‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

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Fantastic Four Reboot Director Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

[Updated: Fox moved Fantastic Four to June 19, 2015]

Twentieth Century Fox – taking a page from the Marvel Studios playbook – hired comic creator Mark Millar as a consultant in September 2012 to offer ideas and help oversee the development of their Marvel properties. That hiring came on the recommendation of director Joe Carnahan who at the time was attempting to revive Daredevil before Fox gave up and let the rights revert back to Disney.

Millar’s job is to make Fox’ remaining Marvel properties embrace a consistent and cohesive, shared universe that takes full advantage of Marvel Comics history, and it begins with two X-Men films over the next two years, followed by Fantastic Four a year later.

James Mangold’s The Wolverine hits theaters next summer followed by Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past the summer of 2014. In the spring of 2015, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four will release before that summer blockbuster season kicks off and after all of that, well, we’ll just wait and see.

ERC shared the info that Fox has selected March 6, 2015 (Update: Moved to June 19, 2015) as the release date for the Fantastic Four reboot, a film that almost was pushed into development two years ago when X-Men: First Class, fast-tracked thanks to the return of Bryan Singer, became their focus. By comparison, the first Fantastic Four released July 8, 2005 and its sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer June 15, 2007 .

Wolverine Thing Fantastic Four X Men 570x336 Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

There were rumored castings at the time, and we learned from a special effects artist at the studio that they were already planning out a CGI version of Thing. But it all came to a halt until Fox’s low-budget Chronicle became a hit and the director, Josh Trank, became a highly sought-after director brought in to develop and helm the reboot.

And just like The Amazing Spider-Man was rebooted (successfully, mind you) only a decade after Sam Raimi first brought Peter Parker to life on the big screen, the new Fantastic Four will hit theaters 10 years after Tim Story’s adaptation starring Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis released.

With this date selection, Trank will likely be shooting in early 2014, which makes us wonder when he’ll begin shooting on Shadow of the Colossus, Sony’s video game adaptation. It also means that Fox has one Marvel movie a year for the next three years.

We know that Fox wants to (re)establish the Fantastic Four before doing something more ambitious, like crossing them over with the X-Men, but that absolutely is the next logical step if Bryan Singer can do something special with his time travel tale, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

fantastic four reboot josh trank Fantastic Four Reboot Gets A 2015 Release Date [Updated]

The cast of the last two Fantastic Four films

If however, the modern day X-Men films come to an end with that film and producer Lauren Shuler Donner doesn’t get her wish of an X-Men 4 & 5, then it’s possible that Fantastic Four could later team up with an X-Men reboot… Hugh Jackman won’t play Wolverine forever.

Sharing 2015 with Fantastic Four in the comic book movie/superhero genre will be The Avengers 2Ant-Man and (potentially) Justice League. No pressure.


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Source: ERC

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  1. Stop humiliating black people!

  2. Alright so i think this is stupid. we should make black panther and blade white. wolverine Nigerian. colossus is mexican and peter parer a indian.

  3. Not only was casting an black actor as The Human Torch moronic but to then cast a white actress to play his sister The Invisible Woman is too idiotic for words!!! Obviously we’re going to get some lame explanation within the contrived plot line. At least if a black actress was cast the film could have maintained its continuity. Now Michael B. Jordan has been exposed as a blaitent token. If you’re going to crash and burn a 100 million dollar project trying to be contriversial at least go the full 9! This is truly offensive to both communitys! Victor Von Doom originated in eastern europe. Please don’t cast an Asian actor

  4. I’m black so if I was cast as Sue Storm and got involved with Rubberman and his white that you would be hating me. Is there anything wrong with that? Is there anything wrong with Human Torch being black?

    • yes. but only to me because his sister is white.

  5. @ BH

    The problem is Johny Storm is white in the comics! If that’s how you feel don’t whine, b**tch and moan if Topher Grace gets cast as Black Panther, Mark Walberg as Blade or Emma Stone as Storm! No one’s had the balls to say it but when Auther Clark Dunken was cast as King Pin, Billy Dee Williams as Two Face and especially Halle Berry as Catwoman it was f***ing lame! Ethnicity is an important part of the character’s attributes just like age, height, weight and gender, whether you like it or not. I don’t hate anyone! I’m just saying we shouldn’t be so PC that we ruin the integrity of the charater!

  6. I know Johnny Strom’s white what I’m saying if I was cast as Sue Strom I’m black would you be hating on me? They rebooting this movie so they can do whatever they want. I feel that they still should make another Fantastic 4 movie through instead of rebooting this movie. Sue Storm is my favorite in the comics through.

    • You can’t have a brother and sister where one is white and one is black. Kate Mara (Caucasian) has been cast as sue storm so their backstories would have to be rewritten; and no one has the trust or faith in 20th C Fox to do that.

