‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

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Fantastic Four Reboot Director Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

[Updated: Fox moved Fantastic Four to June 19, 2015]

Twentieth Century Fox – taking a page from the Marvel Studios playbook – hired comic creator Mark Millar as a consultant in September 2012 to offer ideas and help oversee the development of their Marvel properties. That hiring came on the recommendation of director Joe Carnahan who at the time was attempting to revive Daredevil before Fox gave up and let the rights revert back to Disney.

Millar’s job is to make Fox’ remaining Marvel properties embrace a consistent and cohesive, shared universe that takes full advantage of Marvel Comics history, and it begins with two X-Men films over the next two years, followed by Fantastic Four a year later.

James Mangold’s The Wolverine hits theaters next summer followed by Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past the summer of 2014. In the spring of 2015, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four will release before that summer blockbuster season kicks off and after all of that, well, we’ll just wait and see.

ERC shared the info that Fox has selected March 6, 2015 (Update: Moved to June 19, 2015) as the release date for the Fantastic Four reboot, a film that almost was pushed into development two years ago when X-Men: First Class, fast-tracked thanks to the return of Bryan Singer, became their focus. By comparison, the first Fantastic Four released July 8, 2005 and its sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer June 15, 2007 .

Wolverine Thing Fantastic Four X Men 570x336 Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

There were rumored castings at the time, and we learned from a special effects artist at the studio that they were already planning out a CGI version of Thing. But it all came to a halt until Fox’s low-budget Chronicle became a hit and the director, Josh Trank, became a highly sought-after director brought in to develop and helm the reboot.

And just like The Amazing Spider-Man was rebooted (successfully, mind you) only a decade after Sam Raimi first brought Peter Parker to life on the big screen, the new Fantastic Four will hit theaters 10 years after Tim Story’s adaptation starring Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis released.

With this date selection, Trank will likely be shooting in early 2014, which makes us wonder when he’ll begin shooting on Shadow of the Colossus, Sony’s video game adaptation. It also means that Fox has one Marvel movie a year for the next three years.

We know that Fox wants to (re)establish the Fantastic Four before doing something more ambitious, like crossing them over with the X-Men, but that absolutely is the next logical step if Bryan Singer can do something special with his time travel tale, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

fantastic four reboot josh trank Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

The cast of the last two Fantastic Four films

If however, the modern day X-Men films come to an end with that film and producer Lauren Shuler Donner doesn’t get her wish of an X-Men 4 & 5, then it’s possible that Fantastic Four could later team up with an X-Men reboot… Hugh Jackman won’t play Wolverine forever.

Sharing 2015 with Fantastic Four in the comic book movie/superhero genre will be The Avengers 2Ant-Man and (potentially) Justice League. No pressure.

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Source: ERC

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  1. Wow! I love this news and the possible crossover. I hope this time they won’t disappoint. :)

    • Plus Avatar 2

  2. 2015 is going to be an amazing year for movies: Episode VII, Avengers 2, Ant Man and FF.

    • i just posted this too haha

    • Hell yeah man!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar 2, mockingjay, justice league and possibly a bond film

  3. 2015: Justice league, Avengers, Star Wars 7, and Fantastic 4 reboot. Im sure im missing a few others but either way 2015 is starting to look like one rigged year for movies

    • Actually I’m thinking it is going to be one over saturated year for superhero movies, which is probably not a good thing.

      • Hate to say it, but I agree with you. Only takes a few flops in a row and the poditive sentiment toward superhero movies could cool down.

        • I hate to say it so much, I’m not going to. Bring on the superhero flicks by the bucketful! My popcorn’s popping, and I’m gonna start the assembly-line of snacks going right now! Gotta be prepared, y’know!

  4. Ha, I beat you by a minute. I forgot about JL though.

  5. Can’t wait to see another Fantasic Four movie. The first movie they did I thought was very good. The sequel was sub par though.

    • I thought the Silver Surfer was kinda neat-looking in the sequel…you could definitely recognize him from how he appeared in the comics.

  6. 2015 is truly going 2 be an epic year for comic book /sci-fi theme movies. I get the feeling that there’s still more 2 come.

  7. The Spidey reboot was successful only financially (which I guess is all that truly matters), but it was a creative disappointment. If the F4 flick is similar to Amazing Spider-Man it is going to be pretty bad. Hopefully Fox learns from the mistakes Sony made with ASM and actually makes a decent F4 flick. Fingers crossed.

    • It got 73% on RT which while not great, is positive (and currently higher than The Hobbit). It was generally well-received among fans, just not as well as the first two Spider-Man movies.

      • Yup. Plus it’s getting a sequel. Generally good reviews at 73% + 81% of the rottentomatoes audience liking it + making a lot of money + getting a sequel = success

        I think some people just got their hopes too high for it and deemed it a ‘creative disappointment’ – and as fate would have it those are the people who tend to be the most outspoken. They were probably expecting another Avengers.

