Fantastic Four Reboot On The Way?

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fantastic four by jp rart Fantastic Four Reboot On The Way?

(Unverified) rumors are starting to fly about 20th Century Fox (possibly) retooling and rebooting their Fantastic Four franchise.

The previous two Fantastic Four films earned a combined total of over half a billion dollars at the box office, but never really succeeded in connecting with critics or fanboys alike.

So, is critical praise and fanboy adoration really worth so much to Fox that they would re-launch the entire Fantastic Four franchise? As the Zen master said, “We shall see…”

Now, just so we’re clear on our Hollywood terminology: “retooling” and “rebooting” Fantastic Four would essentially mean getting rid of the previous cast and crew, and pretending 2005′s Fantastic Four and 2007′s Rise of the Silver Surfer never, ever, happened (how many of us would like to forget that they did?).

So to Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis,  Julian McMahon and director Tim Story: if this (unverified) rumor DOES turn out to be true, (no) thanks for your services, but it’s looking like the world would like to go in another direction with Fantastic Four.

And word is that new direction would be more in step with Iron Man: funny, action-packed, with just enough dramatic weight to make the film both a critical darling AND a box office cash-cow. In short: no more kids’ stuff. We’re talking about a Fantastic Four film that would actually do justice to one of the longest-running comic books around.

IMHO, there is a great deal of potential for a re-imagined take on Fantastic Four. The strength of the comic book was always its premise: outlandish sci-fi-inspired tales of four super-powered explorers, tempered by an easily accessible (dysfunctional) family drama. The comics combined a sense of adventure, wonder, great action, and sentimentality that keep the FF relevant, even today.

Now I know I may be sticking my neck out by saying this, but I’ll be sorry to see Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis go. I thought both actors nailed their characters of The Human Torch and The Thing pretty well, as well as having fantastic on-screen chemistry (no pun), playing out the Human Torch/Thing rivalry. However, in the cases of these “reboots” it’s pretty much a start from scratch policy, so sorry fellas.

Do you think Fantastic Four deserves another shot at the big screen? Or, with the film still in the hands of Fox, do you just see the potential for even greater disaster?

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  1. @Quicksilver. Your contradicting yourself. You don’t want actors to play the parts because they are “cool” at the time. But you want a wrestler who has no acting ability to play Thor just because he’s popular among wrestling fans. I’m tired of people wanting big huge people playing superheroes. If they can act(well wrestling is acting) then I’m app for it, if not then just stick to the ring.

  2. *all

  3. @ Oscar

    I was not contradicting myself. I said pick an actor who looks the part, i don’t think i need to mention that they have to act since that is a given. Second, you and i are in agreement concerning the studios wanting A list actors to play the part simply because they are A listers (though they look nothing like the character). But if that A lister looks the part then cast them. Personally i think such roles should be done by unknown actors, but like i said if that A lister looks the part then cast them. Casting is the first thing, but is often given the last attention.

    Concerning Triple H, he can act and has done big screen rolls before. If he couldn’t act the studios wouldn’t be calling him, and I would not have recommended him. Furthermore, he looks like Thor (face and hair), and has the height for Thor, and the body for Thor. With that said, why not have him to play Thor since (as a bonus) he can act, and has the same distinctions as the character? I think it is wrong to stereotype a person (Triple H) simply because he has made a career out of wrestling. We know it is fake, Vince McMahon (owner of WWE) has always said it was fake, but has also said that wrestling, though scripted, is pure entertainment, which is why the WWE (formerly the WWF) has been around for at least 60 years, and is still going strong, not only on cable, but also on local TV. Friday nights at 8pm on UPN 9. We know movies are fake yet that doesn’t stop us from seeing a film 2 or 3 times on the big screen.

  4. Be tired of people wanting big actors for parts all you want, but here is a little something for you to think about IT’S THOR!

    Ok can understand not wanting guys that huge for Iron Man or Spiderman, but hello it’s Thor he is suppose to be big. I think it’s idiotic to want some one average sized to play the friggen God of Thunder.

  5. Everybody keep it civil.

  6. I think that the first two weren’t as bad as people keep saying. I enjoyed them as a comic fan, and just as a movie goer. Interesting, visually appealing, and the storylines were decent. That being said, Doom was “revamped” terribly and the actor who played him didn’t do him justice. Galactus was terrible in the sequel. Alba is a crappy actress, and doesn’t look anything like Sue Storm. I would’ve cast someone who’s actually Blonde, with blue eyes. Ioan as Richards never really worked for me, but Chiklis and Evans were perfect. Sheesh. Wish they could remain, and I hope the Silver Surfer returns to the screen, but I don’t see why no one wants to use Doug Jone’s voice. The guy is spectacular, yet they dub over him in virtually everything(Hellboy 2 was better without it.) I would very much enjoy a cameo from another hero, but I think if there’s gonna be another Fantastic Four movie, Marvel should get the rights back from Fox(as they should with all their properties since Fox is an abortion to comic films) and make them the way they should be.

