Early Details About ‘Fast and the Furious 6′ Emerge

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Fast Five Interactive Trailer Early Details About Fast and the Furious 6 Emerge

Fast Five doesn’t hit U.S. theaters until this Friday, but it’s already cleaning up at the international box office. The new Fast and the Furious film actually managed to outgross Thor in Australia over the weekend, while also getting off to a better start overseas than any of its predecessors. Hence why Fast and the Furious 6 (which is tentatively being referred to as Fast Six) looks to be all but a sure thing at this point.

Series star Vin Diesel and producer Neal H. Moritz have discussed their plans for a sixth Fast and the Furious pic before – and now there are some additional details about the flick, which franchise staple writer Chris Morgan has already begun working on.

Universal chairman Adam Fogelson offered the following bit to Deadline in a recent interview:

“The question putting ‘Fast Five’ and ‘Fast Six’ together for us was: Can we take it out of being a pure car culture movie and into being a true action franchise in the spirit of those great heist films made 10 or 15 years ago?”

Early word on Fast Five is that it does essentially transform the street car racing franchise into a heist series – like that of Ocean’s Eleven, albeit with more explosive vehicle chase sequences and shattering the laws of physics in general (not per se in a bad way, mind you).

Here is the logic behind that move, according to Fogelson:

“So if these movies were still about street racing, there was probably a ceiling on how many people would buy tickets. We wanted to see if we could raise it out of about racing and make car driving ability just a part of the movie, like those great chases in ‘The French Connection’, ‘The Bourne Identity’, ‘The Italian Job’.”

The Fast and the Furious series has certainly been an unusual ride (couldn’t resist) so far. When the third entry in the franchise – Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift - hit theaters in 2006, it didn’t reach the same levels of box office success as its predecessors (especially in the U.S.) and seemed to indicate that these movies would soon be coming to an end. Skip ahead to 2009 when Fast & Furious hit the scene, and suddenly the franchise appeared more popular than ever. Now there may even be a new trilogy on the way.

fast five dwanye johnson explosion Early Details About Fast and the Furious 6 Emerge

While no one would argue that these movies are grand examples of cinematic artistry, they seem (to me) to be overall harmless bits of fun. They feature (by Hollywood’s standards) a surprisingly diverse cast that includes certain fan favorites like Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, and now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as well; not to mention that director Justin Lin’s preference for using practical effects instead of CGI has given the more recent Fast films their own unique flavor.

Transitioning into the heist genre with the next Fast and the Furious flick seems like a natural enough move for the franchise. If nothing else, I suppose it would encourage a bit more originality on the part of studio heads – and in this age of reboots, remakes, and requels (read: rebooting prequels or sequels) that’s definitely something to covet.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Fast Six (or whatever it ends up being called) In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out for our Fast Five review this Friday.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I hope that they only make Fast and the Furious 6/Fast Six if the script is good and they hopefully conclude the series.

    • I read somewhere that the next “Fast & Furious” movie will be the last one.

      • there will be a seventh one. i think this is the last… :)

        • they said there will be 15 or more

    • This movie works because they stuck to the plan of bringing back the original cast and leaving those CGI explosives alone allowing this movie to look and feel as believable as possible while still defying the laws of gravity? GREAT WORK PEOPLE!!
      NOW IF WE CAN DO THIS WITH “The Terminator”

  2. You and these puns Sandy :P

    This movie is a part of my must see list of this year and is a favorite series of mine admittingly. “Fast Six” definitely would have to keep up the pace…

  3. Fast Five is amazing, too damn good! I was like DAMN! I highly recommend it and will be seeing it again. I seriously can’t wait for Fast Six.

    • I agree. Just got back fro seeing Fast Five. Awesome transition to the heist movie. Action scenes where amazing. Still some tuner clips in the movie but nothing like what you’d see in movies 1, 2, & 3. This 5th movie is tied with the first movie in how much I liked it.

  4. Im really happy with the turn around with where the franchise has gone because after the the third film (the second wasn’t all that great either) it seemed liked the franchise was doomed. F&F(4) was a great comeback though and im excited to see F&F5 and hopefully F&F6!

  5. dam that be awesome if another series was after f&f 6 cant wait till friday!!

  6. Fast 5 was surprisingly good, strengthened, I feel by the heist aspect. All the other films ended up having way too many street racing moments, I prefer a good car chase to a street race.

    Also Dwayne Johnson was the first bad guy in these movies that I actually liked in a “Holy Schmidt, that guy’s scary” kind of way.

    And finally Paul Walker didn’t make me want to rip my ears off with his line deliveries in this movie, that’s a big step up from the other ones.

