‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

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Fantastic Four Reboot Director Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

[Updated: Fox moved Fantastic Four to June 19, 2015]

Twentieth Century Fox – taking a page from the Marvel Studios playbook – hired comic creator Mark Millar as a consultant in September 2012 to offer ideas and help oversee the development of their Marvel properties. That hiring came on the recommendation of director Joe Carnahan who at the time was attempting to revive Daredevil before Fox gave up and let the rights revert back to Disney.

Millar’s job is to make Fox’ remaining Marvel properties embrace a consistent and cohesive, shared universe that takes full advantage of Marvel Comics history, and it begins with two X-Men films over the next two years, followed by Fantastic Four a year later.

James Mangold’s The Wolverine hits theaters next summer followed by Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past the summer of 2014. In the spring of 2015, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four will release before that summer blockbuster season kicks off and after all of that, well, we’ll just wait and see.

ERC shared the info that Fox has selected March 6, 2015 (Update: Moved to June 19, 2015) as the release date for the Fantastic Four reboot, a film that almost was pushed into development two years ago when X-Men: First Class, fast-tracked thanks to the return of Bryan Singer, became their focus. By comparison, the first Fantastic Four released July 8, 2005 and its sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer June 15, 2007 .

Wolverine Thing Fantastic Four X Men 570x336 Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

There were rumored castings at the time, and we learned from a special effects artist at the studio that they were already planning out a CGI version of Thing. But it all came to a halt until Fox’s low-budget Chronicle became a hit and the director, Josh Trank, became a highly sought-after director brought in to develop and helm the reboot.

And just like The Amazing Spider-Man was rebooted (successfully, mind you) only a decade after Sam Raimi first brought Peter Parker to life on the big screen, the new Fantastic Four will hit theaters 10 years after Tim Story’s adaptation starring Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis released.

With this date selection, Trank will likely be shooting in early 2014, which makes us wonder when he’ll begin shooting on Shadow of the Colossus, Sony’s video game adaptation. It also means that Fox has one Marvel movie a year for the next three years.

We know that Fox wants to (re)establish the Fantastic Four before doing something more ambitious, like crossing them over with the X-Men, but that absolutely is the next logical step if Bryan Singer can do something special with his time travel tale, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

fantastic four reboot josh trank Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

The cast of the last two Fantastic Four films

If however, the modern day X-Men films come to an end with that film and producer Lauren Shuler Donner doesn’t get her wish of an X-Men 4 & 5, then it’s possible that Fantastic Four could later team up with an X-Men reboot… Hugh Jackman won’t play Wolverine forever.

Sharing 2015 with Fantastic Four in the comic book movie/superhero genre will be The Avengers 2Ant-Man and (potentially) Justice League. No pressure.

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Source: ERC

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  1. Yay, another chance for Fox to ruin Fantastic Four! Don’t get me wrong I like the idea of X-Men and Fantastic Four together but come on how long will this last? Its not like there are hundreds of stories of theses two teams teaming up in the comics.

  2. I love the Fantastic Four, and they deserve a truly good film. The first one was enjoyable in its own way, but not nearly serious or dramatic enough. The difference between FF and Spider-Man is that the first Spider-Man film was really pretty good, so rebooting the origin story was as much a need as it is for FF. In other words, this FF reboot needs to happen.

    As far as the Thing, I loathe the use of CGI characters in almost every case in which they are put alongside live actors. I thought that Michael Chiklis was great, and while I understand the need to re-cast, the real, live-in-costume Thing would still be my preference.

    • Not a big CGI fan of the Lizard from the Spider Man reboot, and definitely not for the Thing either if it ever happens.

      • If it worked for the Hulk in The Avengers, why not for Aunt Petunia´s favorite nephew?

        • For on “Thing,” there is no “Bruce Banner,” or in this case, Ben Grimm. He’s always the Thing. So what kind of budget are they getting (Avengers size?), and can they make a good Thing with it?

          I adamantly believe Thing should be practical. He needs to interact with the other members, like simply sitting in the living room and at the breakfast table. He shouldn’t be Hulk sized. I do think they need to work on his design and get the right size and proportions. Make his mouth bigger and eyes more spread apart. I’d be all for a mix of costumes and puppetry, and some CGI.

          Whatever they do, they need to get the Thing right. He could really make or break the potential of a series.