    • Agree with you :)

    • Well, it might have been a creative disappointment in your view, but there seems to be plenty of people who would argue against that statement – myself including…

      • Personally I was tired of the idea of rebooting the origin story and I don’t particularly care for Andrew Garfield. I give them credit for making every effort to “make it new” but it was just too soon for me. I passed on a theater view and skipped what seemed like boring parts on a living room viewing. Perhaps I’ll warm up to a second A.S.M. film, but Garfield has his work cut out for him to make his take on Parker work for me. The F.F. ? I’m not so fond of a Origin reboot on that property either. I could tolerate that better but why not just drop them in a good story and go from there? Rather see Disney get it back and sideline it so they can use Galactus and the Silver Surfer in the Galactic side of phase 2 or 3. That’s another discussion though…

    • I highly disagree. It’s my second favorite Spider-Man movie, behind Spider-Man 2 (which is impressive, considering I really liked Spider-Man).

    • As a life-long comic book collector and a HUGE spider-man fan, I must respectfully disagree. As good as the first two riami films were, I prefer this new film which not only gets much more personal and relatable but also appeals to the younger crowd much more efficiently.
      Regardless the public expects different things from superhero movies than it once did and in my opinion TAS delivers those things without spitting on the source material and showing the side of spider-man comics that I personally prefer.

      And please don’t call it dark, I really don’t find it dark… It’s just not over-exaggerated comic book-like as the riami films were.

  8. hugh jackman CAN play wolverine forever!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hugh Jackman IS wolverine.

  9. Is marvel planning on rebooting Daredevil now? And what other marvel titles does sony own?

    • well fox is the one that owns these at the moment, and i think they only have the rights to the xmen, ff4, spiderman, and daredevil

      • Sony has the spider-man corner
        Fox has seen and FF
        The daredevil rights at fox have now expired and are now back at marvel, same goes for punisher.

        Hope that clears it up! :)

        • I thought they gave Galactus and Silver Surfer back to Marvel to keep the rights to Daredevil!

        • ahh…forgot spidey was sony 😛

    • As far we we know there are absolutely no plans for Daredevil at the moment. They just got him back and there’s no room for him on the film front for years to come.

      • It’d be good to see Daredevil in the Avengers line up since there’s no way Spidey is ever gonna be there.

  10. since its a rebot again, i wish they would go into the ff4’s 1st enemy…moleman, instead of forcing doctor doom since he’s the most used and more recognizable….

  11. Why keep forcing the envelope? Spider-Man is a famous character even to those who dislike comic books. The only people who want to see the fantastic four in a movie are comic book fans. (and I have been collecting comics for years and I don’t even want to see it so soon) the last ones left a terrible impression, why resurrect them so quickly?

    • I think a lot of it has to do with merchandising and them losing the rights if they don’t get a movie into production. But FF can make money if done right, and then they can make even more money if they can crossover with X-Men.

      • I’m inclined to agree that they could make good money with an FF movie, but I feel like the previous efforts will leave a bad enough taste in the average person’s mouth to make them avoid it’s reboot. What you’ve said obviously makes sense, with them keeping the rights and such. Do you know if fox is allowed to pull another loophole like they did with the FF movie in 1994?

        • I remember reading a long while ago (perhaps 2 years ago) that direct-to-DVD movies would count in order to keep the rights, so if that’s true, there’s probably plenty of tricks up their sleeves. However, there’s been two major developments to show that might not actually be the case. 1) With the Disney acquisition, Marvel now has Disney lawyers trying to combat any loophole. 2) If that were the case, then why didn’t they do that with Daredevil? Either the contract was worded differently (which is possible since Marvel would have learned from 1994) or Fox doesn’t have that clout.

          Long story short, it really sucks that we don’t have access to what’s written in the contracts. That would help to clear everything up.

  12. I’m hopeful. I’ve never been a huge fan of the F4 in general (I don’t hate them, I just don’t love them) but I liked Cronicle. I thought it had really good character interactions, so I am hoping Mr. Trank brings that to the table with the F4. And a good crossover would be just epic!!

    • “Chronicle” was pretty cool. It had a whole Tetsuo vube towards the end.

      • Whooops. *vibe*

  13. Mark Strong as Doctor Doom. He doesn’t have to be the main villain again though. Build him up for a movie or two.

    • I like this idea. I wonder if he can pull off accents though?

      I know Latveria is a fictional country, but I would think that someone there would sound almost like Dracula.