  7. “BEYOND FURIOUS” would be a cool title… Fast 6…Ehhh…

    • I agree…Beyond Furious would be an awesome title

    • furious 6

      • YES. I seriously hope they call it that (it makes sense too, Fast Five, Furious 6, since they have another planned after that, they might call it Faster than Furious).

  8. I enjoy them for what they are so I hope they keep them coming.

  9. I really hope letty (michelle rodriguez) gets to play a major role in fast and furious 6! I for 1 missed her character!!!

    • Um, Letty’s dead…

      • LMFAO! Umm yeah she’s gone and she’s not gonna appear in any other F&F movie although she is respectfully mentioned in Fast 5 …

        Go see the movie, it was excellent from start to finish. It had all the makings of a fantastic movie, action packed, emotional, funny, sexy and seriously kick ass!

      • no she aint dead at the very end of the film there was a little scene where hobbs is in his office and is told about a military convoy being robbed and he says not interested but (i think it was eva mendes) says keep looking and the person who robbed it was letty??!!

        • WHAT!!!?? In the 4th movie end of credits???!! I saw the end of Fast Five last scene where Eva mention Letty and I was O.o I thought she was suppose to be death.

      • go see the movie fast 5 to see a twist you would never of expected about letty. is she dead or not is the really question and you will see when when you stay after the credits.

        I still need to know how Hans came back from the dead or if Tokyo Drift is after this movie since he died in a nos car fire in tokyo drift. Still trying to figure it all out.

        This movie was freakin amazing. If you have seen any of the movies you need to watch this one for sure. It explains so much about the characters and then even brought back Vince from the first one so you could see what happened to him.

        • Tokyo Drift is chronologically the last one of all the 5 movies. So yes, Han is dead. At the moment anyway.

        • im thinking that han survived somehow and went to rio for the fifth

          • Please read up on your info people. The films in chronological order go: The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast and Furious, Fast Five, Tokyo Drift. Sooo, obviously Hans storyline in tokyo drift hasn’t even occured yet which means that it absolutely possible for him to appear in Fast and Furious and Fast Five. And if you remember in F&F at the beginning he told Dom he was going to Japan to check out the car scene. So obviously this is his location during F5 and he is called to Rio for the heist job. And then he returns to Japan for the events of TD unless F6 is also set before TD and he makes an appearance.

        • yes han dies in tokyo drift which is set after 4 and 5 but get this he dies in tokyo drift which is 2006-7 but at the end of fast five he drives a lexus lfa made in 2010??????? wtf

      • Letty’s not dead!

    • There is a scene in Fast 5 at the end of the credits?? Damn, I thought Marvel movies only did that. Crap! Going to watch it tonight.

  10. I recommend you go watch the movie.

  11. If you do go and watch this movie, please stay until after the credits!

  12. i dont want to ruin it for anyone so all im goin to say is make sure u stay after the credits :)

  13. get jason statham into the next 1….. he’d fit right in…

  14. I honestly cant wait for this Friday, like many of us we all have waited for this movie since the Superbowl. The worst thing Justin Lin did with the 4th one is killing Letty off. I think he could have found a way to keep her in the series. As for the 6th installment, I hope that it goes beyond a 6th. All of the great franchises end at 6, but look at SAW and Halloween. SAW has 7 films out (possibly an 8th will be the final) and Halloween has 8 films in total as well. I wouldn’t want this series to end at 6 like Star Wars (which is another great film) I would like to see it go to at least an 8th film, who’s with me! Cant wait!!!

    • According to some Letty isnt dead. There is supposed to be a scene after the credits. Going to check tonight.

      • Hey man, I saw the movie just yesterday I have to say that it is amazing, there was one guy on the right of me that was literally jumping out of his seat with all the excitement on screen. I told my buddy to stay after the credits rolled and sure enough there was a scene at the end, and for those who saw the film you know what I am talking about. Absolutely amazing man. I just read that they are going to do Fast 6 but also do a spin off on the Rock’s character for a film as well. Personally the biggest draw for me since the 4th movie was Vin. What’s your opinion on that my friend. Oh and one more thing I saw it in the afternoon in I max!!! Totally worth the $10.50 I paid for it.

        • $10.50 for IMAX? where is IMAX so cheap? I live in White Plains NY n paid $15!!! Dont get me wrong the movie was worth twice the price but i feel cheated.

    • Im with ya i havent seen it yet but ive heard from MANY people that is is one to see im going to see it tomorrow night and i wouldnt mind seeing an 8 movie aswell..

