Is a ‘Farscape’ Movie in the Works?

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Farscape Movie in Development Is a Farscape Movie in the Works?

In a world of reboots and remakes, it was only a matter of time before Farscape made a return. The series from The Jim Henson Company ran from 1999 to 2003 on the Sci-Fi Channel – yes, it was still “Sci-Fi” at that point and not “SyFy” – until it was abruptly canceled after its fourth season. A miniseries – Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars – aired in 2004, providing closure for fans reeling from the season 4 cliffhanger. In the years that followed, ideas for a web series sequel were tossed around, but sadly, that project never got off the ground.

Farscape has sat on a shelf ever since, earning new fans thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, some of whom have held out hope that the property would return in some form or another. Well, according to a recent report, that time is now. is reporting that writer Justin Monjo has worked on a script for a Farscape spinoff movie to be directed by Brian Henson, son of the late great Jim Henson and Executive Producer of Farscape.

Monjo worked on Farscape back in the day, and while discussing a new series he developed for HBO (Mongo, starring Peter Dinklage and based on the detective series by George C. Chesbro), the writer revealed he’s written a sequel to Farscape with the intention of it becoming a movie. Whether it’s intended as a TV movie or a feature film is unclear, but considering the cult-like status of the series, the former seems more likely.

Judging from the included plot description, this movie won’t be a direct sequel, but rather a sort of a ‘passing of the torch’ to a new, younger cast:

“In the finale, the protagonists, American astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder) and peacekeeper Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) got married and had a baby. In the movie, it’s revealed the boy had special powers which made him the target of the villainous aliens so his parents hide him on Earth. The plot follows the kid at the age of 19 when his whereabouts have been discovered and he rejoins his parents on their spaceship.”

With Henson – who directed The Peacekeeper Wars miniseries – also involved, this Farscape sequel appears to be in very safe hands. Much like the original series, the spinoff/sequel movie will film in Australia. No word on other returning characters, whether they be human or puppet, but as the plot describes Crichton’s and Aeryn’s now adult son rejoining his parents, one can only assume Browder and Black will appear in the movie (if not occasionally the next TV series, were one to happen).

Is a Farscape Movie in the Works Is a Farscape Movie in the Works?

Farscape, as fans will undoubtedly agree, was a revolutionary sci-fi program. Not only was it a pillar of original programming for the Sci-Fi Channel in its early days, but it was a fresh entry in the long-standing trope of ‘starship crew exploring the universe.’ On top of that, the series featured stunning creature designs from The Jim Henson Company with aliens ranging from hand puppets, full body suits, incredible makeup, prosthetics and more. Even their ship, Moya, was alive! And lets us not forget, Farscape gave us “frell’ years before Battlestar Galactica gave us “frak”.

As far reboot news goes, Farscape is a series deserving of a revisit. What say you, Screen Rant readers? Interested in a continuation of Farscape with a new, younger cast of characters? Let us know in the comments below!


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more information on a Farscape movie.

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  1. I think that Marvel launching “Guardians of the Galaxy” can help a lot for movie-plans like Farscape’s. When we think about the general audiences. Also the new Star Wars movie… nobody would be happier if we got more quality space fantasy movies. It’s an amazing genre and it would be really cool if if got popular again.

    I was a huge fan of Farscape (I have to re-watch the series sometime, cause it’s been a long time ago that I saw it), so a movie would be very much welcome :D

    • If Hollywood believes there is an interest in this, then there should be absolutely no further delay for SERENITY II!!!

  2. >is a Farscape movie in the works?

    Yeah, it’s called Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • +1

    • If anything; The guardians of the Galaxy took it’s cue from Farscape ! When I saw the trailer…I just kept thinking…Farscape, farscape, farscape…and in a GOOD WAY !

      • Guardians has been around since 1969. If anything when I first saw Farscape and its plot I was screaming Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy….


        • Funny, cause when I look at Guardians and Farscape all I can think of is Buck Roger, Buck Rogers, Buck Rogers. Which we all know Buck Rogers was way before Guardians.

          • funny…when i see buck rogers, guardians of the galaxy aaaaaand farscape…i see A princess of mars, a princess of mars, a princess of mars……I’m 110 years old.

            • This is the best comment thread ever. Thanks folks!

  3. I am so ready for this! I loved this series. I can’t wait to be immersed in that world again, even if they have to use the whole new generation bit.
    Also, “Frak” was used in the new BSG, but “Frack” was first used in the ’78 version of BSG.

    I like Frell, just because it feels more subtle!

    • Only cool people use “frell”…

      • Not as cool as people who use “Drokk”, “Grud” and “Stomm”. (^-^)

        • Gorram

  4. Wow, no dren! A Farscape movie!

    Would love to see some of the old cast again. I don’t remember the baby/kid having special powers, though…

    • He didnt, you only see a shot of the baby with the parents at the very end in Moya looking out into space. Think the quote describes the synopsis of the new movie.

    • He did have special powers. It was in the comic that Rockne O’Bannon oversaw through BOOM! Studios.

  5. We would love you forever to bring Farscape back on the air.

  6. Man don’t toy with my emotions lol

    • Hopefully all of those years of “toying with our emotions” will pay off. I think they need to speak to Netflix for a series. I would sign back up to see that series.

  7. This has to happen! If Guardians of the Galaxy does well it will make every studio clamor for any properties that have a shot at success.

  8. There is no Farscape without John and Aeryn. As much as I love that universe, I have little desire to revisit it without one of the greatest television couples ever.

