Fantastic Four Reboot On The Way?

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fantastic four by jp rart Fantastic Four Reboot On The Way?

(Unverified) rumors are starting to fly about 20th Century Fox (possibly) retooling and rebooting their Fantastic Four franchise.

The previous two Fantastic Four films earned a combined total of over half a billion dollars at the box office, but never really succeeded in connecting with critics or fanboys alike.

So, is critical praise and fanboy adoration really worth so much to Fox that they would re-launch the entire Fantastic Four franchise? As the Zen master said, “We shall see…”

Now, just so we’re clear on our Hollywood terminology: “retooling” and “rebooting” Fantastic Four would essentially mean getting rid of the previous cast and crew, and pretending 2005′s Fantastic Four and 2007′s Rise of the Silver Surfer never, ever, happened (how many of us would like to forget that they did?).

So to Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis,  Julian McMahon and director Tim Story: if this (unverified) rumor DOES turn out to be true, (no) thanks for your services, but it’s looking like the world would like to go in another direction with Fantastic Four.

And word is that new direction would be more in step with Iron Man: funny, action-packed, with just enough dramatic weight to make the film both a critical darling AND a box office cash-cow. In short: no more kids’ stuff. We’re talking about a Fantastic Four film that would actually do justice to one of the longest-running comic books around.

IMHO, there is a great deal of potential for a re-imagined take on Fantastic Four. The strength of the comic book was always its premise: outlandish sci-fi-inspired tales of four super-powered explorers, tempered by an easily accessible (dysfunctional) family drama. The comics combined a sense of adventure, wonder, great action, and sentimentality that keep the FF relevant, even today.

Now I know I may be sticking my neck out by saying this, but I’ll be sorry to see Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis go. I thought both actors nailed their characters of The Human Torch and The Thing pretty well, as well as having fantastic on-screen chemistry (no pun), playing out the Human Torch/Thing rivalry. However, in the cases of these “reboots” it’s pretty much a start from scratch policy, so sorry fellas.

Do you think Fantastic Four deserves another shot at the big screen? Or, with the film still in the hands of Fox, do you just see the potential for even greater disaster?

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  1. I have always thought that Dimension Films should be doing films for Marvel’s characters. I just think they would handle their characters better and, of course, place the tone of the movie to a more serious, adult type.

  2. @ nowhereman

    WELL SAID. (FROM NOWHEREMAN) —> “This franchise has off the charts potential if just given a little more serious consideration to the history and accuracy of those that comprize it.”

    The key word in your whole posts is “serious.”

  3. Quicksilver dude you apparently didn’t read any of my posts because I never said that. The only thing I said even close to that was I like Jessica Alba.

  4. @ Daniel

    Sorry, Daniel, i was referring to huntthejest. i got you guys confused because i had read a post you put up right before his/hers.

    ok, guys it’s work time again. see ya soon

  5. Anyone who recommends Triple H as Thor cannot be taken seriously…

    You don’t want someone who looks like Thor to play Thor. You want someone who can act like Thor to play Thor. And yes there is a big difference. It’s the only way it would seem believeable and not cheesy. Triple H equals cheesy.

    Example would be Lou Ferrigno and Steve Reeves in the Hercules movies. Lou was twice as big as Reeves, but who acted as a better hence more believeable Hercules?…Reeves.

  6. Actually so far HHH has no done bad. I’m not saying he needs to be cast I’m saying he should at least be given an audition. Who knows maybe he could do great with the part most people trash the idea because he is a wrestler. I think he should be given a chance because if we can get someone who can act and look like thor we are set.

  7. I agree with Daniel. No one is telling me why triple H is not good for the part. Should I assume it is just because he is a wrestler? I don’t get it. How does wrestling exclude a person from acting in a movie? The Rock has had several lead rolls, while he was still wrestling, and his skills as an actor have been complimented by Hollywood to where no we see him in a new movie “WITCH MOUNTAIN.” I said it before, since everyone knows that wrestling is fake, therefore it requires a degree of acting from its members– does not that make then actors? And if you say that they don’t have any real acting skills then I ask this question…isn’t that what rehearsals (for big screen productions) are for? What’s the roblem with getting someone who looks like the character tp play the character?