      • Agree – Most of the time CGI is cold & life-less – Worked for Hulk in Avengers ,, but we didn’t see too much of him in it – just fast action stuff.
        Actors in special suits & make-up can work – like Hellboy – Thin was OK in FF Movies…A good actor inside makes all the difference.
        I’d like to see The Silver Surfer make-it back to the movies soon too !

        • Ummm for a cold creature Davy Jones had a lot of life in Pirates of the Caribbean. That was 6 years ago, the tech is way better now. Motion capture technology still keeps the actors performance and expressions, it should better that way.

          Puppetry today in this type of film would be a joke. I say CG all the way for this.

        • films are exploding in to theaters these days and it is strangely very gratifying and rewarding.

  3. So we have Avengers 2, Justice League (hopefully), Star Wars 7, Ant-Man, Avatar 2 and now an FF reboot as well?!

    (And to think some people said 2012 would be the biggest year for movies for a long, long time ;))

  4. Ugh, yet ANOTHER superhero movie to clog up the multiplex, the sooner this comic-book adaptation fad ends the better, then we can get back to proper movies. Say what you want about ‘Cloud Atlas’ but at least that was an intelligent and artistically bold slice of mainstream cinema, and which didn’t have anyone in tights or a cape in it… Chris Nolan began and ended this current craze with his matchless Dark Knight trilogy, y’all can go home now, ‘cos it sure ain’t gonna be bettered!

    One possible exception that I would mention to the above; Zack Snyder’s upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ sure looks promising, and if anyone can make a new definitive Superman adaptation for the modern-day, it’s the guy behind the single greatest CBM to date, namely the masterful ‘Watchmen’…

    • I fear for Superman. What worked for Batman under Christopher Nolan is not what will work for Superman. Superman is an embodiment of hope, of the best humanity has to offer. To throw this theme away and replace it with some dark, depressing, dank story is, to me, to defile the character. No offense to Mr. Nolan, his first 2 Batman movies were excellent (TDKR was less than stellar), but this is a completely different kind of character, and deserves a different film-makking touch. Snyder is not high on my list after the crapfest that was Sucker Punch, and now he’s helming the most visible comic book movie in a long time, probably since Batman Begins. Just have my reservations…

      • Christopher Nolan isn’t directing Man Of Steel, he’s producing it.

    • The problem is when you look at the actual source material it’s actually way better mostly because for a long time the people making superhero movies just assumed it would be a smash hit because a lot of people know the source material.

      Also I have to put up with the other films hollywood puts out there so why is it so bad if they release movies I like as well? I agree their too packed together but seriously it’s not like it’s just superhero movies coming out. There’s just a lot of movies coming out. Also you are aware that their all separated by years meaning it won’t be a case of all these Marvel movies coming out next year.

      Also I actually like the MCU Version of Captain America more then the comic version. In the comics he’s just a whiny little b****!

    • you are crazy! there are not enough comic book movies

    • Watchmen was terrible. I’d rather watch a dozen Fantastic Four remakes than that insufferably boring piece of garbage.

      • who is playing the human torch?

  5. The reason why FF and ROTSS failed was because of America’s the obsession with faces like Alba, Evans, and dude from NipTuck. they figured they couldn’t fail, yet the actors and the production staff didn’t take the source material seriously thus resulting in a Viktor Von Doom with no accent, a latina sue storm, and a naked jessica Alba. they thought Doug jones as the silver surfer would save the sequel, and he did a good job, but who the #&$! is Eye-On Grufford. (Ioan)

    • @steverogers

      THANK YOU!

    • Nothing wrong at all with a naked Jessica Alba. More of that might have saved the second film. 😛

  6. Very much looking forward to a new FF movie. I personally did not think the first two were bad. I enjoyed them for what they were. I think they did an awesome job with the characters in the first two. Anyhow, I hope this new one knocks it out of the park & can’t wait to see who is cast.

    • I agree. I can somewhat remember a time when most people thought the first movie was a pretty top notch(ish) work. There were even lots of people who were willing to atleast accept the second one for what it was and like it all the same, simply because those were just two of the best movies that we had to work with at the time they came out.

      Then Marvel dropped Iron Man and the rest of the movies following that on us and there was just no looking back from there and oppinion on the FF movies went from the what it did have to a dramatic low.