      Out of curiosity, would you feel the same way if a black actor portrayed Jesus in a blockbuster movie? Comic books have no continuity so in reality, Fox can do whatever they want to the characters as it is set in a different universe to the comics. However Fox doesn’t have a brilliant track record with superhero movies, specifically regarding Fantastic Four.

      • No you can’t

      • You can easily have a brother and sister black and white if they are stepbrother and stepsister its not a big deal ive bithced about it but looked past it already

        • I agree with your post and I also think that we should drop the whole thing. BOT I still think that they should make another Fantastic 4 movie through not rebooting it it’s like rebooting the X-Men with all new cast and not making another X-Men movie.

      • You can you know, my friend is white with ginger/blonde hair and blue eyes and his brother is black with black hair and brown eyes, they both have the same parents, mum white with ginger/blonde hair and blue eyes, the dad black Muslim man with black hair and dark brown eyes.

        Saying it doesn’t happen is stupid, it’s like saying black people with blond hair and blue eyes is impossible, but again I know someone with those traits, mum white with blond hair and blue eyes, dad Nigerian with black hair and brown eyes.

        I’d say you probably live in too closed a community, get to a more cosmopolitan city, like Manchester, London or Birmingham.

  7. First of all, Johnny Storm is not black, no offense, and I’m NOT racist, just a huge comic fan. Secondly, the actor who plays The Thing/Ben Grimm, What in the world is Marvel thinking? Ben Grimm is a 200 pound massive jock, not a skinny little dude. For Christ Sakes, the actors casted foe the roles are too young, they should be at least older in their 30s.

  8. The woman playing Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) is white while the guy playing her BROTHER Johnny Storm (Human Torch) is black, thanks for making sense off the bat, movie, this can only mean they’ll work in some insignificant adoption point into the film, dreading it.
    Also, Jamie Bell as the thing? He’s tiny, for fluffs sake! And they have the sub-par Miles Teller as Doom? This can only be another ‘Shia Labeouf’-esque roll to dread.
    And I saved the best for last. Toby Kebbell as Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic)
    You don’t remember Toby Kebbell, he played Garsif in Prince of Persia!
    Oh wait, that’s right, he was so bad in that, that people barely remember Ben Kingsley was in that film, never mind the essential nobody that Toby Kebbell is.
    All in all, not excited. On the plus side, I’m starting off with such low expectations of this film that even if it’s just ‘okay’ then I’ll enjoy myself!

  9. They ruined this movie before they even started filming. Yes, you can have a black and white brother and sister but they were both white. That is like making a movie about Obama and having Bill O’reily play Obama. It is outrageous. Because of that they will not get as big of a turn out. Majority of the fans are fans of the comic books. If they want to change the everything about the characters then they should just make new characters. To make him black they would have to change entire background story or it will not make sense. Then the majority of the first movie will be about the backgrounds of the characters. For an example spiderman the reboot went a different direction. The amazing spiderman isn’t even almost as good as the original. Next they are going to have D. Washington playing Superman. Ridiculous Racism has nothing to do with it at all only thing that is the problem is keeping up with the comics which is essential! GO OBAMA!

  10. Unfortunately, when the cast is this badly chosen for a film, it usually means the rest of the film will be just as bad as the casting. This film is likely going to crash and burn hard. I don’t get why movie stupidios keep allowing these producers to ruin good franchises like this. Frankly, I’m surprised Marvel didn’t put the whammy down on this film and stop it. We’ve had enough horrible Marvel adaptations like Elektra, DareDevil, several Punishers and several Captain Americas to last a lifetime. This film is quickly shaping up to be yet another flop in the Marvel line-up. IMDB is already listing Fantastic Four 2… wishful thinking if you ask me. It’d be better to wait until this thing crashes and burns before promising a second. Of course, when this thing does crash and burn, this is likely to be the last attempt at a FF4 film for the next 20 years. Maybe that’s the purpose? I really wish Marvel would take better care of its Intellectual Property than it does.

    • Yeah, exactly, I’m still waiting on a Deadpool film!

    • If they wanted to add a black actor to the team why didn’t change say Reed Richards? It would of had literally zero impact on the dynamic of the group, which is a very good dynamic to have.

    • I’m sure Marvel would love to stop its name being dragged through the mud, but can Disney afford to waste money on a lengthy and expensive court battle? Especially as they may not even own the rights to the fantastic Four (credited to Jack Kirby). Look up Kirby vs marvel characters, the law says the rights revert back to his estate after a long enough period of time, the fantastic four are just about old enough to see if the 1976 copyright act actually means anything or if now that the time is real end the act will be recalled and artists will realise they don’t own their own work.

      So I’d say tough luck, Disney will stomach it and deny merchandise and make sure they don’t acknowledge it as cannon, Kirbys children will keep fighting with the support of the artists and writers in the industry as well as anyone who feels that the law should be the law and not something controlled by the mega corporations .

      Maybe Kirkby will win and the film will be scrapped upon completion for being unfaithful to his original creation, who knows? Let’s just hope the 1976 copyright act is worth the paper it’s printed on.