      Im a big fan of all the movies even the much frowned upon tokyo drift.

  15. Producer Neal H. Moritz already reported they are working on the 6th and 7th movie. Fast 6 will not be the last of the series.

  16. I think that they will have a 6th one because of the way the fast five ended. If this is the last they should of ended it in a better way. It just leads u to think that there will be a 6th one. i sure hope there is.

  17. whoever saw #5 , u guys kno theres gonna b a #6 cuz the very last scene(after the credits) showed tht letty(dom’s dead girlfriend , well thought to b dead) came bak :D


  19. there will be a minimum of two wore sequels lettys alive in berlin thats where they will go next dom still needs to go to tokyo and moscow still isnt out of the question

  20. Wow, talk about some spoilers people. Geeze. Anyways, Fast Five is definitely the best in the series. The transition to a heist is incredible and a new direction is exactly what this series needed.

  21. Honestly, the last scene blew my mind and I did not see that coming, I thought ‘Fast Five’ was the end of the series. Clearly it’s not and I’m perfectly fine with that. As for the aspect of the movie changing from street racing to more of a heist series, it’s still questionable. I think they should keep racing and fast (sexy) cars as somewhat of a focus because that is what made the first one great. What threw everything off in Tokyo Drift is the fact that NONE of the original characters from the first two movies came back, except for Diesel in the last 20 seconds, and the movie totally went off track from it’s original plot. The fact that they brought back everyone (Jordana Brewster, Tyrese, Matt Schulze, even Eva Mendes, etc..) is what saved this series and now that they are adding the explosive action stunts and heist aspect to it adds even more flavor. If they keep on this track, I can’t wait to see the 6th one!!

    • I completely agree with you, they should deff keep the racing in the movie with fast & furious sexy cars. X]

      • im a big fan and i liked the way fast five went but i think they cut way to much racing out of the movie we all fell in love with the staple of fast cars and we neeed to see more dont follow the path of other movies make your own road and go if the people wanted another italian job movie we would ask for the italian job 2 the fast and furious was build around the cars street racing and the life that follows is still big buesness dont count out the fans

        • Real car lovers never die, especially off the street racing scene.

    • after seeing how fast five ends and knowing how tokyo drift was the logical conclusion would be that dom is trying to recruit the kid. whether its to take place of han or someone else… so the way i see it, tokyo drift will be happening during the beginning to middle of the 6th and end with the kid on the team for what ever happens at the end of 6. especially since we know at least a few months had passed since the main events in 5 to the very end of 5, because of how much she was showing on the beach.

      • i disagree the fact that lettys in berlin moves them into europe that can lead to russia and like han said i thought we were going to tokyo “we’ll get there eventually

        • Yea it puts them in Berlin but Brian has a kid now. I wouldn’t expect him and mia to be big players in the next movie. And the end of events was before the kid was even showing so atleast 6+ months passed. Which is plenty of time for han to travel and start in on his time in Tokyo. We will see what happens tho, I can’t wait!!

        • when han said that if you look at the street sign above when he drives off the sign says shows that he is headed toward berlin, maybe im over looking it but i wouldnt be suprised to see Han in “fast 6″

    • I completely agree. Isn’t this series about the cars anyways?
      And enough rice burners, bring in some all american muscle. haha

  22. fast five was awsome best one yet hope they keep pumping these out each year. I think they need to go to europe next time and race lambos and ferrari’s. or dubai would be real cool.

  23. Im fine with the slight change the movie is going in, but if they erase the car part, they are def losing me as a viewer. I loooove seeing all those sexy fast cars and the purring engine and Im a girl! So dont scrap the cars!

    • THANK GOD! Another girl who understands!

  24. I hope they keep all the original cast in “fast 6″ or whatever its gonna be called. I did like the “Rock” in it, but he doesnt have the chemistry that all the others all have together.

  25. I feel like moving into a heist series as a direction is perfect, as long as theres still that heart pounding on the edge of your seat action with the cars. racing doesn’t matter much. the fast 5 was kick ass. great action, great chemistry between the the actors and the characters they played, great story line. i can say this series is one of the few i ACTUALLy enjoy with out question. one minor issue though, why would you make Han die in tokyo drift and then put him in the fast 5? don’t get me wrong i’m glad he was in it but.. you threw off the entire story line. even though tokyo drift is my fave, its still stupid. an less of course, he really didn’t die.

    • you do know it takes place before tokyo drift? at the end when han is with that girl in the car she says “i thought you wanted to go to tokyo?” an he said “we’ll get there”

  26. Love fast 5 can’t wait for fast 6 to come out!!!