone knows where its leading too, but at this stage they are in early production of fast and furious 6 as we speak

  19. ok so here is m.h.o #6 starts with the rock investigating letti’s photo from Berlin turns out that she was working as a undercover agent for she gets in trouble and need help getting out so dom and brian go undercover in Berlin to rescue letti think XXX with street racing.

    ON a side note han helps them and his death was faked does anyone believe that dom was it tokyo when han died by accident once again m.h.o

  20. * some government agency

  21. I really really hope they continue the fast and furious movies. i would be very upset if they stopped. I have all of the movies so far, when the 5th comes out on dvd im going to buy it also. but anyways, they are going to make a fast 6 no doubt. they could pull off that han got dragged out before the car exploded because if u remember it showed han in the car stuck then it turned the camera away and then it blew up. sooo u cant really say he died. also LETTY CAME BACK!!!! yes!!!! but……dom has a new girlfriend now at the end of the movie. i think its the cop chick in fast five. so how is dom ganna react to letty coming back? dump new girlfriend or keep her and drop letty? idk just some things to think about. and yea more racing!!! but otherwise I LOVE ALL THE FAST AND FURIOUS MOVIES. Thanks


  23. i also think they should keep han cuz he is funny an always eatting sumthing and letty is alive still an theres proof of it an yea yall peeps are right they got the whole thing mixed up so i myself think theres gunna be atlease 7 or 8 even of the fast and the furiouse movies and keep brian in them also i like him he a great driver and is a funny dude so keep up the good work and cant wait till the others come out cuz im so watching them lol.

    • hi i have seen all the fast furious films. i totally love them. i think the actors are great. but there is 1 actor i cant stand which i think really ruined 1 and 4 is that letty. she was killed of so you should leave it as that. she cant act. the races are great. cant wait till the 6th. will mia’s and brians lil 1 be init? i hope it’ll be the same actors (vin,mia and brian etc). not letty! keep fast and furious coming. i love all the story lines and the races. especially the cars.

  24. what ever happened to leon?

  25. i think they should bring hans back and make it to were hans didnt die in tokyo drift. make it look like he faed his death like letty.

  26. Personally i think there should be sixth, seventh and eigth.
    Sixth before the tokyo drift, seventh movie’s actions would take place exactly at the same time as tokyo drift showing what the team has been doing at that moment, and eigth that would begin with the drift race between dom and the new DK

  27. all the fast movies are very good I will be sad when all these great movies come to a end.

  28. I heard that they were thinking of running Fast6 and Fast7 as one storyline. I think feeding off that news and the fact that there changing the movies from street racing into hiest films that they should at least at the end Fast6 have Han leave to Tokyo. Which opens the door so that connection can be establish between Tokyo Drift and the rest of the films. With a short film before the Fast8 (if they decide to do it) that shows Dom and the rest of the crew hearing bout Han death and going to Tokyo. Then started it off with Dom and Sean having the drift race and they recruiting for another hiest thus connecting the films together. Personally I would like to see Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Lucas Black, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Thom Barry, Eva Mendes, Bow Wow all com together in the Fast8 if its made.