    If you have a better choice other than Triple H (probably james preston rogers as someone else said before) who does, in my opinion, have the MAIN qualities (looks, height, build) then I will agree with you on your choice. But am I the only one here who is tired of them getting actors to play our favorite characters who don’t look anything like the characters? I mean should Brad Pitt be Spider-Man? How about Mickey Rourke being Bruce Banner?


  8. Obviously the actors need to act the part well. That is a given. But I think what’s excluded with that are the looks. My main part for the superhero movies is the casting area, which is not given enough attention. As a fan I know that I would prefer having an unknown actor who LOOKS the part (and can act, of course) rather than an A-lister who can also act, but looks nothing like the character. I’m not against A-listers playing the part of the characters so long as they LOOK the part.

    I have asked it a million times, who would have been a better Storm…Halle Berry or Iman? Take into account that Iman is not a stranger to acting, along with the rehearsals that would take place BEFORE and during the movie shoot. Furthermore, before anyone answers I advise you (if you have no clue what Storm actually looks like) go to the marvel website and check out her bio, height, country of origin. As a bonus, Iman is from Africa.

  9. You guys are missing my point. I didn’t mean I wanted someone who can act to play Thor. As good as an actor like Nicholson, Depp, and other A-listers are. None of them can act like a convincing Thor. I want someone that could act like a convincing Thor. Sean Bean could’ve if he was younger. Guy from 13th Warrior could’ve easily done it but he’s too old now. Neither have massive muscles, but that could be easily covered up in movies. Whats important is the presence.

    The Rock is a decent actor actually. As for HHH. Have you seen Blade Trinity! I rest my case.

  10. @ Quicksilver

    Iman as Storm??? Storm was a thief as a teenager before become an X-men. Can you see Iman playing a street thief? most characterizations of Storm have been not true to the comic book. Halle was ok.

    • you said storm was a theif as a teenager Iman is not a teenager thats why they would havea younger actor to play as younger self in a flashback of her stealing cars easy as that did you not notice that James Marsden did not play his younger self as cyclops in the xmen origins

      • by the way iman wud have made a great storm

  11. There is nothing wrong with HHH in Blade Trinity you are resting your case on a very bad point. Most critics complimented his performance in the film. In fact any review of the film positive or negative that I have read either doesn’t mention him or says he did well.

  12. When I first heard they were coming out with X-Men, I immediately pictured Iman as Storm.

    I can see HHH as Thor. I didn’t think he was terrible in Blade Trinity, I just thought the movie could have been better. Just because a guy is a wrestler doesn’t mean he can’t act (The Rock, the wrestler who starred in They Live).

  13. I’m not too sure if I would consider Dwayne Johnson to be a “good” actor. I liked him in most of the movies he’s been in, but I’ve never really looked at him with that critical mindset because they tend to be movies that did not take themselves too seriously. He’s been in a lot of children’s movies, action-comedies, and stuff like that. I don’t think I’ve seen him in any serious dramas or any serious action movies. And about They Live, it’s been a while since I last seen the movie, but I don’t remember the acting to have been particularly good in that movie either… I liked the movie a lot because it was so bizarre and cool at the same time, and watching those two brutes beat the crap out of each other never gets old, but I don’t think I enjoyed it because of oscar worthy acting. Oh wait, the Oscars no longer award people for acting, just for their political messages, my mistake. You know what I mean.

  14. Reboot with original cast?…
    Now that would be nice but pretty much impossible. They really should just make another movie with the original cast and just make it like, alot better.
    As for The Dark Night producers, writers and director knowing how to make a good super hero film, it did take them about 50 years and almost 10 different shows/movies to figure that out.

