‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Wraps Production

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Fantastic Four Reboot Wraps Production Fantastic Four Reboot Wraps Production

Of all the upcoming superhero movies on the horizon, director Josh Trank’s reboot of Fantastic Four is undisputedly one of the most maligned. Whether it’s uproar over the casting decisions or miscommunication over whether or not the film’s plot will be based on the comics, the adaptation has been a lightning rod for one controversy after another.

To make matters worse, Fox missed a golden opportunity to reverse the negative buzz for the project when it was not featured during their Comic-Con 2014 panel (despite rumors to the contrary). While fans were eagerly awaiting updates on the latest blockbuster movies in Hall H, Trank and his crew were apparently putting the finishing touches on principle photography, as we’ve now learned that production (which started in May) has concluded.

Kate Mara, who will play Sue Storm, broke the news when she tweeted the following picture of her and her co-stars Miles Teller (Reed Richards), Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm), and Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm) on location in Louisiana:

If this announcement comes as a surprise to moviegoers following the reboot’s development, that’s because Fantastic Four had a relatively quiet production process. Compared to other anticipated works like Star Wars: Episode VII and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Trank did not have to deal with many set image leaks of the shoot. This can be attributed to where the Chronicle director chose to film the movie, as a majority of the scenes took place on a sound stage.

Now that Trank is moving on to post-production, fans should expect some movement on the marketing front – including pictures of the characters and a teaser trailer – in the near future. With competition such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman v Superman stealing the show at Comic-Con with sizzle reels and official reveals, Fox would be best served raising awareness for their property as quickly as possible (especially given that it opens in less than a year).

The franchise is also in need of some rehabilitation. After Tim Story’s critically panned Fantastic Four series in the mid-2000s, both comic fans and casual moviegoers have displayed feelings of apathy toward the new take, something that could change for the better once some footage hits the web.

Fantastic Four Movie Reboot Comic Book Differences Fantastic Four Reboot Wraps Production

This wouldn’t be the first time Fox had to deflect negative views on one of their Marvel films prior to it hitting theaters. Fans may recall that the rushed production of X-Men: First Class gave many fans reason to believe that the prequel/reboot would fail to redeem X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Instead, it turned out to be one of the best received outings in the franchise.

We’re not saying that history will repeat itself in the case of Fantastic Four, but the studio behind the final product has already shown that they have experience with dispelling pessimistic perceptions. All it takes is a great teaser to get the fans excited.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Sound off in the comments below and let us know when you think we’ll get something official regarding the Fantastic Four reboot.

Fantastic Four will be in theaters June 19, 2015.

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Source: Kate Mara

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  1. Wow, I was wondering why they wrapped up production so quickly? Terminator Genesis started production at the end of April, much earlier than F4 and it’s still filming now whereas fantastic four started production on May/June.

    • They started filming May 5 and ended August 2, so that’s almost 3 months.

      I accidently looked up Terminator: Salvation when I wanted to check out Terminator: Genesis, but it made for an interesting comparance as they did the filming from May 5 to July 20 in 2008, so just a little over 2½ months.

      X-Men: Days of Future Past was filming from April 15 to August 17 in 29, so that’s a little over 4 months.

      They had planned a 90-day shoot on The Amazing Spider-Man, but they ended up spending approx. 5 months.

      It seems to be a lot different from movie to movie and it probably has a lot to do with the size of the cast, number of locations and so on.

  2. This movie never had a chance

  3. This whole thing makes me wonder if a superhero film strays far enough from the source material like this DOA crapfest seems to be can it still even be counted as using the rights for said property? Like if I made a Fantastic four film starring a brick, a half eaten twix bar,a Duck and a jock strap I can say it’s the Fantastic Four till the cows come home but that doesn’t make it true.

    If I was the head of marvel I totally try to have my high priced lawyers make the argument that Fox has failed to use the rights and that they should revert back on the basis of it has strayed so far from the source material that it can no longer be considered a Fantastic Four film chronicle 2 yeah but fantasic four no oh god no.

    • Let’s try it out. I’ll be happy to play the Devil’s Advocate.

      I’d argue that the Fantastic 4 is a fictional team of 4 individual human characters that accidently gain a specific set of superpowers through an experiment orchestrated by the team leader Dr. Reed Richards.

      The 4 team members are:

      Ben Grimm, a long-term friend and former college roommate of Reed Richards. He gains superhuman physical strenght and a rock-like skin.

      Johnny Storm, brother of Susan Storm and the youngest member of the team. He gains the ability to create and control fire, even shoot fire, and to fly.

      Susan Storm, sister of Johnny Storm and girlfriend of Reed Richards. She gains the ability to turn invisible and she can also create invisible force fields.

      Reed Richards, as mentioned an old friend of Ben’s, Susan’s boyfriend, team leader and a scientific genius. He gains the ability to stretch, twist and re-shape his body in all sorts of ways.

      The team also has an arch enemy, Victor Von Doom, a former colleague of Reed Richards, who is also a scientific genius.