      I personally think they’re still pretty watchable. You know, if its the weekend and I happen to catch it flipping through channels or something.

  7. I did not mind the first two FF movies. However, for the reboot, since we have already seen Dr. Doom, we need a different villain or villains. I would vote for the Frightful Four (The Wizard, The Trapster, Sandman, and Medusa). They were some of the greatest villains in the comics back in–what was it–the 60s? –and would be good foils for some slobberknocker fights. I just wonder if there would be any problems with rights for the Sandman character, since he was a villain in the third Spiderman movie?

    • can’t us Medusa, or any of the Inhumans, the movie rights belong to Marvel/Disney, might be one of later ones a better possibility. oh and no sandman either. and don’t you mean paste-pot-pete :p

      • I was afraid of that (character rights problems). And Paste Pot Pete, while it was his original name, changed it almost immediately to The Trapster in the early comics, thinking it sounded more classy (plus then he could use more weapons besides just his glue-gun). Still, if the studios could agree to c some kind of collaboration to free up the character rights, I would be a happy man!

      • I would flip if they brought the Inhumans to the screen, either a FF film or their own. Black Bolt is the ultimate.

  8. Next three years are going to look like a sci-fi,superhero blob in cinematic calendars.
    AND sequel sandwiches for everyone.
    Good good…
    I just knew this was going to happen the year the first Iron Man came out.
    But, its better than the apocalypse and Post-apocalypse blob that the last few years were.
    Those just depressed me. So can’t complain really.

  9. @ steverogers

    So you’re mad about them using known actors like alba, and evans. Yet you complain about about Ioan Gruffodd who is not as known. Okay ??? I agree the casting was off with that film, but you can’t blame everything on the cast. How about Tim Story? I think Quentin Tarantino has proved that any actor can do a good job as long they’re under the right direction for instance (Travolta, Pulp Fiction) . Fox made a terrible choice for Fantastic Four with picking Tim Story to direct. Same way they chose Ratner for X3.

      • I agree with you the directors have lost it

  10. I assume that Thing would be done through motion capture a la Gollum. The tech should be good enough at that time to make it look real good. They could do it the same as they did Hulk. I believe that Mark Ruffalo wore the mocap suit to do the Hulk scenes in Avengers.

  11. Too…many…superheroes…

    Even this year just kind of ruined it for me. There was just too much superhero stuff and I was starting to become really bored

  12. Fox should’ve just rebooted BOTH franchises.

    But, of course they wanted to milk the Hugh Jackman Wolverine for all it’s worth, for better or worse (probably worse).

  13. Here is the Casting Call to the FANTASTIC 4 Reboot

    Sam Worthington as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards (Comments: ?)
    Amanda Seyfried as Invisible Woman/Susan Storm (Comments: ?)
    Garrett Hedlund as Human Torch/Johnny Storm (Comments: ?)
    Brendan Fraser as Thing/Benjamin Grimm (Comments: ?)

  14. Saw the latest Star Trek trailer. Chris Pine now has “upper-30s-lower- 40s” wrinkles. HE”S REED RICAHRDS.

    Sue Richards has to go to Diana Kuger in my opinion. Doesn’t have to do too much to make guys go “WOOOOW!” Understated beauty is the way to go.

    Thing is CG so Frasier is fine.

    The Torch… well, have thay determine what age that charater is going to be? In the comics he started the team (with the other 3) as a hot-headed teenager.

    And though you had not referred to it, I rather the villain be someone other than Dr. Doom. Not saying that he can’t be in the background pulling the current bad-guy’s strings, mind you.

  15. The first fantastic four was a knock off of Superman 2 with Thing losing his powers then getting them back.

    The sequel knocked off the scene from the incredibles where the baby had all the powers.

    So fricken awful.

    I just hope that they come up with an original story this time, and not an origins story, please.

    • No. The Thing losing his powers happened in the Secret Wars comics in the mid 80’s and had nothing to to do with Superman 2. The baby having powers is a big part of the FF comics as well and well before the Incredibles appeared. Actually The Incredibles were an imitation of the Fantastic Four.

    • the thundermans is a knock off of the incredibles.