  15. The original cast is full of people who can’t act. Well, from looking at their acting in the two FF movies we have…

  16. This is scary stuff! It took alot of courage for Tim Story to even concider F4 in the first place, however, I do feel that both movies needed alot more gravity. Alot more dramatic flair and lot and lots of more action. An entire movie could be made from the origin story alone. But, again, we need the kind of flair that any hardcore reader of the F4 remembers as the rivetting, pulse-pounding, action packed foursome that mesmerized us with that action. The word intensity comes to mind, along with gut-wrenching human drama. These, along with sticking to the true storyline can possibly pull the up to where it deserves to be. And we do need to make two casting changes—Grufford and Alba. Naomi Watts is my call for Sue Richards. I remain unsure who might replace Grufford, but there are a lot of possibilies out there. I think that with those changes, and keeping the focus on what is “true” Fantastic Four, we could end up with a more mature, in-depth feel that the comic portrayed them as, and to what fans know them to be.

  17. All i have to say is i will miss 3 people from the previous F4 films. Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, and Julian McMahon. I thought Chiklis and Evans nailed their roles right on. McMahon’s role as Dr.Doom was pretty good but wouldnt hurt if they made him out to be more bada$$. But if they reboot Superman franchise, maybe McMahon could portray a businessman-like Lex Luthor, not that Kevin spacey was bad or anything.

  18. IMO, Julian McMahon was the worst part of the films. Yes, even worse than Alba. This is actually one reboot I’m looking forward to, although like everyone else, I’ll miss Evans as the torch.

  19. @ Luke
    Who would you consider as Dr. Doom then?


    From the first time I saw THE INCREDIBLE HULK (T.V. series with Bill Bixby), to the first REAL superhero movie SUPERMAN (Christopher Reeves), all the way until NOW, I have always loved comic book/video game movies. My pet peeve? Not being FREAKIN’ ACCURATE!! I understand the idea that to create the movie or show (live action or cartoon) exactly like the comic or video game, people MIGHT NOT see it if they know the story. But using the excuse that it’s the more ‘popular’ characters, that it makes more sense to make it this way, or that people won’t except the story and characters (one person commented about GALACTUS was better as a cloud than a giant man in purple and blue floating in space because THAT would be STUPID. Like Super Heroes are reality).
    If your going to make a comic book/video game movie, MAKE IT RIGHT!!
    MY suggestions for new/rebooted movies-
    *X-MEN (Written and directed by Peter Jackson)with the ACTUAL FIRST TEAM- ICEMAN, BEAST (hairless), MARVEL GIRL, CYCLOPS and ANGEL in the black and yellow costumes.
    *FANTASTIC FOUR (also directed by Peter Jackson) with the four flying into space, crash to earth THEN transform. In first movie FF would face Dr. Doom, second movie receive warning from the WATCHER and face the SILVER SURFER, then the third movie face the GALACTUS (COMIC BOOK VERSION).
    *MICRONAUTS (directed by Kevin Smith).
    *ROM- SPACEKNIGHT (directed by George Lucas).
    *WAR MACHINE (written and directed by Frank Miller) with IRON-MAN and WAR MACHINE Vs. CRIMSON DYNAMO and TITANIUM MAN. LOTS of battle action for this movie.
    *RESIDENT EVIL (Directed by J.J. Abrams) with ACTUAL characters from the game.
    *SILENT HILL (Directed by J.J. Abrams) same as RE.

    This is just what I would like to see, and hope will happen in my lifetime.

    Thank you.


    • i agree….

