Josh Trank Responds to ‘Fantastic Four’ Rumors

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josh trank fantastic four rumors Josh Trank Responds to Fantastic Four Rumors

The script for Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four is in the bag. The film’s been scheduled to begin shooting in Lousiana this March. All that’s needed now is an official cast announcement and the Fantastic Four reboot from Chronicle director Josh Trank will be underway.

Given how close we are to learning real details about Fantastic Four‘s plot and cast, it’s no surprise we’ve seen a recent influx of rumors. Over this last week, Trank has been very vocal in denying such bogus claims as the rumored synopsis and Josh Gad (Frozen) being considered for The Thing.

In response to an inquiry from Badass Digest, Trank has again denied any casting or plot-related rumors surrounding Fantastic Four. “You’ll see in June of 2015,” Trank said, assuring fans all will be revealed in time. This was after the director took to his Twitter account in an initial attempt at dispelling these rumors, but as it’s an unverified account, some were wary of believing him. (You can trust us, @josh_trank is the real deal.)

josh trank directing Josh Trank Responds to Fantastic Four Rumors

Besides Gad, the other name most recently linked with Fantastic Four was Miles Teller for the role of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. A casting rumor Trank had previously denied, the director was less forthcoming about Teller’s chances now. Instead, Trank shared with Badass Digest his frustrations over ever-changing wish lists of actors being reported as fact.

Is it possible Teller – along with his That Awkward Moment co-star Michael B. Jordan – were part of the casting groups Fox tested in search of the right family chemistry? Absolutely. Does this mean Teller and Jordan were actors Trank had in mind for the roles of Reed and Johnny Storm? Absolutely not. And that’s where Trank’s frustration surely stems from – who a studio considers feasible for a role and who is eventually cast can (and often do) differ greatly.

Fantastic Four Reboot Director Josh Trank Responds to Fantastic Four Rumors

As for there being any truth in that leaked synopsis from a few weeks back, Trank elaborated:

“The only truth in that plot description is that there are four characters named Reed, Ben, Sue and Johnny.”

In that plot description, Reed and Ben Grimm were young boys who gain their incredible abilities following a bizarre accident. Later on while the two are forced to work for the government, they’re introduced to other gifted individuals:  Sue and Johnny Storm.

It was an origin that detracted significantly from that of the Fantastic Four comic books as well as the 2005 film. Hearing there are no similarities whatsoever between Simon Kinberg’s script and this leaked “synopsis” must come as a great relief for fans hoping Fox’s reboot might finally do justice by the Fantastic Four.

Where do you stand, Screen Rant readers? What are your hopes for Fox’s second attempt at bringing Marvel’s favorite family to the big screen? Let us know in the comments below.


Fantastic Four is expected to release June 19th, 2015.

Source: Badass Digest

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  1. It’s kinda exciting to think that maybe *maybe* all of the casting rumors that we’ve heard so far for Fantastic Four will prove to be dead ends…who then will be cast? Who might be the Jesse Eisenberg of the FF?

    • they might go all ‘batman vs superman’ and hit us with something completely unexpected

  2. Send the fantastic four back to marvel where it belongs because josh trank will follow
    Warners stupid casting formula. Without further adieu here is the official cast for
    fox’s crappy marvel movie.
    Michael b. Jordan as the human torch
    oprah winfrey as the invisible woman
    gina carano as the thing
    miles (country bumpkin) as mr fantastic

    • If that were the cast, I would probably buy a ticket. That’s the casting of the century.

    • I’m curious to know which “stupid casting” Warner Bros are being accused of here.

    • no, i think Queen Latifah will be the invisible woman cause they MUST put black people in all superhero movies, Marvel sucks too

      • Suggesting that black people CAN’T play super heroes who weren’t originally so? Jordan is awesome and if he’s Torch I’m down.

        Who are you accusing Marvel of whatever the reverse of whitewashing is?

