Jessica Biel Joins ‘The Wolverine’; ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Lands a Writer [Updated]

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jessica biel wolverine viper Jessica Biel Joins The Wolverine; Fantastic Four Reboot Lands a Writer [Updated]

[UPDATE: Jessica Biel has officially signed on for The Wolverine.]

Fox is pressing ahead with three major Marvel comic-based projects, including: a rebooting sequel to Daredevil, which recently lost David Slade as director; a Fantastic Four reboot, which recently gained Josh Trank as director; and, The Wolverine, a film treatment of Chris Claremont’s famous mini-series (where Logan goes on an adventure in Japan).

Jessica Biel (Blade: Trinity, Total Recall) has been offered a key role in Wolverine 2, where she would portray a well-established character from the X-Men comic universe. Meanwhile, Trank’s F4 reboot has secured a screenwriter in the form of up and comer Jeremy Slater.

There was a time when Wolverine 2 was poised to arrive in theaters this month, but the X-Men spinoff/sequel ended up being delayed by a year after Darren Aronofsky vacated the director’s seat (and Hugh Jackman went to work on Les Misérables). Pre-production has since gone smoother – with shooting locations, production start date, and supporting actors being locked down with relative ease.

Twitch is reporting that Biel has been approached to play Viper/Madame Hydra in Wolverine 2. The villain blackmailed Logan into marrying her at one point in the comics, and worked alongside the Silver Samurai (the main villain in Wolverine 2). Previous reports indicated that Viper plays a “newly-expanded” role in the film, and serves as the Japanese Minister of Justice’s secretary – though, it’s not clear exactly which elements from her comic book backstory will be carried over.

UPDATE: Deadline says that Biel has officially been cast as Victoria/Viper in Wolverine 2, which the site describes as a “juicy role.”

viper wolverine 2 Jessica Biel Joins The Wolverine; Fantastic Four Reboot Lands a Writer [Updated]

Madame Hydra/Viper

The Wolverine begins production next month, with Fantastic Four being the next comic book flick on Fox’s to-do list. That accounts for the latest report from Heat Vision which indicates that Jeremy Slater is finalizing a deal to script Trank’s F4 reboot. It will serve as the director’s followup to his hit found-footage film (with a superhero twist), Chronicle.

Slater, as mentioned before, is ready to breakout as an in-demand screenwriter, with his horror spec Tape 4 and action-comedy script My Spy being fast-tracked for development. He and Trank are well-versed in geek culture, which bodes well for them producing a Fantastic Four movie that needs to better please the fanbase than its predecessors (while also replicating their financial success). Moreover, Trank in particular has proven adept at crafting engaging superhero drama and action while working on a restrictive budget.

That ability should come in handy, as Fox seems intent on pushing F4 down the production pipeline as quickly (and cheaply) as possible. Trank is arguably the best man for that difficult job (given his previous experience).

fantastic four reboot josh trank Jessica Biel Joins The Wolverine; Fantastic Four Reboot Lands a Writer [Updated]

The cast of the last two Fantastic Four films

It will be interesting to see how F4 and Wolverine 2 fare at the box office, given that competition from Marvel Studios is only going to intensify in the foreseeable future (with sequels like Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2 on the way).

Fox has to start delivering more quality Marvel movie adaptations, if it doesn’t want to get left in the dust – though, many fans would be perfectly happy if Fox just gave up the film rights to those properties (*knock on wood*).

The Wolverine hits U.S. theaters on July 26th, 2013.

We’ll keep you updated on Fantastic Four as the story develops.

Source: THR, Twitch,

Update Source: Deadline

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  1. I’ve always liked Biel and want to see her in more films.
    But, I’m not all that familiar with the character she would be playing so I ask my fellow Ranters, is she a good choice for the role?

  2. I personally think Biel would make a terrific Hawkgirl in any Justice League movie.

  3. They’d almost certainly not keep the Hydra connection for the character as that is with Marvel, Captain America and the Avengers. Apparently she is also affiliated with Serpent Squad, but if they say that in the movie, then they’d have to explain who the Serpent Squad is. If that’s the case, why bother calling her Viper. Just call her anything at this point.

    • i just dont understand Viper started out in Cap comics so Marvel Studio should have the rights to the character not FOX.

      • In some cases, the characters are allowed o be used by both studios.
        For instance, Marvel can use Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch in their Avengers movies, but they’re not allowed to mention Magneto or their mutant origin.
        I’m guessing the same goes for Viper: Fox can use the character, but no mention of HYDRA is allowed.