  9. This is either incredibly good or incredibly bad timing. Either a Farscape movie could profit from the similar Guardians of the Galaxy, because people crave for more, or those who never heard of the show will call it a rip-off and shun it. I can’t decide which. Probably something in the middle. ;)

  10. Such a great series, I would love to see any return to that universe.

  11. Netflix should order a season of it. They need sci-fi like this. Loved the show.

    • I like your thinking.

  12. I believe far more people would be interested in a sequel to Serenity…

    • This is the me generation. We want both and we want it now.

  13. That’s weird because I just started watchig Farscape again on Netflicks. Probably to stem the excitement for Gaurdians of the Galaxy.

    …anyway, i’m just gonna pop another episode on…..

  14. That would be awesome. They did a few comic book series after the show went off the air, but a live movie would be frelling awesome!

  15. Yes, oh PLEASE yes!!! Bring back Farscape! Watching reruns on Pivot is great but a new series of the same caliber would be incredible. Squeeeee!!!

  16. We should be exploring space, instead of watching it. But Farscape would make a pretty neat movie at least.

  17. Guardians of the Galaxy will bury this. It will tap into the the nostalgic emotion stirred by 80s movies/shows ranging from Indiana Jones to Ice Pirates to Buck Rogers to Battle Beyond the Stars to Time Bandits to Critters to Howard the Duck. It will appeal to Tweens who like FPS and kids who like talking animals and trees. At the same time it will appeal to those of a more “sophisticated” pallet who will appreciate it’s humorous, “Why so serious?”, deconstructionist take on Space Operas and Superheroes.

    It will be the “Totes, Magoats, Hotty McHotterson times Infinity!” Of Super Hero Space Operas.

    Farscape 2.0 is destined for Scifi 2.0…err, SyFy.

    “You’re Welcome.”. Lol.

    • I think it’s totes my goats. Totesing Mas goats would be like incest or something. Not sure.

  18. Actually, the three years of comic books that were plotted by Rockne and scripted by DeCandido and publish by Boom! Licensed by Henson are, according to Rockne, the sequel (well, additional “season” )of Farscape, and Boom!ther comic house have recently re licensed to do more comics.. where it goes , is anybodies guess.

    • Sorry, I meant Boom! In tandem with another comic house have..

  19. Absolutely want more farscape. Hated to see it leave the air way back then. Wow, ten years already! It’s long overdue

  20. Seeing how Farscape has so many parallels to Guardians of the Galaxy it would probably be dubbed a Guardians clone or worst yet a ripoff. I don’t want that for my beloved Farscape…sullied. Seeing how after just four seasons it was going to be a cliff hanger and then reconciled with “Peacekeeper Wars” I don’t see a movie YET. If they get ahead of it a start up a show based in that universe catching the waves of Guardians I think it would be AMAZING! John Crichton’s half Peacekeeper daughter or grandchildren. And their understanding of the universe.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but Farscape came out way before the Guardians of the galaxy ( The 2008 reboot of the team …which looks a lot like Farscape) But i get your meaning. People may think it is Farscape who is trying to rip off Guardians

      • That’s what Spinner said. People will think it is a rip off, just like how people thought “John Carter” was a rip off of “Star Wars” etc… when it is 100 years old.

        Although “Farscape” could be called a rip pf of “Buck Rogers” or “Flash Gordon” to an extent….

        There is no finer compliment than imitation. (^-^)

  21. Your writer needs to check his history; Battlestar Gallactica originally aired in 1978.
    That’s well before the abortion that made Boomer a Cylon.

    • Oh, you mean the far superior and more enjoyable reeboot!? I’d take that over the Disco original. However, I like both. It’s all just personal preference. (^-^)

  22. Farscape was great early on and then only OK later. It started going downhill around the time the monochrome cat girl joined the cast. I hope they do bring it back, but keep it a little less silly.

    • Yeah I never liked the slutty cat girl either. Give me the bald blue skinned woman. She was hot way before Avatar made blue skin fashionable.

      • Yeah, I liked Zahn a lot more than Chiana. I felt like they did a much better job on Zahn’s makeup, too. Makeup for making a character look like an alien should ideally not look like makeup, and when you’re putting big black blobs on a character’s face to try to make her look like she has cheekbones that aren’t actually there… well, it just looks fake.

      • Zhaan was hot on The Road Warrior.

  23. I’m no my third round on The Farscape series. Love it and cant get enough. A movie or a new miniseries is most welcome but not without Aeryn and Criton. they make the show if you ask me.

  24. +1 for more Farscape, sure not every episode was a winner, but it was a damn sight better than the majority of the crap out there these days.

    also +1 for someone adapting the Mongo series for Dinklage, about bleeping time, cool character that should be in Dinklage’s wheelhouse, curious to see if the writing and casting hold up.

  25. I hope so! but brian heson and the actor who plays rugel have passed away

  26. yes yes yes, would love a new series but leave the old characters in it and bring in new blood gradually. I have all of the farscape seasons that have been released, i was buying them as they were released brand new. I have been wanting a continuation ever since i even said that to follow John & Aeryns son would be great. I love it that much i am in the process of having a farscape sleeve tattoo’ed. I regularly re-watch the series as it was the best program on tv.

  27. Huge Farscape fan – surprised this hasn’t made bigger waves,

    I would like to point out however Frak (or frack as it was spelt back then) has been part of BSG going back to the original version in 1978. And that ain’t felgercarb