    • Don’t forget Nicolas Cage as Dr. Doom.

  3. Aside from the four main characters’ names, nothing in this even remotely resembles the fantastic Four. And that’s a darned shame for those of us who have followed the comics faithfully from Issue #1, and expected something more respectful to the source material. I had better be wronger than I’ve ever been about this movie, or otherwise I am not going to enjoy watching this at all. Sounds like a cistern-overflowing mess!

    • From the article:
      As for there being any truth in that leaked synopsis from a few weeks back, Trank elaborated:

      “The only truth in that plot description is that there are four characters named Reed, Ben, Sue and Johnny.”

      So, Trank is saying the “leaked” synopsis is bogus and the only similarity is the names.

    • Well, the rumour is based on Ultimate Fantastic Four, where Reed was invited to join Dr Storm’s academy for gifted children and met Sue and her brother Johnny there, while Ben was a slightly older boy from Reed’s old school who protected him from bullies and where the four (and Victor Van Damme) received their powers when Reed created a portal to the Negative Zone at the age of 23.

      So yeah, even if it’s not the traditionally older characters and plot from the 1963 comic, to say that it’s not respectful to the source material is just plain ignorant and silly because the source material in this case is an early 2000s comic book that put Marvel characters in a more realistic and modern setting.

      • Yeah, I like Ultimate too, but in that rumor Reed and Ben got their powers before meeting Sue and Johnny, and were even taken into government custody because of their powers rather than Reed’s intellect. I know it doesn’t go into as much detail here, but in the earlier article before the synopsis was debunkd, itdid say that. Quite a deviation. Even I would have been annoyed.

    • According to screenwriter Simon Kinsberg, Trank wants to go ‘real’ and ‘gritty’ and do a coming of age story about people whose bodies are changing. Has he ever bothered to read the comic books?
      I kind of hated Chronicle, so I’m not looking forward to this reboot. We’ll never get a true FF movie until Marvel/Disney gets the rights back

  4. Honestly I think this could turn out to be great. There isn’t near enough information to base any facts of from yet. However I can tell you that if a Director such as Trank wants to keep things this in the dark, then he’s probably got something up his sleeve to appease the fans. I think that anything is an improvement from the 2005 movie we know. I do think that between FF’s launch and X-Men Apocalypse underway we could see a really strong joint universe and a good step forward in Fox titled super films. However I must say I do agree with an above commenter about one thing, Fantastic Four should be returned to Marvel. I think there would be so much more gripping and gritty story they could tell, budget would be a lot bigger, and more joint universe could be explored. For my own sake, this is my cast idea for Fantastic Four, not saying it’ll happen, but then again it wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

    Richard Reeves – Matt Passmore of The Glades
    Ben Grimm – Andy Serkis of The Lord of the Rings, Rise/Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    Sue Storm – Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones
    Johnny Storm – Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes

    Hope you like my casting. Tell me your thoughts? SR it would be nice to hear from you sometime.

    • My thoughts are that your casting sucks!

    • @Tyler,

      It really should go back to Marvel, but that’s how the cookie has crumbled.

      As for your casting, the only one I could see is Emilia Clarke… in my personal preconception of the Fantastic Four, of course. But, casting is a really big way to say “Screw you,” isn’t it?

      • The property rights thing is pretty frustrating ie we will prob never see crossovers but at least each studio will produce different style as of films and focus on different characters, for example spiderman might only be a side character in the Avengers universe but Sony can give him his own franchise.

      • I think there’s a chance, like Ghost Rider, that if it bombs (it probably will) it’ll go back to Marvel.

        • The rights to Ghost Rider were already reverted back to Marvel like a year ago thankfully.

          • Because of precisely what Sizednochi was saying. They took 2 stabs at Ghost Rider, both failed so they threw in the towel.

            I agree that this reboot is Fox’s final shot at the FF and if it bombs they will probably give it up (but not for 5-7 years)

    • ¿¿How about a blonde guy for Johnny Storm??