  4. hold on this dont make sense Viper aka Madame Hydra is part of Captain America story how FOX Studio can uses her for The Wolverine.

    • don’t worry. wolverine and viper in captain america 2 story.

  5. Am i the only 1 dat thinks beil wuld b a gud wonder woman?

    • I’m sorry but “text-ese” might be fine when you are talking to your friends but here I would recommend spending that whole extra 30 secs and actually SPELL all those words correctly.

      By leaving out just 4 letters you made your sentence there about 3x more difficult to read. texting ftl.

      • Oh grow up. Their is no need to be a gramical prick. Oh im sorry i used “their” instead of “there,” I bet that really pisses you off.

        This type of adittude may have impressed you English Teacher but it wont get you any friends here. Oh I forgot the ‘ in “dont,” get pissed off again. Oops did it again lol

        • I’m not the one ticked off. I made a suggestion and didn’t feel the need to personally attack anyone. ;)

      • You have to be mentally challenged if you had difficulty reading his post. Instead of being the residential grammar nazi, why dont just respond to his post like a normal person.


        Beil could make a good Wonder Woman but i think their are actress who are more qualified.

        • I see, so both of you would rather we all use text shorthand? Give me a break. As I said, if you are texting each other that’s one thing but this is a site that many people read. It’s similar to having someone not use paragraphs and just give us a wall of text or to not use any punctuation. When that happens people let them know, this is no different imho.

          I’m all for acronyms because they are pretty ubiquitous and don’t care about mis-spelling words or missing one here or there (because we all make mistakes with no edit ability) but this is just sheer laziness.

          • I love lamp

          • You are not an authoritative figure here lol Stop coming off as a prick. Nobody seems bothered by his shorthand. At the end of the day, this is an informal forum. If we were talking I wouldnt expect everyone to talk with out slang or contractions.

            • Actually, I find it pretty annoying as well. Not everyone here speaks English as a first language and that “shorthand” can be difficult to interperet.

              I am on a mobile device, yet I type out my statements, why can’t he?

              • You don’t need to read every single comment. You’d have been better off ignoring it rather than write this comment whining about it.

              • English isn’t my first language and I could understand Eli53′s comment perfectly.
                It was incredibly annoying though ( “bt dats jst da wy sm pepol r” ;)), so it’s best to just ignore those types of comments, I think.

                Besides, the guy/gal might be new to SR and not know that this is actually more of a discussion section than a random comment section…

                Let’s all chill out people.

            • This might be an informal forum but there are certain things that I would consider a general common courtesy on ANY forum like; be polite, no personal attacks, use punctuation, use English (so it isn’t grossly misinterpreted which HAS happened), format your posts (so no text walls, using punctuation, etc.

              At least I’m obeying the site rules which you and a few others can’t seem to do.

              Didn’t like my suggestion? Fine but you could have EASILY presented it in a much more polite manner without coming off like a ****** yourself. ;)

          • Get that stick out of your a**. Dude’s got a right to write however he wants. If you don’t like it, ignore his comments.

            • mongoose has the right to be a prick about it too O.o

  6. Am i the only 1 dat thinks beil wuld b a gud wonder woman

    • Yes. yes, you are the only one.

    • She mostly has the LOOK but that is where it ends I think.

  7. Must be one of those secret contract clauses nobody but the principles knows about…

  8. this is so awesome she jessia beal is perfect to play hydra madam viper. HEIL HYDRA!

  9. I hope Fantastic Four gets delayed by about two years and four months. That would be nice.

    • And why is that?.

      • because fox will loose their rights to the fantastic four if they dont produce a movie by 2015

        • Where did you hear it’s 2015, if you don’t mind me asking?

        • It’s actually sometime closer to the end of this year which is coincidentally why Fox is fast tracking this movie and trying to get it into production by Fall.

          • That was my understanding as well, by the end of this fall was mentioned here recently.

  10. This addition of the Viper character has been mentioned before and goes a long way in confirming my concerns about the Wolverine movie. While the Viper character is connected to Silver Samurai as part of his original debut, neither were actually a part of the Miller/Claremont story they keep saying this movies script is based on. Fox and the Shuler-Donner production team have shown a total lack of control over character usage in almost all their X-Men related films, and I really fear this becoming another Origins mash-up/train wreck.

    As for Biel being right for the role, I really don’t think she is. I actually don’t mind her as an actress and she is easy on the eyes to say the least, but she doesn’t seem exotic enough or edgy enough to pull of a femme fatale type character. If she is being added it is probably just to add some more American names to the cast to sell the movie in the US better, as cynical as that sounds.

