Fantastic Four Reboot On The Way?

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fantastic four by jp rart Fantastic Four Reboot On The Way?

(Unverified) rumors are starting to fly about 20th Century Fox (possibly) retooling and rebooting their Fantastic Four franchise.

The previous two Fantastic Four films earned a combined total of over half a billion dollars at the box office, but never really succeeded in connecting with critics or fanboys alike.

So, is critical praise and fanboy adoration really worth so much to Fox that they would re-launch the entire Fantastic Four franchise? As the Zen master said, “We shall see…”

Now, just so we’re clear on our Hollywood terminology: “retooling” and “rebooting” Fantastic Four would essentially mean getting rid of the previous cast and crew, and pretending 2005’s Fantastic Four and 2007’s Rise of the Silver Surfer never, ever, happened (how many of us would like to forget that they did?).

So to Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis,  Julian McMahon and director Tim Story: if this (unverified) rumor DOES turn out to be true, (no) thanks for your services, but it’s looking like the world would like to go in another direction with Fantastic Four.

And word is that new direction would be more in step with Iron Man: funny, action-packed, with just enough dramatic weight to make the film both a critical darling AND a box office cash-cow. In short: no more kids’ stuff. We’re talking about a Fantastic Four film that would actually do justice to one of the longest-running comic books around.

IMHO, there is a great deal of potential for a re-imagined take on Fantastic Four. The strength of the comic book was always its premise: outlandish sci-fi-inspired tales of four super-powered explorers, tempered by an easily accessible (dysfunctional) family drama. The comics combined a sense of adventure, wonder, great action, and sentimentality that keep the FF relevant, even today.

Now I know I may be sticking my neck out by saying this, but I’ll be sorry to see Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis go. I thought both actors nailed their characters of The Human Torch and The Thing pretty well, as well as having fantastic on-screen chemistry (no pun), playing out the Human Torch/Thing rivalry. However, in the cases of these “reboots” it’s pretty much a start from scratch policy, so sorry fellas.

Do you think Fantastic Four deserves another shot at the big screen? Or, with the film still in the hands of Fox, do you just see the potential for even greater disaster?

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  1. Couldn;t agree with your statement about both The Human Torch and The Thing. I loved both actors and thought they were cast perfectly. The rest all blew though. I also enjoyed what they did with the Silver Surfer. I’m all for a less kiddy feeling F4.

  2. blah I meant couldn’t agree any more. I loved Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis.

  3. i don’t think that they should be rebooted or whatever. the fantastic 4 movies weren’t all that great but they also weren’t that bad and it would be a crime to get rid of chris evans and michael chiklis and the guy who played as Dr. Doom. those three really gave the movie weight and should not be disregarded. i think they should build upon what they have maybe a better director but not a new cast. reboots are seriously getting old and they don’t always work. i mean do you really think the 2008 punisher was better than the 2004 Thomas Jane punisher heck no. they should have kept thomas jane and just built on it. Alot of people don’t like readjusting to a new face for movies when they already liked the other guy.

  4. Jared,

    I agree with you that these reboots are getting ridiculous, but IMO neither Punisher film was good, and neither actor was all that strong in the role. Don’t know why Hollywood has so much trouble with the Punisher, but it does. That character should be one of the easiest to translate to film…

  5. I agree Evans & Chiklis were great together. I also thought Julian McMahon was very good as Doom … especially in Rise of the Surfer.

  6. They should keep the actors :( Just get a new director and make the story better. Add Black Panther and you got yourself a good movie :)

  7. i hated both F4s and even with new cast and crew i would never want to watch another. ps check out luke cage the movie tyrese gibson to star in it

  8. I would say bring back Ioan Gruffudd, he can be a good Reed Richards given the right material instead of being a supa-pimp in part 2! I would like to see Gruffudd, Evans and Vic Mackey back. Albas was the weakest link (duh) but maybe Maria Bello as The Invisible Girl?
    As for a “retooling” or a “rebooting” or whatever, I would say make a third installment but take it in a better direction. Say bring in Namor. The Incredible Hulk was not a reboot or whatever, it was really a second installment with different actors but they kept the same storyline, right? Do the same here!