      I really don´t understand the people…

    • I don’t know why you people hate the FF films so much! They were fun films! Not perfect, but closer to the comics than this reboot garbage!

      • I liked the first movie, and, like, half of the second.

      • Why?

        1 – Casting Alba as Sue Storm
        2 – Turning one of Marvel’s greatest villains into a wimpy rich guy.
        3 – Turning one of the Marvel universes most powerful entities into a big ball of gas…just unforgivable. Then making the SS able to take him out (who only has the tiniest fraction of Galactus’ power). ARG.

        • I just watched “Rise of the Silver Surfer” on blu Ray the other day, and like everyone that saw the film and was disappointed that we did not see Galactus, I did see a representation of him that I did not notice in the film before.
          When the Galactus cloud was passing by the planet Saturn, the force of his passing was disrupting the rings, the shadow of the shape of Galactus’ Helmet can be seen on the surface of the planet briefly. The shape of those extended fins and the height of his helmet can be clearly seen, signifying that his image and self was in the cloud heading for earth. I never noticed that before.

          As well as when the surfer heads into the cloud to do battle with Galactus himself, as he gets closer tot he core, you can actually see the image of his head mixed in this all the energy surrounding him. and for a few brief moments you can see the head of Galactus getting closer to the Surfer. So, even though we didn’t get to see a huge monumental figure of him, we can at least see that the director did include the famous image in the film a tiny bit.
          At least I don’t feel as cheated as I did before. But I did like the movie and the Surfer was done well.

          I recommend watching it again, at look closely at those scenes to see the shadow of Galactus on Saturn and the image of him facing the surfer. Its worth it.

    • I think Milo Ventimiglia would be great as Johnny Storm/Human Torch. That’s something I’ve been saying for awhile. I DO NOT think Michael B. Jordan should be casted

  5. Between rumor mingering and spin doctoring who knows what is going in with this film. Either it’s all lies and nothing we have heard is true (which makes it sound like some really wants this movie to fail) or it is true and the negative fan reaction has caused them to take a step back and reconsider.

  6. FIRST!!!!

    • I am Groot.

      • i am the Iron Giant

  7. I’m not sure what I’ve learned in this article that hasn’t come before. Of course that synopsis was wrong. (@Goldilocks, yeah, that would be pretty bad, but it’s not what we’ll see.)

    Also, of course final casting varies greatly from the studio’s choices. It’s great to hear that Trank isn’t eager to share details but eager enough to shoot them down. It’s also nice to know his Twitter is authentic.

  8. That awkward moment when the reason for hating a film project is taken away but you still hate it. I guess the old saying is true. Haters gonna hate.

    • hahah

  9. I think that Trank is a talented young director so Im optimistic that he will come up with something entertaining.

  10. I just don´t think that these characthers translate well to the screen and that´s sad because I love the comics.

    • @viktor, Please elaborate. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I don’t see how the FF would be any harder to translate to the big screen than any other comic book characters. I would agree with you if you said that some of their stories might not translate well, but the characters themselves should be no problem. I’ve always thought the FF should be one of the easiest super teams to bring to film, because the group has always been about relationships and family first, but that’s where good writing comes in and we’re talking about FOX.

    • If Thor can translate well onto the screen, why not the FF?

  11. This sounds promising. I hope that Sue Storm is sexy as too. Jessica Alba set a high benchmark. Sexy and strong character are not mutually exclusive things.

    No Khan please. Learn from JJ’s mistake.

  12. Teresa Palmer or Amanda Seyfried would be a great Susan Storm.

    So would

    Margot Robbie

    Brooklyn Decker

    Nicola Peltz

    Gillian Jacobs

    Kaley Cuoco

    Those are the girls who will put bums on seats. You might never get them off after though.