      That is a basic description of the team, but it contains plenty of details that are unique to the team, and if these details are true to this movie, then they’d have a strong case.

      • You left out a lot.

        You also missed the obvious: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water.

  4. the shooting of this movie was too fast in my opinion. once i see some trailer or footage i will make my decision on whether to see this or not. not seeing anything regarding this movie in the whole time it was shooting just doesnt feel right. its like when they put a embargo on video game reviews till the game is already out and people realize what a pos it is.

  5. Thus ends on the production on the least anticipated Marvel movie since Ghost Rider 2 staring Nicholas Cage

  6. The faster Fantastic 4, X-Men and Spider-Man can get back in Marvel’s hands, the faster we will get a “Secret Wars” film.

    After this possible “found footage” movie comes out and rakes in $30 million the first weekend, we’ll be 1/3 on the way to Marvel getting all its big guns back.

  7. This is all just leading up to the big homecoming movie…Secret Wars…how bout 2025 for that one…and Civil War is 2028

    All the properties are going to go back to Marvel in the next 5 years…they are making too much of an impact with their films…I think after this next X-Men movie…that’s it for Fox…and Sony is already skating on thin ice with the Spidey franchise…it just makes sense for them to control it all now at this point…especially with Disney at the wheel…

    • @Trey O’Neal

      Uhh, dude, Xmen Days Of Future Past is the second highest grossing film this year so far, its been well received on par with Winter Soldier, and the same people who worked on it are working on Xmen Apocalypse. Xmen has pushed out 3 solid films since FC, they’re fine. You’re right about the other two.

      • Considering Fox can’t capitalize on merchandizing because Marvel won’t let them, the movies’ box office return will do little to sustain themselves. Fox might be doing ok now but eventually it’ll cost too much to maintain itself.

        • I doubt that.

          Movies are products in and of themselves. They don’t need merchandize to be profitable. It can’t hurt. But they can do perfectly fine without it.

          It’ll never cost too much to maintan itself as long as each movie makes a profit. And so far that is the case. Even the ones that are considered bad movies still made good money.

          I base that statement on the fact that they’ve all made more than twice as much money at the box office that they cost to produce.

          I know there’s a more complex formula of how much of the box office money that goes back to the studio and how much they’ve spent on marketing in addition to the production, but there’s a variable we’re always forgetting to include because we usually don’t know its size: product placement.

          I read the other day that Man of Steel made $170 mill. of its $225 mill. production budget back in product placement deals.

          All of these huge movies should be able to make similar deals which seriously reduces how much they need to make at the box office to be profitable.

          I am convinced that Fox are making good money. They’ve made 9 superhero movies by now and they’re making number 10 and 11 – and they’ve planned number 12 also.

          It’s maintaining itself fine. Stop worrying ;)

  8. Unfortunately the basic powers of the FF are just hard to translate to screen, regardless of how good the CGI is. Last time I checked, there was no CGI for invisibility. Invisible is invisible. I suppose Thing could be done better, but he’d still be damned hard to do, much more so than Hulk. Guy who can stretch, I don’t know. Actually, Human Torch would be the easiest. Have to wait for the trailer to really tell, but when 3 out of your 4 heroes are hard to do, that’s not good.

    • Why fox want to keep the fantastic four is beyond me, Disney already own the incredibles a similar but much better property. Fox also own Xmen including Elastp-Girl, Rock Monster, Sunot and Cipher (probably) so can put the powers on screen in an xmen film.

      This is just a jab at Marvel, for some reason fox seem to hate Disney making money lol.

      Anyway I’d rather an incredibles 2 film was made.

  9. At the same time I read this, along with concerns about rushed production I also heard about other characters reverting from other companies (including Fox) back to Marvel; First Daredevil and now Blade and Punisher…

    That made me remember the Fantastic Four film that never actually got released. Film rights revert back to Marvel if the other company doesn’t use them within the contracted time, say 10 years. Back in the 90′s Fox made a very low budget and poorly made Fantastic Four film just for the sake of hitting reset on that amount of time so they could keep the rights to FF.

    Judging by the zero publicity at comic con despite the film being almost finished can we assume that their either trying to bury it? Either because its awful or because they never really intended to put out a Fantastic Four film rather than just hang on to the rights for the future or just to keep them away from Marvel/Disney?

    • The 90′s one wasn’t Fox that was Constantin Film Production.

    • I doubt that.

      It’s not really as rushed as people are thinking. Josh Trank and Jeremy Slater was hired to develop/write the movie 2 years ago and the 3 months of filming is kind of average. And now they have almost a full year to do post-production with the footage.

      Also, based on the people involved, it doesn’t look like it’s a low-budget b-movie like that first one was.

      • “Low budget B-movie”


        Those two movies earned over $700 million back before 3-D or Imax or the expanded ticket sales from places like China. Most of the money was from domestic audiences. Could they have cast better, yes. Could they have done a better job, yes.