  9. SK47 wrote:
    “The Incredible Hulk was not a reboot or whatever, it was really a second installment with different actors but they kept the same storyline, right?”

    Uh … no. Totally different. The only thing similar was the army was after him which of course HAS to be in there.

  10. I agree reboots are getting old—but if someone, somewhere is going to do a new FF, please get someone MUCH taller than Chiklis. Maybe go all CGI for long shots. The Thing is almost the perfect platform for a CGI character (as long as it’s done well that is).

    Also, the invisible woman needs to be a true blond. Is it that hard to find a blond?

  11. thank Galactus.
    any thing could be better than the 2 Crap movies from Before.

  12. I did like both films but agree they could have been much better. I noticed that some like the guy who played Doom; to me, that guy was probably the weakest of all the characters. I’m saying this as someone who has read comics with Dr. Doom as the villain. Doom’s character should have an accent similar to those around Chekoslavakia; and Doom did not get his abilities from cosmic rays. Also, I definately agree that Evans and Chilkris were the best cast. The next film should have Reed Richards and Sue Storm being serious, not this cute stuff that was going on in these 2 films. I wouldn’t mind a reboot but I also think they can just do sequels but make them more serious.

  13. Like i said and have been saying for years: the reason why the ff movies didn’t make that much of a splash hit is because they tailored these movies for kids. When making movies out of superheroes they need to make them more serious and gear them toward adults. number 2: i am amazed at how blind and dysfunctional the producers, directors, and studios of future comic book movies are. Why are they using Iron Man as a premise as to how they should make superhero movies? The MAIN–and when I say MAIN I mean MAIN–reason why Iron did so well at the box office was primarily and undeniably because of the return of Robert Downey Jr. Jr. has many fans he picked up through the 80s, who were just saddened when they learned several years ago that he was suffering from drug addiction. So, upon his return to the big screen, in an effort to restart his career, the fans went to see the movie to show him their support. And guess what? It worked. I take nothing away from the actual movie itself. I liked it, but Iron Man was not all that of a super super movie. I, myself, am a comic book fan. People were happy to see him return to the big screen as they were happy to see Mickey Rouke, which is the reason why the WRESTLER did well at the box office.

    Therefore, the movie they and all other future comic book movie directors, producers, and studios should be looking to as a reference for these types of films should be the DARK KNIGHT. Why? oh i don’t know…maybe because it’s number 2 in the world as the highest grossing movie of all time. And why would that be? Oh i don’t know…maybe because the directors decided to take this movie based a beloved character and not gear it toward children because they learned from the mistakes of previous superhero movie directors, but instead fashioned the movie for adults. The reason why hollywood makes these types of movies sensitive enough for 10 year old children is because they believe that comic books today are still geared toward children, not realizing that the primary comic book fan of marvel and dc (the big 2, but especially marvel) are twenty somethings to forty somethings. Furthermore, the comic book genre an the wrestling genre (such as World Wrestling Entertainment share the same demographics which is 18 to 34 year olds. This is stastically proven and nothing in there about 8 to 17 year old children. I have been saying for years that they need to stop gearing these movies toward kids.

    Secondly, the studios believe that if they make these types of movies child sensitive they will make a higher profit. This has been proven to not be the case as the DARK KNIGHT showed us. On the flip side FF 1 and 2 bombed in relation to studio expectation. But if what I am saying is true why then did the ff movies in realtion to the ordinary movie goer not do so bad? Answer: because of the movies’ first time appeal, which means…FOR THE FIRST TIME THERE IS A MOVIE(S) BEING MADE OUT OF THE FANTASTIC FOUR, SO WHETHER THEY STINK OR NOT, WE ALL WILL GO TO SEE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE ON THE BIG SCREEN FOR THE FIRST TIME. This is another reason why Iron Man did well, although not because of the movie itself.