  7. I’ve always thought reboots is just the latest fad, but if ANY movie franchise needs to be rebooted, it’s these stupid movies… They were horrendously bad…

  8. “Marvel should get the rights back from Fox(as they should with all their properties since Fox is an abortion to comic films) and make them the way they should be.”

    You hit the nail on the head…

    I got to agree with most everyone on this: The Thing and the Human Torch were superbly cast. Reed Richards was cast well but written poorly. Doom was a total washout to me. I didn’t fear or hate the guy. He has his noble-villian moments in the comics, but was a cream puff in the movies. Jessica Alba: It wasn’t the role for her, but she wasn’t terrible.

    I think what we need to remember is what was also said in this thread, a reboot within 5 years is too soon. Batman Begins was what, a decade after the Shumacher debacle? Those films were so easily forgettable though, so it was more like 15 years after the second Batman movie.

    Also Quicksilver, I seem to recall that despite worse reviews then the first one, the second FF movie made more money than the first… Honestly, I did like the second one better. Except the wedding thing was overblown and the Galactus aberration…

    In short, i dont think FF needs a reboot, just a better direction. FOX totally missed the boat with this franchise. It had X-Men potential but instead ending up being a true box office anomaly…

  9. Insult fox all you want, but while yes fox did do X3 they also did the first one and X2 which were good especially x2. X2 Was one of the best comic films out.

  10. They got lucky that one time, lol. Fox makes pretty crappy comic book movies. They have plenty of great movies though, just none of them from comic books it seems…

  11. X3 is not as bad as everybody says. Brett Ratner directed the action sequences much better than Bryan Singer did. Have you watched the Nightcrawler attacks the President sequence in X2? it looks ridiculous! Plot of X3 was a little iffy (and sacrilegious) But still, it wasn’t as bad a flick as everybody keeps saying.

  12. IMO there was nothing wrong with the characters, jessica alba, etc. But it was the substance and quality of the 2 films that annoyed me! A reboot of FF is pointless when rise of the silver surfer is less than 3 years old…. I think they should lay FF to rest for a while or just give said characters cameo’s in over marvel films (hulk vs thing etc)

    I didn’t mind the first FFs because it was an origin and had to go through the motions of character set up etc…

    But it was the second film that really peeved me off… They just disregarded the iconinc silver surfer. no power cosmic alowing him to be captured. and I was disgusted while sitting in the cinema and seeing a big purple orange cloud approaching earth. (if you can do cybertron you can do galactus)

    That was what set FF apart with the silver surfer/galactus story this godlike being and his master desending on us with no way of stopping him….

    After rise of the silver surfer i lost interest in FF

  13. INK,
    The second Hulk film, he is in Brazil, South America right? That is where we left off from Ang Lee’s Hulk (Which is very underrated!), so they are following the previous story correct?
    Plus when he comes back and sees Betty, that return meant something because of us remembering what happened in the previous Hulk movie correct?
    That is what I remember, but, if that is called a ‘reboot’ then I don’t know anymore…

  14. Big Question:

    If they “reboot” the FF, are we going to have to see the origin story all over again? Or as SK47 pointed out, will the “rebooting” be in terms of the creative direction of the film, and we’ll instead pick up with an already powered FF, who set off on a new adventure?

  15. I bet they could do something similar to 2008′s Hulk where the intro flashes through scenes of their origins (the space radiation, learning abilities, etc.).

    I don’t really know why this is being done to be honest. They can’t possibly earn more than $300 million worldwide box office like the first one did, the characters just don’t sell as well and they can’t change them much – It’s the same 4 people in the same family-friendly style.

  16. @SK47
    If you remember, the problem many fans (including me) had with the first Hulk movie was too much time spent on this Banner dad using son as test subject and that is why he became the Hulk. Also, not enough of the actual Hulk was used. And also, the second movie, if you remember, changed the origin from the first film to be like the TV show (Banner using gamma rays to tap into the hidden strengths of man). The first movie was weak because 1) not enough action for a comic book movie 2) Nolte’s character (Absorbing Man) was just idiotic 3) Banner just didn’t look like the genius geek from the comics. the acting was good and we all understood the message, but this is suppose to be a comicbook movie, we need the action. The 2nd movie gave us the action and the right guy to play the geek.