  13. I take it the director will basing the F4 from the Ultimates storyline.
    My 2cents for the casting : cast new actors for the lead roles of F4 and then cast well known actors for the supporting roles.
    That same formula worked really for the Thor movies. Hiddlestone? Hemsworth? Nobody know who they were 5 years ago.
    Well known actors like Hopkins, Portman, Skarsgaard played the sporting roles.
    If Fox follows the same formula, they’ll have a box office hit.

  14. A reboot is supposed to fix the issues with the original. I’m hoping every rumor we’ve heard so far is only a rumor. Keep the correct origin and cast appropriately.

  15. Heres my cast for the fantastic four
    Jennifer Morrison- Invisible Woman
    Kevin Pennington (or Dave Franco)- Human Torch
    Bruce Willis- Ben Grimm (the thing will probably be cgi)
    Jack O’conell- Mr. Fantastic
    I wouldn’t wanna use doctor doom as the bad guy just because we’ve seen him in two movies already (I hated hiking the movies ughhh!) so I would wanna use a different bad guy that we have yet to see on screen I would love to see Rama-Tut hewas always such a cool bad guy to me or maybe the frightful four but I guess that depends on how the origin is done because if they do frightful four they may have to stem them from the same origin (like iron monger was in the first iron man). Well see what happens hopefully this’ll be great

  16. Perhaps Marvel will reject the script to delay shooting so Fox miss the rights deadline.
    One can only hope. I love the FF comic and the last 2 films were disappointing. Jessica Alba is not Sue Storm!
    The FF are less important to Marvel than the ancillary characters which come bundled in with the rights. Although how Marvel can proceed with The Inhumans when they originated in the FF is beyond me.
    If they ever came back to Marvel Galactus & Silver Surfer done right with the FF & the Avengers kicking Cosmic ass would be Nerd Nirvana.

  17. I had no problem with the previous fantastic four, well the silver surfer was a bomb… but every time fantastic four comes on t.v. I have to watch it…I shutter to think who they will get to replace Michael chiklis or Jessica alba, some half ass actors and actress… not looking forward to this. (obviously they would have had to replace chris evans had they gone forward). only reboot i’m looking forward to is Robocop…they can finally do that franchise some justice that though still cool back then needed an reboot.

  18. I like young Franco as Johnny,how’s about Tommy from Arrow as Reed?

  19. This will be the worst superhero movie ever made. They are casting children as adults. You may as well call this movie The Fantastic 4yr Old’s.

  20. Use the Ultimate FF origin of a teleporter accident rather than the whole spaceshuttle thing.

    Hell, go for broke and make this Reed Richards cold-blooded like the Ultimate version.

  21. The worst thing about the internet fanboys whom remain loyal towards such comic book films is not the rumor-ascending nor the mutiny we conceive, but it is that we adhere to prejudice whether a film is good or not instead of depicting the movie on the big screen. I believe so that what the Fantastic Four is facing is equivalent towards the state of popularity Batman vs. Superman is at: fanboys ranting over the little bit of information being released (in this case, leaked). My expectations for Fantastic Four is not as high as that of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise nor the X-Men’s further sequels, but it is at a stalemate of neutrality and intrigue. Perhaps this film may not be good. Perhaps the casting’s phenotype does not uphold the sources in which they are being based upon, but there is also that possibility that this film might be just as good as a movie. Since Josh Trank helms the Fantastic Four reboot, I am confident that this movie will be a good one.

    And since many are posting their own dream casting of the FF …

    Reed Richards – Luke Evans
    Susan Storm – Alice Eve
    Johnny Storm – Alex Russel/Charlie Hunnam
    The Thing – Vin Diesel

  22. Does the general public really want a FF reboot? I think the wiser, more progressive option would be to produce a Silver Surfer film.

  23. Yeah don’t call it the Fantastic Four you dumbass! Just call it another failed piece of garbage! Call it Chronicle 2 the fall of Josh Trank! that’s about all it will be when your done with it.