  21. @ Markus K
    I see your point Markus. Ever since Batman Begins came out, studios think they need to reboot every single franchise out there superhero or not. Id to see a hero film that sticks to the origins and actually shows us how and why that that person become he/she is destined to become. For example was the original Batman film, they didnt cover Batman’s origin except in flashbacks. they just skipped to Batman watchin over the city etc. Even though he wasnt played out as a failed comdedian, nor became under the name Redhood. Tim Burton nailed how the joker came to be when Jack Napier was dropped into the vat of chemicals. But in Batman Begins i was expecting Nolan to actually show Batman’s origin after his childhood ordeal, again it was done in flashbacks. As for the TDK the problem i had was it didnt fully feel like we were seeing the joker. More like a imposter that was living up to the joker in a sequel. Heath Ledger’s Joker was great, but it wasnt better. I agreed that Iron man should of taken place in Today’s time in a place like afganistan instead of vietnam. Events in the upcoming Captain America though can happen in the past cause it would make more sense and stick to the comics. But if DC comics intend to take the same road as Marvel and have their heroes excist in the universe, then they should with Green Lantern and have Brandon Routh’s Clark Kent make a cameo. Since Superman: The Movie covered the origins the right way, why not have that film be first in the same universe even though was made 30 yrs ago. But dont forget how Superman Return’s is intended to take place after Superman 2.

  22. I’ve been hoping for this, but it still has the potential to be bad. I think they need to take a cue from the Ultimate FF comics. Namely, don’t start with Doom.

    Make the first movie about the FF. Establish and explore their characters against a lesser foe. The Inhumans is where I would go, but there’s always Namor, The Mole Man, the Negative Zone, and any other number of FF things to be dealt with. I would even skip the awkward phase right after they get their powers. Show the origin, but then cut to months later when everyone’s comfortable with their new powers because otherwise too much of the movie is wasted on the FF learning stuff about themselves that the audience already knows. “Oh my god. Not only can I catch fire, I can fly!” Yeah, we know, and we didn’t need to sit through you figuring it out.

    And then make the second movie all about Doom. By the 2nd movie we know the FF and who they are and the whole movie can be spent on Doom’s character, his origins, and his motivations. He can get the screen time and story time he deserves. The Dark Knight was more about the Joker than Batman, and FF2 rebooted should be more about Doom than the FF.

  23. i’ll definitely miss chris evans as johnny storm. what’s sad is that he’s actually a really good actor (london, anyone?) but he just picks these weird roles… he brought a lot of fun and spunk to torch, and he and chicklis were perfect. but there was a lot of harebrained crap in those movies that didn’t sit well. the whole frankie and johnny thing in silver surfer was just dumb to begin with. the chemistry between the ever-wooden jessica alba and ioan gruffold was non-existent. honestly, i kinda dug julian mcmahon as doom; i just wish he could have had a better chance to darken the role. he’s so good at portraying dark characters.

    i winced at the idea of cam as johnny, but i have a stigma with anything ‘twilight’ related.

  24. I have been a FF4 fan ever since I read FF4 #1 in 1961 when I was 12 years old. I enjoyed both movies and I think that FF4-3 should continue where the first 2 left off. It is alright to make changes in actors ( as in the Batman movies ) but not necessary. I would like to see a darker ( more adult feel ) and I hope to see the Submariner ( Dwayne Johnson ) and the Mole Man.

    • lol i was thinking hugo weaving wud make a perfect submariner i saw it when he was inlord of the rings the pointy ears work perfectly with and he has the slanted brows just like in the old submariner in the comics hugo weaving has it down and hes an awsome actor

  25. I have been a FF4 fan ever since I read FF4 #1 in 1961 when I was 12 years old. I enjoyed both movies and I think that FF4-3 should continue where the first 2 left off. It is alright to make changes in actors ( as in the Batman movies ) but not necessary. I would like to see a darker ( more adult feel ) and I hope to see the Submariner ( Dwayne Johnson ) and the Mole Man.

  26. I think it will be a good idea to do a Fantastic 4:Reboot movie and replace all the characters.

  27. The original franchise was mediocre. But they did a great job casting the characters. It was the tone of the movies that brought them down, it was too cheesy, and kid-like. Even though with reboots, you usually have to choose a new cast, I would like to see the original cast return. To be honest though, this reboot thing is getting out of hand. Why can’t we just get it right the first time.