  14. I would Keep Chickless the Human torch and Jessica Alba. I did not see anything wrong with her performance. However 100% sure they need to get rid of the dude from niptuck who played Doom. He was awful and unfitting for the part.

  15. Reboots will never be tiring if they’re rebooting a bad movie (or movies). Or would anyone here raise their hand in favor of watching another unsophisticated Fantastic Four 3 compared to doing a reboot?

    The only bad thing about reboots is that the reboot itself is as bad or only marginally better than the rebooted movie. For example, the Incredible Hulk movies. In this case, they really wasted Ed Norton’s acting prowess with an adolescent story line of the anti-Hulk. The first Hulk movie has to be about our inner monsters, not battles with literal monsters where the CGI is so fake it make you flinch.

    Think about it – what was Mary Shelley’s novel about Frankenstein’s monster really about? Instead, producers in both instances decided, yeah, let’s do Frankenstein vs. Werewolf! Because that’s what 12-year old boys want, and as any parent knows, giving 12-year old boys exactly what they want usually ends in disaster. The Hulk is in need of another reboot, I say, cause you can’t build a great franchise on a mediocre foundation.

    As for doing a reboot of Fantasic Four, get a real story please, with real characters and real motivations! And plots that actually make sense!

  16. @Daniel F

    Yeah, Doom was miscast AND mis-written.


  17. im siiick to death of these superhero reboots… i had enough of the punisher and the hulk to be thrown two more reboots within roughly five years of each other… its insulting to the movie-goers’ intelligence in my opinion. the first two fantastic 4 movies were TERRIBLE… i REALLY do not think they could do much more to ruin them…. but dont expect me to run out and buy a ticket.

  18. p.s. quicksilver… you dont give much credit to the maturity of the 17 year old movie-watching populace… i dont think im a child… 😛

  19. The New Hulk was an awesome film.

    Taylor how is a reboot insulting to our intelligence ? I think if anything it’s a compliment meaning they finally think we are smart enough to realize it’s not a sequel.

  20. The tone was the only other thing outside of casting Chiklis and Evans that they got right with these movies. In a perfect world, a Fantastic Four would be a nice bit of light hearted, pulpy sci-fi.

  21. Reboot that thing already.

    Chiklis and Evans were dead on … casting-wise.

    But the thing looked like a turd and the storylines were abysmal.

    Actually, I don’t like the comics at all, but I believe that they would make at least ONE pretty good movie.

    Yeah, I’m sitting between ALL chairs.
    And I feel comfy.

  22. We don’t need to reboot franchises that are only a few years old! Hulk was, what, five years before getting a reboot?That should be the absolute minimum time before they reboot a franchise.

    I don’t know, I enjoyed the FF movies more than I did the original Hulk, and while I agree they could have been better, I don’t think they were bad enough to warrant a reboot, especially one so soon.

    There’s nothing wrong with replacing a couple of actors (we all know who stays and who goes), and gearing the third movie to a more mature audience, but I’d much rather prefer a true sequel to another reboot.

  23. REALLY , MAN !
    A Freak’in CLOUD .
    that Film Demands a ReBoot.

  24. I thought the Cast was good for both movies, just get a better Director and Writers and F4 will be fine.

  25. I just dont get why everyone stresses so much about the subject of a reboot comic book franchise. If you try and follow any comic book character through its history, there are basic structures to each character storyline, but the plot and drive changes dramatically with each writer.

    i honestly dont mind different interpretations of these types of movies. Sometimes a movie sucks(Batman and Robin) and someone else comes in and keeps the basic ideas, but gives it a different spin(Batman Begins). We all know what Batman is about, but that didnt make it any less interesting to me.

    And keeping with the Batman analogy, 1 villain(the Joker) stands out in the movie series, and it was played dramatically different by two different actors, and people still loved it.

    If someone comes along in a few years and starts up X-Men year 1 or whatever it was called, Im not going to mind if the continuity of the series is messed up or worry if this character isnt quite right, its just a different interpretation to me.