  16. another reboot? whyyyyyy? just make another movie following the story. putting the films together woouldnt be so bad but please dont make another reboot. why do we need another reboot? there is toooo many reboots already. I could even understanding a reboot like in another 20 years or so but why now? this is the reason I dont watch movies any more. because of all of the reboots.

    • You are damn right who wants to watch from scratch when there is a following story already I hope the directors will come to their senses and realize they are doing a stupid thing !!

      • The reason there will need to be a reboot, is because the mutant phenom from the X franchise (as far as the story goes) is known globally. FF makes it seem as though the team and doom are the only “unique” beings out there. If there was a team up the stories would have to blend. It would be impossible without a reboot. Sad but true.

  17. its almost like no body has there own work – so they have to steal someone elses work and call it theirs. get your own dang movie to make.

  18. Instead of Rebooting this movie why not just make another Fantastic 4 movie? Like maybe a third movie the return of the Silver Sufer or Ben and Alicia gets married or something like that why reboot this movie?

    • Yes you are absolutely correct. I want to see the continuing of the show not from the scratch.

  19. how could they merge fantastic four with the justice league stupid source i say.. FAKE FAKE FAKE
    dont know what they are talking about.

  20. I want Craig Robinson to play The Thing and Djimon Hounsou to play The Silver Surfer. I also want action figure toys for the movie.

    • the reboot is coming?

  21. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE A REBOOT!!, continue from part 2!!!

  22. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE A REBOOT!!, continue from part 2!!

  23. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE A REBOOT!!, continue from fantastic four 2!!…..

    • Yes I agree with you and I hope they be using the same cast

    • A reboot has to be done if they plan a merge with the X franchise. The X/FF Team-up comics were huge sellers. With the Avengers and now JLA, the X/FF Team up is inevitable. I would imagine Spiderman joining that team-up eventually (probably after the Deadpool release) the dynamics between Spidy and Wolverine, and Deadpool and Wolverine in the comics would transfer beautifully onto film.

      The point about seasoned actors vs newbs is a stupid argument. Chris Evans Sparked his Career on the torch, Downie reignited his with IM, Kelsey Grammar did just fine as the refined Beast, Hugh Jackman’s Career EXPLODED after X.

      Bottom line, Batman has been reinvented what will be 6 times now with Affleck being number 6, and the response gets better and better. Comic books did the same thing with all of the characters mentioned in this forum, and many many more. Personally I would rather watch 50 reboots than endure the crap they give most Oscars to. Adaptation got all kinds of buzz, that movie BLEW! ‘There Will Be Blood’ … CRAP!

      Reinventing these character will eventually burn out, by then an entirely new generation of creative minds will blow us away with something new and amazing. For now (with the exception of the Craptastic ‘Watchmen’ and brain melting fecal-fest ‘The Spirit’) I have enjoyed every comic book movie in their own way. I see so much potential.

      • Final thought, If you think ANY of the hero movies that have come out in last 15 years are bad, try watching the attempts all the way back to the 1940s. No matter what you say, recent hero movie have come a LONG exciting way.

  24. I love the fantastic four and I hope the same actors will be playing the same role especially jessica alba cause I like watch her as invisible women. And I want to see will they be following the comic that the part she gets pregnant. I hope jessica alba will be invisible women again !!!

  25. Thank you for you all agreeing with me


  27. I’ve been waiting to see Galactus. I love the Silver Surfer and the last FF film is my all time fav super hero movie. I think every X Men film is worse than the last. The casting was horrible (Kelsey Grammer? Really?). And the way they butchered the storylines. And the fact that they didn’t feature Colossus as a main character boggles my mind. How many more origins of Spiderman and Superman does the world really need? Batman too. If they don’t continue where FF2 left off, then there is no hope for the world.

  28. I love fantastic four,silver surfer,galactus,doctor doom and i hope to see the fantastic four reboot movies in 2015 and i hope their will bring back silver surfer,galactus as well other vilain like terrax,super-skrulls,annihilus,,puppet master.

  29. WHEN WILL AFFIRMATIVE ACTION END? MAKING A BLACK JOHNNY STORM WILL KEEP MY FAMILY AND MYSELF FROM THIS MOVIE. This is the same as casting Affleck as Batman. Only worse. Another insult to black people! End the racism in HOLLYWOOD. Stop forcing black people into whites roles. What’s next? Making black people slave owners?