      • Yeah he’s good with accents. He’s British but has done American, Russian, Middle Eastern (forgot which nationality)…

    • i really wish they would quit wanting to put dr. doom as there “only” possible villan in any movie, not that hes not a good actor or that i dont like doom as a character, but the ff4 has soooooo many other great story arc’s and incredible villans that could be explored instead of constantly restarting the story of how dr doom came to be

  14. 2015 is going to be the best movie year ever!!!

  15. Wow. The Avengers 2, Ant-Man, Justice League, and now Fantastic Four. And last year people said that in 2012 superhero movie were gonna go out of style…they sure were wrong. 2015 is gonna be an epic year of movies; color me excited 😀

  16. I love the Fantastic Four, great news! :)

  17. too many comic book movies, people will get super hero movie fatigue

    • No such thing. Otherwise everyone would have gotten romantic comedy fatigue years ago and even now.

      • Romantic Comedies rarely get into the 70-100+MM production cost so it’s kind of a poor comparison to try to justify increased CBM production. what were they like eleven this year? And just as an example out of the eleven “This Means War” which guys probably wanted to see as much or maybe more than the gals didn’t make its production budget back domestically (65MM) but relied on foreign sales to be profitable. It’s also true that films like ‘Think Like a Man’ which cost 12MM to make, made better than 7x its cost back domestically while grossing poorly, just one third what it cost to make, in foreign markets. I think on the whole Comic Book Movies are way more expensive to make and so the danger is that market saturation and failure of several expensive but critically good films could cause a cooling or even a major stoppage of their production. Think about it just the opposite is mentioned in Rob’s article. This pattern isn’t new its happened in other markets before. A saturation point is eventually reached and a typical cycling occurs…

        • Well regardless what comic movie it is, it will still have a devoted fan base because of the franchise that it’s been written for. Not to mention a demographic which comic book movies placate to. earlier they were talking about the whole The Amazing Spider-Man movie. I personally love how they are handling the franchise right now because first off it’s taken directly from the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man.

          Lastly, the last true comic flop was Green Lantern. And as for DeadPool…people always forget that Blade is a Marvel property.

  18. 2014: Robocop, cap 2, robopacolypse, TASM 2, Godzilla, dawn of the planet of the apes, transformers 4, xmen days of futures past, the hobbit part 3, guardians of the galaxy, james bond 24, and mockingjay part 1…. hows tht for a stacked year?

  19. Aaron Paul for Johnny Storm.

    • That’s actually a good choice. I can see his disturbed look when he’s trying to understand how to use his powers and dealing with society altogether. Hopefully the age isn’t a factor.

  20. It comes out in March.
    that means it’ll probably suck.
    mind you, i’ll still see it, but any movie that comes out in march i’m automatically skeptical of (’cause lets face it, good movies don’t come out in march)

    • Actually, over the past few years March hasn’t been the dumping ground that it used to be. The summer is so packed that studios are willing to open “bigger” films in April or March. Look at The Hunger Games this year…

  21. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine to me the same way that Michael Chiklis is The Thing to me.

    • Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine to me.

  22. We don’t need anymore X-men movies. Fox couldn’t pull a good one out of there who ha if they tried. Just give the rights back to disney so we can , get a good version this time around.

    Or Soney , being how Amazing Spider-man was well Amazing.

    Off Subject. Whats going on with Dawn of the Planet of the apes? I have not heard anything on that in a while.

    • What has disney done to prove they are capable of the genre…. they came in late during the avengers process, whose to say cap 2 im 3 and thor 2 will be good?

  23. Won’t be seeing it.

    I already got burned seeing Fantastic Four… twice…

  24. Disney and Marvel need the rights to this back. A scene with AntMan, Mr Fantastic and Downey Jr’s Stark in Avengers 3 would be brilliant

    • Add Bruce Banner to that little group as well.

    • I’m with you (as are many others) but I think Disney blew its acquisition budget for the next couple years by buying LucasFilm.

      Plus at this stage I’m sure Fox would demand some outrageous price to get just the FF rights back. It would be like trying to negotiate with a terrorist and I don’t think Disney would bow to unreasonable demands with so much other material to work with.

      At the very least though it would have been nice if the Galactus/Silver Surfer deal had actually happened since the marvel shared universe needs them to some extent.

  25. And here I was, thinking 2012 was gonna be the best year for movies. Thanks for proving me wrong (at least on paper, that is).

  26. Ooh. I’m getting the Fantastic Four for my 31st birthday. Thanks?

  27. I was kind of hoping they would let this fall by the wayside and get lost but sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have absolutely no confidence in this film simply because it is being made by the SAME studio that brought us the fist two FF movies. If they had really learned anything, FF:RotSS should have been better than the FF but it was worse and even ruined one of the galaxy’s most imposing forces, turning him into a ball of gas that can be defeated by his own creation. On a comic book level this movie was appalling so why should I think they can do it better if they reboot it again?

