‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot: Rumored Reed Richards Actor Confirms Talks

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miles teller project x Fantastic Four Reboot: Rumored Reed Richards Actor Confirms Talks

Iron Man may have been the film that kicked off the idea of a shared cinematic superhero universe, but as fans are coming to realize, it is far from the last. While Marvel Studios works its way through Phase Two of its superhero movies (with next month’s Thor: The Dark World well on the way), Sony and Fox – who still retain movie rights to select Marvel characters – are putting plans in motion to create their own cinematic playgrounds.

Sony, of course, is busy planning to expand the Spider-Man universe in next year’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (and its sequels), but Fox arguably has a more difficult task at hand. The latter studio not only aims to unite the convoluted timeline of the numerous X-Men films with next year’s time travel tale X-Men: Days of Future Past, it’s also tasked with resurrecting the Fantastic Four brand.

We’ve been hearing for a while that director Josh Trank (Chronicle) has been busy assembling the Fantastic Four cast, with actors like Saoirse Ronan and Michael B. Jordan rumored to be up for the key roles as members of “Marvel’s First Family.” Now Miles Teller – who is set to appear in sci-fi adventure Divergent next spring – has confirmed that he may be in line to star.

Fandango recently caught up with Teller, who talked about what he’ll be working on in the foreseeable future:

“Right now, I’m kind of hanging out. I don’t have anything that I’m doing until probably January or February. I don’t know 100%. Obviously ‘Insurgent,’ the next ‘Divergent’ film… I think they are going to start the second one in April.

When asked about Fantastic Four, though, his response was suspiciously evasive:

“Uh, you know, I don’t know [about that]. If that happens, if everything works out, then I will be pretty pumped. But then I’ll also be working for… it’s like seven months out of your year. Which is not a bad problem.”

Teller’s name has recently come up in connection with the role of Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic, and his casting would certainly follow suit with Fox’s apparent desire to cast rising stars in the film’s leads (as opposed to more marquee names a la Warner Bros. and DC’s casting of Ben Affleck as the next Batman). In just the past couple years, Teller has appeared in such buzzed-about films as Project X, The Spectacular Now and 21 & Over, and his role in Divergent – based on the novel by Veronica Roth – and sequels Insurgent and Allegiant should boost his career even further.

Chronicle Director Shoots Down Fantastic Four Rumors Fantastic Four Reboot: Rumored Reed Richards Actor Confirms Talks

However, as Teller himself implies above, his increasingly tight schedule could make a large-scale production like Fantastic Four a tough fit, especially since he’s likely contractually obligated to Insurgent, which the actor said begins filming in April. That could very well conflict with work on Fantastic Four, which is expected to start production early next year as well, and prevent Teller from taking on the role of the iconic elastic leader of the one of Marvel’s signature comic book properties.

At this point, this is all mere speculation until Fox makes an official announcement regarding casting for the film. With filming drawing ever closer, expect the full Fantastic Four roster to be revealed relatively soon.

In the meantime, do you think Teller would make a good Reed Richards? Who are you hoping to see in the new film? Let us know in the comments section below.


Fantastic Four is currently set to hit theaters on March 6, 2015.

Source: Fandango

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  1. So excited for this! I love miles teller. Seeing him in That Awkward Moment with Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan looks great. And that he might work with Jordan again if he plays Johnny makes me even happier! Can’t wait!

  2. He’s too young. That’s all I have to say.

    • Agree. I personally want a Reed Richards who is in his early 30′s and looks like it. Teller just looks to young in the face.

    • This movie is gonna be garbage. The cast is completely wrong. At least try and get people pumped about it. No, they would rather do everything wrong and kill the franchise.

  3. Fantastic Four Babies

    • +1

  4. Rant above may be known as a “Ram Us, Ignoramus” rant!

  5. Oh I can definitely see this… the Fantastic Four are a bunch of high school students whose science class project goes awry, and they develop superpowers.


    If this is truly the direction casting is going for this reboot, it will almost certainly be a rental for me.

    • That is basically the plot of Ultimate Fantastic Four. And I don’t see anything wrong with it, really.

  6. Kofi is cheering and Ben is screaming in a fit of blazing fury.

  7. If he was about 8 or 9 years older, maybe he could play Reed. In my opinion, he is way too young. While I am fine with the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny (whether rumored or confirmed) and Saoirse Ronan as Sue, I think that Reed and the Thing should be somewhat older than their counterparts. Who knows, maybe Fox finally figured out what to do right with this property.