    • I kind of agree with you. I really like Beil (and she’s who I’m backing for Wonder Woman) but she doesn’t feel as right for that part as say Angelina Jolie.

      What disturbs me more however is the fact that she was not a part of the original Marvel/Fox character contract (asaik) She is a non-mutant and has more ties to Captain America and Hydra than she does the X-Men. So my only guess is Marvel sold Fox the rights to use her like the did the Silver Surfer.

      We can only hope those weren’t exclusive rights or for only one movie.

      • I will never understand the deal Fox has with Marvel as far as the X-Men properties, I do know whoever signed it should have been fired. They have been able to use characters that appeared long after the contract was signed and now they are pulling characters that may have just been slipped into the deal when Fox got a hold of a lot of those characters. Viper/Madame Hydra originated in Captain America, but at the time these deals were signed who knows what intellectual property she was under.

        As for Biel, I don’t know who she ticked off but she gets less work than some males who have less talent and no drawing power. I don’t know about her as Wonder Woman, since that role seems to be as fickle as Superman as far as DC is concerned.

        • If they didnt sell thier properties, Marvel would have went bankrupt. All the characters would have been bought up by random studios and publishers.

          • That was back in ’96 and we are discussing characters that really have no reason to have been part of those original contracts.

            Now that I’m thinking about it this would also be true for Silver Samurai. He may be a mutant but was not part of the original list and has just as many ties to Daredevil, Spider-Man, SHIELD and The Avengers as he does to the X-Men/Wolverine.

          • Marvel’s bankruptcy might have just caused some of those character rights to go back to the writers or their families (Jack Kirby’s family was in litigation with Marvel for years), and aside from DC the whole business was circling the drain at that point so it is doubtful there would have been a massive buying spree of the Marvel properties.

            As the deals that are in place now were probably done by Marvel because at the time it was nearly impossible to even do a comic based movie properly, so at the time they probably thought they were getting over on the studios and production companies. You have to remember these movie rights deals were actually new ones and other companies already had bought the character rights and failed miserably with making films based on Marvel properties.

        • I agree with you, Slayer, they seem to be adding a lot of characters and most mentioned have nothing to do with the story they claim to be adapting. If they just want to toss Japanese characters into the movie I guess we’ll hear about Sunfire next.

          I like Biel a lot but I wouldn’t make her Viper or any villain in general. I also agree she doesn’t seem to get as much work as she should.

          The Fox character license deal is quite confusing. Originally, it was made to sound like *every* Marvel mutant was theirs (which would, in fact, include Namor, then) but the past Screenrant articles did lay out a specific list, which would indicate the former not being correct. With a statute of limitations regarding character licenses reverting to Marvel from non-usage, it makes it all even more boggling.

          • “they seem to be adding a lot of characters and most mentioned have nothing to do with the story they claim to be adapting.” – that’s quote can be used to describe exactly what they’re doing with Iron Man 3 ;)

            I do agree though, these contracts are something else… I don’t even think your every day lawyer would be able to understand ‘em!
            My guess is that Viper’s allowed to be used by both studios (like with the Skrulls and Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch)

            • I’m more of the belief that Marvel is leasing out the rights to characters now. This could either be on a movie by movie basis or allowing joint custody. I highly doubt that with the effort they put into reclaiming many of their franchises, they would ever relinquish rights to any of their characters again.

              If Marvel isn’t planning on using the characters though, it is pretty much free money at this point. So if they can still use them why not?

            • I said that primarily because I was under the impression the movie was an “adaption” of the original comic miniseries, whereas many movies, like IM3, allude to be being “based” on a story plotline. Of course this one is also Fox so an adaption of a specific comic might be akin to laying out some Silly Putty on it.

          • If they hadn’t of put Deathstrike in X-2 this Viper deal wouldn’t even be on the table. Even that characters background has been tweaked over the years depending on the medium, but it would fit a lot better than forcing a character in the story that Wolverine briefly dealt with. This really sounds like they want another non-Japanese character and like every other Fox X-movie they are picking names off of some massive list they must have. I am surprised they didn’t just throw Psylocke in, which actually makes a drop more sense.

    • I am with you 200% in spirit but I’m also a realist. The fact is Sony and Fox have no intentions of giving up the cash cows they bought from Marvel. So while I would like Marvel to do them the “Marvel” way, all we can do at this point is hope the next reboots are either bad (so the studios WILL allow the rights to revert) or good (we we can be happy they are doing the franchises justice)

      Plus if Marvel did get them back say tomorrow, it would be literally years before we would get to see them made since marvel has pretty concrete plans for the foreseeable future.