    • So for example, you’re really bad at long division. You get tim story to sit down with you and help you study. You fail the test.
      You think it might be your fault so you ask tim to show you again.
      You still fail.
      This time you’re convinced tim story sucks at long division so you ask josh trank to help you study instead (who’s a math genius).

      @moongoose, you’re saying that fox (the idiot student) will screw this up even if they have josh trank directing (the excellent teacher)?

      When you get something wrong twice do you keep making the same mistake or do you get the help you need and then learn?

      Show a little faith

      • The problem with your analogy is, the teacher can still only teach and it’s up to the student to actually take the test. If the student is dumber than a bag of bricks (they did let FF: RotSS go forward) then they are going to fail regardless of who is helping them.

        You are also assuming that Trank is an “excellent teacher”. The only thing I have as an example of similar work is Chronicle which I was unimpressed with so yeah, I don’t even have a little faith in this project succeeding.

    • @mongoose


  28. mongoose, INK, steverogers, Judge Dredd…I agree with you guys. I don’t think I will be checking this one out in the theaters. FOX’s track record when it comes to marvel movies is below dirt. In addition, their marvel movies, especially the FF, are just as campy as HERCULES THE LEGENDARY JOURNEY which Sam Raimi directed. I like that show because campiness fits the small screen, but not on the big screen with iconic templated characters like the FF. I’ll probably wait for this FF movie to come on cable.

  29. by the way are Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, and Chris Evans reprising their respective roles? Casting was one of the big flaws (which means there were other flaws) in both FF movies. Alba as sue storm, again? Please no, and no Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic either. I thought Evans was an alright Human Torch.

    • Is that a serious question? Since when have you seen a reboot with the same casting on main characters(aside from future movies Conan and Terminator which might be reprised by Arnold himself)? Chris Evans is currently busy being Captain America along with any other movies he may have going. I know they are different studios but how can Evans play 2 different iconic comic book heroes. Sad to say but I think the only thing that gave life to the FF movies was Human Torch and the Thing. Oh and I thought they did a good job with their outfits. Everything else(and I mean EVERYTHING) was lame. Dr. Doom never felt like a threat. The movie itself never found its tone wether it wanted to be funny, serious or at least mix them in properly. All FAIL and will continue being that this franchise is staying at FOX. SMH…..

      • I think you are right. But as long as the FF is in FOX’s hands, there can never be a reboot of the FF.

        • That is just a silly statement. Sony rebooted Spider-Man, why can’t Fox reboot FF? Especially with Mark Millar working with the Fox team?

          • Probably because they could film a cat eating its own barf, title it spider-man and gross 500 million

            • @Jm

              That was well said and true.

          • “Sony rebooted Spider-Man, why can’t Fox reboot FF?”

            Andy, that is a question you should be asking FOX, not me. Nevertheless, since you asked, i think it is easily understood that FOX is not Sony and Sony is not FOX. Alot of what Sony did came from the source material, even in the spidey remake. I even said a few months back that Sony is better at making movies based on marvel characters than FOX is. FOX’s marvel movies come off as arrogant because it seems like they intentionally refuse to follow anything that has to do with the source material (the comic books) because it seems like they feel they can tell a better story about marvel characters than marvel itself. They messed up the x-men with brian singer, and have the nerve to bring him back to do another x-men movie. They seemingly threw out the continuity of of their movies as it relates x-men 1, 2 and 3 with XMO:W, and first class, and some folks in here actually think that they can make it all better by throwing in a timeline flick with DOFP. Both FF movies were trash. Doom felt more like a side show comic than a serious terror, and jessica alba looked liked a 15 year old girl under that fake blond hair. And the sight of gruffudd’s gray hair-sided Mr. Fantastic married to a 15 year old-looking susan storm was and is unsavory. Not to mention the fact that the FF movies were more so a comedy than an action adventure, serious-tone movie.

            By the way, did I mention the casting? a 6’3, slim hugh jackman to play a 5’3 muscular wolverine. A short halle berry to play a 5’10 Storm, who speaks with a notable african accent, while berry’s weak african accent in x-men 1 was…well…weak. Then in x-men 2 and 3 she had no accent at all. Simple, simple, simple things inexplicably changed or overlooked without any explanation, or just not cared enough about to incorporate into the movie, yet were important in relation to the characters. Where is FOX’s insight to say “HEY, YOU KNOW WHAT GUYS…HOW ABOUT WE HIRE A REAL AFRICAN ACTRESS TO PLAY STORM TO MAKE THE CHARACTER MORE AUTHENTIC.” Where is the insight at FOX studios to even considered the same thing for Wolverine? Do I even have to mention using the source material as the story? That’s just a few, but there is more. Let me know if you want the rest. I will be happy to oblige.