        • Callum was talking about an adaptation from 1994 with a budget of 1 million that was never released.

          That’s the same one I’m refering to when I talk about “that first one”. Because he was comparing this new one to that first one.

          I totally agree that the one from 2005 was a big-budget movie.

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Lakes_Avengers

            They should make this a movie similar in tone to Mystery Men. What do you think Shoveler?

            • I’m all in ;)

              Then they should perhaps do Deadpool first. He’s been one of the team’s recruits, so he might be a way to get that ball rolling and establish the tone of it all.

              Actually I was also thinking a few weeks ago that Seth Rogen a.k.a. Green Hornet should build a his own cinematic universe. He could assemble a team with all those other superheroes from old tv or radio shows like The Shadow and The Phantom and so on. They should of course be parodies like his Green Hornet is.

              They could of course also do a sequel to Mystery Men ;)

            • I agree but Marvel own the rights it’s an Avengers Property. Also Squirrel girl has never been in the xmen so I dare say she’s at Marvel with the rest of the GLA.

  10. I’m a 40+ yr reader of Comic books..& as such, I have to say the Biggest anxiety we have is will the Movie be TRUE to the source Material. When “artistic license” wins out over 50+ yrs. Of history…when surprise casting compromises the integrity of the Story as 50 yrs has established it…well then I think there should be a Marvel Rep. With Veto power to keep the perspective of the Actual Long established characters…with a plethora of storylines over the long history there’s a wealth of incredible story’s w/o having to mess up the core team fundamental look…change up the uniforms or villains but not the starring team or character…it’s not the members if they run far from the actual look of the teams classic look.let Jordan play the Black Panther…hell introduce him in FL but damn, to make a character as well rounded as the TORCH a black man well how does that Family dynamic… (which the FF’s primary focus) come into play?…I for 1 think the FL movies we’ve seen aren’t bad at all…the main gripe was they portrayal of the Villains I think Julian Mcmahon did an admiral acting Job…but having him out of Mask more often then not kills the person a of DOOM…Galactic was a poor imitation and closer to the Ultimate universe’s version which are bugs for Godsakes…the FF’S could a called ORKIN…The point is that if you are trying to cross pollenate…if you Want Ppl to become comic fans of the books then portray the Hero’s as they’ve been created and popularity is already established why on earth play with these characters to such dismay vocalized loudly against by near every posting I’ve seen…the Team showed well in these 2 films the acting wasn’t the strongest but far from bad…and now look what we get…a complete reworking of the team…& GF 2 was pretty Damn good…Nick Cage did a fine job as GA so enough of that.. I was concerned when I saw naked metal Goblin in Spiderman 1.But Spider 2 was a Homerun…great movie. I’m just saying that we fans have waited since that 1st Marvel Comic was read, to see our lifelong commitment to our heroes, real is ed on the big screen… you remember when you really wanted something at Christmas & after opening all your presents it just wasn’t there?…Keep That feeling close to heart when casting and making these movies…because to pay what we have to pay at theaters now…we want to enjoy that movie not go home knowing it just wasn’t there…the characters…the villain the storyline…just wasn’t there…that’s NOT how you Want somebody to feel after a big movie that’s highly anticipated… now my question IS: Why Make Torch African American?…how does that improve the story? The Movie? Or is that the metaphorical Black Sheep character?..the property’s that are licensed out should still need a Marvel consultant from the beginning…the Torch has been many things but Black isn’t one of them…hell you Coulda made the THINK Black and that wouldn’t compromise the spirit of this team and the family aspect is the baseline story with this Team…Adopted?…who comes up with This Crap?…

  11. I wish this movie wasn’t even happening. Only good thing is Michael B Jordan and they are just using his race as a gimmick which is terrible to me. I wanna see Fantastic Four in MCU. A X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover makes absolutely no sense now because Fantastic Four wasn’t mentioned in the future X-Men DOFP. Wouldn’t Fantastic Four had helped the mutants or helped the hunting? Makes no sense

    • I think the X-Men/FF crossover is still only a rumour.

      But I just want to comment on this:

      “Fantastic Four wasn’t mentioned in the future X-Men DOFP. Wouldn’t Fantastic Four had helped the mutants or helped the hunting? Makes no sense”

      We only got a glimpse of that future. It didn’t explain to us what happened to every single mutant that we’ve known from the movies. It was only a very short and limited glimpse into a future that ultimately was altered through the events.

      So there would have been no reason to include FF. They could have been anywhere else on the planet doing something else, or they could have been dead like so many other mutants probably was. Not because they were mutants themselves, but they could have been mistaken for mutants, or they could have been helping a previous time and died.

      The point is, that whether or not we’ll get a crossover later doesn’t mean that they absolutely had to be in that very short glimpse of the future that already only included a small group and happened in an isolated part of the world.

      I really think that people are requiring too much if they are expecting the characters in a shared universe to always be together in every movie. It is perfectly understood that these characters are all living seperate lives. So they’re not always together any time and anywhere.