    About Marvel buying the rights from Fox; they could do that but Fox will come along after they see Marvel has made a great film and declare Marvel didn’t cross a T on page 234, paragraph 3, line 16 so Marvel owes them $200 million. :-)

  17. If nothing else, they need to redo Silver Surfer’s origin, because the whole getting his powers from the board thing was pretty stupid…

  18. I honestly believe that niether of the two existing FOX movies came close to getting it right. Like many of you, I found Doom to be almost sacreligiously miscast and poorly realized. We’re talking about a ruthless, brilliant, ICONIC character here! We got a smarmy, slick talking neuvo bizzare pretty boy who’s attempts at malevolence fell woefully short of realizing its potential. Also ( with respect for other’s opinions regarding Chiklis…), In an era where the FANTASTIC can be realized via CGI…why on earth would you cast a short actor and cover him with burnt biscuts, then expect true fans of the comic to be enthralled? And sorry gang, the torche’s “I’m soooooo into ME” didn’t play well at all. Using childish antics and personality traits has never ever worked in setting up acts of nobility or heroism. Alba was completely forgettable. Though I appreciated the look and characteristics of the Silver Surfer, much,much more could have been done to make the character more compelling, yes? Galactus, another ICONIC figure in the Marvel universe was reduced to a giant, multi colored, planet absorbing fart!
    Please,please,please…WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN!!! This franchise has off the charts potential if just given a little more serious consideration to the history and accuracy of those that comprize it. Here’s a tip for you numbskulls at FOX…
    Stop messing around, do your homework, AND BRING ON THE SKRULLS!!!

  19. Ok, the first 2 films were FAR from perfect, but I enjoyed them just the same. There have been WAY worse movies based on comics **cough Ghost Rider ***cough. I have said all along that Alba was miscast as Sue Storm. Yeah Alba is hot, but she didn’t look anything like Sue Storm and the blond hair looked awful on her. Scarlett Johansson would make a MUCH better Invisible Girl.

    I think everyone is making WAY too big a deal about how Galactus was portrayed. I personally think that it would have looked REALLY stupid having a humanoid looking giant being with a stupid looking hat on. I just don’t think it would have translated well to the big screen. Not saying a giant cloud was the right answer, but I think that was a detail that really made no difference in the film.

    I LOVED the way the Silver Surfer looked and acted and I think that they should do a stand-alone Silver Surfer film before they even think about a new FF film. The SS can be made dark like TDK and be a truly awesome film.

  20. I disagree that fox is anyworse than any other studio at making films. It’s not a fair comparison how many other company’s actually get as many comic films as they do ? Not a fair compairson considering how spread out other films are between studios. Xmen , X2 were amazing and X3 was terrible, but Sony did Spiderman and while number one and two were great Spiderman three was even wore than X3.

    If you want to compare them to WB lets look at some of the WB classics.

    Superman 2-5
    Batman and Robin (arguably the worst comic movie of all time)
    Batman Forever
    Batman Returns

    That seems to me like a much longer list than the crappy films from fox.

  21. Daniel…

    Superman 2 was fantastic, so I don’t know why you’re harshing on that movie. It’s probably my favorite of the Reeves movies. I also liked Batman Returns as well, although the original is still the best of the Keaton Batmans.

    I happen to agree with your point however. Fox is no worse than any other studio. I just hope that Marvel gets the rights back to Spidey, FF and Punisher. Let a comic book company make comic book movies. DUH!!!

  22. To be fair Andy I wasn’t sure which superman movies were praised and bashed I assumed at least the first one was loved. To be honest I have only seen the first three and Superman Returns I hated them all. Also in the interest of fairness my view is tainted by age I can’t stand the look of older films not to mention I found them to be a little cheesy.

    On the other side I thought Batman returns was awful I enjoyed Forever more than that one.

  23. “Doom’s character should have an accent similar to those around Chekoslavakia;”

    I recall when the first film was getting prepped, and I said on a few websites (not this one) that they should ask either Christopher Lambert or Antonio Bandaras. I was laughed at and mocked.


    I don’t think a reboot is needed, but I’d go more for a recast. Jessica Alba has to be kicked. Anyone will be better than her. Either that, or she *is* back, but her character gets a major overhaul and she is no longer a whiny little skamp. Doctor Doom, should the chatacter return, should be a threat and not a peon.

    But, in all honesty…if the next FF isn’t on an epic scale (in space fighting Skrulls/High Ev’ltionary or underground against Mole Man) then forget the Fantastic Four and just bring The Silver Surfer spinoff film. After all, if they “reboot” FF, where does that leave the SS film?


  24. Daniel,

    You are in a class all your own, bud. Hated the first two Superman films and liked Batman Forever more than Returns…

    LOL, now I’ve heard it all…

  25. I don’t understand why they don’t just use Marvel’s version of Doom; his history has plenty of good stuff for a movie. They don’t have to use all the time-travelling stuff or even the battles against evil demons like Mephisto but they can use Doom using magic against the FF since he can’t match Richards in mental genious.

  26. @ Rob Keyes

    That is specifically why thwy need to change the tone of the movie to a more serious one, rather than a child sensitive one.

  27. @ Daniel F

    I read your earlier post, andi agree with you. They should have cast a real blonde and blue eyed white woman to play storm. I know i’m not the only one who dislikes it when the studios do a drastic character change and that’s one of them.