    I actually appreciated both hulk movies for what each director was trying to accomplish, and i enjoy watching the both of them.

  26. @ Rorschach

    I am in complete agreement with you. That was another problem– the casting. I couldn’t add that into my previous post because of work i had to do. but casting was nother big issue. I thought that Alba was a horrible sue storm. why would you put blond hair on gold/tan complexion woman? it didn’t fit. not to mention that fact that alba looked like a little girl in the movie. Another example: halle berry as storm. WHY? she looked totally ridiculous in that platinum hair because of her light skin tone. They should have went with a darker african-american woman, because not only would such hair color would have looked better, but also because storm herself is a dark toned woman, who by the way stands at 5’11. Berry is no where near that height.

    In the casting department you are suppose to cast an actor based on the likeness and distinctions of the character they are going to portray. You are not suppose to cast someone just because they are the in thing for the moment, yet looks nothing like the character. But that is what the studio demand from the casting department. It doesn’t work. Comic book fans are a peculiar group. We are not like your average movie goer. You can’t just get a bunch of actors to play are favorite superheroes and villains, without any respect to key details (such as looks, height, build) in relation to the characters we grew up with, and think we will go to see your low grade movie 2,3, or even 4 times at the box office. This is where these movies make their money–off of the several times the COMIC BOOK FAN will go to see the movie on the big screen. And yes, that type of revenue for the studios is truely dependent upon the COMIC BOOK FAN, not the average joe who knows nothing about the superhero or villain in the movie. But when you gear these types of movies toward children, don’t expect the adult comic fan/collector to return to the big screen 2 or 3 times.

  27. Concerning the last Hulk film…the only reason that movie didn’t do as well was because, according to screenrant and their sources, norton refused to promote the movie because of differances he had with the film execs. It is in the lead actor’s contract to promote whatever movie they are starring in 2 months before showtime. They do this by appearing on talk shows, radio, etc. Second reason…there were no TELEVISION (I am not talking about internet trailers) trailers for the film until the end of May, less than month before the movie’s June 13, 2008 opening. The average TELEVISION trailer is 2 months before the opening. I had already seen a TELEVISION trailer for the new Wolverine movie that’s coming out and that was in Feb of this year (2009), while that movie’s opening is May 1, 2009.

    I thought Norton made an excellent Banner, and I was happy with that movie. However, what is going to happen with the upcoming Thor movie? I think they are still trying to find an actor to play Thor. Will the execs, directors, producers, etc. for this movie continue to make the same mistakes as they have done when it comes to comic book movies…or will they learn from the mistakes of other films such as the FANTASTIC FOUR FILMS? In the Thor post base of screenrant, I heard they wanted to cast Mckidd from Rome as Thor. First, Mckidd is too thin for the roll and looks nothing like the character, but the studio was only interested in him simply because him being in Rome was set in the same time period. This is pure foolishness and, therefore, a terrible way of filling a casting spot. Triple H (from WWE) is Thor. Furthermore, many wrestling fans are comic book fans as I mentioned several posts before. But it’s like Hollywood just doesn’t get it or doesn’t care.

  28. But this is why comic book fans and collectors are so particular of these characters. This is why movies of these characters end of going into the toilet because we (comic book fans and collectors)grew up with these charcters and have realized over the many many many years of reading and collecting comics that Marvel and DC have already set a template for the character. Marvel understood this, which is why they had differances with the Hulk’s (the 2008 movie) director. You (the movie director, producer, studio) can’t drastically change the character to your liking just because you want to say you had something to do with the character. Who is some studio exec to come along and say–“who cares what these guys want (though we are the guys that know the backs and ends of these characters and thus keep Marvel and DC alive)I’m going to make this movie the way I want to make it.” Hollywood is looking for a quick buck.

    Many times they cast a big name star to play a key character, hoping that if they can’t draw the people to the box office by the storyline, the actor/actress will bring them in. Again, comic book fans are peculiar movie goers when it comes to movies based on their beloved characters. This might work for other types of movies but not for the comic book genre.