  8. At least he’s White…….

    • Wow

      • It’s not wow, people would have had another fit on here if he was not the “traditional” Reed Richards.

        • I wouldn’t, he looks like a 15 year old. Reed is a MAN, this guy looks like a teenager.

  9. This is either going to be terrible or a surprise. I’m going for terrible though.

  10. They’re going for really young versions of the characters. Which…I hate this idea….

  11. I think i’ll skip this one.

  12. Teller is 26 years old! How can he play Reed Richards?? How they are able to ruin this wonderful franchise AGAIN but with a Twilight edition is beyond me.


  13. Mr. Fantastic is a bro-faced child? No thanks.

  14. And the rape of my childhood continues….
    Look, I get the need to bring some parts of the superhero mytho’s into the 21st century, that we need to make them a bit more reality based. I grew up with Superman in the 50′s and 60′s and the new version I really liked. But a group of what is appearing to be young heros blows the whole dynamics out of the water. Sue and Johnny are related. Brother and sister. What now? “Johnny is my brother from another mother?” The age dynamic between Dr. Fantastic, Reed Richards and Sue storm was also a major under current in the history…. I loved what Josh Trank did with Chronical. (Hey I live in Seattle. The idea of a VW dropped on the space needle had me rolling) and on a limited budget. But this??

    • The majority of this new material seems to be aimed at the more current generation of fans, I doubt they are worried about alienating a percentage of a shrinking customer base. In another ten years (hell maybe five) they will be ignoring the same fans they are trying to sell to now in favor of the next crop.

      • Yeah, except that the “rape” of the source material will have the 10 year out generation going “who the heck is the fantastic four” since nobody will want to bother with it anymore.

        Stuff like this only works in generation one before it goes belly up.

        I would be curious to hear the thoughts on the people in charge of this production….

        • The fact that there are multiple volumes of these comics makes the whole idea of “cannon” mean less and less as time goes on.

  15. I don’t like him as Reed at all. And not because of his age.

  16. Damn it… Sweet child of mine!
    The beginning of the end for the 2nd era of F4.

    • i already hate this movie.

      • LOL! Exactly my thought.

  17. I can’t believe how many supposed fully formed opinions there are about this project, solely based on speculative casting.

    There’s a real lack of intelligence on display when some of you guys grab your pitch-forks and start trying to chase this film out of town.

    We know literally nothing about its plot nor have seen any design work. Trank is a director who has only proven that he can deliver huge scale action on a small budget. Any complaining seems solely based on this not resembling the classic FF. This seems to be taking its cues from the ultimate series.

    • Yeah, which is a great idea given the huge success and fan-base that the ultimate FF generated…

      • Don’t know if this is sarcasm, but Ultimate Fantastic Four was incredibly popular in the beginning. It wasn’t until the entirety of the Ultimate universe started sucking that it sucked, too.

    • What is confusing about white and black siblings?

  18. They already made the fantastic four film you all want to see… It was called the incredibles.

  19. Reminds me of Tiny Toons. I loved that show as a kid.

  20. First a black Human Torch (no racism, it’s just that he should be white), and now a 15 year old Reed Richards? WTF??? I wanted to see this movie so badly but now I don’t even care about it.

  21. eh, not a big FF4 fan but I was definitely expecting someone a bit more mature (at least in appearance). But I’m willing to withhold judgement until I at least see a trailer

  22. This movie has SKIP written all over it.

  23. I am not very familiar with the Ultimates; while the story there might be decent, I really want Reed to be a MAN. Someone with maturity and presence. Come on. This is the first time that I find myself doubting Fox enough with this reboot that I almost want it to fail just so that Marvel eventually gets the rights back. What a pity that we never got to see Reed played by someone like Jon Hamm etc interactin directly with RDJ’s Tony Stark.

  24. Ugh, just give up now. Fox, don’t waste your money. It’d be better just to sell the rights to this back to Marvel/Disney. I’m sure they would do a much better job integrating for Phase 3.

    • At least if Marvel gets the rights back they can cross-over with the Avengers. Fox is being a brat about not sharing. I mean, no mention of mutation or mutants at all? Captain America talked with Wolverine once in a while, clear back in WWII.

  25. Fantastic Four Kids

  26. Jordan or not, Teller or not, Fox must realise; this movie is Doom(ed).