      • The rights will never revert in ur lifetimes. Ever. Its futile to even keep doing the “what if” and such. They’ll never give em back. Too much money, they can keep miling xmen etc for the next 100 years. And they will.

      • But what would be “the Marvel way”?. If Marvel got the rights back to X-Men and Spider-Man, it seems likely, at least to me, that they would mostly draw on the Ultimate versions of the characters for the movie versions. They would probably fit better in the MCU than the mainstream versions.

        Ive just recently started reading through Ultimate X-Men again, and I’ve forgotten how similar it is to the world Fox created for its X-Men films. And while I havent seen The Amazing Spider-Man, I believe it also draws heavily on the Ultimate version of the character.

        I may be wrong, but I dont see Marvel doing anything radically different from what we already have, if they were to get the rights back. And as you mentioned, their line up of upcoming movies is alreasy pretty full. And I really think there needs to be a cap on how many Avengers get to be in a single movie. The Avengers barely had enough screen time for each character as it was.

    • I think The Wolverine is going to take on a kind of Incredible Hulk take on the Origin story. Not go into a lot of detail, but reference any changes.

  11. Arg NO! I want her to play Wonder Woman dammit! Well maybe she can be one of the few who can cross act in both comic cook universes?

    • hell no to that idea. Ryan Reynolds is bad enough we dont want another situation like that again

      • Reynolds wasn’t the problem with Green Lantern, it was the poor writing and directing.

        • Ryan Reynolds as Wonder Woman? Wait, what are we talking about again?

  12. jessica biel is truly hot actress and viper is in the wolverine story line and it was truly great and writer for the fantastic four reboot movies and is truly fun and viper is truly great vilain and i hope that she will be wonder woman movies.

    • Truly?

      • Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

  13. The down side to the success of The Avengers. Now Fox is going to cling to its Marvel properties. Hummed.

  14. My bad. Supposed to say BUMMED.

    • I was thinking that’s why you’re called “happyman.”

  15. Jessica Beil in skintight anything is always a correct answer.

    • Indeed!!

      • Make her Psylocke then so we get skintight and skin exposed :P

  16. Fantastic Four reboot:
    Ok, I did not mind the first 2 movies, but if we reboot, I will buy those on DVD also, I am sure. But I don’t want to see Dr. Doom…he has been done already. How about we see them fight The frightful Four (Wizard, Medusa, Trapster, Sandman)? Those were some of the best battles and stories in the old original FF comics in the early 60s, and it would be a perfect four on four battle. I tried looking at Mole man, Puppet master, Dragon man, even Sub-Mariner–but no, I think definitely The Frightful Four (would there be a problem with rights over The Sandman character, since he was in a Spiderman movie in one incarnation?).

    • Wouldn’t that be kinda corny & campy though?
      The Fantastic Four Vs The Frightful Four… in a theater near you, this summer (it just doesn’t sound right IMO). It works in the comics, but I think the general audience wouldn’t warm to the idea of those villains.

      Still, as I always say: with the right director, right script and a good marketing strategy there’s always a chance.

      • If you make the frightful scary, it work. I really like to see the Ultimate version. The ultimate F4 (New Cast) open up a portal to a parrell (marvel) universe where it has been ravaged by zombie infection. The Old cast would be zombified fighting a new cast. Add a horror element and I think it be awesome to watch F4 vs Zombified F4

      • OMG you’re making Paste-Pot Pete cry!

  17. Wow, a surprising amount of people supporting Biel for WW. I have to say… no. B**** can’t act for s***. Wonder woman needs to be able to act, AND look like she can hold her own with the other superheroes around her, Biel doesn’t do it for me.

    • Hold her own in a Justice League movie that it. Because let’s face it. WB is definitely gonna make one to try and duplicate the success of the Avengers.

      • I am still trying to decide if Scarlett acted well enough for that to hold credence.

    • Well good luck trying to find the perfect Amazonian woman actress that can fill the role because frankly she doesn’t exist.

      Would you rather have Carano, an MMA fighter that definitely can’t act?

      For me Biel might not be the perfect choice but she CAN act, is fairly tall, good looking, has a good physique (i.e. she’s not some rail thin model) and can perform the physical tasks.

  18. Jessica! We want A -Team 2 really bad!!
    Howl for you in wolverine 2

  19. Jessica Biel is an idiot. Terrible actress, and takes away the credibility to every movie she is in. Her career was over after 7th Heaven.