  11. no money will be spent from me — FF4 = GARBAGE!

  12. I have to agree with Alan. It seems like the studio is attempting to 90210 this thing. The whole cast looks like a bunch of teenagers. I’ll bet that the story line is going to be about a bunch of adolesent romantic horse sh*t.

  13. The problem is not that its a race thing, but more of a conflicting misdirection of information. Marvel’s big thing now is primarily making the movies more like the comics. Thats what the fans are drawn toward. So by making a brother sister black and white is going against all of that. Which ordinarily wouldn’t be a problem (meaning you could simply just rewrite the plot, add a twist and go on) now if you do that it COMPLETELY changes the entire history. I personally think its a bad ideal and the movie will probably FLOP. (because the movie will have a horrible plot)

  14. I have to say I applaud FOX’s guts with this move. Their bean counters no doubt decided making a Fantastic Four movie that is likely to appeal to Chronicle fans is more profitable than one likely to appeal to comic book fans. They are the first studio to essentially make use of superhero rights outside of the cookie cutter template that was so obvious in Avengers. The next Avengers will cost upwards of $250M. This will likely cost no more than $100M. If Trank’s F4 pulls in not only the Chronicle movie goers but also those the film gained on video/TV it’s sure to be profitable from the USA gross alone. That’s a very smart investment to retain rights that are probably worth $500M or more to Disney right now. As for Sue being white & Johnny being black, have you ever heard of mixed marriages? They are quite common amongst stars today. They weren’t when the F4 first came out. I laughed when a site said one of them must be adopted. That may not be racist but it sure is ignorant. Especially for the people living in NYC. I don’t see movies on their opening. But if the BO is strong & WOM is good I’ll likely see this in the 2nd or 3rd week. Just like I did with Chronicle. That’s what FOX is betting on it.

    • By not following the standards established in the Avengers movie and other Marvel movie adaptations, FOX risks a huge money loser. (Mis)casting this movie (with no added benefit to the story) in opposition to the comic book characters and series will alienate a lot of die hard fans. We only need to look at how badly the Silver Surfer was received in FF2 to understand that that character was far less of a faux pas than this unnecessary FF reboot casting choice.

      Pulling in the Chronicle crowd won’t be enough to carry this film at the box office. Chronicle was a marginal success, but was by no means a blockbuster. This film needs not only to attract those who like Chronicle, but also those who typically attend all other Marvel films. As I said, it’s a huge risk and that risk may not pay off financially in the end. If you’re investing $100M in rebooting a series, why take unnecessary risks? Special effects only go so far in a film and I think the first FF franchise proved that out. Trying to rely on effects in among a hugely miscast film puts the project at high risk of failure and ultimately will only serve to alienate the huge fan base thus cementing yet another black eye for Hollywood. Sometimes I just don’t get these unnecessary director and producer choices. It almost seems like they are intentionally trying to sabotage the franchise and Marvel.

      If this reboot doesn’t succeed, this will likely be the last we see of the Fantastic Four on the big screen for at least 10-15 years (other than possibly as one-off characters in the Avengers or other non-FF movies). Personally, I’d rather see FOX shelve this reboot project than move forward with it. Instead, let a producer who truly cares about these characters and story do it right. There is a way to get the Fantastic Four to film in a way that truly works, we just need someone who cares deeply about doing it right and a studio interested in making that happen.

      The thing that the studios don’t seem to ‘get’ is that if you do a superhero franchise right, the fans will come in droves which will make the film an automatic blockbuster. When you give the fans what they want instead of what the producer/studio thinks they want, the studio will have a hit instead of ‘meh’, or worse, a flop.

    • If the BO is strong, better wait for this to come out to disc.

  15. My biggest worries now are 1) if franklin storm is in it and he is the ultimate version, his German heritage will be ignored as well as his work on the super solider serum, ok it know that’s at fox, but it’s basically the weapon x program, ideally he will have been one of the doctors that worked on wolverine, or even better deadpool. If fox skip all this it will feel like a waste. 2) even worse, is if sue storm isn’t a storm my blood, oh god the possibilities, is she mole mans daughter? Or dr dooms long lost sister? Why else do it, I see some god awful plot twist ruining the film. 3) it’s just an action film, cause that’s what fantastic four fans want, a sci fi turnip end into an action flicked, that’s why the Star Trek reboots have done so well with fans (not). 4) it’s chronicle, umm the fantastic four love their powers, if you give supper powers to a bunch of nerds who are already outcasts in society (yeah I am one thanks) they are not going to suddenly feel more outcast, they should love having powers, they should be heros not go on some crappy journey of self discovery. 5) sadly it seems they are doing an origin story, my perfect fantastic four film would ignore it, look at the incredibles, they had no origin and it worked amazingly well, let’s have a pregnant sue storm and an established Baxter building and … Oh well I give up… So much potential wasted :(